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[music] Sunshine disappears sometimes [music] I want to be wind [music] To make the it shine again [music] Fingertips are shimmering [music] Hope, as it is [music] Sets off the firmness of life [music] My faith never wavers [music] All I wish [music] Is to be with you [music] Follow the indication of my heart [music] Heal the wounded and rescue the dying [music] Take on burdens [music] Hold your hands [music] Warm your heart [music] Life is long [music] But time is short [music] Love is here by your side [music] Cuddle you around your shoulders [music] Calm you on your wound [music] Your smile [music] As I can see [music] Is the most beautiful thing in the world Move, move How is it? Doctor Who is the family of No.2 bed? Who knows the boy on No.2 bed Don’t worry They are under rescue Who is the family of No.2 bed? Already out of danger, relax Who is the family of No.2 bed? Sir, are you okay? None of my business None of my business Sir, don’t run away Do not move Don’t run Is there a fight over there? You go have a look No no no Leave it alone Hurry and rescue them Sir, why are you running from? Don’t Let me check Is your leg hurt? Is it hurt? I don’t know what’s wrong It just blew up You know I’ve run this restaurant For over ten years The most popular restaurant there You are the boss I do not know what happened It must be revenge They envy me They want to revenge Listen to me Do you know the young man in No.2 bed? What No.2 bed? The young man in No.2 bed He is dying Tell me you know him? No.2 bed The young man The young man He is my brother What happened to him? What happened to him, you must save him The restaurant owner is here Go You must save him Calm down Stay there Don’t move What are you doing? What are you doing? None of my business It’s him, cuff him It wasn’t me What are you doing? What are you doing? He is the boss, need to come with us No sir, listen to me – You must save my brother – His brother His brother is now In the rescue room He’s dying He needs to come with me His brother is dying You know how many people he killed? For now Six bodies Take him It wasn’t me, none of my business Don’t touch me Go Doctor, you must save him He is getting married tomorrow The bride is arriving at the station Adrenaline 1 mg Got it 200 J, charge over Defibrillate Come Clear Adrenaline 1 mg, injection over HR recovered Sinus HR 72 Good Your ass is saved Our CPR success rate Is greatly improved Why it falls again? What’s going on Increase the oxygen concentration Out, out Chief Jiang, what happened? Bedside B-mode US, disposal Kit -I’ll go get it –Ok, I’ll prepare it B-mode coming Chief Jiang, what’s … Shut up Gloves Hang on Wu Liang Qiaona HR recovered, 70 times Heart sound good You are impressive Contact cardiac surgery Prepare for a surgery You awake, it hurts? One morphine, injection Ok What about it? Take off the mask? Chief He I, I should run away What A little girl is next to me I hesitated I regret What? I should run I should run I’m getting married tomorrow You saved someone, you are great I’m not great I want to get married You said you getting married tomorrow? Where is the bride? We’ll help you find her She’s at the station Which station? I should have picked her up Which station, we can send someone to pick her up I Easy She is at Xizhimen Bus Station Haiyang Send someone Ok This meal is really not easy to have We’ll keep you for observation later If nothing happens You can leave tomorrow Remember to change the medicine on time Don’t move, not finished I need to find my daughter We’re applying medicine Don’t worry We have sent someone to find your daughter When will you finish this? Our chief just said We have sent someone to find your daughter Just lie here -Mom -Shanshan Mom -Mom -Shanshan -Mom -Shanshan The little girl is fine She’s fine Just checked Nothing happened to her Please, please Burn is not heavy, quite stable for now Done It hurts Whose patient  
Whose patient is this? Whose pa… Is this your patient? Yes What are you doing here? I Check the patient immediately after reception You understand? Chief He Give it to me Come, push Chief He Boss, I’m back Pay attention to his pupil Arrange brain CT Check bleeding Ok, got it What’s wrong with you Nothing Come with me Go back to your work, I’m fine. You sit down Which number? I told you I’m fine Which number? Two Stop laughing Raise your arm Relax Chief Jiang, listen to me Another one I know, you are tired – Sleep for a while – Shut up I basically didn’t sleep last night Just let me take a break and I’ll be fine Raise your arms You are a doctor, so am I If I’m sick, I’ll know it Push back Are you sure you’re all right? Yes I’ll take a break It’s busy outside, go You take a break here I’ll ask them not to bother you You sure? Thanks for your concern Hi, Jenny Don’t worry, Mom Save him You looking for him You got in a cab now? where are you? Yes, I’m in the cab already You have her phone number? No, but I got her photo I’ll send it to you later Ok, fine Ok Which way is faster? No way is faster at this time Someone’s life is in danger Please help me Ok, I’ll try I’m helping a hero To complete his Last wish Hero? What hero? What happened Thank you Nothing Hello, the phone you are calling is powered off Please wait me here Thank you I will be right back It’s all right No worries We’ll leave when you return Thank you Hurry up Buddy You see that? You are bold to park here This one? Don’t care Awesome Where? Luo Chunhua Hurry up Head nurse, Doctor Zhao You take care of them Where are you going? I gotta check my patient He’s dying His fiancée is on the way How is it BP not stable BO keeps dropping Doctor Am I dying? Be strong, you will survive I beg you, please help me I don’t want to die I’m getting married tomorrow It hurts so much Inject him morphine Ok Doctor, help me, please My brother is rich He has a hot pot restaurant Hot pot restaurant It’s probably gone now Don’t talk Save some energy I regret Why I care others I can’t even save myself I’m so silly That little girl Will be grateful to you the whole life So what I’m dying You will be comfortable with this medicine. Hold on Your fiancée is already on her way Uncle, uncle Your uncle’s injured He needs rest Who is that? The little girl you saved Uncle, don’t cry No, I’m not But mom said You can cry for a while when it hurts It doesn’t hurt anymore I want to see you Don’t I’ll scare you He’s afraid he will scare you Don’t come here No, I want to see you I’m not scared Let me see you I can’t see your face You’d better not I’ll scare you Don’t you wanna see me? I saw you In the restaurant You were smiling I held you Little girl Come, let me take a photo Smile Here Look at her So cute What’s your name Shanshan Shanshan What should you say? Thank you, uncle You are welcome Shanshan, you must live Live well Ok, Shanshan We should get back Let uncle have a good rest Say goodbye See goodbye to uncle Let him have some rest Go, let’s go Bye, uncle Let him rest Slowly Slowly Morphine works You won’t feel the hurt so much Doctor, I want to tell you a secret What secret Even I didn’t save her I wouldn’t live Hang on there Hello Jenny Where are you On the way I found her How is he? I’m afraid It’s too late Not, not late Let him pick up the phone Ok Give him the phone I’ll give him now Here Your fiancée Hey Wait for me Wait for me Chunhua I’m coming soon Sorry, I’m sorry Wait for me I’ll wait for you -I’ll wait for you – Wait for me Faster Please drive faster Ok I beg you, don’t die I’m coming right away I’m coming Hang on Hang on I’ll wait for you Hi, please show your driver’s license It was red light Sir, listen to me Someone is dying I’m driving a hero’s family That hero is dying Wants to see his bride Where are you going? Yanjing Hospital Follow me Thanks, thanks Come on Hurry Money No money Take it I didn’t make any help Just go Give me the suitcase Please help me watch it Thank you This way Dacheng, I’m here You Marry me please Get up and marry me Dacheng Save them, please Sorry, we did our best Sorry We did our best Help them I’m exhausted Is there only one Not rescued today? Yes, all others survived I’m telling you All of you must Find a safe restaurant For meals What we eat tonight? Our canteen We’re busy all day Must have some decent meal No time to eat Go write your records Mom You’re back Had dinner? Go wash your hands Dad, I don’t like tomatoes I want to drink yogurt Drink in the morning won’t make me feel hungry Here Hurry up We’re going to the museum He done his homework? Museum should be after homework Dad said museum in the morning Homework in the afternoon I’ll be busy this afternoon You stay with him Busy with what? Meet with a friend You want to eat or play? What happened Mom yelled at me What’s wrong with you Can’t you be patient to him Take him as your patient all right What are you doing afternoon? Do I need to Report to you? Do you care for me? Ok, ok, don’t cry Hurry up, eat We are here, bro Hang on there Don’t scare me, bro Bro Come We are in the hospital, bro You hang on there Slowly, doctor This way Bro Don’t scare me, bro Open it Let me check What happened Car accident Let me check Doctro – Can you hear me? – Our car Was hit by a big truck Look at me if you hear me It hurts That truck driver Run a red light Hang on, bro Multiple fracture Inform orthopedics -Prepare surgery -Ok Breathing ok Raise this arm Brain CT Check for cerebral hemorrhage 好的
Ok 火火
Huohuo Brain CT, hurry up Ok Go Ok Call us if anything Don’t worry I’ll go pay the bill Wait, were you in the car? Yes Are you not hurt? Can’t see I’m all right Take him for some exams No need I’m all right I’m not feeling unwell My arms and legs all fine Go check No need I’ll go pay the bill This man fell, what happened to him? What’s up Hemorrhagic shock Intraperitoneal hemorrhage Chart Chart, hurry up Send to rescue room, laparotomy Got it Come one, two, three, go Collective traum You must pay attention To those patients who look fine But too excited They are prone to big problems Boss, isn’t our Chief He great Very experienced You are great too Your action was awesome too Chief He also admires you He admires me, not possible Why I heard him teaching Haiyang Saying You have to learn from Chief Jiang You’re in the same age But at different levels They are talking about The abnormal penile erection I might be happy if change a case What do you need? You are the leader here? You have to help me with this I’m no leader But you can tell me what you need In this place You know I can’t have a good rest You want to change bed No, not change bed He wants to stay here alone What? I want to stay here alone You ask them All of them to move away How much does it cost? Ok Really? But you have to Discuss with them About the price What price Price for their lives Does life have price You know life is priceless? People are here to save their lives We only have these beds You want them to move away Means you want their lives So, talk with them and ask How much are their lives If they want to sell We are ok with this You come back What the hell is this Impressive, Chief He This kind of people, they only think their lives are valuable And others are worthless Just because they have some money Another thing The female Intern doctor in our hospital Picked up by her parents Diagnosed as major depression If you’re not capable for this Then don’t come here Everyone thinks They can make it You must pass the emergency test first Before coming here Chief Jiang How are you, Chief He Good All good Chief He Lawyer Mei sent you? Why don’t you answer my phone? Busy, I didn’t hear it. Anything? Yes Can we have a dinner after work Chief Jiang, there is Right I’m too busy For dinner If you have problems just tell me Of course I have Tell me I don’t want to talk here It smells strange Also too many people here I’m available today Let’s have dinner tonight And talk at dinner Dinner is ok, wait a minute Ok Isn’t she Chief He’s girl friend? He not married? Divorced, two years ago Then it’s normal to have girlfriends Do you have a boyfriend? Isn’t normal for me to have boyfriend At this age? It’s normal if you have, because you are excellent There must be many men want to date with you It’s also normal if you don’t have Because most of them not good enough for you You are really a talker So you have a boyfriend or not? Yes, and no What doesn’t it mean? Yes or no? Why you come To me today? Treat you for dinner You are too tired everyday And you are alone Have to make dinner back home And sometimes Just eat some junk food outside Not nutritious at all I’ll here to supply nourishment No other purpose? Not at all I don’t believe you What purpose do you think? You are Mei’s assistant Her purpose is yours Right? Then you are wrong She doesn’t know I’m here Don’t mention To her about this You got me confused Like always Two steaks Medium for him More sauce Medium well for me Ok, please wait a moment Bad mood? A little tired recently Our hospital Received many patients days ago Restaurant explosion All burn patients Reminds you of your parents? I don’t want to think But I can’t help That’s why I don’t want you To go to the emergency department I don’t want you face death Everyday I’ll be fine After a good sleep Ok Hope you sleep well everyday Hello, welcome It’s expensive here The best Japanese food Let’s go Thank you Enjoy Thanks Tastes good Can I ask you a question Yeah Why you’re hiding from me? Am I? Am I stupid? What happened to you? You came to me every time before When you have something Nothing really Not pick up my phone Or reply my messages Are you sure? We’ve been too busy You are not a good liar Not as always Sami Yuning, do you know your mom? Of course I do So do you Are you unhappy about Something said by her It’s impossible She’s better to you Than to me She’s concerned about you About your health And even your mood I got jealous sometimes I know, but This misleads my judgment What you want to say? Yuning, I’m really in bad mood today Can we just have a good dinner? It’s my bad Come Wish you always in good mood Ok, leave us Don’t come in Ok, got it No drink today You don’t drive today You drive So you can’t drink either Find someone to drive Or we can just stay here Here’s a hotel They got many rooms Come on, cheers Okay It feels really good After a busy day Refreshed Are you really not sent by Mei? I swear Although I’m Mei’s assistant But I’m not Sent by her Don’t worry Also I told you Don’t tell her About this Come One more Let me Chief He You’ve divorced for two years Do you really not have Any girls around you? No You don’t need girls? You got me I can’t say I don’t need But not so needful I’m too busy at work Got too tired back home Mei must be crazy to leave A man like you? How could she I’m flatted I have my own problems And the others don’t know Actually Mei is really something Pretty and smart She got no boyfriend? No idea Come You are her assistant How could you not know I’m her assistant But except work She doesn’t tell me anything About whom she’s seeing and what she’s doing Ok You got busy with Huiwei’s case Yeah Did she ask you to sign the papers? Why you not do as she asked? Why should I You will sign it sooner or later Why not sign it now Sooner or later? You know I’m not the only one In the expert committee Yeah You are not the only one In the expert committee What do you mean I mean All the others have signed it Why don’t you I don’t believe The others have signed it Believe it or not It’s 21 century Money talks No one’s taking responsibility They are not stubborn like you You said you’re not sent by Mei But never stop talking about this case I said I’m not sent by her I’m not helping her All I said is for your good Really? If you want to drink with me Sit over there I’m a conservative person Feel uncomfortable Staying so closely with Someone I’m not familiar with I like you I don’t want to hurt you But, I don’t like you What’s wrong with me? Young and beautiful And You haven’t been with a woman For such a long time I don’t believe you have no such need I ask for nothing from you If you like me We can keep the relationship If you don’t We can see each other here After a while Ok? Mei’s really impressive Nothing to do with Mei How many times I told you Hey, little girl I Am really conservative And I’m a doctor I’m active type Feeling uncomfortable To be passive You know It’s like Lying on an operating table Like lamb to the slaughter We doctors Would like to be The slaughters ourselves Ok I’ll pay the bill Enjoy yourself Don’t waste anything And see no more Mei must be crazy To ask you here First-aid for scald and burn For scald If it is mildly scalded Smear gentian violet Do not break the blisters Use Vaseline gauze To gently bandage the scald To relieve the pain If it itches, have a good rest Keep warm Drink more hot water If it hurts, take some painkillers For mild burns, apply some ice on the wound Then wrap it with moist gauze Severe burns are very dangerous Cover some clean dressings On the wound And go to hospitals ASAP Do not clean the wound with water This may lead to serious infections Which are very dangerous [music] I thought that life is full of dull stories [music] Who knows it suddenly brings surprises [music] What’s just passed is yesterday [music] Why is tomorrow so far away? [music] I thought that life is a long journey [music] Who knows the end is here already [music] Grievance and hatred, let it end [music] Life and death, say goodbye [music] Every minute today [music] Is a test of life [music] Your companions today [music] Are your most affectionate devotion to life [music] Make an oath in the name of love [music] Never give up your belief in love [music] Make an oath in the name of love [music] Never give up the dignity of life [music] Make an oath in the name of love [music] Never give up your belief in love [music] Make an oath in the name of love [music] Never give up the dignity of life


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