《Conspiracy of Love》EP 04【ENG SUB】| chinese drama 2019

I have the latest information on the acquisition of Jianshen Tec. come to find me if you want it what’s up father I know Company takes the acquisition very seriously I want to get involved I want to help No why No why I make decision not you father get out I lost a document in my office last night We saw something in surveillance cameras Xushubei What else do you want to say There is a hidden surveillance camera in Mrs. Mei’s office Xushubei Didn’t you expect that Mrs Mei I think there is some misunderstanding The video from the surveillance camera is so clear what misunderstanding else could it be I advise you to behave yourself Don’t make me make this big It’s not good for you What exactly is the document you lost Still playing dumb? Jianshen Tec. acquisition documents If you take it out now I’ll just pretend nothing happened You apply for resignation yourself I’ll let you get away with it You are so generous While such a confidential document was lost You just let me go even when you catch me isn’t that a pity I’m done talking with you I give you two choices 1:Hand over the documents and resign 2:I call the police then get the file back You choose I know the document but I don’t have it now President Sheng have it President Sheng Yes He asked me to come for it Maybe I took it in a wrong way Sorry Even if President Sheng asked you to do it You think I can do nothing to you? The old President asked that the document be kept secret Even President Sheng doesn’t have the right to see it Xushubei Don’t always talk to me about President Sheng who was calling me President Sheng how do you come what Can’t I come President Sheng Xushubei broke into my office last night and opened my safe with decoder It’s full of company secrets The surveillance camera recorded everything she did She is a theft It’s President Sheng asked me to take it Mrs Mei just asks me to clean up the office water the flowers and something like that so I just came to take it myself take? Is this called take? This is called steal You hand over the document and admit it If not I’ll leave it to the police Is this one? You do have the document Why cannot I have it? President Sheng I got this from Melinda’s office safe last night And you see There’s nothing in it Now I know I fell for it And I know I shouldn’t have done it But Melinda thinks I’m your guy when I got in the company at the first

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she thinks you put me in the company Now she’s pointing the finger directly at you She wants to root out dissent If the lips are gone, the teeth will feel cold Today it’s me Tomorrow it will be you Xushubei If I ask you to get any information next time Don’t steal You just get it in broad daylight Mrs Mei will give it to you Do you hear me got it These are confidential company documents Only core people can watch it What you’re saying is I’m not qualified to read this document I certainly didn’t mean that President Sheng you misunderstood me what misunderstood Mrs Mei I don’t think you understand the situation Is this company’s surname Mei or Sheng? Please let me explain what I mean No need to explain Xushubei come with me Xushubei I hate people take advantage of me What exactly do you want I don’t want anything I just want to get into the company in the core negotiating team for my future life Can’t you see through such a simple trap? stupid woman how can you be in the core negotiating team Xushubei You still treat me like a fool In fact, I have already seen through you From the moment you appeared in front of me It’s not an accident for sure You don’t even have a degree You cheated and passed the first interview with an unknow recommendation letter You threatened Zhangcan made him steal the exams for you You even cheated Shangmin tried to live in his house by all means You got into Shengshi by cheating everyone as my girlfriend Xushubei Who else do you dare not use? I despise you Maybe a lot of things are shameful in your eyes That’s because you’re a rich kid You grew up with a rich family You have parents who love you what about me? I grew up in an orphanage when I was six Since I went to primary school I was despised by others I just knew that if I wanted something I had to go for it myself In order to reach my goals I can have to use all available things that I can use it’s true A lot of people laughed at me But it doesn’t matter I’ll keep doing this Until I get all I want Until the day I succeed You’ve done so many things you shouldn’t have done and still made excuses Although I am selfish I never hurt others That’s what I was when I was a kid. and I am still who I am now good speech what about you Aren’t you Don’t you want to get hold of the files It has nothing to do with the files I just said I hate it when people take advantage of me and you You’ve crossed my line again and again Do you think you can help me like a saint without any conditions ? Don’t you want to get Jianshen’s information We are the same in this matter Don’t compare me with you Yes I don’t deserve to compare with you I owe it to you this time I will definitely get Jiansheng’s information to you later Xushubei This is the last time If that happens again You are dead Ms May Are we just gonna let her off the hook whatelse could we do She has President Sheng’s back Didn’t the old President keep him out of Jiansheng Tec.’s case ? You can talk to the old President about it Can you learn from Xushubei? think before you speak It’s us who set the trap If the old President knew We’re all screwed up I will get rid of her Hello Mr Luo This Friday Miami nightclub OK I’ll go See you this Friday Mr Luo President of Jianshen Tec. Luoweiyi I knew Menlin You did a great job this time Ms Mei You think you can fool around with President Sheng protecting you? You think you are safe now? I understand Seven o ‘clock this Friday night at the Miami nightclub We need to meet a client nightclub It’s not my working time May I not go Don’t forget I still have the video you stole the files Don’t forget you’re still on probation That video doesn’t mean anything How long do you think he can protect you He can abandon a woman like you at any time That’s the thing between President Sheng and me it’s none of your business Xushubei Have you forgotten that I am your boss Whether you can take part in the case of acquisition or not It’s up to me. I’ll go Let’s drink Shubei Why are you so late Let me introduce Jianshen Tec. Luoweiyi Shengshi Holdings Group Xushubei Xushubei what a nice name suits you Don’t stand up. Sit down Shubei sit here Shubei Since you are late punish yourself with a glass of wine Shubei come on President Sheng said I’d better not drink outside We are here today to accompany Mr. Luo Don’t always mention President Sheng Shubei Let’s sing OK OK Mr Luo Are you a fool How dare you bring Shengjun’s guy Are you scared? I’ve never been afraid of anyone in my life Do you think President Sheng is short of a woman like her ? besides Don’t you always want to compete with President Sheng I never take that Shengjun seriously I want that girl today you know what to do leave it to me Good evening Mr Sheng You room is ready Hello Mr Zhang You are here too OK I’ll find you Rest assured I will bring you Menlin whom you saw last time Shubei I’m gonna propose a toast to Mr Zhang with Menlin you just stay here accompany with Mr Luo Ms Mei I’m just a small stuff It’s not proper for me to stay here alone that’s right Menlin you go first have a few more drinks in place of me with Mr Zhang no problem Today We are here to accompany Mr Luo Shubei President Sheng you what are you doing here I accompany Ms Mei to meet a client Let’s drink come on go on Mr luo I’m not going to drink if it’s like this I’m leaving Mr Luo Don’t get angry Just sit Shubei Shubei nice girl I’m gonna see Mr Zhang you stay here treat Mr Luo well I Shubei Let’s drink Mr Luo I really can’t just a little more you can do it good very good Let me pour you another glass of wine I really can’t drink anymore Shubei Are you OK you barely sitting steadily I have a room upstairs Let me take you to rest no I just need to go to the bathroom thanks Mr Luo What are you doing I just drank too much and went to the bathroom Look at me I drank too much went to the wrong bathroom are you ok Xushubei Xushubei help me Put me down Shut up Put me down Shengjun philter bastard Melinda who’s that Father how did you come here Father It’s too late Is there anything urgent ? How did you get wet in the middle of the night I had a drink with my friend You brought a woman home again I said you can take it for fun but never seriously Don’t forget my birthday party this weekend Don’t worry I will prepare well Miss sorry wait Miss bag My god Let’s go mom Mom Just have fun this time don’t worry about me Minmin Don’t think about leaving home to start your own business again I know I freaked out when you hurt your foot last time OK You don’t need to worry too much This time just have fun with aunts in Hawaii take pictures go shopping and eat something delicious sure You are awake why it’s you Are you expecting Luoweiyi Nothing happened between us, did it of course Look at both of us Is it like nothing happened? Shubei wake up Shubei Shubei wake up You took advantage of me You were drugged last night I helped you I sacrificed myself to help you If it wasn’t for saving you I wouldn’t have done this at all You bastard what are you saying It’s my first time No need to emphasize it’s your first time I felt it last night You pervert You bastard Bastard You are lying Miss you dropped your drawing Did I let you pick it up I don’t want this drawing why did you pick it up it looks good good? I took you to see so many exhibitions in Barcelona How come you haven’t developed any artistic talent Then I’ll throw the picture away you mean it? Do you think my drawings are rubbish then I’m sorry Miss You two idiots oops If it wasn’t you my stuff wouldn’t be lost Miss what have you lost? The bracelet my brother gave me is missing It must have been lost when the easel fell apart I wouldn’t have lost it if you hadn’t been chasing me I’m telling you It is a gift regard as adult from my brother Now It’s lost My brother will blame me to death Miss Don’t worry If go back and look for it and maybe we can find it really then I should hurry up Miss No bother We will do it Miss please get in the car first He’ll be back soon wait me here I’m going to the bathroom Do you want to follow me when I go to the bathroom Sorry Miss stop singing You’ve been singing out of tune all the way Ghost ! Help me Who are you Why the hell are you in my car Mom Where did you put your passport where I found it OK I’ll give it to you right now Did you find it? No Where is Miss Xia Went to the bathroom you stupid She is gone Go to the bathroom pull over the car This is a mountain road how could I pull over the car here Didn’t you hear me? I’m asking you to stop the car now You what are you doing Where are you taking me Believe it or not, I’m calling the police You got inmy car youself I didn’t force you You’re not stopping, are you Fine you stop the car Don’t touch the steering wheel. It’s dangerous We’ll be dead soon if you do this You want me to stop the car I’ll do it Are you ok What’s wrong with you Fine I’ll pull over the car You Why did you lock the door open the door and let me get off the car It’s easy Tell me who you are Why did you get in my car If I tell you, you let me go Of course I mean what I say You tell me and I let you go I am I don’t wanna say my name, I will tell you my experience I just came back from studying abroad and I wanted to go to Shanghai for a few days But my brother wouldn’t let me I had no choice but to sneak out by myself but two bodyguards watched me too closely You are the rich second generation? You got bodyguards? that’s right sister Your story is a little too old Nothing new and I guess a poor boy will come out soon? I’m telling you I’m not that poor boy Why are you such a pain in the neck I like you? You don’t see who you are full of nonsense If I don’t deal with you today you don’t know what I am capable of Tell me your name immediately You tell me and I’ll take you home Master It’s our fault Master Should we go out for searching again ? I think Miss Xia should not run far Do you think this salary is easy to earn? Sorry Master If anything happens to Eva You are dead Go find her until you find Eva Yes Open the door You tell me and I’ll let you go Fine I’ll set you free first I’m not telling you I’m walking back such a funny woman really don’t me to take you home? You finally call me Brother I lost in the woods The woods? Why are you in the woods? Come and pick me up please I’m scared You just stay outside. you’ve been abroad for so many years and never thought of coming back Xiayuxuan Are you still my brother? Then I’ll ask you Do you think you did the right thing this time? I was wrong Brother don’t get angry any more Brother Eva Don’t worry. Let’s go home Congratulations President Sheng Thank you Congratulations Thank you uncles for coming to my father’s birthday party. Shengjun I didn’t expect you to get engaged at your father’s birthday party. I don’t know what the chairman’s daughter of Xiahe Group looks like. I heard she is beautiful Excuse me where are you at home something urgent do me a favor what’s wrong Bring Xushubei over to your father’s birthday party? Yes Thank you Thank you for coming to my birthday party. Today is a good day Not just because it’s my birthday I have one more good thing I’m happy to share it with all of you As you all know I am now the chairman of the group But I’m not far from retirement I am happy to have a good son Shengjun come I trust that him will take good care of the future of the company As a father There’s not much I can do I’m old I want to be with my children and grandchildren enjoy the joy of family I am an ordinary old man after all I would like to take this opportunity to give you a surprise This is my last wish. Wait a minute, everybody. Shengjun I leave Eva’s future to you. Father You always wanted me to find someone to accompany me all my life. now I’ve found her Let me give you a grand introduction. This is my fiancee. Miss Xushubei


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