✔ Minecraft: How to make a Cinema – Part 3

[Background music starts] Welcome back, now let’s start building the roof Begin by adding quartz slabs on top of most of the walls I’ve covered all the walls with slabs, except in there places Now for the ceiling! I use glass to keep the cinema lit up at day I also use different colors of ceiling at different parts of the cinema, like I did with the floors. Nothing like an aerial view… They’re pretty hard to do in survival, but I’ll do anything for my dear subscribers :] Now for the outside details! That block magically disappeared? I used 5 blocks to create this!? I’ll have to do some magic editing without you noticing then.. Now we’re building the big red structure that holds the letters. I’m also making a dumpster behind the cinema, because why not.. I’ve placed some dirt around the red thing to make it easier on myself. Now spell out “Cinema” across the red line. “MUSIC BOX” WHAT’S IN THE CHEST?

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