MOONSTONE Theater of shadows from Lego. Of course it was necessary to save up on engines 385 Well, what are they good for? In ours you can even throw a can of kvass as fuel On those engines transgluk fuel Green bukozyavry with square eyes. How will you fill this fuel? It is terrible and radioactive! And if he jerks … These engines are slow, but load-lifting! Just imagine: we need to fly to Alpha Centauri and bring 300 tons of ore. It will take a million years. If we had the Moonstone, then we would have done it quickly! It’s a pity that this is only a legend … Sorry, sorry, here is your kvass! You kvass and you … what is your name? I am Vladron. I am Turmik. Clear. And I am Jolly Kvass … Chuck Vesel Ku … I heard your conversation and can help you. I know where the moonstone is Where is he located? It is in the Red Dwarf system, a spiral violet galaxy. When lasers start shooting at you, make a right spiral ring to the Red Dwarf. And there, on planet 585 / 18.380 in the caves, you will find the Moonstone. Do you think this Vselchak Kvass was joking? I do not know … Or maybe this stone of time really exists? Let’s fly, since it is only in two parsecs. Vladron, look how many stars … It’s an endless path with white dots … Yes … It is good that I learned triangular mathematics. Try to navigate here without her. And how much did you pass it? At 5 And I’m on 4. Purple galaxy. Beautiful as sunrise on earth. Have you ever seen a sunrise on earth? The sunrise is cold pink and sunset is red. Attention! We were attacked! Turn on the power supply! Turn on! Energy supply 70 percent! It quickly decreases! Quickly eject from here! Remember the time and coordinates! Copy! Vladron! I am Turmik. Fell on an incomprehensible planet. I see a lot of stars. Looks like it’s a red dwarf planet. There is very strong radiation here. My coordinates are 300.245. Closer to the south I turned on the beacon on my capsule The battery will last for three days, oxygen for a day. I need to find shelter – the radiation is very strong. Stop! I see the ruin … It looks like a cave … Getting in… Turmik! I am Vladron! I am on the planet Tau Kita! Copy! My coordinates: 385/481 There is a civilization on this planet. I’ll try to find people and fly to you. Anyone who hears me! I need help! My call sign is Vladron. My coordinates: 385/481 Thanks for responding! Do you know where you can rent a starship? I know. To base 16 miles. This is an Argergone. Do you want to take? Go! The stone of time ?! Our company mines ore here. Very good that I noticed your signal and picked you up! This is an Argergone. I think you will be lucky and you will find your ship! Be careful – there are many charlatans here, they can fool you! These are space pirates and other thieves. Thanks for the ride! Good luck! Bye! Excuse me! Can I rent a rocket from you to fly into the Red Dwarf system? Red dwarf? No way! There all disappear. Many cosmic pirates … I do not go there for any money! And do not beg me! Refer to Sanders – maybe he will help you … Are you a Sanders? I am. I am Vladron. Can I rent a rocket from you to fly into the Red Dwarf system? Not! Now nobody flies there! Attention! At the base of the pirates! Urgently we leave! Vladron, help me! Turn off the barrels! Get out! Take off! Why in the Red Dwarf system. People told us that there is a rare artifact. We flew here with my friend Turmik Here we were shot down! Why now do not shoot? There is a special technique for entering this part of the galaxy – Right spiral. If you don’t know about this – a shield will not help. We knew about this technique … but we did not think that it will be so difficult … Here, anything happens … I’ve seen a lot on my ship … What is the name of the ship? Yason. Attention! Vladron, lower the lantern! Get ready for landing! Open the door! I am Vladron! Ready to go! I see the surface. Turmik! I am Vladron! Get out on the lantern! Copy! Turmik! I am Vladron! Answer it! Get out on the lantern! Copy! Vladron! I see you! I go out! I’m with a load! Copy! I’m coming! Attention! Immediately return to the ship! Some objects are approaching the ship! Come back urgently! Accepted! Come back! Come back! The box does not pass! Vladron, help me! There is! Passed! Turmik, batten the door! I’m closing! Vladron, get ready to turn on the engines! OK! Engines on! Engines on! Objects are coming! Leave quickly! We return to the base! Well, found your artifact? Yes, found. What is it? Moonstone What kind of stone? The crystal of time, the stone of time. How to use it? Do you know? We do not know yet. Yes … I met many different artifacts in my life. The stone of time … I think I have my own Stone of time … Now I will explain how this works. Want to know? Yes! Ok Turmik, what do you want in life? What are you dreaming about? I want to get into the past and look at dinosaurs! And besides this, you dream about something else? No. What do you dream, Vladron? Become famous, popular Clear. I want to say “hello” to the future to everyone who knows me: Friends, family … To my children! Love you! Vladron, Moonstone we found. What will we do next? I do not know. Let’s go somewhere? .. How to do it? We do not know … Need to concentrate… Let’s try. I am the first I concentrate … I concentrate … Nothing works … We still have to try sometime. Where is the sound? Yes … The sound is gone … Do you hear anything?

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