Long, Long time ago I had my own little show Was a beautiful, lovable, Angel But, he took the spotlight, shining so bright, Left me to fade away, But honey, now the turn is mine. A devil made from Heaven, sent From above, Looks like Henry’s got a little date, Let’s have some fun! We’ve got ‘lots to Do, Little Errand Boy Come to me at cloud nine To be the Perfect Angel, some sin must be done You, told me what to do and what to say. I couldn’t Escape… You… got to choose the ending of my fate! You put me astray! But, not anymore! I’M IN CONTROL! I have the stage! You can’t turn the page! Now, ALL EYES ON ME!~ All Eyes On Me! Ba-da bap bap bap bap ba doo ba duh So many experiments, So many mistakes But, I’ll go All the Way- ‘TIL I’M IN PERFECT SHAPE!!! (First the worst, maybe third’s the charm!) So close, oh I cannot wait! The Demon won’t taint me now ’cause- You’re the sacrifice he’ll slay You…. said I wasn’t good enough to stay. YOU PUT ME AWAY! You…. took away my future and my fame! But, now that will change! FOCUS ON ME! I’ll be all that they see! I’ll make them sway! No, can’t run away! Now, ALL EYES ON ME! Ooooooh ooooh ooh babe~ HeEY~ Oh, oh OH, oh~ You…. don’t know what it’s like to drown away…. in a puddle of shame…. You…. Yes, You…. MADE ME INSANE! BUT, NOT ANYMORE! I’M IN CONTROL! (I AM IN CONTROL!) I HAVE THE STAGE! YOU CAN’T TURN THE PAGE! NOW, DO AS YOU’RE TOLD! (Encore, Hit the beat Boys!) FOCUS ON ME! (Focus on-) I’LL BE ALL THEY SEE! (ba-da bap bap bap bap ba doo ba duh) I’LL make them sway, no can’t RUN away! NOW, ALL EYES ON ME! NOW, ALL EYES ON- ALL EYES ON ME~!!! Hey there my little ____ *no idea, send help* OH MY Bendy I’m S H 0 O K I just made my own original song. *quietly* my own original song. just give me a moment to process all of this. O- Oh, why thank you Bendy was right, dreams really do come true I would like to thank all of my Patreon followers right bellow me *or something* And my Youtube brothers, from another mother, right there or in the description For making this friggin possible, like, thank you so much! Please, check them out, cause they’re awesome *I’m done* *Or30 did a fantastic job on this by the way!* *You should check out her other songs! Cause ya know, she is awesome as heck* Bye!


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