✔ Minecraft: How to make a Cinema – Part 2

How to make a Cinema ( Part 2 ) Now for the part I find intersting, the interior! This is the ticket booth. A laptop! It’s pretty hard to get in, but it’s possible! Now for the toilet! If you didn’t already notice, the walls’ colors indicate which gender goes where. This is supposed to look like toilet paper.. Here’s one of those hand dryers. Next up, the snack / refreshment shop! All the book shelves are supposed to look like shelves with sweets. This is the soda machine.. This is a popcorn machine.. This is the projector room! The anvil looks kind of like a projector and the jukebox below allows you to play music discs. These three levers will control everything redstone related in the movie room! You can store the discs in a chest or on the wall. I like the look of them so I want to display in frames. Now for a bit of redstone wiring before we cover everything up. This might be a little confusing to watch. I’ll skip the worst parts of it and try to give you an overview! Now we’re done with the redstone behind the lever to the right! I’m digging this hole so I know when I’ve reached the end of the building when I’m underground. The first of the two repeaters will later be replaced with redstone and a block on top. I just placed a repeater because I need to be able to walk through while doing the wiring. Right now, we’re trying to get two seperate lines of redstone to the other end of the movie room. I can’t see either.. I’ll try to explain what going on, as I imagine it’s harder for peple watching.. 1: Entrance 2: Movie 3: Exit 0: Me *Wire 2 and 3 are on top of eachother. Right now we are working on line 3. These Pistons will control the door for the exit. Now we need to wire this to the lamp by the stairs.. Now We need to connect wire 2 to the 4 lamps on the wall. Done! Now we just need to put repeaters down to make sure the signal reaches the other end! Now fill in the holes. Now the redstone is done and you could test the levers to make sure everything is working properly. Now for my favorite room! This was the best way to make red movie seats I could think of. The pots are supposed to look like the holders for your soda. [ EXIT ] For the movie, use two 4×4 paintings! Does this remind you of a movie? If so, leave it in the comments! That was it for the interior, watch the next part to see how the rest is done! ^ Click here to watch part 3 ^


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