《Conspiracy of love》EP 09【ENG SUB】| chinese drama 2019

Uncles, just a moment I have a few words to say Shengjun It’s very late This is a matter of life and death for our Shengshi group It matters to everyone present Everyone Shengshi group is a technology company Stock price fluctuations are our lifeblood The one who can control the stock price fluctuations is the one who holds the lifeblood of our group Shengshi has been very mature so far Retail investors are the real force driving share price movements I’m sure you’ve all heard that Shubei and I went on a show these days This show brought me and our Shengshi group into the public eye So The news about Shubei and me is no longer a personal matter it matters to entire Shengshi group in other words Now Shengshi share price fluctuation may lie with me Shengjun We all know what you mean We know you want to join Jianshen’s acquisition team But this is no small matter We can’t trust you with just a few words you have to do something Am I right? Yes how about this If you can guarantee a 4% rise in the company’s stock before the close tomorrow My vote is yours Shengjun Uncle Wu What are your requirements Shengjun We all know what you are capable of You have made such a great achievement before thirty I personally have complete confidence in your ability you mean Shengjun I can only assure you that my vote is for you I’m willing to vote for someone strong but it’s really impossible for a stock to get a 4% rise in one day without any favorable condition All I can say is that you take care of yourself I will try my best thank you Uncle Wu We can now confirm that these people will vote for Shengjun it can’t help Mr Yang is also making troubles a 4% rise in one day? how could it possible? He has been with my father for so many years Naturally, he would not turn against my father easily that’s different at least we can get a vote Mr Wu Now there are five votes including this one There are twelve members on the board of directors we need at least six votes no it’s seven Because my father has two votes as chairman This is a long way to go far far away Plus all the time we’ve wasted, we don’t have 48 hours left wait a minute last chance Why don’t I remember this guy Mr Zhang His father was my grandfather’s most devoted subordinate His father even gave his life for Sheng Family right before he was born My grandfather gave him all the shares he has now although it’s not much But enough to give him a foothold on the board but one vote from him is not enough We have less than two days left We have no choice but to take them one by one you are right He doesn’t often appear on the board but for his relationship with Sheng Family All directors respect him very much I wonder if we can persuade him to become the leader of the scattered sheep what do you mean he means Herd Behavior In simple terms,it’s crowd psychology think If a sheep is moving in a flock ,the other sheep would follow I understand He’s our breakthrough you are right No wonder you asked me to investigate him that time that’s what you mean Go find your mother OK give daddy a kiss good boy Go play with mom evidence is solid Liu Yinyin betrayed Mr Zhang That’s the only explantaion I also got the information from my man in company that he had three expenses of about 50,000 CNY recently I suspect all three expenses are related to her and Mr Zhang knew nothing about it We three worked so hard just to help Mr Zhang solve a family problem But it doesn’t affect the overall picture you’re wrong We’re not helping him to solve family problems We just want Liu Yinyin to say somthing to Mr Zhang for us what? Liu Yinyin is a woman You are a woman Woman sloves woman’s problem nothing wrong No way I’m not a woman for now I can’t do this Shubei Shangmin and I Either of us appeared before Liu Yinyin She wouldn’t even say a word to us She is Mr zhang’s canary There must be a lot of emotional stuff which no one can help her with and if you show up and gain her trust then we may have more chance to win my princess we are running out of time Shubei We are counting on you I will try Am I being silly? No That’s what TV shows always do put on it what the… are you crazy? Hellow How may I help you I want a cup of Wuwu tea wait a second Your tea Hello May I ask who you are looking for? The girl just went in Is she living in block A, no.15 Please show me your ID Sorry This is a private residence We only accept the owner’s certificate You Are you looking for me? Yes Miss Liu Is it you who has been following me from the beginning? I can help you and Zhao Hen what do you know What I know is not improtant The important is 150, 000 expenses in the Mr Zhang’s account where did it go 150,000 is nothing to Lao zhang just a bag’s cost what if he knew you spent these money on another man besides He is your first love What evidence do you have to say that about me Hospital records Bank bills these things are easy to get these are evidence Zhao hen needs money latest news The money Liu Yinyin took was for the treatment of Zhao hen retinoblastoma It is fatal to a painter Zhao hen needs eyes He wants to go on painting But retinoblastoma is not that easy to cure 150,000 is less than enough At the very least Suppose one day he finds out the secret your son Tong tong is no longer able to recognize his ancestry it’s no gonna happen Lao zhang’s wife hasn’t given birth to a child in so many years His biggest wish is to let Tong tong recognize his ancestry It was only due to the influence of his father-in-law’s family Lao Zhang can leave me alone But he wouldn’t leave Tong tong alone Did you ever think you have been kept in a cage by him for so many years What survival skills do you have Can you feed you and your son? then what should I do? I don’t care It was my fault I broke up with him I couldn’t stand loneliness on my own He stopped drawing since we were apart Now he decided to start drawing again I can’t allow him to see nothing and stop drawing any more Miss Xu Help me I can help you I could give you a million to heal Zhao Hen’s eyes What do you want I will do anything for you if I can I want you to get Mr Zhang vote for Shengjun on the board of directors Lao zhang doesn’t allow me to mention any work affairs Miss Liu Zhao Hen’s eyes Tong tong’s future it’s all up to you Eat something first This is not your fault Let’s think of another way Actually I have another idea go to Zhao hen you kidding me I don’t think it’s gonna work I think it worth a try Shangmin Hello Are you Zhao Hen? who are you I promise you You must not let Zhao hen know that I am Lao Zhao’s mistress Plan B well I just saw your medical record sheet and you forgot your medicine Director Zhang Good morning director Zhang Xiao Zhang Is it according to our agreement to vote for senior President Sheng? Vote for whichever side is best for you for the moment Junior President Sheng’s offer is really good But if we stand up against Senior President Sheng I’m afraid we will get a bad end It’s too early to say anything just wait yes President Sheng sit Director Zhang morning it’s no hero to do business by private way We businessmen only believe in profit If I can make your son Tong tong confess his ancestry soon how does that sound Director Zhang I know It is impossible for you to fight your father-in-law with your present abilities But after I bought Jianshen Your father-in-law’s business is bound to suffer the impact Are you afraid you won’t have a say then? think about it of course Business is business I promised you ten percent of the benefits and dividends you will all have it next is Li Minyu from IM dept. unanimous vote Next is shareholder Shengjun five votes not pass six votes still not pass seven votes Shengjun pass thanks for your support have you done yet? I’m serious Do you know what you’re doing You’re messing around with your future and Shengshi’s future It is in the interests of Shengshi that I urge everyone to be cautious Father Jianshen isn’t worth that much money right now I did it for a reason That’s why I haven’t given you the company yet If I give it to you now You’ll ruin it sooner or later I don’t need Shengshi at all what I need is a father rubbish Shengjun You have changed Father This is the first time you’ve spoken to me like that in fifteen years Shubei Will you take me with you? Yes When I was young and unhappy One of my favorite elders gave me such a candy He said it was strawberry flavor so sweet Can make people feel better I hate strawberry flavor Eating strawberries would shame me really? Isn’t it enough to get what you want sometimes Once you say what you want, you start losing face Especially in this market like a battlefield Never let your enemies know where your limits and desires lie Then they will fear you Is that what your father taught you? My father never taught me these Actually I feel he is not like a father He wasn’t like that before. when I was young He spent at least one evening a week eating and chatting with me But one day he suddenly changed You ever told me it’s the night of your twelfth birthday In fact, he had been abnormal for a period of time Although he was busy he didn’t come home for half a month He came back on my twelfth birthday But he became a different person I don’t seem to know him anymore fifteen years ago yes fifteen years ago After I joined company and I knew It was fifteen years ago when Jianshen Tec. had that accident right a week before my twelfth birthday so You suspect Jianshen has something to do with your father’s change I don’t know Although I want to know what happened to Jianshen that time I’m afraid I’m afraid this is really about my father and he has always opposed my joining Jianshen’s takeover anyway My hunch is getting worse why it’s fifteen years ago? say something about you Why did you want to join Jianshen’s acquisition team as soon as you joined the company I just want to join this most famous acquistion case This will make me a hit and make me popular in this industry is that simple? yep Otherwise? Sheng Yitang is not my father what? don’t you trust me? If I don’t trust you I wouldn’t talk to you so much Shubei Thank you for bringing me here I feel better after talking to you anyway I’m your contract girlfriend President Sheng That’s all the treaty details of this acquisition. OK I read it It’s good We’re going to follow this yes just go Jianshen’s takeover is finally getting to a close just leave the remain to Shengjun I need a good rest Shubei if it was you who was adpoted by Xia Family that would be nice why do you say that again when I came to Xia family everyone told me that my mission was to grow up and marry Shengjun if you were me There should be less friction between you and Shengjun Eva what do you mean ? what mission Actually I’m not the daughter of Xia family but a gift prepared by Xia Family for Sheng family so the reason why Xia Yuxuan came to the orphanage 15 years ago is just for today’s preparation maybe why it’s fifteen years ago again although I was young that time but I remembered clearly Sheng Yitang often came to my house he always asked me to marry Shengjun when I grew up so what happened fifteen years ago it’s not only about Luo and Sheng family even including Xia family This is our company’ specific cash flow and net profit of last quarter based on this We want to raise the final offer by 10 percent OK no problem so you agree? completely agree but I have a little question yes please President Sheng Now that Shengshi has shown 100% sincerity for the acquisition case But I haven’t seen yours President Sheng Everything about Jianshen is in front of you I don’t undertand what you mean I heard ten years ago There was an old project called MT Plan I never heard this MT Plan There is no such project on our list It’s probably been suspended for a long time I don’t think such a trivial matter should affect the whole progress a trivial matter? who told you this is a trivial matter? on the contrary I think MT Plan is the most valuable project I really don’t know this MT Plan fine as you still don’t show any sincerity Then our negotiation for today is over as long as you show me the MT Plan we can continue Shengjun Let me give you a piece of advice we are talking about business Don’t delay the acquisition process because of your youth and emotion Can you bear the responsibility thanks for President Luo’s concern but think about yourself before you worry about me If Shengshi dosen’t buy Jianshen Where do you and your company go? You have the mood to drink? what are you thinking? I was thinking When would the new bartender remember I need just two ice cubes when I drink Don’t play dumb with me it’s not easy for you to go back to Shengshi this is the first negotiation and how could you ruin it? yes are you crazy? I know what I am doing sit Let me tell you Jianshen is worthless if Luo Weiyi don’t take MT Plan out what MT Plan actually I don’t quite know I just know this is one of Jianshen’s project that was going on fifteen years ago Jianshen might buy eight hundred projects fifteen years ago you want each of them? I know but I have a feeling This MT Plan is different There are a lots of secrets in it that I want to know besides The price Shengshi offered is far beyond the market price If Shengshi doesn’t buy Jianshen Jianshen has to sell to other companies at a lower price Luo Weiyi won’t allow this happen Shengjun You’re a gambler that’s right You’re the gambler’s partner Local news Shengshi holdings group announced that it will terminate its negotiations with Jianshen Tec. indefinitely Long time no see Shubei why are you here I came by on business I reckon you’re running out of medicine I was going to ask you for it How are you doing recently there are a lot of things that I don’t understand I thought my father’s car accident was just designed by Luo changsheng for his legacy but now It’s not as simple as it seems you think it related to Sheng Yitang? you found it? yes But I don’t have proof Luo and Sheng family did seem to be involved in the accident fifteen years ago even Xia family got involved into it Luo Songbai’s car accident and Luo Changshen is just the tip of the iceberg what suprised me is Shengshi unexpectedly stopped the negotiation with Jianshen Tec. I don’t know if it’s Sheng Yitang’s idea or Shengjun’s Sheng Yitang would neve do that Buying Jianshen Tec. will let him have access to all the secrets of the past This is what he wants no matter how much he spends but I don’t think Shengjun would lie to me Shubei Don’t put your trust and emotion in anyone Or you’ll be blinded I have an idea now You need to find a way to get into Jianshen’s R&D dept. There’s the answer you want the answer I want? yes My investigation revealed that Jianshen had an important project fifteen years ago it’s called MT Plan It ended badly with Luo Songbai’s death Maybe this MT project is your way of finding the truth There is some clinical data in it, although is is fragmentary But you took it to find Wang Weiguo He is the patriarch of Jianshen Maybe he can give you some clues I’m leaving Sir I’d like to ask if there is a man named wang weiguo I don’t know Ok sorry to bother you good afternoon Mr Wang Weiguo I said I don’t know him It’s said that Mr. Wang weiguo is low-key by nature but fond of collecting famous wines Seeing is believing today Remy Martin 1898 brandy This bottle of wine costs more than ten thousand yuan at least girl what’s the matter help me to get into Jianshen purpose I can’t tell then I can’t help you Sir This USB has all the information about MT Plan If you don’t help me, it will become a lump of rubbish fine it’s too pity stop the day after tomorrow report to the personnel department thank you Old Wang Why are you suddenly coming into the lab and called me I remembered you said you’d never set foot in my lab again look MT Plan This is only part of the clinical data I don’t need enough data As long as I got part of the MT Plan data I can restart this project I just have so much where did you get these data from? A girl called Xu Shubei She came to my shop yesterday and gave this usb to me I guess it’s her or someone behind her has more MT Plan data When President Luo passed away MT Plan fell on deaf ears If we can restart it It is a consolation to his spirits so who is this Xu…? I don’t know but she requested to work in Jianshen’s R&D dept. The personnel director is your nephew You must have a way, right? It’s all for MT Plan and Baisong Can this Xu Shubei be trusted or not? I already had her background checked She worked for Shengshi before She is Shenjun’s rumoured girlfriend But I heard that they broke up Maybe she came to work for Jianshen this time to bring Shengshi down Whether she knows what MT Plan means to Jianshen or not at least She can’t endanger Jianshen right now fine I will meet this Xu Shubei tomorrow good


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