【English Sub】镇魂 01丨Guardian 01 白宇朱一龙逆世而歌共济一念善恶

Episode 01 Haixing An old planet. More than 10,000 years ago, an alien race came to this planet on a spaceship. Among them, some of the aliens’ cells fused their genes with Haixing’s plants and animals, and were restructured. Making them possess the same characteristics as the plants and animals. They even evolved such that they could shift forms at will. We call them the Yashou Tribe. The other aliens chose to stay deep underground on the planet. Thus, they were called the Dixing people. The climate in that place caused a fascinating chemical reaction in them, and also triggered their genes to restructure and mutate. Though they look similar to us, but the powers within their bodies started to awaken. They could control water, thunder and lighting, decompose natural elements and even control human will. Or other various abilities. We were once afraid of this phenomenon, but because their numbers are far less than ours, and they all lived separately, so there was peace. However, this all changed when a giant meteor crashed. The meteor destroyed the ecological system of Haixing, and the underground resources of Haixing started to deplete, and the Dixing people escaped to the surface. Some ambitious Dixing people started to invade the Haixing and Yashou Tribe’s lands for resources. A war finally broke out. By absorbing the powers from the meteorite and creating four Holy Tools, the Haixing people finally defeated the Dixing people. The Haixing people, Yashou Tribe and the Dixing people, established a peace agreement. From then till today, there was peace.Investigating species mutation from a genetic standpointTeachers and students, welcome. Do you believe that mutants exist in this world? In this highly civilized era where humans know everything about the heavens and the earth, if mutants really exist, how could we have never discovered them? But now in this place, please discard this all-knowing mentality. Because the unknown is our eternal pursuit as humans. Isn’t this why we are fascinated with biology? So my topic today is “Investigating the Mutation of Species From a Genetic Standpoint”. I am not good at using technology, so I asked my student to help me. Li Qian. Professor Ouyang. I didn’t know you were coming today. I must have amused you with my incompetence. No, Shen Wei. Your speech was remarkable. You are the future of bio-engineering. Zhou made you a good student. I did not make this trip in vain today. You major in both information and biological engineering. You are the true intellectual in the academic world. Studying different fields does not equal an expert. I have a favourite pupil of my own. – Maybe you can meet each other sometime.
– Sure. Li Qian. Li Qian. You can take a break. I’ll send professor off. Shen Wei. You and I both study the information first-hand. I won’t beat around the bush. You should be clear, your supposed genetic mutations have already appeared in reality. They’ve been here for a long time. If I told you that your teacher and I are in the middle of this research, will you be willing to join us? Professor Ouyang, I’m flattered. I’m just an ordinary scholar, doing research as part of my job. This pathway you mentioned, is not for me. Many gifted people were recruited at my research facility these past few years. You are the first to turn me down so resolutely. Zhou was right. No one knows what’s in your head. Fine then, just follow your own path. Who are you? I’m Guo Changcheng. I’m 24. I’m here to register. Here is my certificate. What? I’m here to register. Here is my certificate. Someone informed me to report here for duty. Uncle Li. No thank you. I don’t eat sweets at night. Open it. How is it? Not bad right? I just quit smoking. I need to have something in my mouth. Well… why must I report for duty at this time? Good question. If it’s not a little special, how can we be called the Special Investigation Department (SID)? Being able to be recruited here means that you are also very special. No no. I’m not special at all. I’m specially ordinary. Cut it out. Go in first. Those in there, newbie’s here! Give him a warm welcome. I’m Guo Changcheng. Here to report for duty. A newbie? Come to big sister. Why is your hand freezing cold on such a warm day? Can’t help it. I can’t be compared to you warm-blooded animals. Warm-blooded animals? Oops, I forgot to hide that. Where did they find this wimp? A newbie? A Saiyan? I like that name. Experiment failed again? Always fail on the most important parts. That’s right. The reason you can stay here without worries is because of the shield that can withstand the Dixing people invented by this Pretty Man of Science! Where’s Chu? – I want him to test out my new invention.
– So many people here today. Finally we have someone new. Wimp. Go away! I believe after the short greeting with them you must have truly experienced the warmth of our Special Investigation Department. Steadiness. And friendliness. Right? Y…yes. As from today, we are your family. Wimp. How strenuous. The cat! – The cat spoke!
– No. Don’t, don’t! Cat… Still laughing? This is Minister Guo’s nephew. For the sake of next year’s new location, you guys cannot offend him. You must take good care of him. Understand? And you. You’re not allowed to scare people as a cat unless you’re out in the field. Otherwise I’ll cut back on your dried fish. Got it! SID. Zhao Yunlan. SID? What’s that? Unauthorized personnel,off limits . No. My bad, Chief Zhao. He’s new and doesn’t know the situation. Please understand. Zhao. Call me Zhao. Can I enter now? Of course. Please come in, Chief Zhao. Don’t you know the SID? They deal with the strange and unresolved cases. Every time they come, the notice is always issued from the higher ups. No one told me that in the new recruit’s briefing! For the mystery I suppose. Such a young lady. It’s a real pity. You’ve looked at it for half a day. This is all you got? Can’t you see something so obvious? No. Don’t, don’t. Call that intern up. See where he’s now Chief Zhao, Chief Zhao. I’m here. No rush vomiting yet. Tell me, the cause of death, what do you think? I think she was murdered. That makes a lot of sense. Bold but not reckless. Very promising. Then… then Chief Zhao, What shall I do now? Give me your hand. Damn Cat. You got it now, don’t you? Damn Cat. Say, why do you think there’s a hand print here while the dead body lay outside? Chief Zhao! When can I go home? – I want to go home!
– Just wait a minute. Immediately! Immediately. This is definitely the handiwork of someone “over there”. “Over there”? Did the management there become sloppy recently? How could they let them come up here? Are you daft? What’s the SID for if not to stop them? Then why was it that girl died? She looks very ordinary. Who’s the first eyewitness at the scene? Find them. Chief Zhao, I want to go home! Excuse me, what are you doing? Guo, are you okay? Guo is really my instant karma… Let’s go. I’m dying, I’m dying! I’m dying, I’m dying! Chief Zhao, I’m dying. I’m dying! Student, are you okay? Your leg should be fine. Get up. Come on. Don’t you know that was very dangerous? I’ve never seen him so well behaved. Come on. What’s with you? This cat is very intelligent. Does it have a name? Yes. He’s called Da Qin. We call him Damn Cat. Nickname, Damn Fatty. Enough. Go play. By the way, I’m Zhao. I’m handling this case. What’s your name, sir? Just call me Shen. Shen Wei. I teach here. Shen Wei? A good name. It’s my business card. Nice to meet you. Me too. Is he okay? He’s fine! He seems skinny, but highly trained actually. Let’s go. [Zhao Yunlan] Hey. watch where you’re going! What a fat black cat. Are you lost? He is not. You’re the first witness at Lu Ruomei’s scene of death. Li Qian, right? A shadow. What kind of shadow? It was very dark that night. I only saw an indistinct shadow. Winding around her body. Became tighter and tighter. Tighter and tighter. Is it her own shadow? No. It was black and murky. Do you not believe in these kind of things? Strange and bizarre stories. It’s not that. Seems you don’t really know SID. Our new recruit didn’t believe in these things at first either. Ask him now. Chu is doing fieldwork at Li Qian’s house. Lin Jing, Zhu Hong and Wang Zheng are all slacking off in the office. But why am I, a Thousand-Year-Old Cat and Deputy Chief of the SID, stuck over here as a doorkeeper? No way. I’ll screw them over when I get back. Excuse me. Hello. Do we know each other? Student? W… what is it? Is Li Qian inside? She is. Thank you. I guessed that we would meet again. But it’s too soon, isn’t it? Li Qian is my student. She has a class in the afternoon. I’m here to pick her up. I’ve already asked all I needed. Go ahead. Thank you. Lu Ruomei is your student too, isn’t she? You must have seen the strange dead body,right? But you don’t look surprised at all. Because I understand there’re things in this world cannot be explained. I’m just an ordinary person. There are many things that I shouldn’t ask. Things that cannot be explained? Then, Professor Shen, mind explain a little? I’m a biology professor. To be more specific, my research is about genetic mutations. Since ancient times, as from the prehistoric era till the technological breakthrough 10,000 years ago, until today, Humans have experienced thousands of years of technological evolution. In this long process, in the midst of this, how many new species are created by genetic mutations? I’m afraid, even you have no figure either. Professor Shen is definitely the expert in this. You really know a lot. Then next time if you see any info on this in some book give me a call. I will rush to your side immediately. Chief Zhao. You were right. Lu Ruomei was my student. So please find the culprit as soon as possible. Of course I will. Maintaining peace and security is our duty. Let’s go. Boy, come over. I’ll give you another chance. Keep an eye on them both. Even if you lose Li Qian, make sure you don’t lose Professor Shen. Yes, sir. I have a feeling that fellow got something to hide. Why did he disappear? Qianqian. Qianqian. – Ma’am.
– Qianqian. Can you take me home? Is this your address? Qianqian, I’m hungry. – I’m hungry.
– Alright. Grandma don’t worry. I’ll bring you home. Qianqian is the best. I’m home. We’re home, Qianqian. Come, sit and talk to Grandma. Grandma, we’re back home, Now I gotta go. Qianqian, I’ll do everything you say. Just don’t leave Grandma! I’ve told you many times, I’m… I’m not your “Qianqian”. You are my Qianqian! Be good, Grandma can’t leave you, Qianqian. Grandma can’t leave you. What’s this? This is mine. What are you doing with my belonging? – Grandma, run away. Run!
– What are you doing with my belonging? – He took my thing.
– Go away! Wh… what’s this? Pinocchio? You’re the newbie? You… you’re Chu? What? Mr. Chu. If your legs can still work go back and report it to SID That’s interesting. This Li Qian is the one who attracted “those people” after all. Why do you say that? The victim, Lu Ruomei’s physique is similar with Li Qian. As luck would have it, Li Qian is also the first eyewitness of the crime. After Lu Ruomei died, that shadow man went to attack Li Qian’s house. So you’re saying, Lu Ruomei is Li Qian’s substitute? Guo. Don’t take it too hard even though this job failed. Look at Chu. He didn’t blame you. Huh. It’s because of your uncl… Your earnestness. So I’ll forgive you this time. Tolerance. This is our SID’s main policy. Hypocrite. Those brothers I have left I can’t see them being sacrificed anymore. You still have me. I still haven’t asked. What’s your name, sir? Kun Lun. I’ve searched for you for 10,000 years. No matter what decision you make. do not regret it. Shen Wei. I hope you still remember our arrangement to meet. Why can’t I find it? Who would’ve known? There’s actually something that stumps our Frankenstein. Give me a break, Sister Hong. If I still can’t find it, this month’s bonus will all be deducted! Here. Open up. What’s this? Dried fish. Dried fish. Tastes good. Wh… what did you say? Oops. Dried. Fish? You dare to steal the Deputy’s snacks? He won’t have mercy on you when he gets back. I’m screwed! I’m so screwed! Dried fish? Fish? Qianqian, here. Qianqian, eat. Grandma, I will eat it. Stop taking it for me. Eat it yourself. Li Qian. – Professor Shen.
– Sit. Let’s sit. How have you been, Li Qian? Recently you haven’t really been in good spirits. It’s nothing. By the way, Professor. Those people who came that day, can they really catch Mei’s killer? I think that they are not normal people. Are they also – monsters?
– No. They are not monsters. They are just more special. The real monsters only exist in people’s heart. Don’t be so apprehensive anymore. After all, this is not something a normal person can solve. Li Qian. I heard that recently you had to take many jobs to take care of your grandmother. You don’t even get to sleep. It must be difficult. Professor. Doing everything you can to protect someone. Is it really worth it? It is. Alright, Li Qian. Don’t think too much. Prepare for your class. Chief Zhao. Isn’t this Professor Shen? As they say, “We can meet wherever by chance”. I see Chief Zhao is starting to grasp it. Otherwise, you won’t have time to take a tour of our school. I came here today to ask you something. After all, you know almost everything about genetic mutation. For example? For example, have you ever seen people who can move things without touching, are impervious to knives and bullets, and can even change their shapes? If these kinds of people exist, won’t they have already been recruited by you? Chief Zhao. Even though the Special Investigation Department is a secret department, it doesn’t mean that there are no signs. I didn’t think of that. Someone as intelligent as Professor Shen would also believe in these incredible things. Our forefathers have said, “wise men do not discuss about otherworldly things”. But I think that things exist. Even though many people do not know about their existence, we still can’t erase all of the traces. Chief Zhao. Do you think that the Dixing people are really so different from us? You even know about the Dixing people. Professor Shen is really a national resource. Then what are your thoughts about the case? This… This is beyond me. Teaching and cultivating students is what I do. Catching culprits and solving mysteries is Chief Zhao’s and the SID’s specialty. Tell you the truth, I really don’t know why every time I see you I feel a sense of kinship. Who knows, maybe we have met before. Excuse me. Hello? Boss, we have a lead. Alright, understood. It’s so dark. Chief Zhao. Lin Jing. What is that? What is that? – Professor Shen.
– Li Qian. – I’m sorry. Sorry.
– It’s okay. Are you okay? I’m fine. Li Qian,aren’t you going for dinner? I have this tutoring job. Kinda in a rush. Your pendant is quite unusual. Can I have a look? You cherish it so much. This must mean a lot to you. Get in. I don’t have a phone. Call him Where did he run off to? Hello, Miss Li? It’s me. Professor Shen. Why it’s you? That Dixing creature is here in Dragon City University. Don’t worry. I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you. Let’s go! Professor! My friend. You had enough fun. Time to go back. You’re not thinking of making me refund your travel expenses, are you? That’s too much. Yours. This is the first time you visited ever since I became Chief, Black-Cloaked Envoy. Did you have problem to find the way? Or you forgot the way, Envoy? Dixing-ians sneaked to the surface caused chaos, That’s was my negligence. Not at all. You just want us to gain more experience. After all, in this world, we barely have a chance to see a Dixing-ian? I was occupied couldn’t get here in time. I hope Brother Zhao can understand. No problem. You just want us to be bored. Right? If I may? Go ahead. My friend, do you have something to say? Envoy, sir. This child is new here. He doesn’t have much sense nor experience. For your brother’s sake, please forgive him. Mr. Zhao. You are the current Chief of the SID. That’s a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. You should be more stringent on them. Sure! After we go back I’ll have a long talk with them. The weather is changing. If I’m wrong, we will see each other again very soon. That’s will be great. Next time, come earlier. I will definitely prepare some nice tea for you. Chief Zhao. He took him away. We’re just gonna let him go? No. Of course it’s not right. You go ahead and make it right. Guo, listen to me, when the Dixing people lost in the war the Haixing and Dixing peoples signed a peace treaty. We can capture the Dixing-ians. but they’re beyond our jurisdiction. For those Dixing-ians. We have to hand them over “there”. Where is your Professor Shen? Professor Shen!


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