Written and Directed
by Grigory Alexandrov Music by Isaac Dunayevsky Camera – B. Petrov
Lyrics by V. Lebedev-Kumach Cast Young Composer – T. Shalaev
Secretary – M. Mironova Waiter – N. Kondratiev
Woodcutter – V. Sanayev Policeman – A. Dolinin
Olympiad officer – I. Chuvelev Dear viewers, we are calling
your attention to the prologue. Then we’ll keep you
no longer. Come enjoy THE VOLGA-VOLGA. VOLGA-VOLGA Musical comedy MOSFILM Allow us to introduce
the main characters. Byvalov – I. Ilyinsky The name Byvalov here stands
for Worldlywise. This bureaucrat is played
by Ilyinsky of all guys. The pilot is played by Volodin.
Good for him. Meet the merry Waterman
Enacted by Pavel Olenev. Sergei Antimonov – I swear! –
watches over public welfare. Accountant Alexei Trubyshkin –
Actor Andrei Tutyshkin. Letter-carrier – Lubov Orlova Letter-carrier Petrova,
Known here as Arrow, is played by Lubov Orlova Off we go. Nervous work is around here
on transport. Why nervous, you are just
lying here and smoking. A fat lot do you know. I’ve been a pilot
for thirty years and I never knew fear,
but now I don’t know if I’ll come back home
safe or not. Is the river so dangerous? Oh no. The river is quiet. It’s the wire hawzer.
It’s dangerous. What did I say? We’ll stand idle for 3 hours
and there’s an express here. An express should be delivered
within 40 minutes. Uncle Kuzya! Help the Communication
Ministry out! – What?
– Go to Domestic industries. Tell them there’s an express
for them on the ferry. Right. Gee-up. – An express for who?
– Byvalov. There’ll be a thunder
for this express. Close the door! Comrade Byvalov is busy. Byvalov I. I., Dpt head
small domestic industries – No telegram?
– Not yet. I wonder. I know how you feel.
Your life is work. It’s amazing. A man
of elemental work capacity… Comrade Byvalov, I am getting
married. – Oh no.
– Close the door. You say elemental… I mean a man of elemental
work capacity… Can I come in? Zoya, what is going on?
I can’t work. I am telling you in plain Russian,
Comrade Byvalov is busy. So you say “work capacity”. I’ve worked under your guidance
for five years. We have changed 20 institutions getting closer
to Moscow every day. And when there are only three or four kilometers
left to reach Moscow, the likes of you are transferred to… …to some absolutely small
domestic industry. I just want to fret and fume,
fret and fume. Zoya Ivanovna… I’ve told you nothing. I’m waiting to be called
any minute. – From Moscow?
– From Moscow. – No telegram?
– Not yet. Really,
I want to fret and fume. You know what I want most
of all now? To fulfil your wishes. I would do whatever
you asked me to do. You’d ask – and I’d do it. You can ask me anything. Come to our rehearsal
from four to five. From 4 to 5? I can’t.
I’ve got a rehearsal myself. – No hard feelings?
– None at all. Your rehearsal is my rehearsal. What are you– – What are you rehearsing today?
– Wagner. How boring. – No hard feelings?
– None at all. You just know nothing about
classical music. Look, it’s just wonderful. The Death of Isolde. The part of tuba
is extraordinary. One-two… A pause for 47 bars.
We don’t play them. Why not? What do you say about
The Death of Isolde? – She dies too long.
– Classically. So you say an outstanding
executive. I say an outstanding
executive like you… Comrades, close the door. Comrade Byvalov, try
to see my point. I’m telling you again I am waiting to be called
to Moscow any minute. I’ve no time for trifles. Listen to this sound. Like from a log. Sound… It takes an expert. I’ve played for 50 years. And I’ve never heard
such a bad sound. Ours is mass production. I can’t afford to check every balalaika. I say, have you ever wanted to compose music yourself? Myself? Never. If I knew about music
as much as you do, I’d make music all the time. – You wouldn’t get anywhere.
– Why not? You are a letter-carrier
not a composer. You think a letter-carrier
can’t make music? – Of course not.
– Someone did. – Did what?
– A song. – Who?
– A letter-carrier. I can imagine. Who? – You don’t know her.
– Not Zinka? No, not Zinka.
It’s my friend, Dunya. I can imagine. What’s so funny? First hear it,
then laugh. – Okay.
– Hey, toss me the accordion. Many a song has been sung
’bout the Volga. But the best one is yet
to be sung That would fly across
our Mother Volga In the bright rays
of our Soviet sun. O Volga, so beautiful, Like sea, you’re full
and plentiful, Like life
you’re free and bountiful, You are wide, deep and
powerful. Tell your Dunya she’s a fool. – Well, really.
– Yes, really. I mean you… …in your group are just
fooling around. Fooling around? Uncle Kuzya plays the selfmade
trumpet better than you play. Kuzya plays better?
Some player! You’ve got a nice ensemble
uncle Kuzya, aunt Pasha, and now Dunya, a kind of
composer. An instrumental ensemble
“Make a cat laugh”. Make a cat laugh? Well,
if you want my opinion, your orchestra is fit to play
in a milk shop in summer. – Why is that?
– All flies will die. Flies will die? There’ll be neither flies,
nor the milkshop. Milk will turn sour from
your voices. Milk will turn sour? Comrade Byvalov! Comrade Byvalov! – What do you want?
– The letter-carrier has a cable for you. Give it to me. – Where is it?
– In the river. – Why in the river?
– Why, the ferry got stuck. Dammit. Send a boat there. The boats are being caulked
and can’t be launched. Okhapkin! Okhapkin! – Here I am.
– Pick up the receiver. – Why?
– I’m gonna speak to you. My pleasure, I don’t mind. Hello. Garage? Harness your mare. Harness your mare I say. Dammit. Harness your mare! Mare? How? I don’t get it. What are you trying to say? The mare got unshod.
It needs shoeing. For shame! Moscow wants me and their mares
get unshod. – Okay. Hang up.
– My pleasure, I don’t mind. It’s ridiculous. I just want
to fret and fume. Hold it, hold it. Zoya, get the citizens’ defectives and give them others. Citizens, follow me. Water
Beer Gee-up! Gee-up! Don’t waste your breath.
She won’t budge. Why not? She’s used to stopping dead here
since early childhood. Until you treat her to some bread
and salt she won’t move. I’ve been driving her for 15 years but I still don’t have a clue
who taught her that. Here’s a funny question, man: why am I a waterman? Without water everywhere You get neither here,
nor there. We drink water on vacations, Watery are our sessions. So without water everywhere You get neither here,
nor there. Bread and salt is a psychosis
with this gelding. My bandmen are no match
for your buffoons. Mine are cultured musicians.
No one beneath an accountant. – It’s a Neapolitan band.
– Neapolitan? How strange. I thought it was
a double Italian one. The accountants play and you
conduct with a ruler. You are an office drudge. Me a drudge? And you… you… You are another,
you are another. Fool! Ferry ahoy! Ay-ay! Where is the cable? Right here. Read it. Moscow wants… Moscow… What did I say? Read on. Frustration… Participation… I can’t hear you. In chorus, comrades. Participation! They want participation. Participation? No can do, comrades.
I am going to Moscow. – Ask my deputy.
– Participation… …Olympiad… …amateur arts. I don’t get it. Delegation of your staff workers. A good beginning, “Moscow wants” but a lousy ending, “amateur arts”. Anything else? Nothing. This is it. I’ll answer. I’ll ans… Hey Kuzma. Shout “I’ll answer” with me. – I’ll answer?
– Yes. – With you?
– Yes, yes. My voice… You’ve bungled it all and I will answer with you
for it? You just shout and I
will answer. If I shout and you answer,
it’s a deal. In those merry days of old… Why are you shouting? Why not if you are going
to answer for it. Shout just what I will say. Shout “My reply”. My reply. Shout now “top secret”. Shout now top secret! Don’t shout “shout now”. Not to shout now?
When do I shout? Shout now, but don’t shout now
“shout now”, shout “top secret”. Shout now, don’t shout now. I don’t dig. Shout now “top secret”. I refuse to shout in secret. Comrades! Comrades, help me dictate
the cable. It’s very important,
and top secret. In chorus. Top secret! Come on, come on,
more loudly. Top secret! Dictate it. Can’t participate… in contest. Can’t participate in contest due to absense of talent in my system. Hey, young man, you left this. – Left what?
– Death to flies. Here. Milk will turn sour. Nice band… And she has the cheek to say that lousy uncle Kuzya plays
the trumpet better than me. – Get off here.
– What’s wrong? Better or worse, you are not
going with me. Why is that? Cos I’m Kuzya and the tank
is mine. Now get off. Comrade Byvalov! Take the paper and I refuse
to send your cable. How do you mean? You came here two weeks ago but you have the audacity to say that there is no talent
in our town. – That’s right. So what?
– That’s not true. We do have talents. Nonsense. There can no be talents
in this town. No talents? Do you know uncle Kuzya? Which uncle Kuzya? His niece Simka is a courier. Have you heard her sing
Tatiana? Which Tatiana? She starts so gently and softly… I drink a magic pois’n of wishes, My dreams are haunting me
like fishes. I see before me every moment My seducer. What a torment! Hold my bike. I see before me every moment… Nonsense. No one can sing
here so well. You have to study 20 years
to sing like that. Take your bike. And our carver Mishka… Isn’t he talented? After he came
home from the rest-home he can recite “Demon” by heart. Hold the bike. I am the one he says
Not loved by anybody And cursed he says
by every living soul. I am the one he says
Who’ll ruin the world. Stop your agitprop
and take your bike. I can’t allow self-criticism
on the street. That’s what the demon says. Demon or not, nobody is
allowed to speak this way. And our sticker Grishka… Isn’t he talented? There are
44 figures in his Lesginka, if you will. Hold the bike. He dances this way… And that way, and that way too. Great guy. Everybody can lie about others. And what can YOU do? I don’t think I can do something. That’s not the point.
I’m a letter-carrier. Anyway, I am not going to send
that cable. You are not? Why not? Because we do have talents.
I’m going to prove this. You can’t. I will. Give me my bike. Hey, give me my newspaper. Garage Okhapkin! Which Okhapkin? I’m the local sweeper. – You frightened me.
– What is it? – You must dance.
– Always ready and willing. Get the orchestras.
All of them. Don’t let me down, Philipp. – I don’t know the words.
– The voice is more important. You can sing whatever you like.
Even this. Good. Don’t let me down. What can you offer me? From olden times
we have the kvass Highly prized by gourmets. There’s fine beverage Kavkaz, Like the Terek it froths
and plays. I would speshly offer you,
dear – It flows freely
and easily – The renowned Volga beer Of the famous brand Zhiguli. Is there anybody other than you? You bet there is. Here is a quartet. Stop mockery and idle
talk, talk, talk That our Soviet cook
wastes the food, Wastes the food. Believe me at the food
front, front, front We score a thou, a thou, a thou A thousand victories, I grant. What’s with you? – Let’s go in.
– Thanks, I’ve had my lunch. But I can’t have mine. The chefs are all drunk there. I can’t leave my beat.
I better call in the sweeper. Watch me, comrade Byvalov. The new batch is a lot better.
You’re gonna like it. Louder. Like a nightingale we sing. Our clear song Rings across, rings across Our hometown. Like a nightingale we sing. Our clear song Rings across, rings across Our hometown. Take your pair’s hand, Welcome our green friend. Conifer-clad
with a pitch leg, With frost all aglow. – Hello!
– Hello. Dear Volga, Mother Volga, Our Russian river, Oh! Have you ever got a present From a Cossack from the Don. Yo, heave-ho, Yo, heave-ho. Clad in moss it stands there
For a thousandth year Knowing neither concern,
nor care. You still think we have no
talent in our town? Who d’you think you are?
You and your talents! Don’t listen to her,
comrade Byvalov. – I have got all the talents.
– The cheek! What talents, where? Right here. Full complement. Here we go, guys. Everything that we have dreamt of
is a-coming true, To the sun our ambitions
are a-breaking through. We’ll awaken everyone
We’ll get everything we plan, Like an ear our exuberance
is a-ripening. He is gone. Follow me. An elderly woman kept
a grey little kid, An elderly woman kept
a grey little kid, That’s true, that’s true,
a grey little kid. That’s true, that’s true,
a grey little kid. Near the wood maple-trees
are a-bloss’ming, Old men and women are dancing
and gossiping. That’s true, that’s true,
dancing and gossiping. Hey, what do you want with me? I want you to send our guys to the Moscow Olympiad. Oh yeah? No way. – Nonsense.
– Stuff and nonsense. You better take along just
our orchestra. – Hear me out.
– Wait, wait. Are you saying I take it? – To Moscow?
– Right. Look, you are a real talent. Well, that’s– To Moscow! Melkovodsk (Shallow Water) dock America gave Russia
a steamer, yes. “Sturgeon” Steam at the head, Wheels at the stern And she moves
at a snail’s pace. At a snail’s pace. That’s a good boat. Yeah, she’s good,
only water shy. How long haven’t you
piloted it? Fifteen navigations. – Not lost the art, have you?
– For goodness sake! Hands of gold! How long has this boat
stood idle? About 30 years. And we have overhauled it
in just two weeks. Two weeks. Beautiful. Careful. It’s a good boat, yes,
but not to be touched with hands. Come on, guys, move it. – Tickets please.
– What tickets? Are you going too? – Yep.
– What’s this? Your baggage? Quite a lot. Carriers, leave
them here for a while. Comrades performers, welcome
to the saloon. Not you. Your baggage will do. Strangers,
clear the deck. Only performers are allowed here. Comrade Byvalov,
he is our performer. Rubbish. He’s not your performer,
he is my water carrier. Can’t a water carrier be
a performer? Some other chief’s water carrier
can be but not mine. That’s impossible. I AM a performer, I swear. Ask Philipp. He’s a waiter, he won’t
tell lies. We perform without
discontinuing work. Comrade policeman, stop this disgrace.
Get them out of the boat. I am a performer too. Can’t you see? This is my group. We won the contest and
we can go to Moscow. – Just as them.
– Just as us? We take to Moscow Beethoven,
Mozart, Schubert, Wagner. And you? And we take… eh… aunt Pasha,
uncle Kuzya. How can you compare Beethoven
with some uncle? Big deal. Beethoven might
have been someone’s uncle, too. Beethoven an uncle?
Well, that’s too much. Who d’you think you are? – I’m Arrow.
– No nicknames here. – Your trade.
– A letter-carrier. Well, let the Communications
Ministry carry you. My responsibility are workers in my system. – What are you?
– I am a reciter. For what institution
do you recite? I don’t recite for an institution, I recite Mayakovsky. – Your place of work?
– Kitchen. – I am a chef.
– Who? – A cook.
– So, it’s the food industry? – Clear the deck.
– Thanks. – Clear the way.
– Arrow! Take care. Why didn’t they take you? We don’t want to go with them. Why not? We pursue different artistic trends. You mean parted ways. We have to wait 4 days
for the passenger boat. Why waste time? I can lead you to the Chusovaya
across the mountains and we’ll raft it to the Volga
before them. – Is the Chusovaya far?
– No. 3 days of trekking. Swamps, woods and a little
of good track. Good track? Okay, let’s go. Off we go, guys. First day Second day Third day We play just 80 bars. The first violins’ liabilities
are 23 late comings and forte instead of piano. The violas played out of key
4 wholes at the start and 8 tenths in the end. All in all, comrades, 75 bars
of pure falsehood. Given this balance, it’s a shame
to go to Moscow. All over again. Tactful guidance you say? The phrase about the guidance should be reinforced. I would say, “Owing to my tactful
guidance”. – Mine?
– Yours. Right. Attention everybody. Let me read the draft
of my future speech. Comrades Muscovites! You see before you a formidable body
of amateur talent mostly raised within my system owing to my tactful guidance. – What do you say?
– Good. For you. Don’t you think I should
emphasize the thesis on my tactful guidance? We are rehearsing the Musical
Moment by Schubert and you are interfering. What do you mean interfering? Do you mean the moment
of my guidance is less important
than the Musical Moment by Schulbert? The golden mist is playing
in the air. Oh, youthful joy,
you are beyond belief. High as the sky,
Vast as the sea Is our young road indeed. Sing everybody. Sing everybody. High as the sky,
Vast as the sea Is our young road indeed. WOODCUTTER Everything that we have dreamt of
is a-coming true. To the sun our ambitions
are a-breaking through. We’ll awaken everyone,
We’ll get everything we plan. Like an ear our exuberance
is ripening. Sing everybody. Sing everybody. We’ll awaken everyone,
We’ll get everything we plan. Like an ear our exuberance
is ripening. Our young legs beg for dancing
And we dance with zest. Our songs are ringing clear
without letup or rest. Come out, girl,
Look at your beau And bandy merry words of jest. – A rousing act.
– They sing well. Well. Yes, well. Good on them. Good on them. Bad on them. Shallow-waterers! – What’s going on?
– They’re overtaking us. Bastards. Full steam! Comrades, they are overtaking us. Impostors! If they get to Moscow before us our region will be disgraced. Full steam! – Full steam!
– Full steam! – Full steam ahead!
– Fullest steam! Fullest steam! Two guys won’t cope. We need help. Comrades! Let’s help our stokers. To the fire-chambers, my friends! To the fire-chambers! Alyosha! Alyosha! Hey, add more steam! Speed up, you mustached devil. Do it! – They’re leaving us behind!
– Do something! Why did we stop? We are out of gas. No wind. Am I in a stew! Hey there. Those racers wanted to outdo
a two-funnel giant. No way, baby. You can’t go far
without a funnel. And we can well use one. Full steam! Fourth day The Kama. The Volga. I’m a sailor, I’ve been places,
Navigated lots of vessels. But I never told a lie,
I am not that kind of guy. Yes, I’ll never tell a lie,
I am not that kind of guy. I’m an expert pilot, trust me.
I know rivers inside out. All the shallows and sandbanks –
Do believe me – I can count. Yes, all shallows and sandbanks –
Do believe me – I can count. Watch out. You may run aground. Teaching your mother
to hatch eggs? I know every bank around here. Old devil! You boasted you know every bank around here. Of course, I know.
That’s sandbank number one. Just you wait
till you come back. I am no fool to come back. Fifth day Hey buddies, come to me. I’ve come to you. Moor here. I’ve come to you. You can’t sail without me anyway. – Welcome.
– You need an expert. Hands of gold. If I take it in my hands
sandbanks are no problem. And my own brother too, friends,
spins the yarns without end. Oh yes, I take it in my hands – Sandbanks are no problem. Let’s overhaul the Sturgeon. – Left rudder!
– Don’t teach me to hatch eggs. I know all sandbanks around here.
There’s number one. Here’s number two. Sixth day The river is wide, The river is blue, We are sailing along, Just me and you. The sky-high mountains, The fields under crops, The vast steppe expanses Of the land of my folks. We sail with ease, We sing with ease. Guys, welcome the truce envoys. Arrow… – Alyosha.
– Arrow. – I want to ask you something.
– I am glad you came. Remember the song I sang
for you on the ferry? Which song? Dunya wrote it,
our letter-carrier. No, I don’t. You called her a fool. A fool? Now I remember.
What a fool I was. Right. How clever you are,
Alyosha. – Friends forever?
– Friends forever. Will you help me
with the notation. My pleasure. You are not going to present it
in Moscow, are you? – Yes, we are.
– You nuts or something? What’s that for? You’ll disgrace our region.
You’ll flop for all I know. See that YOU don’t flop. We’ll see who’s gonna flop. – I bet you’ll flop.
– No, we won’t. – You will.
– No, we won’t. You will. Now which of us has flopped? How do you like it?
You’ll flop indeed. Get her. She broke the boat. That’s unprecedented hooliganism. She trampled on the newly repaired boat. That’s ridiculous. I just want to fret and fume. Many a song has been sung
’bout the Volga. But the best one is yet
to be sung That would fly across
our Mother Volga In the bright rays
of our Soviet sun. Oh Volga, so beautiful, Like sea you’re
full and plentiful… Why does he think
it’s no good? So wide, so powerful. Sing a ringing
and cheerful song… Pride aside, if I take
a sober view of it… it’s really bad. I shouldn’t have hurt
his feelings. – Where can I find Arrow?
– Second door on the left. – Tugboat, ahoy!
– Tugboat, ay-ay! I need to talk to the cap. Come on, moor. I can’t set your boat afloat,
citizen. I’ve just promised a cap. A cap? – There you are. I got you.
– It can happen to anybody. He’s my pilot.
Let’s go, comrades. Alyosha, can I come in? The concert will be broadcast
in two minutes without any special notice. Attention. Singer Tigrova will perform romance “Don’t turn on the light”
by Arensky. I won’t turn it on, it’ll be
easier for me to speak this way. I told you a lie. I wrote this song. You have anybody? So we set your old boot
afloat, comrade chief. What about the sailer? – The sailer is not in my system.
– It is in the Soviet system. Later. Stop the boat! Stop the boat! Something must be wrong
with the steamer. What can be wrong with the steamer
if I am here? Full steam ahead. Fullest steam ahead! First day Second day Third day On the Greater Volga Olympiad
teams changed for Moscow boats. – Thanks for giving us a lift.
– Take care. We have moved many a mount
and river, Our dreams are all a-coming true. And the Volga now free forever, Carries ships to our Moscow. Alyosha’s band was also
rehearsing a new tune. Sing a ringing and cheerful song That would show how strong we are. May it reach the bright golden sun, May it reach every person’s heart. Like my land, so free and vast and strong. Great. So you say the letter-carrier
wrote it? Great. We should arrange this song,
we’ll sing it in Moscow. Hear, hear. There is not any music
paper on the boat. Comrade Byvalov has paper galore. We can line it. Ivan Ivanovich Byvalov Here we are. Arrow, you start. Many a song has been sung
’bout the Volga. But the best one has yet
to be sung That would fly across
our Mother Volga In the bright rays
of our Soviet sun. Comrades!
Don’t panic. There is no panic around here. There’s a storm outside
and they say no panic. Nonsense. It’s the river,
not the ocean. What do you know.
Rivers are worse than oceans. I’ve sailed for 30 years,
I know of heaps of stories. You know about wet logs? Wet logs? So you don’t. You see
a log is floating. One half in the water,
the other on the surface. An inexperienced pilot
in the dark will run into it and damage
the bilge. Or the log – bang! – pierces the boat so some of it sticks out
in the saloon. You lie like a gas meter. May I not sit here if I lie. What did I say? Stand from under! Save who can! And who can’t? The song is lost. Sunday Oh Volga so beautiful, Like sea you’re full
and plentiful, Like my land free
and bountiful, So wide, so powerful. That’s better. Let’s pool our resources.
Your choir will sing it with our symphony orchestra. – Is it worth it?
– It’s a good song. It’s a wonderful song. Nobody knows it but we do. Why don’t we sing it
at the Olympiad? We don’t sing it right.
I wish Arrow were here. She sing. It so well. It’s the Sturgeon. Moscow sea Arrow, I am over here. Forgive me, I acted
like a silly kid. Your Dunya is a real talent and her song is wonderful. You are laying is thick. Not at all. You know nothing
about music. I hope you didn’t tell her
that I called her a fool? Don’t hope, she heard it. I’ll apologize to her
when I come back home. You don’t have to, she’s here. Here? Where is she? You are going to see her. I can’t wait. Comrade Trubyshkin,
report the situation. You can congratulate us. We have a terrific number,
The Song of the Volga. Arrow is going to bring
the composer. Right. Schulbert? No, not Schubert, Dunya. She’s the song writer
and Arrow’s friend. – I don’t see Dunya here.
– Open your eyes. Where is she? Right here. Let our enemies,
like hungry wild coyots, Prowl daily ’bout our frontier, They will never
get to the Volga, Nor drink water
from that river. Gorblimey. How come they know it? Oh Volga, so beautiful, Like sea so full
and plentiful, Like my land free
and bountiful, So wide, so powerful. – It’s our song.
– What do you know? Can you believe it?
Our song is known everywhere. So the music was stolen. Here’s composer Dunya for you. Comrades, I swear it’s her song. – Let me explain.
– What is there to explain? We put aside everything and rehearse this song. What are we going to show now? Moscow! It’s curtains for me. This is comrade Byvalov. I am a reporter. I’d like to ask you
a few questions. Wait a minute. Comrade Byvalov,
they want to see you at the Olympiad headquarters. Let’s go. What did I say? Greetings, comrades. Your Dunya– Don’t say it.
You don’t know her. It’s her luck that I don’t. She didn’t steal the song.
It was stolen from her. Comrades, you see before you
the Byvalov– We know. Greetings, comrades. Tell us what you do. We make balalaikas, comrades. Some may think
it’s nothing special. But I must tell you that given expert hands, this can be exciting. I am not boasting but having mastered
music culture and knowing Schulbert
personally– – Pardon?
– To the piano please. To the piano. Come on, come on. It’s a mistake, comrades. My system doesn’t make pianos. Go, go. Attention please.
Comrade Byvalov will perform his famous song. – I can’t sing.
– Okay, play. – I can’t play.
– Are you a poet or composer? I am neither, comrades,
believe me. Citizen… Is this your name? – Yes. The paper’s mine too.
– And the notation? Notation? Oh yes, notation. I can’t make head
or tail of it. – Do you know this song?
– Which one? This one. So many talented guys! So this song was written
on your paper. Who wrote it? – My–
– Yours? Dunya in my system
from Shallow Water. She must come here. Dunya.. And her last name? Last name? Oh, her last name. Let me write it down. Find Dunya from Shallow Water and send her
to the Olympiad HQ. Ivan Byvalov. – Dunya?
– Make haste. They’re waiting. Guys, go find Dunya. – So you are Dunya?
– Right. – It’s the Dunya.
– Come over here now. I act with a partner. Move it. – I’ll help you.
– You know my tricks? What tricks? Hands of gold! Go. We would like you to sing your song. I beg your pardon? We’ve got her. – Everything’s fine.
– Get her here. A sad mistake, comrades. It’s not the Dunya. But now you’ll see
the real one. What’s that? – Who is she?
– Who are you? Me? I’m Dunya. – Who?
– Dunya. It’s a coincidence. Tell me what’s this supposed
to mean. They are all called Dunya.
I brought them all. Comrades Dunyas, tell me frankly which of you wrote this song. Just own it, girls.
You’ll get away with it. They’ll never own it. They are from Shallow Water,
they’ll never own it. Send for Arrow.
She would know. – Arrow?
– What did I say? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Let’s go find Arrow. I need to go to the HQ.
Give me a boat. No boats at the moment. If you don’t give me a boat,
I’ll swim to the HQ. Arrow! – Where’s Arrow?
– What happened? An emergency. It’s about the song.
HQ want Arrow, now. Hey, come back! Hold on. Stop it. Let go of me. What have I done? – What is your name?
– Dunya Petrova.. Who are wrecking a world record. I am swimming from Moscow
to Baku nonstop and you’ve pulled me out
of the water. For shame. It’s ridiculous. Wait, Arrow, wait. Arrow! Wait! It’s urgent. You are wanted
in the HQ. – What for?
– You should identify the girl. – What girl?
– The one who stole the song. What song? Oh Volga, so beautiful… Tell me straight:
who is this Dunya? It’s me. You? Are you all right? I am all right. You shouldn’t say it’s you. – Yes I will.
– I won’t let you. I am going. That’s none
of your business. You fool, I love you. Are you all right? I am not. Water! Comrades, this citizen will name the Dunya
who wrote the song. Don’t tell them. Hey, Dunyas. Comrades, do what you will, but it’s me who wrote
this song. Many a song has been sung
’bout the Volga. All were mirthless
in the minor key. It was anguish that spawned
those melodies, Now it’s joy and happiness
and glee. Sing a ringing
and cheerful song That would show
how strong we are. May it reach our golden
bright sun, May it reach every
person’s heart. Listen, Arrow. What’s that? It’s your theme
and my arrangement. – Give back my striped vest.
– Let go. I can’t go around like this. Comrades! This is the Dunya we’ve been looking for. She wrote this song. She by right deserves the first– What’s going on? The jury calls out
Dunya Petrova, author of the song
of the Volga. The jury calls out
Dunya Petrova! Dunya Petrova! I’ll never argue with you
anymore. – Friends?
– Friends. – Forever?
– Forever. Oh how I love you, Alyosha! But that’s beyond
your comprehension. – Beyond?
– Yes, yes. Look, you are so obstinate. – Nowhere.
– Not even on the motor boat. – Found?
– No. We can’t wait any longer.
Can’t you sing without her? – We might but…
– Okay, come onto the stage. Okhapkin, Philipp, Nina, go. Come on, guys. Go, go. Comrades, you will now hear
the Song of the Volga. – Author!
– Where’s the author? Quiet, comrades. If there’s a song,
there’s an author. We dispersed every dark
thundercloud, Spring has come to our
dear Motherland, Like the Volga,
our life is full-blooded, And this free life will not
ever end. O Volga, so beautiful, Like sea, you’re full
and plentiful… It’s my throat again, Kuzma. Own it, comrade Byvalov. You have to study 20 years
to sing well. You don’t say. I say… clear the deck. You think I don’t love you
as much as you love me? Yes, I do. – I love you more.
– I love you more. You are mine. You are another. – Is that it?
– Yes. – Is that it?
– Yes. Arrow! Hey, they caught the author. Just about time. Is our time up? – No.
– Oh no. Do not rush out of the theater, We would like to keep you here For another couple minutes To strike balances, Oh yes. We tried real hard, We are glad you laughed, For laughter can heal,
And laughter can kill. This is not to say red tapists
Can be found at every turn. When you see those opportunists,
Like Byvalov they are all. Very oft petty thoughts and actions,
Aftermath of the cursed time, Do obstruct our work and creations,
Bloom of talent in our clime. We must clear all the rubbish, Sweep it off with our hands And wide as the Volga
along the road March from strength to strength. O Volga, so beautiful, Like sea, you’re full
and plentiful, Like my land free
and bountiful, So wide, deep and powerful. Translated by Raisa Svirina

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