प्रार्थना | Prarthana | Movie Trailer | Voice of Gurmeet Choudhary | Debina Bonnerjee

Before Chandrapur village on a vacant mountain we have a farm There is a two-storey mansion in that farm And that mansion was of a Thakur The picture of Thakur Chandra singh is still in that mansion Nobody removes her Because his soul still lives in that mansion We or anyone whoever goes to that mansion First of all prays in front of Thakur Chandra Singh’e picture if we don’t do so, his soul gets angry Look, there is no ghost, all this is rubbish If it were, still visible There are ghosts I have seen The girls are screaming ghost ghost you offend me Forgive us ghost please let us go We will pray No, you can not go out of this room until morning Wow what story did you create Really, if it is so take us to your mansion. no You will not pray And the soul will be angry PRAY


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