【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 14 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

Xiao Qiu, long time no see. Please call me Annie, Mr Wang. I’m happy to see you. Sorry, I got a phone call. Jing Wen. Xiao Qiu, the shoes I told you last time, I bought it already. Do you need me to buy one pair for you? Jing Wen. Let me tell you this. My favorite one is the one that got side zip. Or else it would be annoying. | Ye Jing Wen. Can you please put your shoes down and listen to me? What? I met Wang Li Chuan. Really? Where? On the newspaper? TV? Or on the Internet? I met the real one. Tell me. How is it? I’m going on business travel in Wen Zhou. He is here too. He is in charge of Qing Lian mountain village’s decoration. Meet the enemy again, so angry you die. What are you gonna do? Hit him hard or fall in love again? He is not here alone. He.. There’s another woman by him side. Maybe it’s his girlfriend. Xiao Qiu, don’t be sad. Make clear of the situation first. Is there a wedding ring on his hand? Maybe not. Fine, how is your feeling? Love or hate? When is it now. Is my feeling that important? Of course. This will decide how to deal with him later. If you still miss him, you must make a move, right? You must approach him first. Xiao Qiu. Xiao Qiu. After she wakes up, you can take her home. She must take a rest for 2 days after going home. Pay attention to the hygiene and nutrition. You also have to pay close attention to her bleeding situation. If she is bleeding too much, you must take her back to the hospital. Got it? I got it. You guys please don’t think that miscarriage is just small problem. Also please do not take miscarriage medication that easily. Miscarriage is harmful to woman health. Right, I got it. Come on, be careful. You should stay here for few days first. Doctor said that you needed to be taken care. Thanks. I can take care of myself. Emma, Peng Da Nian is wealthy and talented, however he’s old. So you guys broke up. Next is Tang Qian,who is wealthy, talented and also handsome, unfortunately, he is other’s husband, so you guys broke up too. This time, Xiao Jun is wealthy, talented and also handsome. He is younger than you 5 years old, treats you well. The important thing is that he is not married. You said you was satisfied with him, didn’t you? He is.. What? You guys still.. I know. I did want to break up with him. So how about the result? Failed. So that this child cannot be kept. I was drunk on that day.. Gosh, I.. You are like this, looking at the sky, seeing a glittering golden globe. You are excited and go get the ladder. You want to climb but when you face that golden ball, you find out that it is a rough ball. You angrily climb down. After xlimbing down, you look back, no, it’s not a rough ball, it’s obviously a golden ball. You take the ladder and you want to climb up again. You kept going up and down, up and down like that. How many times do you want to torment yourself that you feel pleased? In order to find the prince in my heart, I can’t help kissing some frogs. This is the price I have to pay. Gosh, you are hopeless. Can I have hot water please? You said you want to take care of me, didn’t you? Where are the female translators of our company? All of them are fired by Ji Chuan. There’s only Emma left. But there are lots of works need translator. The translator sector is all from Jiu Tong. How about Annie? Annie is assigned here by Jiu Tong. I thought that she was temporary translator. Nope. Excuse me, please move aside. How is her working level? Not too bad, but there are some bad habits. What are they? Alcoholism. I also heard they she had mental break down, couldn’t sleep well. There must be a bottle of alcohol when she is working. She can only work well by that way. Really? Anyway I don’t care much. Just submit me the draft on time and do not affect the work is ok. Moreover, the most important thing is Ji Chuan doesn’t hate her. It’s rare. Li Chuan, you have left Shanghai for 4 years. Is it time for you to come back and manage things in Shanghai? I’m just back for a while, visit some old friends by the way. After the auction ends, I’ll go back. Ji Chaun will be appointed to another place. Head office wants to set up a new company, let him be president. I’m afraid that he can’t avoid this. So who will be in charge of Shanghai? I’ll promote you with the president. Try hard. However, secret-revealing.. Don’t worry about Qing Lian’s bid, we don’t blame you for this. If it is successful, you will be rewarded. How about this? Thanks. Cheers. Come on. Cheers. You are not lightweight huh Right, not bad. So good! Xiao Qiu. Call me Annie. Don’t drink alcohol when you are working. It’s not working time, isn’t it? Don’t drink even it’s not working time. You are caring me? I’m concerning about the virtue of the translator. Does it relate to drinking alcohol? I think it do relate. Base on what huh? Base on I’m you boss. Boss? Wait a minute. Boss, give you back your clothes. Jack? Hello. Wen Zhou is a nice place. Drink coffee please. Thanks. Li Chuan, Fang Shi has been trying their best to promote work in the Southeast in these years. Therefore, Qing Lian’s bid is significant to our Fang Shi. This is project promotion made by me. Of course, just for reference. Everyday is a new goal. You are that hush? Not me, it’s my wife. You might know that Jia Yuan and Fang Shi have been competing for several years. Almost like water and fire. Therefore.. The landscape here is not too bad, try to enjoy it. You do not need to put effort into the work of the specialized-project department anymore. I know what I’m doing. Ji Chuan. | Drink the coffee. I just drink coffee without sugar. I made a right guess, I didn’t put sugar in. Thanks. My friend is inside. His health is not too good. He didn’t even answer my phone or me. Can you help me to open the door. OK. You didn’t sleep for all night? I did sleep. I just didn’t sleep on the bed. You have agreed with grandfather! Come on. Take a rest please. I have meeting at 8 o’clock. I must take a bath. | Stay here, please don’t go to the meeting. I must go there. I have to do the location survey in the morning and there is a meeting for bid preparation in the evening. I gotta go now. Mr Chen, I’m Tian Xiao Gang. Xiao Gang. Thing that you told us to consider, we have already considered it. Honestly, there are Jia Yuan and GMF, our possibility to win is not too high. If you guys agreed to compensate, we will teach Jia Yuan a lesson. OK, just settle it that way. We will over come this battle seriously and magnificently. We must keep it confidential. This is forbidden. If it is revealed, everyone will be in trouble. Don’t worry. OK, goodbye. OK. How is it? They agreed. OK. I must remind you guys that there’s not much time left. Hope that you guys will not loosen your mind. Okay, today’s mission is set here. Li Chuan, do you want to add in? Our the idea of this proposal, excluding all things Mr Zhang said, I think humanities is also a main point of this. Our mission is simple. First round is Zi Jing Hu hotel. Second round is Qing Lian theatre. I need large amount of information about local culture. Procuring entity provided some. Mr Zhang found some. However, last night I found out that most of them are contemporary. I need more about classical, especially is history, culture, natural conditions and history of development of Wen Zhou. I think this amount of information will be new clues for our design this time. Just assign classical information to Annie. Where’s Annie? Yestterday she got a carsick. I think she haven’t waken up. In my opinion, she would think that this is a meeting for design department only. Really? I emphasized significantly yesterday that instead of those who had already said in advance, everyone must join daily meeting at 8AM. She could not help but know. Xu Qun, find her and tell her that there is no next time! OK. OK. Meeting ends here. I’m coming. Annie. Don’t you know that there is a daily meeting at 8AM. Daily meeting? I don’t know. When does it say? Last night, when the party started. I was late, maybe I didn’t hear that. Mr Zhang said it already, everyone must join daily meeting at 8AM. Anyway, don’t forget it tomorrow. There is no next time. OK. Alright, Mr Zhang told you to research for information about Wen Zhou’s classical history and culture. OK. I’ll go to the library and bookstore right now. You should list out the titles of the references for Mr Zhang. He will let you know which part needs to be translated. OK, I got it. OK. Go back home please. OK. Wang Li Chuan suddenly came to Wen Zhou. What do you guys think? Their proposal was revealed. We have adjusted to compete with this proposal. I think we don’t need to worry. Wang Lichuan is famous for being nimble. Within 10 days devised a new plan to win the bid is possible to him. We cannot be reckless. Wang Li Chuan hasn’t been to China for 4,5 years, There is also no commotion at all. Maybe he is just nominal for this project. How could 10 days are enough for such this large amount of work? We spent 10 days in researching and getting used to it. We are done. He hasn’t started yet. Even a genius could not keep up with it. Everyone, Wang Li Chuan is familiar with this project. Indeedly, he didn’t do any project for 4,5 years. But he has started to work hard recently, and won a design award. Proposal for Qing Lian 4 years ago was designed by him, it was just a draft. The revealed proposal was edited from this draft by Wang Shao Hua. by Wang Shao Hua. No matter what we must win this project. We have to know the enemy and know yourself, seize the direction, we will definitely win. Know the enemy and know yourself? How can they let us know what they are doing? Remember to prepare the information carefully. I’m thinking about that too. Annie, where are you going? Do you want to go with me? No need. I can take a taxi myself. Be careful. Li Chuan, let’s go. Annie, please come to the spot. I want to give Mr Wang customer analysis and functional design of the hotel. He want you to bring them to the spot. You should explain to him if he doesn’t understand. OK. I’ll be there immediately. No need. Mr Wang will pick you up. Going to the hall and wait for him. He will be there immediately. OK, I got it. Wang Li Chuan, Today the weather is not too bad. Have you had lunch yet? Xiao Qiu, please say something. What do you want me to say? Say that I’m happy and excited to meet you again huh? I don’t dare to hear this. What do you want to hear? Say something about yourself. Anything. What happened these years? You even care about what happened these years huh? I report everyday, have you ever seen those emails? Sorry. It’s my fault. Xiao Qiu, even we are nothing, at least we are fellow. Fellow? You think I really care about this job huh? Wang Li Chuan, let me tell you. At my age, I’m the best English translator English translator here. Even without you, I would not be caving. I can live well. Xiao Qiu. Don’t call me Xiao Qiu, call me Annie. We are just fellow relationship. There’s nothing more than this. I just.. Everyone suppose that meeting room and banquet hall should be placed nearby. We can eat after the meeting. Except for Chinese and Western restaurant, there should be other restaurants with different flavors to satisfy customers from other places. Entertainment sector such as KTV should be placed nearby. That’s it? This is a overall drawing of the functional relationship of Mr Zhang. It is divided into 3 parts: public, semi-public and private. I understand this. Hold the tripod for me, I need to take some photos. If the translate work is finished, could I go home now? Holding the tripod is also a work. You can go home now. Wait a minute. You can’t take a taxi here. Wait for me. I’ll take you back. Thanks, no need. Li Chuan, Annie. Finally I found you guys, you guys are here. Hold this for me please. I spent all night to draw this design. I put all of the effort to draw it. It’s universal style. Take a look. Universal style? This.. It’s similiar to postmodernism. Do you like it? This is not relevant to Wen Zhou, we can do this anywhere else in the world. Cho nên mới gọi là phong cách vũ trụ. Therefore it is called ‘universal style’. It is about the future, the modernisation. You don’t like it? Fine. Isn’t this your tripod? I was careless so I dropped it. I’m about to pick it up. Don’t. It’s dangerous. Let me do it. Help me to hold this please. Be careful. Thanks. Have you eaten yet? I forgot it. How can you forget to eat? Look at this. I bring your favorite food here. Clam soup and also fruit salad. Also this, sushi. Thanks. All right, there is one here. Annie, this is for you. It’s good. Thanks. I don’t drink it. No need. No need? You guys eat this first. I have to take some photos. Please don’t. How can you keep working when you haven’t eaten anything? Come on. Hold this for me. This chair is for me. This is for you. I’m so sorry, Annie. I don’t know you would be here so I don’t bring it for you. How about sitting here first? No need. Li Chuan, come here, sit down. This Janet is Wang Li Chuan’s girlfriend, right.. I’m worse than her in every aspects. Alright, Li Chuan. You chose the right one. Now I’m just a jealousy widow. Do you know this, Xiao Qiu? A woman want to win a man from another woman, this is lower your self-esteem if you have those thoughts. Once you have those thoghts, you already lost. Is soup tasty? Yeah. Is it same to the former flavor? I’ll make for you whatever you want to eat. Thanks. Annie, get on car. Janet, there’s bookstore overthere. I’m wanting to find some references. I won’t go with you two. We can take you there. Not so convenient, I can go there myself. Annie, get on car. No need. Goodbye. Don’t you see she is not in good mood? Maybe she is not feeling well. There’s no one here feeling worse than you. I think she is lovesick so she wants to be alone. Get one car. Janet, you are back? How was it, Li Chuan? Took some photos. Do you know any bookstores near the project location? There isn’t any bookstore there. There still isn’t any cultivation within 5 kilometers there. Fine. I’ll go for a while. Take care! Love is like the last leaf of the autumn. We couldn’t hold hands anymore after today. There are memories worth memorizing for a lifetime. Let the time fade our regret away. You must move on. Don’t ever look back. Wait for another one could be by your side so that I can leave. Let’s count to 3 then we both give up. I’ll let you hate me. You will never know how sad I am. Xiao Qiu, put this on. Put this on please. Don’t torment yourself. Let our love stop by the most beautiful moment. Let’s count to 3 then we both give up. I’ll let you hate me. You will never know how sad I am. The feeling of missing is as deep as the ocean. Let’s count to 3 then we both give up. Don’t torment yourself anymore. Just let our love stop by the most beautiful moment. Let’s count to 3 then we both give up. Annie. Come on, sit down. It might be good to have sauna here after getting wet in the rain. It must work. All right, how long have you worked for GMF? Less than a year, I’m Ji Chuan’s translator. Ji Chuan? Big boss? You know him? I know both of them for such a long time. They are all dictatorial. It seems like it’s easier to communicate with Li Chuan than Ji Chuan. on the surface. Why it is ‘on the surface’? I think dictation of Ji Chuan is showed by his characteristics. He’s always noisy to everyone. By Li Chuan’s dictation is showed when you work with him. He is usually kick up a fuss because of small things. It’s harder to deal with Li Chuan than Ji Chuan. Really? You will experience then. However, such designers like you work really hard. We get used to it, it is normal to awake all night to draw. Moreover, it must be exact, it can’t be skewed even 1 centimeter. Or else, bathroom’s water will be leaked to living room. It is such that tough, why do you still choose it? I learned medicine before, then I transfered to architecture after 1 year. Why? Want to be a fellow with Li Chuan. You guys know each other since you guys were a child? We went to a same primary school. We used to be lover when we were in high school. He was the basketball team captain at that time. I was the leader of cheerleading team. You guys were neighborhood? We lived together since we were a child. Actually, My incisor teeth were lost at his home. At that time, it was about to lost, it was hurt and kept bleeding. Li Chuan pulled them out when I didn’t notice. I called him ‘Pull teeth out brother’ for such a long time. But later my family moved to Australia. We were seperated. We hadn’t seen each other for such a long time. Annie, do you believe in love? I.. It’s like fire when it’s hot, like ice when it’s cold. After moving to Australia, we were like two broken pieces. We were cracked, unable to merge again. But now you guys are good now. You guys get back together. Right, I found him this time. I won’t let him go one more time. Janet, This design is designated not to write manufacture place and brand name. Why? Because the law doesn’t allow to write. Xiao He, this is drawn by you? Really quick, but there are some problems. First, you don’t write clearly width of aisle and turning radius. Second, the size of the redline isn’t noted down. Third, two exits is nearby. Fourth, Where is the fire prevention section in the basement garage? Don’t let me see those kinds of design next time. Annie, come to my office for a coffe. I have a flavorous coffee bean. Sorry, I.. Please come. Annie, here, drink it when it’s still hot. Thanks. You also heard how Li Chuan criticized me huh. Right. He’s fierce. He is always like this. I really can’t recognise this. Normally, Li Chuan is nice like a planet orbiting itself. But if there is a source of power push him out, he’ll turn into a comet Halley, run far away and hard to come back. He has been assaulted so his thoughts are complicated. It’s hard to understand him, including me. I have a brooch pin. I think it matches your outfit today. Here are you. How could it? You must really treasure this. You know what? I have a big box at home. This is designed by a French designer. I designed a garden for her. She was really happy with it so she gave this to me. Don’t need to worry, I still have a lot. I can’t take this. | Come on. This is too valuable. You should keep it. That.. Right, I have to back to continue translating. Thanks for your coffee. See you tomorrow. Annie. Why don’t you need such a good thing like this? This is my sincerity. Cultural differences? Xiao Guan, you are back? Come here for dinner. Gosh. Ask my husband to pay you money. Excuse me, total is 340 yuan. 400. Take it. Thank you. Don’t need to give me change, just consider them tips. Thanks, thanks a lot. | Thank yo. Thanks. What do you want to drink? Let me help you. Whisky. I have been waiting for you so long. So hungry I die. Wait wait. | Let’s eat. I ask you, what are they? These are the things I ordered online. I told them to send them to your house. It seems like you are recovering well. Go back your home today. I have only stayed for two days and you even want to kick me out. You are not sincere at all. I saw that you was ill and there was no one take care of you, so I took care you for 2 days. But don’t go too far, plan to enjoy illegal benefits. Illegal benefits? I’m not your boyfriend anymore. What do you mean by flirting like this? You are not young anymore. Please take your love life serious. Just keep hurting other like this, the most heart-broken is just yourself. Your parents don’t care about you anymore. Where do you want to hide when you broke down? I have parents. But when I was a child, they divorced. They are both wealthy but they don’t care about me. I look forward to my birthday every year. Because only on that day that they feel guilty. Then they will give me lots of presents. Therefore since I was little, I thought that love means presents, things that could be bought by money. Look at this. This is my glass earing I have just bought. Is it beautiful? Yeah. Let’s eat. Eat this. This is tasty. Eat it. Hurry up, why don’t you touch your chopstick? Jing Wen. Xiao Qiu. I got a cold and a fever. Are you OK? Have you taken pills? Yeah, I’m afraid they don’t work so I take two more. Now I’m sweating. Do Wang Li Chuan and you have something new? Nope. Who is that girl actually? His girlfriend name is Janet. They are childhood friend and ex-lover in high school. I don’t know why they broke up. Now they get back together again. Moreover, they work for a same company, major in architecture. It’s complicated. So sad I die. Janet is sweet and treats me and also Li Chuan so well. Now I feel that they are a nice couple. It means you are hopeless huh? I don’t want anything. Let me tell you. Once I see Li Chuan, my heart feels like a mess. Am I despicable? Xiao Qiu there is no ‘despicable’ in love, there’s only hopeless. My poor Xiao Qiu. Anyway, don’t worry. Let me solve this for you, is it ok? Fine, you don’t need to care. I don’t want to damage other’s good things. Fine, fine. Just like that. I won’t talk you anymore. I want to take a rest. OK. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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