《大明风华》第44集|汤唯 朱亚文 张艺兴 邓家佳 乔振宇 俞灏明 王学圻 吴越 梁冠华 Ming Dynasty EP44【捷成华视偶像剧场】

[ Ming Dynasty ] EP44 # Google translate version for your reference # You all know He is the flesh of the Emperor He is from me Falling flesh He may speak later But Li Lichang It should have been him If it is not the last moment I can’t replace him He is a fool Yes Who said Who said Give me out This Queen mother Today six parliaments Listen to everyone’s opinions first Six opinions I have heard They are talking about my baby Emperor of this country Is a fool Queen mother look Six Ministers of Jiuqing are here Say something slowly Can still mediate No need to mediate If this child is really a fool That’s also my sorry Emperor or I go down and hit him Queen mother Everyone is here Pay attention to etiquette If it was the iniquity of the mother Make you laugh now I would rather die I know you now Can already speak You can already run You talk to mother You and your dynasty With your courtier Say a word Stand on that step Tell them who you are stand up stand up do not come stand up Stand up by yourself stand up Queen Mother Queen Mother son Mother son mother son mother son mother mother Long live my king long live long live mother I am afraid You sleep here too, mother This room Only true dragon emperor can sleep Mother can’t There are so many eunuchs outside Wait for Call them when you are afraid I’m afraid now From now on To call yourself 閣 Emperor claims solitude I should have slept by myself Queen mother Queen mother This is double happiness for my niece Her father was a talent She’s spiritual since she was a kid Poetry and Songs If the queen mother can’t sleep well She will recite poems for you Always good When is the palace entered Queen queen I have been in the palace for two years Has been at the Grace Bureau Ceremonies It ﹑s been a month since I arrived Child’s shabby Established rules for two years Two years Queen mother, i can help you move do not move all these are Unapproved Passbook Today is over today Queen mother, let me write for you Get up I said you write Read yellow Corruption for Shandong Disaster Relief Fund What is Greed Corruption is corruption The silver coin of the court relief Master Guan put the money Stuff yourself I said you write I am so greedy Yang Rong Travel to Shandong Chen Feng Gap House Tour Investigate the case thoroughly When Your Will Comes Shandong provinces block off old accounts Reopen No reason to investigate Delayed release Otherwise peeling grass King of Nations Act Especially for Seoul Write another appendix to Yang Rong Shandong people People of Naaman Know the truth Urged Don’t starve to death If rich households hoard Or cheap land Always Do not have to return after the disaster Bring the old to the poor Alms coffin Jufan House Must be personally Into the hands of farmers Fang Deyuan Sword of Sword Greedy Verify next Curtain for the Queen Mother Supreme title Just write At the moment Doubt of the Lord I am ordered by the Emperor Supervised national affairs for Jiangshan Society To return to politics on the day of the emperor’s wedding Oath still in my ear Heaven and Earth If there is a younger generation Invited pets in the name of above Agitate the heroine Ask Why did you see Xiandi also underground Who do you see me in See me too from now on If there is another trip to admire Conspiracy Treason Office Write well I can tell Worked hard on the second king Queen Mother praise How do i write Amazing Queen mother Can i ask Miqaki Interview Taboo But I don’t blame you today Just ask Thank you queen What is persuasion? That is to be In front of your name Add a string of words Persuade I want you to be the emperor Joke i have a son What empress Do you know what i was doing Queen Mother kicking their dog ass Very very carry on Read all I look forward to the emperor rushing to grow up Every day this bone joint hurts Then read In honor of Changling Stay in put aside Tribute to the great food nation Stay in Toasts of Yunnan Tea and salt transactions Prepare soldiers for Shandong Change of armaments Yang Shiqi 啖 Civil unrest How many samurai warriors have fallen into the sea Confluence with bandits in Fujian and Zhejiang Lingering Fumi Since Hongwu Nian Reserve Armor Replaces Armaments Need to strengthen firearms Only stationed along the coast of Shandong Seem inappropriate Rogues focus on flow Taizhou Today Weihai Tomorrow Fortified everywhere, passive everywhere Emperor Taizong had ambitions Longjiang Shipyard Recruit Taixi Technician Production of iron kayaks Fight at sea Sturdy and convenient If we can become a fleet Relying on Fujian and Zhejiang ports Main turret relying on combat Would it be better Consider the Ministry of Defense Longjiang Shipyard Cost of making a kayak Here is the old hair monkey What what Where it is good Hurry, come again, come again The emperor splashed well it is good Come on, emperor Come Stop it Stop it Not tell you Not let you guys Are you upset in the garden? Know it go stop Why do you splash them both Fooling around come Faster Queen mother Emperor playing Don’t get angry Is this a joke? You are bullying Who is n﹑t born to mothers Come and serve in the palace Earn this ration money To go back to feed the young How about you What can you do You all go back you two Hurry back to change clothes Yes Yes Queen mother queen mother Queen mother At the wall Go there and stand there Queen mother The emperor is still a child I must make rules for him On what basis My mother is broken It’s almost dead outside We are just playing around be good Take a look What do these have to eat This one Anyway, come here Eat more Let the emperor stand Really wanted to come up with this idea That big sun What to do if it’s broken fast Leave slower OK, OK Leave emperor Emperor emperor Good good So accurate TRUE Come two good Qin San Jin Si Come Queen Mother Wanan Get up Today Stop so many manners You two shot the best Queen Mother We two didn’t shoot well But in the small town of Fuzhen, Beizhen, Pretty good Beizhen Fusi is pretty small yamen Where is the gate? Choose a bow Who wants to win me Take away a hundred or two silver Don’t run away, emperor Emperor emperor emperor Exhausted me Worn out You leave What do you do with long eyes Take my eagle kite It ﹑s all broken. I did not do it on purpose You did it on purpose I didn’t mean it anyway I did not do it on purpose You did it on purpose I did not do it on purpose Is intentional You go down Go down Hit him Hit me Catch me Hit him don’t run Call me Don’t run Catch me Hurry up, you waste Catch me kill him He crushed my kite Kill me Hit him hit him Find another good fast Where to run stop Hit him hit him it is good it is good it is good What are you looking at Don’t blame me It was he who first took my kite Broken toffee Don’t blame me He hit me go Hello to the queen mother Come What about children If you return to the Queen Mother He doesn’t know where to play I’ll send someone to call him back Thank the queen mother Don’t play with me anymore If you are angry Just scold me Hit me a few times This child is not sensible Why are you following the blind Then i have to give it to my son Make rules Make a noise now does not matter I do n﹑t know the future Offended the emperor I lost my head that time Blame me again Not well educated Then it’s too late it is good I’ll discipline immediately my child Make him talk to brother Get along well An emperor One as a general Defend the mountains together Marry a daughter-in-law together Control the world together Alright He definitely won’t hate the emperor Won’t hate your queen this matter Do you want to mention it again? I mean children Don’t take your child anymore Be a shield He doesn’t know anything I brought you something There is honey from Changbai Mountain And the bird’s nest in Liaodong All for you Several more Western Music Box That’s from the emperor Tell the child Emperor is not a dragon Did something wrong Also to be beaten What just happened Did you forget Bring ice water Good See what you want to eat Eat whatever you want Your mother is bad Grandma saw for a while Scold her Dare to fight the emperor Reversed her Let grandma see if it’s swollen Does it hurt Bring melon emperor Take a look You take a bite Is it delicious Don’t patronize playing with dogs Have you washed your hands Hug the dog and eat Double happiness in Take the emperor to wash your hands Yes emperor Hello to the empress Emperor today Just sleep in my palace Beaten Grievance You don’t even know What did he do Don’t get used to him What did you say Is it killing or setting fire? Children have to discipline The child does not teach, the father too The emperor left early I don’t care if I teach him I have to make rules for him How can he So bullying playmates Don’t go anywhere Net pets him Let him tonight Go back to sleep otherwise Wait a few years for him to ascend the throne Then really can’t help it Xiandi was brought up by me Is it bad after Don’t grow old Your grandma ran away I don’t want to hit you Things you don’t want to do yourself Why do you let others do it Saint said Push yourself and others You become emperor You have to take heart to your parents and brothers Go to the world That ordinary people Will support you The emperor didn’t want to do anything Just do That is your brother Even an ordinary passerby Should not do this do you know Got it Take a look Where did it hurt? You go slower one two three four The emperor is here This copper works well Money is thick Please see the Empress Dowager Find a good day Can be circulated all over the world Show it to the emperor emperor emperor You are orthodox emperor This is the money people want Take a look It’s up to the people to eat You always play like this Not work Be a good emperor He is still a child Orchestra I don’t know the Queen Mother With Empress Dowager Arutai remnants borrowed from the emperor To be mad again I told him Seen Is Datong’s guard coming? Arrived Voted for the green head in the morning Waiting outside the hall Emergency Empress Queen Mother and Queen Mother Call now it is good Chen Datong Chen Wenrong See you Seeing Empress Dowager Meet the Queen Mother General Chen How has Jingbian been in recent years? These decades of battle have been fought Arutai has been disabled Wu Liang’s Ministry of Health also fell into disappointment. The rise of the roof There is one from the tile department Own hero After Mahmud Emperor Taizong Besieged at the Three Gorges It’s the haunting ghost After Mahmu died His son was also killed. These few years His grandson Watanabe also rose first Alutai And Wu Liangwei’s remnants are defeated And contacted all tribes outside the Great Wall. Power is growing He said a tile and also first To be against us Things of the Emperor After they know In Xuanda area Straw for ten days Ask us to open the mutual market No order Can only drive away Did not dare to go deep into Mobei Qing Liting Threshing grass is Grab money, grab people, grab food Our army Drive them out But got no order why Emperor Taizong Established a rule Opening Mutual Markets in Frontiers Where are the people With their cattle and sheep Animal fur Come for money Changing herbs and salt Easily not allowed to fight This is caring for people’s livelihood Goodwill What system Big fart big fart emperor emperor Enlarge fart enlarge fart Chaotang Dare not laugh How dare you fart Emperor down Minister He is really riding Hurried day and night The breeze eats too much Really can’t help it Death penalty General’s hard work, what a crime Enlarge fart emperor emperor Emperor sit down Then ask the Ministry of Defense Entertain General Chen Eat hot Obey Impoliteness You do not heal him Did someone tell us a joke? Whose sin You have such a big idea Still ask me General Chen, get up Queen Mother and Queen General Chen You go on Caught The emperor caught it Alright Take a look Show me everything This is scratching knowledge You say it ﹑s not terrible Terrific Emperor Shengming Emperor Shengming


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