✔ Minecraft: How to make a Cinema – Part 1

How to make a cinema
pt.1 Buy a ticket.. Grab some popcorn… Pee..oh yeah… Find your seat Dim the lights.. Start the movie! Open the doors.. Control everything! This cinema is way too big for my island, so lets go somewhere else.. Now start digging.. You’re going to need a big hole.. (Teehee) It’s quite a weird hole too, I’ll give you an overview soon! 20 12 Entrance Exit Now the floor! What you need to build the floor I’m doing a checker pattern in
most of the cinema This is mainly the lounge floor,
But also partly just a corridor. Now more floor, but for the
shop area. This is again a checker
pattern, but with a bit of red Remember to leave
out a hole here. Now for the toilet floor! You know… Floor.. Now i’ll build the walls. I’m going to skip most of it,
Because it’s a pretty boring process to watch.. This is the first layer of quartz/bookshelf wall Now for the next layers of wall.
I’ll skip the boring parts and give
you an overview! I’ll give you an overview of what has
happened in a second! [Click here to watch part 2] What’s in the chest?

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