《Conspiracy of love》EP 10【ENG SUB】| chinese drama 2019

Good morning morning I’ll ask the board for a secretary today I’ll get you back to Shengshi I’m full Xu Shubei I will do what I promised you I’ll be right back Are you Xu Shubei? Yes I am You have to have a little flair to get into the r&d room Lao wang said you had a position in Shenghi and you were Shengjun’s girlfirend Yes I ever worked for Shengshi and had a relationship with Shengjun but director Wu don’t you think it is more helpful for me to work for Jianshen? I’m just a r&d guy I don’t know business If you want to use Jianshen against Shengshi I suggest you go to IM dept. rather than work in r&d dept. Isn’t my usb drive enough to get me into r&d How did you get MT Plan date? Director Wu I don’t think you need to know this What you need to know is our common goal is how to restore the MT program to its original state that’s all You came back early today stop Xu Shubei There’s nothing you want to say to me? I got a job at Jianshen Why? Didn’t I tell you I had arranged for you I can’t wait any more Who knows when Shenshi will restart negotiations why do you always think about yourself first? why are you so selfish? Xu Shubei I don’t know why Jianshen is so attactive to you But the only thing I know for sure is that you didn’t tell me the truth that day on the mountain How many secrets are you hiding Are you a spy from Jianshen Since we don’t even agree on that Why don’t we calm down for a moment Xu Shubei Sorry Miss We’re closing Why so early? It was past twelve o ‘clock this lady I suggest you check the inside of your clothes there may be contact information and address sewn up by you family members I’ll take you home if you find it why it’s you why don’t go home home? I never have I have a place to live but now in that case I know a nice little bar We can go there if you’re interested Welcome to my mini bar Your bar is really mini Drinking is the mood regardless of time and place Do you always prepare romantic things for girls in advance For this You have wronged me in this matter This bottle of red wine is for the client These are your freedoms But as I said to stay You mustn’t go no problem Miss Xu Miss Xu If you drink like this You’ll get drunk if you drink like this Don’t call me Miss Xu Call me Shubei What’s wrong with being drunk People who stay awake too long get tired sometims A moment of drunk can bring permanent peace Brother you are back Yes help me what’s wrong with Shubei She is drunk I’ll explain to you later on I met Miss Xu on the way home she looked unhappy I was going to have a couple of drinks to comfort her on the contrary She got herself drunk drunk so much Eva help to change her clothes Let her stay with us tonight I know I’ll take care of her I leave her to you Eva come here I want Miss Xu to stay with us for a few days Firstly Help her with her accommodation so she doesn’t have to go to a hotel Secondly You’re bored at home before and you won’t be alone with her Of course I’m happy she’s staying in our house But the reason is probably not as what you said what else reason could it be my princess I just want to solve her problem I told you Miss Xu is very proud and stubborn Fine I won’t ask any more questions but you are right I’m bored at home alone yeah And you bully me every day without anyone to back me up I will let Shubei stay with me help me OK Whatever you say If you must keep her stay with us the reason is you are bored make her to accompany you Just don’t hurt her pride I know I’m leaving anybody? Shubei you are awake I was thinking to call you after I finish breakfast you were drunk yesterday I was gonna have a drink with you I didn’t expect you drank yourself out Don’t worry You didn’t meet bad people You’re just drunk and my brother picked you up I’m so sorry Let me go upstairs to pack up and I’ll leave soon what are you doing? meal is ready have it before you leave Miss Xu don’t worry although you were drunk yesterday But the posture is particularly well maintained so leave before you finish the breakfast I Shubei just go and wash up The bacon is almost ready Eva didn’t we deal that she stay with us for a few days? why becomes to eat breakfast? you tell me honestly Did you really help her out of pity What do you think my princess? I think it’s not that simple You have a skeleton in your closet Eva It was a moment of kindness that I brought her to our house really? actually I just thought Miss Xu is a nice person yes Shubei is nice yes nice Will I have a sister-in-law soon Everyone loves good girl Don’t make a fuss yes Is becon ready? ok ok I’ll do it now hurry up After consultation with Jianshen We’ve scheduled the acquisition meeting for this Thursday afternoon at 2:30 what do you think of the timing President Sheng President Sheng? President Sheng Yes If there’s nothing else, I’ll go out first OK Miss Xu please help yourself to some more thanks eat more Otherwise there won’t be enough food for you back at the hotel Eva How could you say that? Miss Xu is only temporarily staying in a hotel This time is also our kind invitation Brother You don’t have to act Shubei is so smart She must have known you were waiting for her on purpose What are you talking about I ran into Miss Xu yesterday Fine It was a figment of my imagination but isn’t it true that you want to keep her in our house I’m full I’ll go pack up and leave soon Miss Xu wait a minute Eva How can you say that Miss Xu is our guest Shubei I know you’re independent You don’t want to accept charity but do you know what I mean of what I said just know? I don’t know you don’t think too much I’m leaving Miss Xu don’t leave Shubei I already knew you had nowhere to go but a hotel I knew Since I came back from abroad I wanted to find you the first time I wanted to see you the first time It was my brother who adopted me I changed from an orphan to a rich lady But it’s you who gave these to me But when I came back, I stood against you somehow I went against my heart in this matter But my heart for you can not be violated I am begging you OK Miss Xu Eva asked you like that why don’t you just stay Even if it’s two or three days It is also a piece of our heart Shubei I’m begging you it’s not that big deal I will stay I promise you I’ll stay for two or three days But I’m still moving OK Hello Shangmin You put Xu Shubei on the phone She isn’t here Isn’t she with you Isn’t she supposed to be with you? This woman chattering around you when you don’t want to see her Now he left without a word what’s wrong? Did you have a fight again? no I hang up hi Shubei why are you here I’m here to take you home Let me help you let’s go You’re a little nervous. No one has done this to me before From now on leave these things to me what are you thinking of ? you look so happy you Why are you off work so early It’s only five o’clock even earlier than ususal yes what help you take the bag it’t not heavy I can do it you are waiting? yeah ok then I’m leaving wait wait actually I’m here waiting for you wait for me? yes why pick you up you kidding I’m just staying at your house for a few days you don’t need to pick me up actually I didn’t come here to pick you up on purpose I wasjust passing by I find you very special asked me to bring you home I find you very special Other girls would be happy to have someone pick them up you are not You need me to beg you and take advantage of it it’s no easy to take advantage of anything There is no such thing as a free lunch Is there something you want to tell me What kind of environment did you grow up in What have you done to make you so cautious now Isn’t this way to Shengshi why go this way There is an import supermarket on this road Eva especially likes their blue cheese She said they had the most pure one ok fine Shubei I’ll make a phone call you wait for a moment OK good job bye let’s go Eva we are home You finally come back I got you something Let me do it ok You’re just like a little puppy rush to the person when he comes back I’m bored at home alone I’ve been waiting all day to get you home it’s so hard Shubei are you free tomorrow? Go shopping with me tomorrow I’m not going Though I promised you to stay two or three days but I’ll leave after dinner why Shubei please stay with me for two more days Don’t give me that I’ll leave after finishing dinner OK Eva Don’t be naughty brother Why are you so careless Give me some paper towels it’s ok I’m so sorry Shubei You need to change your clothes and wash it Otherwise the clothes will leave marks it’s ok I’ll just give it a little polish later It’s starting to get sticky It will dry in 30 minutes if you take off it and wash now yes hurry up The dryer can be very fast I hurry up take off you clothes quickly gogogo President Sheng Is Eva home yes I have something to do with her please tell her how about this you come in and tell her yourself Eva Shengjun is coming Shengjun Why are you here why are you here it’s not your business I guess I didn’t come at the right time sorry to bother you President Sheng you are a guest just stay for a while I’ll pour you a cup of tea Shubei are you ok I’m fine I’ll be back later I’ll wear this dress first I’ll bring it back to you tomorrow OK Shubei Let me take you home No I’ll go by myself sorry to bother you I’m leaving Have you found Xu Shubei yes what’s wong You don’t sound good fight again? No I’m telling you There is a universal method You keep giving her presents until she forgives you give her presents? Am I crazy? you apology gift Shubei you come so early come in The laundry is ready for you Shubei I’m so sorry are you stupid you have nothing to say sorry to me Shengjun saw you dressed like that He will certainly misunderstand you I didn’t sleep well whole night yesterday I feel sorry to you why do you feel sorry to me I don’t care what he thinks it also has nothing to do with you you think too much good if you have breakfast with me then I trust you are fine let’s go drink milk thanks You are so virtuous now Yes I learn it from you who’s that It’s ok I’ll go Hello This is the gift that President Sheng ask me to send you for the apology what’s that it’s from Shengjun for the apology I know You must have quarreled with him He wanted to apologize and he was embarrassed So he gives you presents naive don’t you open it? I’m not interested but I’m interested if you are interested then you open it first but I remind you As far as I know of him Maybe it’s a bomb in this box You are lying he is not that kind of person it’s a doll so nice Eva I remember when you were a kid you said you liked dolls for your birthday I didn’t put it on mind You had gone abroad when I remembered it I owe you this gift for all these years Eva Shengjun knows you loved such dolls when you were little Let me see I loved such dolls when I was young I didn’t know he still remembered good Hellow President Sheng told me to send you a present for apology We received one just now is it wrong? There’s nothing wrong He requested it Thank you what’s that I guess it’s for you Eva I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you when you were growing up I was absent for all your birthdays This is your first birthday present for the first time you go to school hope you like it It was a birthday present he made up for me It must be yours you go Shengjun Eva what’s wrong with you Eva I’m leaving Shubei Shubei You two talk I’m leaving where are you going Shubei It’s not Shubei Buy according to the gift in the picture A letter corresponds to a gift Get the order one by one and send it don’t make any mistake yes President Luo President Sheng is already downstairs Let’s start the meeting right now Is that Xu Shubei? Yes Wang Weiguo brought her in what about arrange her an office job Let her attend the meeting later no need to decorate the conference room I’d like to see how capable Shengshi’s people are ok President Sheng Please have a seat None of those present today are outsiders please help yourself Shubei why haven’t you prepared the water Presideng Sheng and Shengshi’s people already arrived get some water it’s ok I am not thirsty President Sheng We can’t get through this in one or two sentences today How can we not drink water? President Sheng Please what’s wrong with you give everyone bottle of water mineral wate? Don’t I have longjing tea? Brew the tea and serve It’s ok mineral wate is good fine OK Let’s get started Shubei What’s wrong with the projector why is it crooked What are you doing standing there fix it at once We need it for the meeting I you go help her It’s ok You are guests I’ll do it myself not right still not right OK Sorry President She is new made such a mess let’s go on the meeting ok This is our financial data analysis Shubei Why only financial data analysis Is there a document missing It’s in the reference room go get it now ok put it here be quick Shubei It’s not your fault This broken projector doesn’t work very well it’s not right Shubei why only this year I need all the data I don’t know how the reference room people do things need you go get it again Jianshen has also made full preparations for this cooperation President Luo I get all the files that you want put them aside Maybe we don’t need them today I have the tea ready you take them here so this time We are quite sure of our cooperation this time President Luo I don’t know where your so called confidence come from? First Leave aside the equity ownership issue For the core technology of MT Plan We cannot accept sharing of property rights Not to mention continuing to operate independently by Jianshen Second The signing of the acquisition treaty shall be unanimously approved by the directors of both parties As far as I know Mr. Luo changsheng, President of Jianshen group It seems like he hasn’t been seen for years Let me ask you Who should Shengshi sign the treaty with? President Sheng I don’t know who has the qualification OK I don’t think there was any progress on the acquisition at this meeting We treat it as an invalid meeting I hope Jianshen can make full preparations before the next meeting Don’t waste everyone’s time


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