● INNOCENT HEALER 무고한 치료자 EP. 1 ● Korean Drama/Crossover

We have breaking news. Seo Eun Gi, daughter of late Seo Jung Gyu was seriously injured in a car crash an hour ago. The accident happened at a tunnel on the east coast. Seo Eun Gi’s car crossed over the center line and collided with oncoming traffic. The driver of the other car is also in critical condition. Seo Eun Gi is the only daughter of late Seo Jung Gyu. There were talks of her being heir to Tae San Group. So how much did you agree to accept? Five million won. I’m not doing it. We’ve already been paid in advance. That’s a measly 2.5 a piece for each of us. It’s not worth it. It’s five million after it’s split in half. Five for you, five for me. This is our first transaction in over a month. The competition in this business is fierce, you know that right? Seriously… I…will be inside in a moment. Madam… I’m not going to run away. I just want to do some thinking out here. If you don’t come in, I will come and get you. Why did you turn off your tracker? I had some thinking to do. I told you not to think about it. Is this girl a bait to catch me? When you’re that smart, why are you still staying near that girl? Someone is framing you for Go Seung Chul’s murder…That’s why you… Are you listening?! Yes. What?


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