《Conspiracy of love》EP 01【ENG SUB】| chinese drama 2019

According to the national meteorological center report The sudden heavy snow will continue throughout the weekend Days of snow have caused a number of traffic accidents along mountain roads Hope drivers pay attention to the safety of driving And I’m going to bring you a song from 中岛美嘉 It’s ok Bai Song Bai Song Are you OK?Xiao Ping I am fine Xiao Ping Mom Mom Xiao Ping Xiao Ping AnAn Don’t be afraid, Dady is here Drink water Any more If wake up naturally when hypnosis There may be temporary cognitive impairment So take a break for a while you will be fine soon We are getting the exact message Shenshi Holdings group is about to restart the merger of the country’s leading biotechnology company JianShen Tec. which is a 15-year moratorium of the country’s biggest investiment In fact The deal negotiated 15 years ago had lasted for half a year But it came to an end because of the serious illness of the chairman, Mr. Luo changsheng. We take the attitude of science and technology A new way of thinking about the whole industrial chain We hope that we will make a landmark contribution to the scientific research And we’re gonna have a bigger break in the business world Attention from all walks of life Doctor lin Shouldn’t I have my uncle’s revenge? You have always been confirming Except for him It’s impossible to have a second person on the scene of the car accident. JianShen Tec. only accepts science and engineering students Resumes from financial management students are not accepted But I have another way Since I cannot get into Jianshen Tec. Let’s think in the opposite way We get into Shenshi Holdings Group And I can get close to my uncle Luochangshen That’s a good opportunity It’s a dangerous game If you don’t do that Maybe you’ll never see him again. Teacher Sun This USB has all the transfer records for the last three years including all the details of school activities all about you and all your students I don’t know what you want to do. You don’t have to understand Do as I say. I’ll just have one sign And a letter of recommendation I have already finished my application for dropping out The next step is to enter the Shenshi Holdings Group Do you have friends in Beining? No Take this for an emergency I may not be able to come back to see you for a long time. So I thought Can I take a little more medicine It’s all there You know the origins of these drugs are my own. No legal procedure So if you take so many drugs on you You can’t let people know. Understand I’ve been your doctors for 15 years watching you grow up You are not just my patient More like More like my kids Without you I probably won’t be able to make it so far You’ve been my doctor for 15 years More like Okay I have to go Take care of youself Thank you doctor Lin You take care of yourself too Stop Stop Give me What’s wrong with you Give me What Wallet Girl Are you robbing me Don’t make me call the police Call the police? Nowdays mugger dares to call the police Still pretend Anybody help me He is a thief Catch him You You Come here what’s wrong He stole my wallet You stole her money? Robbery Robbery No possible How could such a lovely woman to rob you Ask her youself You know each other? You two are friends Yes Hello dude Ok, good I am going to take both of you to policestation ShangMing Call the police You can tell me what happened I’m a college student I came from other places and I wanted to come here for an internship I don’t have any relatives here And no friends When I got off the train I was just walking around with no purpose. I really can’t walk. I found a place to sit down Miss XU the house here is really good Look at this night scene You can actually look down on the whole hospital If you are interested in this house today We can sign the contract today. And I met the guy who just hit me and my wallet was gone then Stop And then we called the police You’re here Mr. Police and you must help me. Let them give me the money back I’m telling the truth Fine The problem is solved I’m sorry I misunderstood you. Now you know how to apologize That’s okay It’s over Right Now we know each other Not count I’m gonna go back Didn’t you accompany me to eat? I have no appetite now Have you lost a great amount of money All You put all your money in your wallet. That’s the money to rent a house in Beining It’s ok I’m used to it anyway I’ll figure it out myself What can you do? I’m have one Come in This is my home You home? You could live here for several days if you don’t mind But is it allright for me to stay here when we don’t know each other. It’s not a good idea I know it’s a little bit inappropriate But I can’t see you sleeping outside in the bridge. Ah My name is ShangMing Good man Hello my name is XuShuBei I’m a good guy. I know And you are a girl without any money Good man So you don’t have a family member here No I’m here for working What about your parents? They are gone Where did you live before? orphanage That’s poor There’s nothing to be sad I think it’s good to be free in the orphanage. Yeah It’s better than living in a bridge, right? Thank you take some rest Don’t think about losing your wallet. Pull a long face every day Well, you should take a break, too. Ok take a pill once a day as usual Control your emotions and moods Don’t pay attention to events that trigger memories Hello Could you please connect me to Mr Zhang of the human resources department? You’re my junior In school You are the Vice President of the student union Besides I got the recommendation letter from teacher Sun But you don’t have a diploma Even my own sister That’s not good It’s because of dropout so I have to go out for a work You don’t have any working experience on you resume I have to say no ShengShi is a eclectic company, isn’t it? Some time ago, you also recruited talents from the society I remember you say you need ability more than degree ShengShi is an Internationally renowned enterprise after all It’s not just any shrimp and crab can work for it I don’t have a job interview yet How do you know I’m a shrimp soldier. Just go ShengHua Investment Jack Ma Western Culture LvXiaoSong You know them Well, I’m not familiar with them My dad knows them It’s OK for your college entrepreneurship seminar plan But the guests you are asking probably are not going to come. Look at them, these are old school alumni And they are also headmaster Wang’s students. Even if headmaster wang invited them himself they would not come Need to ask headmaster wang to play a sentimental card But he might not have pulled the face down. As long as you approve I’m going to go over there As long as headmastert Wang agrees I’ll just approve Smile Sister What does your family do Well My dad won’t let me say He said it’s a secreet Just a little bit You really put me on the spot I really cannot tell Understand But what about As long as I can successfully enter the Shengshi If my dad know Who helped me? He will remember it He is a grateful man well We are from the same school and you have the recommendations from teacher Sun I will help you and give you a chance to interview I can’t guarantee if success or not As long as there is an opportunity I will try my best What department do you want to apply for? Investment management LuoChangSheng My dear uncle Everything you gave me I will pay you back double I’ll get my revenge Oh Try it Hum Yeah So you prepare for the breakfast if I am busy I will do it if you are busy Old Zhang do it if we are busy Who is old Zhang The old man cooking fried cake outside my home OK If I get busy at work You do If we’re both busy, we’ll leave it to old Zhang You get a job I just got a job interview You know, people like me never need to worry about live Make a call It’s so tasty You just eat and put the bowl here I’ll do the dish when I com back I can do the dish myself Where are you going Hello What’s the matter? Who are you I come for an interview We don’t have any interviews today How could that be HR informed me to come Why don’t you make a phone call to confirm OK Wait a minute Hello Mr Zhang I’m ShuBei You told me to come to interview today The receptionist doesn’t seem to have been notified OK What about You talk to the receptionist Hello Hello VP Zhang seems to hang up the phone I just heard his voice. He doesn’t seem very happy what about You tell me where I can find Mr Zhang I will go find him And I will talk to him It’s not your fault Go straight ahead and then turn right Thank you Brother You are here How did you get in here I call you in the morning and never get through I was worried about what happened to you. Come to see you. What do you mean what does the message mean you sent me this morning What do I mean ? I mean You don’t have to come to the interview the day after tomorrow why Someone may have screened out your resume Since you are not in the list You don’t need to come Brother You help me think about it. Oops what about Ask you mysterious dady help you You investigated me I’m the world’s top 500 HR director You think I am an idiot Then why would you promise me to give me an interview? Before I know for sure I’m not gonna easily deny a person I’m very professional,aren’t I? This should be called Perfect expression of social experience and emotional intelligence Looks like I’m just too kind. Something I didn’t want to take out That again? This time, even if your dad is Bill Gates No 903 B seat XixiHuaLi Aren’t you curious? Ouch Get the wrong person Who gave it to you? I did it myself You’re asking me to guess what happened? I don’t know Why don’t you tell me You deliberately set me up, didn’t you If you havn’t done these things How could I get these photoes And some of the pictures are just too sexey I’m embarrassed to take it out. XiaoWu Take XuShuBei’s resume back The one who apply for the investment management dept. The interview will be held at 1:00 p.m. the day after tomorrow Thank you, brother. What else do you want I wonder if you could give me a little bit of the detail of the interview The interview questions are designed by a third-party company I don’t know. Okay, alright Can you give me a little bit of the interview questions for me? The interview questions are designed by a third-party company I don’t know. Okay, alright wait a minute Don’t push your luck I really can’t ask about this. Brother, don’t be so hard I already thought about it for you You’re all busy where is the toilet paper dute do you have any toilet paper Oh Yes Thank you, thank you Thank you so much I’m sorry I just made you laugh. It happens to everyone This restroom is not allowed to be used during the interview We have a broken toilet over there. Just use this side HR makes all the rules Just abuse power for personal gains You are kidding Oh By the way I heard that your investment management department’s interview questions are very creative It takes a lot of thought Please come with me from 31 to 36 Please follow me Please put your cell phone in the lockers in the doorway. Scend round,We will use LSD interview method No examiner will ask you any questions. Generally speaking You’ll have an interviewer in the control room Wait, wait. where are the interviewers? What’s going on Let’s put the bag into the locker first LSD interview method is a simulation of recruit process make the candidate to simulate an experience they will have in the future I want you to look at the information on your hand Three minutes later we start the meeting We don’t need to have a meeting. this is a simulation test It’s about observe our professionalism just do it by ourself I’m the chief Please cooperate What’s the name of party a? XuShuBei Tell the people to raise the price by 30% when the deal is completed. That’s too much usually up to 10% before I’d like to see what happens to XuShuBei Price increase of 30% We’re going to increase our offer by 30%. What? up 30%? That’s ridiculous I just thought the price was too low And that makes sense You’re asking for a price. If you don’t agree We can cancel the deal You are doing this on purpose We just get to an agreement why you raise prices again These are simulations not really do business with you take out the resume of party a’s second negotiationor He is out Generally speaking one or more of the interviewers are pretending to be the candidators In order to create an emergency XuShuBei haven’t talked for a long time It’s the opposite of what she act just now He’s using the silent strategy Ask part b to push her to speak Ask the chief of party a what she thinks of our increase What is the chief’s opinion of our increase? It’s 30% okay so you mean you agree Since you can make such a request I think there must be a reason for you. But I have to know what your reasons are Yeah Based on our results for the last fiscal year and market expectations Plus this industry is now in a period of capital trend up We believe that the future value of our company is much more than the price you paid before So why is that 30% By an estimate Is it your own estimate or a third party Ourself Then I’m sorry I may not agree If there is no third party authoritative report We will reject the request of party b If you don’t agree Then we can just cancel the negotiations


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