《大明风华》第43集 |汤唯 朱亚文 张艺兴 邓家佳 乔振宇 俞灏明 王学圻 吴越 梁冠华 Ming Dynasty EP43【捷成华视偶像剧场】

[ Ming Dynasty ] EP43 # Google translate version for your reference # Carry the Emperor in Fengtian 朕 Wei Qiankun Dehe The Power of Shilong Huayu Internal and external governance For Yongyong Ceremony in preparation Educated by Hing Zelsun The princess of the old sundial Shide Zhongxiang Chongxun Qixiu Softness Yi Zhao female teaches in the sixth house Chastity bow Ying Zhengyi Yu Wanguo Very agreeable The Book of Bourbon as Queen Qi Shanghong Kezan Gongqin Motoki branch leaves Worship of Zuozong Temple Qin this Queen Kim On I have changed The child is still in the house May I have any instructions? I will read it 100 times a day Beidoujing Fifty times redemption induction Pray for the Empress Before having food Don’t be lazy Someone will count you Minister Welcome to the emperor Get up and talk Xie Huang How to be a queen My life Only when being a thief I find it interesting I plan to be a prince in Qiqi Town What do you think emperor You are at the height of spring and autumn I will talk about this in a few years Not too late If you have no opinion I set out to get the ceremony Read Emperor Taizong’s legacy Yes This is before grandpa’s departure left Always been there I only got it in recent days Read it Sun Sun Ruo Wei Familiar text The matter of military affairs Quite attentive Perseverance Open-minded If it is a treacherous person Scourge Binai He is my enemy in the Zhu family If you have a child in the future The emperor was dying early When killed early Just in case the heroine usurped the throne The widow delivered to the princess Handwriting Where my children and grandchildren see this Must do it Offender Do not enter the Ancestral Temple to enjoy blood Qin this Would you like to be buried Yongle five years There is a Persian businessman Take a bead to Yingtianfu These secrets are mine Not all for you do not come When i was six Met an old monk He said I changed from a pocket Can go in and out I can’t die, do you know Whether it’s a knife Flooded fire I can’t die I am a pocket emperor Son Don’t you tell me Just kidding Your mother can’t stand it Matter of life and death What a joke Don’t play anymore People behind I told you to kill him What to say My life is short Can’t play What do you like Then what you like What is it Nothing compare Alive and strong Son Don’t let mother White hair give black hair I can’t stand it You ca n’t do these things I ca n’t be the master today Let’s talk No one is upset I knew you were going to fight outside customs Will become like this what did I say Won’t let you go You and i are not immortals Where can i guess Even if you can guess I will still fight this battle Without this battle How can Baiguan surrender? How the frontiers are peaceful Without this battle Inside and outside the army How to exchange blood for rectification God has treated me well Call you today I have a few words to tell you Queen these days She was buried for this Don’t miss tea It ’s empty, so please enlighten her She is for her son This child is two years old Can’t walk Can’t speak This lie on the ground like a fish I think There is not much hope for cure Visit some famous doctors Governor of the country All recommended doctors Nothing works Prince Edward is not well Which country is unstable Son are you I want to make Qi Yu a prince His mother did us a terrible job. My life I don’t want to see her again I’m looking for you Just to say this If the Prince is in bad health, Give up the position to Qi Yu but You have to look at his character If the character is bad From the princes on the periphery Adopt one Find a good character Work hard Emperor emperor emperor I will give you the power of regent Participate directly in national events This is not our family affair Doubt of the Lord is the most dangerous Son is not filial Not playing Come wash your hands and eat You have to learn to roll your own sleeves The black hand is like this And unwilling to eat Where to eat Yuer, come out father You recognize me Mother said that the bearded man is the father clever like you Go with dad Dad takes you to eat emperor Pick up the prince Already prepared Don’t take the child away Damn it This child is weak Overwhelming then I’ll take him with me Time Taishang Laojun On the seventh day of the first month of the first year of Yongshou In Tai Chi Palace on Tai Qing Jing See all beings Billion Zhou Hui’s Life and Death Humane Born in China In the middle of life Within Rongman Rich or expensive Cheap or poor Roll me Burn out that big blister Useless The emperor just sent a word of mouth Falling Snow The emperor asked the queen to go snowing with him My body Still not warm at all I’m afraid it’s not far from that day recently I often dream of the black monk He calculated that I hit Only three or eight 三 38 years old this year Really answered his word Yao Guangxiao Yao Guoshi claims to be 800 years old A thousand years later I never loved Zen Partial adventure Really the first weirdo in the world But he died by himself All somehow You don’t have to believe his calculations The emperor is at the height of the spring and autumn I know You killed Come and play with me If I win You have to tell me the truth What the emperor wanted to ask I want to ask you to regret this life Do you want to go to sea with him I do not regret never had Follow the Emperor underground Firmly wish See my father and mother underground I will tell them I am not empty-handed Nothing The emperor gave me a home Give my life love I am satisfied Emperor, how about you Do you regret this life Do the will of the emperor Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Justice Discussed twice in a row National Death Penalty Review Into the court This is difficult Everybody knows This is the emperor’s love for the people Cabinet will do work again this matter Xunde has been discussing for three years Why are you still mentioning it today? If the Ministry of Criminal Affairs is short of staff If you are incompetent I do n’t want to be kind Not to pray for yourself I want to give Daming Set an iron law The sword of the court Never beheaded The following officer cannot kill Not reviewed by the Ministry of Criminal Affairs Do not move the knife Once the head hits the ground regret but too late Yes Emperor Determined to send troops to Adan right now Why did you withdraw the soldiers again? Think Emperor is showing weakness Yu Qian This is no rush Adan’s thing Can drag back The emperor has just sealed off Their king Their king Should hold him for a long time King of Adam Since willing to accept Our seal I feel so good Since it is a neighbor Let them see My demeanor Resign emperor emperor There is a saying I do n’t know what to say Say anything emperor Prince Edward’s condition is bad Prince’s body If true cure is not good Then choose another You four are Minister Gu Ming To choose a trustworthy person Good help But this matter Listen to the Queen Mother The emperor’s hall is too cold Should not live long But I feel groggy all day Sore limbs A little cold I can be more comfortable God has tortured people enough Make people not afraid of death If I do n’t wake up Is my blessing Yu Qian You do your best Serve My Three Generations of the Zhu Family I didn’t promote you Don’t you hate me As the saying goes The red robe is bloodstained by the people I wear a blue picture You Too angry Too heavy You do n’t love Zhu Is the world If you make you high Will eventually die This is what grandpa said I’ll tell you the original well said Know me Emperor Taizong also The widow is going to rest Resign Sun Moon Mountain is still Don’t cry Slow down See you queen See the emperor Sacred bow Late at night What is it Accompanying the Emperor underground It is my duty But the child is still young Request the emperor Hold on to me for years Taiyi said Maybe the child can heal You are afraid My parents died as a child I know The pain of child separation from parents I don’t want kids to resent them in the future Why mention this old debt Just let this scourge All added to me alone Don’t harm future generations these days 朕 Repeatedly See funeral list your name I got in and out seven times Today I give you back your life But you swear Reassure me Chen Ye knows this life From the emperor If son is emperor I will do my best to help Just to death If son dies early That is my destiny I must follow Emperor underground Get up when I was young Want to be an artist A lifetime of famous mountains and rivers Old in bed Wall paintings Lying around the world But later appeared Too much right and wrong I missed it I regret Our son has grown up Willing to be emperor Not willing Let him do whatever he wants Live this life Is really proud of it Tell him this emperor I help you back to the palace You dream of wearing a dragon robe Sitting there Proud now I am not afraid of you I And myself Make peace Wakae Decade If you ca n’t stay together Is living up to this life I can not endure Go to a world without you I want to take you underground To separate you from your son Resentment So I release my hand Give you back the world God will because of my heart Will not let me sink in In the dark of ignorance I will never forget you See you in japan I will always stay with you Just like us When I first met I’m waiting for you Take me home with a carriage What a young Zhou Lang Where people are Don’t feel ashamed Emperor mouth I am the Queen Mother Read it out Emperor’s widow mouth The Emperor said Give you a toffee name Zhu Qiyu Feng Wang Past negligence After you die Can with queen Be buried together in the tomb of the emperor Hu Shanxiang Concubine Help the king first King Wang Toffee There is a good thing right now Slaves come and tell Prince Edward can’t speak yet Osteomalacia is not cured Six Jiuqing Collegiate Meetings How can it be so friendly therefore After the emperor’s funeral Yang Ge’s old proposal Tomorrow at Huagai Temple Discuss whether the prince gave way Cabinet minister proposal Please take the king If it really becomes a true emperor The slave was the first to report I know son Remember this day Alive We won Six Jiuqing Collegiate Meetings Crown prince Empress Dowager Queen Mother How is qizhen Don’t go The longer you live, the more you see More annoyed These red robes, blue robes Jokes first emperor kills blood relatives Retribution Dirty belly Smelly I can smell it here Qizhen’s disease Taiyi said that That was not brought from the womb Can be cured His name is yes It was given by Xiandi Xiandi loved him so much Seeking Empress Dowager Complete That female priest Pick her up Who did it Yes, it’s my love But the Emperor approved Qi Yu Feng Wang Hu Shanxiang seals the name of the toffee He spared you all one by one He carried the joke alone Carry rumors Young away If he is still alive None of you deserve Live in this world Taizong’s will is still there If I did something wrong, Dead road buried Dead dead buried Why talk more I forgot You are queen mother Please take care Zhu Qiyu This is not working It’s Zhu Qiyu Zhu Liyu King Zhu Qiyu is more suitable King Zhu Qiyu Xuanzong The longest lasting To be crown prince Lai Changjun Please queen mother stand up early Zhu Qizhen No, still Zhu Qizhen What’s wrong What’s wrong with Zhu Qizhen Zhu Qiyu is more suitable Li Zhu Qiyu does not match Cannot translocate I saved it soon Come Queen mother Son Come talk to mother Come son son I found you Did you take him today not yet Still didn’t say a word Noble Come out with my mother Come, if you still don’t talk Your father is under Jiuquan I’m crying I know you can Father and mother haven’t done anything Monstrous sin Are you kidding me Are you pretending to be with your mother? If you are like this Neither of us can survive I know you can Events of Jiangshan Society enough You all know He is the flesh of the Emperor He is from me Falling flesh He may speak later But Li Lichang It should have been him If it is not the last moment I can’t replace him

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