【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 18 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

He’s back. I’m leaving first through the balcony. Where are you going? It’s dangerous out there. It’s fine if you get caught, because your relationship is good. I will be in big trouble if I get caught, bye bye. Be careful, Jing Wen. I… it’s not… that This… Let me explain a bit. Do you believe in aliens? We need to talk. What do you want, really? Evidences. What evidences? Xiao Qiu, we used to be in love with each other. This is an undeniable truth. You really existed in a perfect way in my memory. But everything has passed now. It may have passed to you. But not to me. I really never thought that I would meet you again. The General headquarter said that there were some problems in Shang Hai. So I was ordered to come back. I essentially didn’t know that you are in GMF. If I knew, I wouldn’t have come back. Why not? Didn’t you say you already let go? Then why are you still afraid of seeing me? Diffident of what? Xiao Qiu, it’s been a long time. Everyone is moving on. Each person has their new own path. I hope you can continue to walk forwards on your own path. You won’t need my comeback. disturbing your life. Path. What path? Since the very first day I knew you. I have only had one path, which is living happily together with you. Despite the hard-falling rain on this path, I would still continue to walk bravely. But how about you Wang Li Chuan? You are the run-away. Right now, you’re basically not the Wang Li Chuan I knew that year. You’re right. I agree, I’m the run-away. You got to know the wrong person. I basically don’t deserve your love. I surrendered, I gave up. But can you just not get entangled in this matter anymore? Otherwise, we would rather not see each other again. We should be fine just being normal friends or colleagues. Can we? We can’t. You’re not withdrawing, you’re avoiding. Li Chuan, you definitely must have faced something that you couldn’t resolve by yourself right? Because there are lots of things that are unspoken, but couldn’t be hid in your eyes. Look at me. I know you’re insisted. Everything must be done perfectly. However life just doesn’t always follow as what we expected. But when you face difficulties and fall down. People who love you hope they can give you strength. Taking this strength doesn’t mean you’re weak. So now you tell me. I beg you, please tell me. So we can face it together, alright? Xiao Qiu. I don’t need your help or the strength from you. It’s you who doesn’t want to say no. It’s you yourself who doesn’t want to move forwards. You assume that you love me. But actually you don’t. It’s possessing, it’s unwilling. Possessing. Wang Li Chuan, you say I’m possessing. What of yours am I possessing? Am I possessing your money, your car, or your house? Yes, I, Xie Xiao Qiu, have nothing. even can say I don’t have anything at all. But I did give you, Wang Li Chuan, all of my love. In this love, I’m much richer than you. Don’t be persistent anymore, alright? You won’t get any results. Just don’t torture yourself anymore, can you? Xie Xiao Qiu. Result right? I have it. This is the result. Didn’t you say you don’t love me anymore? Then why did you keep this, if you don’t love me anymore? You don’t love me, why were you still keeping this? You foraged my wallet. What are you doing? | Is this something a person who care about you would do? Tear it, just tear it as you like. You tear it and I still have one other thing. I still have our couple fingerprints printed ring. I still remember when you were giving me this ring, you said said that you will love me forever. But now, now you say that you are no related anymore, Just swallow your words as you want. But you’re forcing me to be like you. I’m telling you, there’s no way. I still want to wear it. I still want to wear it anywhere anytime. I will wear it till I die. What are you doing? Give it back. You see, it’s thrown away. Is this something that a person who love you would do? Do you still have any other proofs? Bring them all out. I’m throwing everything away. Wang Li Chuan. Why are you doing this to my feelings? You also want to destroy my memories. Xiao Qiu, wake up please. I am wide awake. I’m telling you, where the tree is scarred is where the tree is hardest. So I won’t get destroyed so easily by you. Everything between us is over. There is no possibility. You think if you burn the bridge you won’t see the other end anymore, right? I’m telling you. It still exists, it always exists. Now I’m ordering you, Wang Li Chuan. Immediately go get that ring back for me. No. So I’m going, if I can’t find it Wang Li Chuan, I’m telling you, you’re dead for sure. You don’t know how heartbroken I am, this nostalgia turns into a river. Together we count to three then let go of our hands. Don’t get tortured anymore. Let our love stop at the most beautiful moment. There are memories that worth a life time remembrance. When the magic of time erases all regrets. You have to stand by yourself till tomorrow. Don’t want more regrets. Wait until someone can stay with you. I’ll be leaving, peacefully. Together we count to three and let go of our hands. Hope that you will hate me. You don’t know how heartbroken I am, this nostalgia turns into a river. Together we count to three and let go of our hands. Don’t get tortured anymore. Let our love stop at the most beautiful moment. There are memories that worth a life time remembrance. When the magic of time erases all regrets. You have to stand by yourself till tomorrow. Don’t want more regrets. Wait until someone can stay with you. I’ll be leaving, peacefully. Together we count to three and let go of our hands. Hope that you will hate me. You don’t know how heartbroken I am. I went out to find you, where are the drawings? Just leave me alone. Why? Is it your periodical ill nature recurring? Right, come come. Just let it all out. Yeah right, let it all out. Right you say? Please. Could you leave me alone? Sure, fine. So I’m getting the drawings upstairs myself. I can go get it myself, please continue. Let it out, just relax, I’m going, going. This is my only option. There are pains that we both understand. So I have to let you go. Together we count to three and let go of our hands. Hope that you will hate me. You don’t know how much I suffer, this nostalgia turns into a river. Together we count to three and let go of our hands. Don’t get tortured anymore. Let our love stop at the most beautiful moment. This is… We got robbed? Why such a poor security here? Li Chuan, your room got robbed. I’m calling the security guards. No need, it’s me. You did this? Sorry, it’s nothing. What were you doing? All messed up to this state. Is this some type of releasing stress right? Then just tumble it all up. These are the drawings you need. You stayed up late last night? I see that your current state is not so good. Do you need some sleep? Or I can help you with photographing. Do you know where to take photographs? I do. Fine, go for me then. I’m having some business with René tonight. Grandpa. Ok, I’m going back tomorrow. Okay. Although the plan is not completed yet. But Ji Chuan and René are all here. I guess there won’t be any problems. Sure. Sure, bye. You changed your decision. I have to go. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Like that. He threw our ring away. I spent all afternoon finding but still couldn’t find it. He threw it away but you still went to find it. Xiao Qiu, don’t you think it was a bit inappropriate? I don’t care how people see it. I feel that Li Chuan still loves me. He loves you, so he tore your picture into pieces. He loves you, so he threw away your love symbol item. He loves you, so he disappeared without a word at the most important time. He loves you, but when you wrote more than a thousand emails, he didn’t reply even once, is this love? If he doesn’t love me, then why was he worried that I drank alcohol? If he doesn’t love me, then why was he worried that I was hemophobic? If he doesn’t love me, then why did he carry our picture along? If he doesn’t love me, why is he still using the password that only us know? If this is not love then what is? This is an obsession. It is love nostalgia. It’s not like what you say. Xiao Qiu. You still have your youth. You still have your life. You still have your bright future. You can’t just get stuck on a tree and wait for death. You won’t be able to escape, do you understand? Right. Look, I already finished writing this Lost and found flyer, right? Picture shown as well, 500 yuan rewards. I’ll wait until it’s crowded to distribute. The results must be good, let’s go. This is the best way, be quick. Quickly, come on. This is a hotel. Impossible | Just let it be like this. Next. Please help me distribute these. Distribute each to every single person. Thank you, thanks for your hard work, bye bye. Little sis, this is impossible. Please have a look. Please take a look at this. If you see this ring on the pic, please call me. Thank you, please. Thank you, thank you, bye bye. | Okay. Mister, please have a look. Sister, take a look at this. If you see this ring on the pic. please call me, thank you thank you. Bye bye. Sorry to bother you, I’m giving you these. You help me distribute them to every customer. To every single person. | I got it. Thank you. Isn’t this the ring you have always been wearing? Where’s your ring? I lost it. Why does she also have one? Your love couple items right? Saying so, you lost yours. She also lost hers, this is not a good sign. She didn’t lose hers, I threw it away. Threw it away. You treated her like that, to a girl who wrote more than one thousand emails to you. Not cool, you… You can’t be this heartless being a human. So you tell me, what do I have to do to make her give up? You teach me then. You tell her, you’re gay. I’m not. I know you’re not. She also knows that I’m not. I see, understood. Any other ways? You say, you like Janet. I said it. Then it should be okay. She didn’t believe it. Then you let her find out you and Janet being on the same bed. Can you even be more vulgar? Actually, there are lots of ways to shoo a girl away. But you are not that ruthless. I’m not ruthless enough? You hurt her once, she would definitely go. She won’t even turn her head back. You don’t have the heart to do so right? René, please kill me. I’m really regretful. I really shouldn’t have come back to Shang Hai. Too bad, you chose to come. Let’s go. Today’s abalones are fresh. I left them at home and came pick you up. Thank you. I’m calling the driver. | Emma. Emma. Why are you here? Let me introduce a bit. This is the CEO of Fu Chun Group. His name is Tang Ding Wei. and this is the head clerk of Translation department of Jiu Tong Agency. Xiao Guan, he was my university classmate. Mr Xiao, hello. Emma, let’s talk. Excuse me for a bit. | Sure sure. Emma, that is the one who wait you downstairs the other day? Not married, 35 years old, has a colossal fortune, makes efforts to earn money, I won’t let him slip away. This time, I found the right person. Emma, up to now. I just thought that your love definition is not proper, but you still have a normal taste, but now what’s wrong with you? Your taste got worse. What do you mean ‘worse’. He’s very ugly, okay? Looks like he just fell down from a tree. His face is like got hit by the branches. Xiao Guan, can you not be that sharp-tongued? Before, you always had opinions with whoever I was with. This time I found this person, no matter how he looks. You say he has a bad appearance. This is called discrimination, do you understand? Fine, scar healed pain forgotten right? You’re using that intensive tone to quarrel with me, just keep it for later to quarrel with him, ok? I’m telling you, I’m already engaged to him. Wait until later when I become his wife. I will have all of my credit card receipts paid completely, I would be reborn at that time. Reborn is annoying. You just need to be a bit more matured. Emma, abalones are about to be done. Mr Xiao, do you want to come along? No, I’m not going. Don’t be shy, there are many. I ordered a lot. | Thank you. But I’m really not coming. So we’re leaving first. Goodbye. | Byebye. The freshest. I’m just about to find you. Something wrong? Everyone is gathering for party. Formal dress, quickly get started, I give you 10 minutes. Okay. Mr Wang. I heard that your appointment at 11 got canceled. Yeah, Li Chuan is drawing the design, and I’m going to take photographs. There are some drawings that need his reviews. Very urgent, must be printed immediately. Then give them to René. There are many affairs that he is in charge of. Li Chuan has to leave Wen Zhou tomorrow. He has to leave? Chairman told him to come back to Switzerland. Janet is going with him. So starting from tomorrow, René and I will be in charge. Oh right, inform everyone I’m holding a party at 7pm tonight. Everything will be prepared by myself. Do you need me to find a few people to help you? No need, just René and I would be fine. Cool, then I’m leaving first. Sure, see you again. Byebye. Let’s go. Xiao Dong, your sister exceptionally asked me to take you out to play. So for these days, just follow me. Have you ever been to Shang Hai before? I’ve been here twice. Xiao. Do you have the key to my apartment? No I don’t, you’re staying with me. Xiao, you’re living with my sister? Nonsense, I really respect your sister. Please don’t think me like that just because I’m living in this modern, up-to-date Shang Hai. I’m still very traditional. My sister is also traditional. It’s good that you can take good care of her. Definitely, oh right. I’m bringing you to a decent meal. Then we’ll take a walk around. Sure. Big bro Xiao, I’m not wasting your time, right? No problem. Aren’t we going to the party? The party was cancelled, you accompany me to take photographs on the mountain. I But these shoes I’m wearing are not suitable. Take this, you can walk barefoot. I don’t mind. Let’s go. I Wait for me. Quickly, save some time. Got it. Do you need my help? No, no need. What happened? What’s wrong? Let go of me. I’m trying to help, and you’re behaving like this? Sprained your ankle? You’re still asking? It’s you who took me here. But I didn’t sprain your ankle. A boss like me asked an employee. to come inspect the scene with me, what’s wrong then? Mr Wang, I’m a translator. There’s no one here, why did you take me here? Are you kidding me? There’s no one here, but there are signs. Look, those eight words. I don’t understand, translate it for me. No littering in this area. You illiterate! Right, this is your work. There are still many signs over there. Those are all your work. Wang Ji Chuan, Mr Wang. Miss Ye, please. You don’t need to use the sound pressure level of 80dB like that just to call me, alright? You can just decrease it to 10dB, okay? Fine, I lower my voice, I’m not saying anymore. To 0dB, should be fine right? If you don’t mind then I will give you some massage. I do really mind. Don’t say so. If you hate me that much so why did you come to GMF to work? A solid English translator of Jiu Tong, right? It’s because I’m a professional. I distinguish between personal feelings and and real business. I don’t think so. I see that it’s because you like Wang Li Chuan. Don’t walk my way or lay a hand on Li Chuan. If one day you became a hawk, I also would be willing to become a pigeon. Never expected. I didn’t expect that an old trick was used from my side. If you have planned that carefully, then why didn’t you think that how could you approach Li Chuan when you offended his older brother? Just think about it, make me pleased. To be smart, treat me a bit better. Maybe when I’m already pleased. I can say something good about you in front of Wang Li Chuan. You say, am I right or not? Right. I like Li Chuan. So what, can’t I? Li Chuan had a long 4-year not going back to Shang Hai There’s nothing between us brothers that we don’t share. But so far, I never heard him mentioning about you. What does this mean? It means that you doesn’t hold a position in his heart. Silly girl, do you need me to teach you some tricks? Four years ago, Li Chuan left without saying a word. No news since then. I’ve always assumed that that he was not alive anymore. This thing has always been an obsession in my mind. I can never escape. Maybe, can you tell me what the reason was? If you tell me then you are the one who save my other half life. If Li Chuan chose not to tell you then I choose to respect his choice. Nevermind, I won’t insist. Actually I know you may be cold on the outside but you’re very responsible. You are a man with kind hea.rt When you see a girl being treated unfairly you will definitely help her. Li Chuan chose not to tell you, surely he had his own reason. So eventually what is the reason? Can you tell me? If Li Chuan chose not to tell you then I couldn’t tell you, either. What’s wrong, painful? I’m back-carrying you. My leg is already this bad and you still want to go up there? Have I taken any photographs? I haven’t. Then you go alone, I’ll be here waiting. Fine. Oh right, I forgot to tell you. There are lots of snakes around here. Wang Ji Chuan, wait for me. I’ll help. No need. Then let me back-carry you. No need. Then let me hug you. No need. Miss Ye, my rare enthusiasm is becoming exhausted. I, I’m telling you “No desire makes a great righteous person”, got it? It’s better to rely on yourself than on anything else. I’m walking myself. I know that you don’t understand this idiom anyways. Feel free then. Xiao, why are you taking me to this place? I don’t know how to play it. It’s not important whether you know or not. What important is keep your image first. Come and see, I bought many equipments for you. Look, there are professional tennis rackets also wrist assists, and tennis sport tees. Brother, you bought me so many stuffs. I’m really sorry, oh right. That amount you paid for the lobsters we had I can share it with you. You are seeing me as an outsider, right? Then I’m not happy. Not like that. | These are what I bought for you. Not expensive, I’m glad you like them. If I really took your money your sister would say that I’m illiberal. Xiao, then I have to thank you. Right, there is still this one. Your favorite sneakers to play ball, take them. Bro, how do you know my shoe size? On your last birthday, your sister said she wanted to buy a pair of leather shoes to send to you so I accompanied her. Size 41, isn’t it? Bro, you’re really thoughtful. Then, say something good about me in front of your sister. If not, I couldn’t be your big bro for long. No problem. Wear it on, we’re getting started. Who is that? Are you Miss Xie? Yes, it’s me. I found your ring. Look, is it yours? Yes, this is my ring. Thank you. Miss Xie, this ring is made of silver. It doesn’t cost much. Why did you have to find it? Yes, but it is my love item. Then it’s priceless. I can already tell Miss Xie is very faithful. Look, it’s written here. Ring found, 500 yuan rewards. I’ll go get the money for you. Miss Xie, I don’t need that 500 yuan. Why so? You spent your time to come here. 10000 yuan. What? 10000 yuan, look. Miss Xie, you must have been living in this room for more than a month, right? Furthermore, your outfits are very decent. So at least it worths 10000 yuan. Hey bro, you’re blackmailing me? How can it be blackmailing? Right or not? | Now this, I only have 5000, give it all to you, alright? No, must be 10000. You give or not. No? Then I’m taking this ring to the pawnshop. Brother, I’ll give you. Can you wait here a bit? I’ll get the money and come back later. Sure, be quick. I need 5000 yuan. Give me 5000 yuan. You say “give”, not “lend”. Yes, give me 5000 yuan. I have 5000 yuan here. Why do I have to give you 5000 yuan? I don’t owe you your salary. Because you threw away my ring so you have to compensate for it. Therefore, you have to give me 5000 yuan. I bought that ring. You bought it, but you gave it to me. So it was my asset. Now my asset is lost. So you have to compensate for it. You must give me 5000 yuan. This is ridiculous. Give me the money. Xie Xiao Qiu. If you don’t have any other business, please do not knock on this door. Also, I really don’t like your rude behavior at this moment. What’s the password? You don’t know my password? Why is your password 000907? Because we have the same birthday. This girl is really aggressive. Give me the money. Was I too fierce? A little. So you decided to leave Wen Zhou? Hopefully it’s not too late to fix my mistakes. Janet must be happy. Jing Wen. Xiao Qiu. What’s wrong? Sprained my ankle. Help me a bit. | Be careful. Come here, sit here for a while. Oh mom. This is “jump out of the frying pan into the fire”. Here, raise your legs up. I’ll help you. Help me a bit. Xiao Guan, such a scumbag, Ordered me to drink with him everyday. Be gentle. | Okay. Just because of a small contract, I had to drink into a stupor. Now there is also a Wang Ji Chuan who worths to be torn into pieces, had his eyes stuck on me without blinking. Why is it so swollen? I’ll get some ice for you to compress. Thank you. You suddenly got tricked by Wang Ji Chuan like that. Our previous war has just begun. The loser is still unknown yet. Actually, Ji Chuan is not bad. Be gentle, gentle please. He’s really not bad. But he gets illeberal sometimes. I thought I could dig up the secret of why Li Chuan broke up with you from his mouth. But this person was really secretive, didn’t slip even a word. Right, why didn’t I think about asking him? I was his translator. It’s because you didn’t know how to take advantages of personal relationship. Forget it, if you knew then you would have been at such a great disadvantage. But Ji Chuan, this person is really not bad, of course, if you both cannot get along, then you guys definitely would fight to death. Anyways, I cannot stand this person. How could his parents give birth to him? Gene mutation? He was born to destroy the world. Miss Ye, we are currently making the model. We still need one person to help, please come over. I can’t walk anymore, my leg got swollen. I don’t ask you to walk. I only need you to sit and help. Wang Ji Chuan, Mr Wang. I’m repeating this. I here, my work is translating, not a handywoman. Are you mistaken? Who broke my model? It’s you. René and I spent all two days to work on this model. Do you know how much it worths for one day of mine? Are you able to compensate? Calling you over for help is polite enough. This is your duty, much less I already signed the contract with Jiu Tong. You have to come whether you’re willing to or not. Otherwise, I’ll cancel all of your work then cancel the contract with Jiu Tong. I What’s wrong? He even wanted me to make the model for him. You are already in such a bad condition and he still doesn’t let you off. This creep thinks that he can control me. I quit this job at most, then. I’m here, my lady. I can’t stand this anger. Don’t be angry. How about I’m going for you, cool? You must be careful. He will aim at your weak point to torture you. Don’t worry, I’ve worked with him before. I know how to deal with him. Right, hasn’t that theater been designed yet? How could there be a model? Not the theater, it’s the Zi Jing Hu Hotel. The theater’s model will be made next week. Alright, I’m going. Have a rest. Then please be careful. Don’t worry. Mr Wang. Why is it you? Where is Ye Jing Wen? Jing Wen didn’t feel well, so she slept, I’m going for her. Who does she think she is? Just switched as she liked. Does she think she is the head clerk of HR department? Don’t worry. My time at GMF is longer than her. I won’t do worse than her, really. Alright, come in.


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