《Conspiracy of love》EP 11【ENG SUB】| chinese drama 2019

Shubei,You haven’t changed your plans for moving tomorrow, have you Everything goes according to plan who are you help Shubei put the knife down Shubei Shangmin Something happened Shangmin can you give us a minute I want to have a moment with him I see OK Shengjun I think you’re absolutely right I’m a cursed woman When I was young I got my parents killed And now I put you in such a situation from the first time you met me till now Do you think I’m a particularly bad person? You are so good Why should I have you I don’t deserve you do I You are awake Xu Shubei She is resting in another ward She is already awake Rest assured she is fine Miss Xu have you been getting into trouble with someone lately Luo Weiyi Who No no one Hello, officer I think my friend is no longer in the right condition to continue taking notes If you need any help, we will do our best to cooperate OK That’s pretty much all we have to ask If we have any needs, we also hope you can actively cooperate sure sure OK We are leaving Are you OK I want go out Are you crazy? You are still ill Help me if you think I’m your friend must not tell Shengjun President Luo I found out this Xu Shubei was an undercover from tShengshi Look at these hidden cameras It was all about her secretly marking the locations of departments catch thief catch stolen goods Did you get something real? But now we have to be vigilant This Xu Shubei can get in the company without my knowledge and have olders back up her It can’t be easy So we The guy who can f*** me hasn’t been born yet watch her closely I’ll make her die a horrible death If you still think of me as a friend tell me what happened Do you think I owe him for saving my life? Should I run to him in disgrace and live forever under his breath? living under his halo? Don’t think of yourself as the savior There are no such people in the world You take care of yourself first Xu Shubei What kind of woman are you? What kind of woman I have no problem with you treating me like a man What happened to you and Shengjun? Would you please leave me and him alone? When are you gonna stop hurting people who are really good to you I don’t need your care Mind your own business The background of Xu Shubei is so clean Isn’t it good? The most afraid is too clean Or maybe she had some hidden information that I couldn’t find It was easy to handle a woman But I didn’t expect Shengjun to come out of the blue Shengjun speak President Luo Xu Shubei is asking to see you do you wanna see her Let her in Yes I knew she wasn’t easy to deal with President Luo Shubei what’s wrong I was late this morning just wanted to explain to you there is nothing to explain for the late Little things I will inform HR It’s fine It’s not a small case My hotel was robbed last night Are you OK? Did someone hurt you? I did’t hurt too much I just don’t know what the thief wants I checked it clearly I didn’t lose anything important or I can say that I just lost something that I wasn’t aware of Shubei You see you did’t lose anything and you are fine that’s the best I am ok I’m just afraid Uncle Wang doesn’t feel good if he knows Xu Shubei You don’t need to mention Uncle Wang It’s no use mentioning whoever uncle if you really have a problem This is the final negotiation bidding document of Jianshen technology and Shengshi group there are details in it that need to discuss with President Sheng Just be busy with this matter these days Think of the company as giving you a few days off but be remembered it’s no hurry for the matter but you need to make President Sheng happy President Luo Didn’t you say you wouldn’t let me join the negotiation with Shengshi? Shubei There are many kinds of negotiations some are on the table some are under the talbe After all you were in Shengshi before I have every confidence in your ability to negotiate under the table President Luo I I know you’ve been trying to follow up on this case But I can’t put you on the negotiating team right away If you do this well then you can join the negotiation group smoothly Do I make myself clear OK I hope I can give you a satisfactory answer I know I was right about you Boss She’s demonstrating against you what demonstrate Does she think she can challenge me just because old wang is behind her? I know old Wang very much He won’t get involved until he has to Since you don’t trust Xu Shubei so much Why did you put her in the deal Can you catch fish if you don’t put food on the hook? Do you think she came to work for no reason? You watch Shengjun and Xu Shubei closely I can’t believe she’s not interested in the negotiation which is such a big fat contract If she’s tempted I can take her down and you should also watch old Wang closely I’m sure she’ll get in touch with Lao wang You must find out what is the relationship between Xu Shubei and old Wang where are you going Don’t help me, I can walk myself The doctor won’t let you move for fear the wound will open The doctor is trying to scare you what wound open don’t let me walk don’t let me go downstairs Is this a hospital or a nursing home You talked so much Do whatever the doctor tells you Where is Xu Shubei Why doesn’t she come and keep me company Why did you have to let her come? When you’re all right, we’ll go find her I saved her life I covered the knife for her Am I crazy to go find her? what’s this? Termination of contract A farewell letter where are you going coming Shengjun What happened to you Xu Shubei Why are you coming in your hospital gown? Xu Shubei Eva Xu Shubei isn’t here ? no Is it now fashionable to wear hospital gowns outside? Why are you messing with him? He Xu Shubei Is she really not here? She is not here! I know Let’s go back to Shengshi you wearing this what… I Is it necessary for you be like this? none of your business you just get out what’s wrong with you? Hello President Sheng I’m here to negotiate with you on behalf of Jianshen technology Miss xu’s dedication to work is really admirable President Shen looks radiant, too It’s all because of Miss Xu , isn’t it I say you two are enough Why are you talking nonsense when you haven’t had a drink yet Let me sing you two a toast get out fine you two chat have a good talk be nice President Sheng If there are no problems, shall we begin Xu Shubei Don’t you have anything to tell me If it was your bravado that night I have nothing to say but thanks Brutal and cold blooded I fought my life to save you in exchange for this Save people according to their ability Didn’t your teacher teach you that? Don’t go into the water to save people if you can’t swim Or he’ll be dragged to death by the drowning man I I’m willing to die with you I don’t think you’re feeling well today. We’ll talk about it some other time no I’m not finished yet you are not allowed to go President Sheng If you get hurt again because of me I can’t afford it Can I regard it as you care about me Your self-respect Let me go Let me go Are you all right? I Shangmin Shangmin come over here I bumped into him just now I who is this Isn’t he Shengjun? what’s wrong? Is it a recurrence of the wound The wound burst open need go to the hospital asap Let’s hurry up He came out just because of looking for you look The wound opened intestines,lungs,tripes you have to grab a basin if they all came out I didn’t mean it what are you saying don’t move I can’t go the hospital I will be photographed by the media Shubei You take me home Don’t waste time help him up take him home I’ll call the personal doctor get up quickly Shubei go home with me ok? ok ok ok get up what’s the name of that personal doctor Peter I’ll call him oh my god you missed you stuff you have to take good rest don’t move around You’d better lie still in bed take it The most important thing is company President Sheng Never let anyone leave you This time it was close I can’t promise to save him the next time OK I’m leaving I send you out you two talk Xu Shubei If you say something like I’m sorry that would be boring I hve to say After all, you got hurt because of me I’m sorry If you really want to make it up to me I have a good suggestion Stay and take care of me until I’m better My room hasn’t been cleaned since you left It’s like the heritage market You stay and help me clean up Washing clothes and cooking I remember that our contract is over It has nothing to do with the contract This is how you make up for my hurt Don’t push your luck I’m offering you the best of both worlds Luo Weiyi asked you to negotiate with me Do you think I can negotiate like this? I have other solutions Then I won’t force you but I have to break off the negotiation OK I’ll stay and take care of you Until you’re all right but I make it clearly first You must fill out the details of the contract very well deal wait Help me get the water I can’t lift my hand have some fruit I just washed it Xu Shubei Why haven’t you washed my dirty clothes yet and My bed sheets haven’t changed for two days Are you recuperating from a wound or a lazy cancer? Do you lie here every day without going to work? Don’t you need to exercise your body? Am I your nanny or your temp worker? Who’s responsible for my condition? You should think it over how to treat your savior change your attitude Did I treat you badly I wash the fruit for you right? you eat better than everyone everyday Sleep better than anyone You’ve even had your broken head fixed for the way you are doing it Is this the right way for you to treat your savior? fine Xu Shubei where are you going I find it rather stuffy here I want to change now Go for a walk You You come back Did I let you go What did you want to see me about today This is my rental contract Why did you give me this? The company agreed to rent me a house This contract is a voucher for reimbursement You just give it to the company Why did you come to me I’ve been working on a case about Shengshi I’m really busy thank you very much Xu Shubei Don’t think you know something about the MT program and I have to serve for you I didn’t mean that but Mr Wang You have to understand one thing For the MT Plan Do you have any reliable sources other than mine you OK Mr Wang That’s all I have to say thank you anyway Xu Shubei what a coincidence Didn’t you say you were going out for a walk what are you doing here? what’s wrong with me being here where are you going? go to the supermarket They were talking about something MT Plan Old wang’s face is very ugly no wonder I looked down on Xu Shubei Do you need me to kill her? kill her? no keep her alive I have a lot to get from her about the MT program You’re not gonna help me? My wound is still throbbing What are you gonna do with all this stuff? It’s ok.We have car You will load the goods into the car later Shengjun Shubei why are you here? We are shortage of things, just come to shop I heard Shangmin say you were hurt are you alright I’m fine Shubei You’re back living at his house? No I Let me help you find a place to live Don’t always live at President Sheng’s house He is so busy You don’t have to worry about my staff Shubei saw that I was injured some time ago and offered to take care of me but I heard Shubei has left from Shenghi I All the employees in Shengshi value kindness and loyalty well Eva let’s go home ok Since we all met, we might as well have a meal together no we have already ok President Sheng seldomly invites us We mustn’t let him down Shubei Let me help you thanks go You can put these things anywhere President Sheng It was lucky you met Eva and I or how else are you and Shubei gonna get all this stuff back actually Our Shubei has great strength Shengjun are you ok? it’s ok Maybe I caught a cold outside I’m still too weak recently just have a seat Shubei Guests are here Pour a few cups of water Don’t mention it. We are all acquaintances Shubei come here take a break right that just do some cooking. Everybody’s hungry Let me help you no need Shubei’s cooking is very delicious She cooks different food for me every day I haven’t had a repeat meal since I got sick Did Shubei take care of you during your illness? of course don’t you know? Love must be test out after encountering things Shubei has been taking care of me all this time I’m spoiled So President Sheng haven’t been to Shengshi all this time Don’t get me wrong I just think you have to deal with so many things every day Without you as the head of dragons, Shengshi is leaderless They are bound to panic Mr Xia Shengshi is not kindergarten. It can run without teachers’ supervision and the company has a board above me You compared me to the head of the dragons I am not able to bear it but I heard You just joined the board some time ago Mr Xia You really care about me Let me sigh for you when you leave good what’s happening? I’ll sign your name I brought a pan of hot water Accidentally bumped into her Does it hurt? I’ll wrap it up for both of you Does it hurt? no thank you it’s nothing Good thing it’s hot water, not boiling water Eva you are too careless I it’s ok Nobody can cook everything the first time I am fine I’ll hurry and cook for you don’t How do you cook when you’ve been burned like this what are you doing? what are you doing? I am cooking you take them out and wait for meal show me how to turn on the gas cooker What’s so hard about that it’s broken What about we should eat out? President Sheng Leave the rough work to me I cooked all Eva meals when she was young I’ll do it You go ahead Shengjun I’m OK I’m a little short of breath are you ok Let me take you to the hospital no no I’ll just take a break go to the hospital no Eva Let’s visit President Sheng next time Let President Shen have a good rest today Health is the most important no Didn’t I say I was going to treat you to dinner come what’s wrong I can’t breathe Shubei I’m leaving You must remember to remind Shengjun to take medicine don’t forget I will Shubei Call me if you need any help Let’s go they are gone? are you childish? I really didn’t feel well just now My blood rushed up, the world was dim and dark It is the first time I have ever heard someone describe it as humiliating don’t move Does it hurt? Just a little bruise I’ll cook for you Am I that unkind in your heart? Your injury is almost worse than mine I’ll give you a day off today You give me a day off today You’ll starve to death Then you solve it yourself today I go back to my room to rest Shubei look at this Are you vomiting? I’ll give you one more chance Did you vomit blood? This is tomato and egg risotto Can’t you tell it? I’ve never seen this kind of risotto eat Have a bite How’s that ripe I’ve never had such a bad meal I’ll eat it all and won’t leave any for you President Luo Xu Shubei come to my office ok President Luo The project didn’t go smoothly because of President Sheng’s poor health understand I called you in today just to talk to you about it There’s no hurry about work Shengshi is a big company President Sheng deserves a little temper come in President Luo The directors of taewah company have arrived and the meeting will begin soon OK I’ll be right there Have you finished reading about the MT plan? get out Shubei I’m so sorry you just go back to your work I have a meeting to attend Yes President Luo The show is about to begin Shubei It’s time to go home. You guys go ahead I need to make a phone call what Why are you so fierce? did you eat ammunition? Why don’t you go home overtime Do you need to keep your voice down while working overtime? what on earth do you want? don’t ask I’ll hang up


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