Данэлия Тулешова в передаче “Главная редакция: знай наших” 21 мая 2018

Last year, Kazakhstan’s attention was drawn to Daneliya Tuleshova, a 10-year-old little girl from Almaty. For recognition, she went to Kiev. Her voice was immediately called the best. Two months later, Danelia sang a song in Ukrainian and won the “Voice.Kids” contest. Today, this Voice, in my understanding – is the voice of all the children of the planet. What happened to the winner of the Voice.Kids-Kazakhstan? “What happened to him?” Well … do you know who it was? Who won the “Voice.Kids”, what career does this child have after that? Have you heard about him, have you watched him as many times on the Internet as you watched Daneliya? Of course not. The compliments were pouring on the girl from the first days of the contest: Just a little deity! This is phenomenal! This is a phenomenal voice! I am sure that this video will be watched worldwide! many times It’s true, 100%! Videos with her participation are getting millions of views on YouTube. Danelia makes audience cry with her performances. I believe that if an artist already enters the stage – he shouldn’t pay too much attention to every note that he sings, to be pitch perfect – but just enjoy being on stage. Now, the main thing is not to get a “celebrity euphoria”: this is what adults often say to her. Danelia herself is sure that she is safe from that: her mother is always nearby – her main mentor and critic. In addition, it’s too early to rejoice: there are big goals and a lot of work ahead. Actually I hate this phrase: “celebrity euphoria”. I believe that you can only get it in a case of, for example… Can Beyonce get a “celebrity euphoria”? I dream of having my solo show all over the world, all over the planet. Maybe I’ll even reach Mars! There I can sing my song “Cosmos” to aliens.


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