【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 22 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

Hi. I have already cleaned the room. Thank you. Service. Please do not drink wine anymore. When did you see me drinking? I had asked the doctor to give a prescription for alcohol antidote, keep it. I can’t accept your caring. This alcohol antidote is really hard to have. What do you want to do? It’s very dirty inside. I tell you, even if you take it out, I won’t drink it. Unless you jump into it. You’ll drink if I jump into to take it? You will not jump. You are obsessed with clean badly like that. What are you doing? You’ll jump for real? Li Chuan, let’s get down, get down… You jumped for real? Did you fall down? Be careful, be careful. Take it slowly. Quickly, give me your hand. Be careful. Careful. Careful. Are you okay? | Now you’ll drink, won’t you? I will drink it, okay. You jumped for real? | Two pills each time.’ Is something wrong with your brain? I’ll drink, I’ll drink right now. I drank it. Quickly, I pull you out. Wait, you have to swear first. you give up drinking wine then I’ll go out. I swear, I swear. I’m Xie Xao Qiu, I swear I will not drink wine entire my life. If I can’t give it up, I’ll… I’ll…be struck by lightning be killed by God, is it okay? Stand up, please. Give me your scarf first. Scarf? What do you need a scarf for? Here. You, you, you…your hand is bleeding. I pull you out. Quickly. | You can’t. Go. I’ll take you to the hospital. Give me your hand. You can’t. You can’t pull me out. So what should I do? Go to find Rui Nui, tell him to come and help me. But do not tell my elder brother. Okay, so you stay here, wait me for a bit. Rui Nui, quickly come over there, Li Chuan’s hand is wounded. Wounded? Where? Follow me. Li Chuan. What’s wrong, which part is wounded? This hand is wounded. Quickly, go out. Come on. | Just a small wound. Pull him out. Using your strength as well. I’ll support you. Have you held him yet? I have. Your leg, be careful. The other leg. Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital. Xiao Qiu, come back to your room first. What’s wrong with you? I’ll go to the hospital with you right now. Let’s go, go. She suffers from blood phobia, take care of her. So, how about you? I can handle myself. Let’s go, I take you to the hospital first | I can handle myself. So it’s up to you. | Okay. Xiao Qiu. I’ll take you to your room. Where is Li Chuan? He, he goes by himself. He told me to care for you, he said you suffered from blood phobia. So let’s go to the hospital with him. Xiao Qiu, you can’t, you can’t. He can take care of himself, okay? So what if something happens to him? Do you know which hospital he goes to? I don’t know. This is… Li Chuan, how are you? Is it serious? It’s not serious. Just the wound on skin. You suffer from lacking of blood right? Has it stopped bleeding yet? So why do you still sit here? Is that there is something’s wrong? Earlier, I can’t find the elevator outpatient department is upstairs I had to go up and go down so I fell a bit dizzy now. Being dizzy then let’s take a rest, okay? I’m fine, let’s go. Is not that you are dizzy? Being dizzy then take a rest. I go to buy water for you, okay? Needless. This time is because I’m not good. I will not do such thing anymore. Don’t be alcoholic. I swear. Your face looks not good lor else we go to see the hospital one more time. Needless. I want to go home and take a rest soon. Li Chuan, I’m finding you. What’s wrong with your hand? What happened? Were you injured? Just a small wound. Have you gone to the hospital yet? He had, we’ve already been back. Don’t tell me that you just went to see a normal doctor. I had gone to take a specialist examination. Ji Chuan the draft which I gave you last night needs to fixed which points? No, I… An Ni, could you tell me why his hand got injured? Is that you two fought each other again? Fighting? | This thing… No, it’s like that ealier I had been with Li Chuan we were in the car parking then Xiao Qiu came then there was a… A rabbit. A rabbit? Yes. Then… Yes, it’s a cute rabbit with smooth feather. Then suddenly it jumped into… Flower pot. Yes, then it suddenly flied… oh no, it jumped into the road. Then… | Then at that time Li Chuan wanted to catch it then there was a car coming by. What? Li Chuan was hit by a car? No, it’s not, it’s a garbage truck. Garbage truck? You were hit by a truck? Are you okay? | I was not hit by a truck. This thing, what am I saying? It’s like that, you didn’t understand me. It’s a garbage truck then wind flew, then the garbage… fell down on the place… Because of it then I turn into this look. You were not hit by car, you were not hit by a truck either. I’m okay, you two needn’t to worry. I have to draw the design. Let’s talk together, I have to go now. Li Chuan, are you really fine? Ah I remember. I heard that there will be a storm tonight. Storm? Is it real or a joke? Which level is it storm? Why don’t you leave? The feeling when being cheated on is not comfortable, right? Xiao Qiu. Rui Nui. Come in. Riu Niu, sit over there. Xiao Qiu, I give you this thing. Do you like it? Yes, is it designed by you? This is a museum of Li Chuan’s family. It’s a work of Li Chuan, it won a big prize also. It’s really beautiful. Xiao Qiu. It’s not that Li Chuan means to be guilty to you. Actually, you know the truth, right? So please tell me, why do him want to be guilty to me? Let’s ask him yourself. He doesn’t say. So… it’s not convenient for me to say, either. Actually, I wanna ask you originally, Li Chuan wanna come back to Switzerland eventually, he suddenly decided to stay there. Is it relevant to you? Yes. Because I had torn his passport. Was it dreadful like that? However, he really needs to be back to Switzerland. Why? If you want him to be good then let him back to Switzerland. You can come there to visit him, I’ll pay for your ticket you come to my house. No matter how long you wanna stay. I can persuade him to come back but I insistently have to know that why he has to come back. why he has to come back. It’s private thing of Li Chuan. Li Chuan is an obstinate person If I tell you he will definitely break our relationship. Has he always been lacking of blood? It’s been for a very long time. Really serious? It’s not serious, just a small thing. So how about the car accident? Which car accident? The accident which is relevant to his leg. This thing… is specially serious. At that time he almost died. When did it happen? 17 years old. Then what? What do you mean “then what?? I mean 4 years ago why did he suddenly leave Shanghai? It’s because of the family problem or because of economic problem? It’s probably just simply changing his work place. | Rui Nui, you’re on his side to cheat on me, right? Xiao Qiu. Disease is the biggest taboo in social. We always avoid discussing about it, you get it? I don’t understand. In social both you and me dispute each other like now no one wants to reveal their weakness especially a man. He used to talk about me in front of you, right? Many times. I used to see your picture. On your birthday you did send a picture via email. Xiao Qiu please come to Zurich, okay? My house is incredibly near Li Chuan’s house. We can go skiing together. Do you know with a leg, he skis much better than other people. Needless. Li Chuan said we have been done already. He said the person he liked now was Zhen Ni Te. Zhen…Zhen Ni Te? How can? There is a misunderstanding. What’s misunderstanding? I don’t know about the other thing but there is one thing I know very clearly. That is the person whom Li Chuan has always been liking is you. There is a person finding me, I have to go first. Be happy, okay? I had been stayed in the room for 3 days and nights then brought Xie Ling Yun’s poem to translate it might be useful to you. How is it? Good, good. Let’s say, if Tian Xiao Gang sees this thing is there any possibility he will spurt blood out? No, he will pee his pants. Right. There are 30 minutes to present about the bidding let me write. Give it for Ye Jing Wen to translate after writing. I have done writing it already. I had used a lot of document which is translated by Xie Xiao Qiu. Let her do it, it will be quicker. However… Li Chuan, you have not slept for 3 nights let’s come back to take a rest, the left part is on us. Okay. So I have done my work. You guys have to work hard for a bit more, remember that at exactly 10:00 a.m tomorrow, we will handover the bidding. Okay. Take a rest, sleep well. This land is over there. You see, the upper land is good, too. How is the situation of GMF? There is no progress having thought all of ways. However, considering that Wang Li Chuan still has to stay all night to work it’s probably not completely fixed. I heard that they hired a view designer named Zhenni Te Suo Sa? Yes. Do you know him? I used to see him on the magazine. The hotel which they designed together have just won a big designing prize. Winning a prize is the past. We have to see how this time is. There are just few days left if on this day, they can not submit the drawing it’s considered as they automatically give up. Why do I feel that they can submit it. Is it not smooth like that, is it? What if happening another incident? I said what if. How is it? I fixed it. You worked a lot. Good morning, boys and girls. How do you feel? Are you confident? No problem. Why there is only you, where is Li Chuan? He’s probably sleeping. Okay. I received the translated version of the bidding presentation. I find that Li Chuan needs about 20 minutes to get familiar with Chinese on it. Let’s do like this, tell An Ni to come here anyway when arguing we do need a interpreter. I reject this idea, now An Ni is suspected of revealing the secret I find that she should be seriously put under surveillance. Therefore I let her beside me, not far away even a step o see what can she use any other trick. You go to inform An Ni, tell her to prepare for a while. Okay. | So I go to call Li Chuan? Needless, anyway we have finished preparation let him sleep. Okay. Li Chuan. Li Chuan? Wake up Li Chuan. What time is it? The bidding evaluation is at 10.00 o’clock now it’s 9:20 already. Everyone is waiting for you. Wake up. So why didn’t the alarm clock go off? It might go off. Why are you so hot? Do you have a fever? Here, let’s check it. I’m okay. Okay. | Let’s check it. 39.7 Celsius! Go, go to the hospital. Needless, I’ll go after presenting the bidding. I can suffer it. Just leave it be, okay? Go to the hospital to check it. Who knows what would happen? If now I don’t go to the bidding evaluation we will be taken the opportunity, do you get it? The hardship which everyone had been through will be meaningless. Zhang Shao Hua can replace you. There is not enough time to do, I have prepared all documents to present. If he just looks at it and reads he can not understand it. Then obviously, he can not answer the questions. Li Chuan, how many times I told you your life is much more important then this bidding. Let’s go downstairs and wait for me, I’ll come there right away. Go. This is translated version for you to present. let’s have a look. There are some points I have written the transliteration beside words written by yellow ink are names, you need to pay a bit attention on them. Thank you. Why do I still fell sleepy? Or else we stop for a while I go to buy coffee for you? The thing he needs now is not coffee e is having a fever. Li Chuan, you really feel that you’re okay? Yes, I’m fine. I’m so hurt that I’m going to die. It’s a car crash, car crash. What happened? Are you okay? | Help me, please. What happened? I’m so hurt that I’m going to die. Do you know know to drive a car? We did hit the break, we really didn’t mean to do it. Please call the ambulance. This is my business card, there is 8000 yuan could you please keep it for temporary? Then call me later if there is anything needs to be solved? Mr Wang, it’s them who didn’t comply with traffic laws. What do you mean not complying with traffic laws? How did you drive? | Right. She suddenly came out so that I had to drive like this. Jì Chuān. Jì Chuān. Just call the police to come to handle is okay. That’s him, get down, get down. | What are you doing? Get down for me! Take your hand off, do not use violence. Put your hand off! | Do not catch him. Li Chuan, Li Chuan! Xiao Qiu, Xiao Qiu. | Do not pull me anymore. Keep it, quickly, it’s dangerous here. Go. Don’t let her go, she is running. Catch her, catch her. Rob! Rob! | Stop, stop. Help me to stop them, please. | Stop. They ask you to stop. | Quickly, thank you. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? You are bullying her? What are you doing? How is this now? Don’t worry, Mr Tian it’s probably that now they are hiding somewhere to cry. Mr. Ceng Have people from GMF arrived yet? No, not yet, there are only them left. Mr. Ceng, you have to make it clear according to the regulation arriving late means losing the right to join the bid evaluation. Arriving 1 minute late is considered late. There are 2 minutes left. There is 1 minute and 30 seconds left. GMF’s branch in Shanghai has come to submit the bidding document. Mr. Ceng this bidding document is considered to be invalid. According to the regulation it’s definitely that it has to be the legal presentation of the company to submit it. Is she the legal presentation of GMF? I’m the staff of GMF this is my employee identification card. A staff can submit bidding document. But it’s definitely that being signed by legal presentation. It had been signed in. Hey Miss, the procedure is accepted. Thank you, you had tried a lot. Take a rest first. Thank you. Open this then do the register is done. Yes. Mr. Ceng his is our additional presentation note. You demand to decrease 5% compared to regulation bidding price? That’s right. Okay. I’ll put it aside the bidding plan. Put it together. | Yes. Mr Wang, bidding document had been sent. Yes, just in time. How about you? Okay, so come here quickly. Bye. In conclusion, our design đã nối tiếp được
has linked the culture original of Wen Zhou, the city renowned by it’s history. The thing that we’re towards is the elegant effective like formal kings. Using curved structure for the roof presents rhythm of music. Using tipped wall to increase the aesthetic. This will be an entertainment and culture center with variety of equipment, advanced function remarkably pompous. Okay. According to architecture plan which Mr Tian has just introduced the judges here can freely give him questions. Okay. I’d like to ask designer Tian that which thought do you have about the outside wall design? Ms Xie, have they arrived yet? It’s probably that they’re almost arrive. They finally come here. We had some trouble on the road. Okay, get ready please. Good luck, Mr Wang. So I’ll go to prepare first. Yes. Xiao Qiu, are you okay? I’m okay, how about you? I’m okay. They just want to prevent us from coming here to join the bid evaluation. when it’s over the bidding time, they just went away. Luckily, you ran so fast. I’ve always run fast. If I want to chase someone, they can not escape from me. You might be awake all night there is nothing for you to do, you can go now. Why? Don’t you want to let me take part in our presentation? I’m afraid that it’s so brilliant that you’ll be faint. Arrogant. GMF has always been towards to protect the endurable value of architecture style, our design is loyal to reasonably structure with diversification meanwhile combine with local culture. Regarding decoration we don’t show the thought of short postmodern. Not leaning on raising intense emotion to agitate everyone, either. In idea of designing we have harmonized it with the thought of stripping of flashy to return to the original of Dao’s family. Meanwhile, we do find the reappearance of classic Chinese spirit in shui poem. An incredibly brilliant presentation. It’s time for the judges to give the question. I’d like to ask Mr Wang Wen Zhou is coastal area, there are storms in summer the strongest wind speed when arriving the land can be up to 68 m/s it simultaneously can come with downpour. The waterproof wall structure of opera house will be very strictly checked. If water can leak in then machines and lights in the opera house as well as audio equipments, there are problems with them. Please talk something about wall structure in disaster prevention plan okay? Thanks for the question of Professor Fang The original of traditional wood wall surface is to preventing water. It’s done based on the feature of material with glue filled in. Glue filled in which is used has it’s own expiry date, it will be aging. Bộ kiện bằng kim loại sẽ bị gi
Accessaries by metal will be rusty the effective of energy saving is not like what you expect, the plan of GMF uses solid glasses wall system. Độ cứng, sức chống đỡ, độ cong
The stiffness, resistance, curvature with the function of waterproof hey all suitable to this complicated architecture and abnormal weather of coastal area. Like Sydney Opera House known by everyone to against the storm the whole of structure has used the shape of eggshell about the shape we use is the shape of gooseegg which has the same effective. Mr Wang, there is a problem I don’t know that you’ve realized it or not yet. The structure of the big steel shape design you use will increase the difficulty in inside installation. I have seen the drawing the wide of aisle in construction of the project is less then 8 meters. The working range is extremely small is there any possibility that after smoothly building we will have to face other problem? Thanks for prompting me. It’s a really interesting question. I had met company being in charge of construction and seriously discussed, the installation is totally possible. I’ll ask the construction company to make a plan of specific installation. From component parts to the crane to the order of installation, there are specific explanations for them at the same time, there will be the calculation document on tonnage. Mr Wang, I’d like to ask that the opera house that you design is this gooseegg architecture so how does it express the thought of Dao’s family and Feng Shui’s spirit? Thank you judges. I found the inspiration to design this plan when reading Feng Shui poem since Dong Jin period of the poet Xie Ling Yun Xie Ling Yun? I heard that Mr Wang grew up in another country poem of … is known by using picky words it includes profound implication it’s hard for normal people to understand. I’d like to ask which poem has brought the inspiration for you? Please don’t laugh at me I’m a foreigner trying to learn Chinese but my Chinese level is actually not reach the proficiency to fully understand the whole ancient poems. To be able to complete this plan better I had asked my interpreter, Ms Xie to help me to collect and translate these poems. Please trust me, if you use English to read poems of Xie Ling Yun they are interesting and pretty, too. I remember that there is a sentence like this I find that this sentence is suitable to the geographical status in Wen Zhou And the excellent scene idea in this sentence did directly arouse my design. Excuse for my bad English. What is the original of this sentence? I don’t know clearly the original of this sentence. Or else asking my interpreter Ms Xie, please come here to help us. The sentence which Mr Wang has just read is rooted from the poem Guo Shi Ning Shu of Xie Ling Yun The original sentence is “White clouds linger over the secluded rocks. Green bamboos charm over the clear ripples.” Thank you. Thanks Ms Xie. The construction which I design is exactly a secluded rock like that. The surface is sleek with grey color which can reflect the clouds in the sky. It can both express the idea of white clouds clinger over the secluded rocks and express the meaning of the name blue wave mountainous area. Simultaneously, it’s the respect for Xie Ling Yun the poet who composed the sentence. “There is spring grass in the swamp, there are birds singing in willow garden” on this Wen Zhou land. Cậu căng thẳng vậy sao?
Are you stress like that? Isn’t this deserved? I’m not. According to me, the budget of your GMF has been fulfilled for a long time. Do not be greedy like that. You should leave the chance to earn money for other people. Mr Tian. Won’t you have rice to eat? If you actually don’t, you do know how to take it from other people. What is the meaning of your sentence? I don’t understand. You might understand how is “as clear as the daytime”? I’m not wrong, are I? Do not be arrogant like that. I have to tell you we give the price which is much less than yours. We give the deserved price. So let’s wait to see. Mr Wang? Mr Wang, I inform you the happy news the judges agreed on voting the design plan of GMF. Congratulation. Thank you. Mr Wang, have you ever been in Nan Xi yet? I have not yet. I was born in a city named He Yang in Nan Xi I’m a descendant of Xie Ling Yun, so I feel really familiar to your design. Oh yes, I’m not the judge so I can’t meddle in the idea of expert. However, to be honest through your design this time I can deeply feel our Chinese national culture incredibly profound and the great attraction made by it. Thank you, thanks. I’m a descendant of Chinese people I’m really proud of our ancestral culture. But this is not the effort of only me it’s the achievement which is get because of the effort of my team. Right. Oh yes. Thank you for taking care of my mother at the party last week. Until now, she often talks about you. Your mother? My mother’s surname is Hua, she is a retired professor of Art Academy. Thank you, it can be considered as my regards for you. Thank you. My surname is Hua My name is Hua Xiao My job is painting. My mother’s strength is painting peony. This picture is painted by her. She told me to have to give it to you. Thank you. I will definitely bring it home to keep. Oh yes I have to come back to discuss to the judges about the bidding plan. So excuse me. Okay, okay. Bye. Bye. Li Chuan how should I thank you? You had helped me to draw for several days. Jì Chuān I’m really not good. I need to take a rest. Okay, go now, go. Here, here. Here. Here, take it slowly. Slowly. Now I’d like to announce that GMF has ended the investigation into An Ni. We don’t discover any evidence of revealing our secret. An Ni, your translation has aroused the design of Li Chuan so the company decideds to reward you a special amount of money. Very good, god, good. Congratulation, congratulation. Thank you, Mr Zhang. Of course, the company doesn’t forget other people. To congratulate this win the company has specially arranged a week to travel in the nearby resort village. So the next morning we’ll go. I’ll let you go home to pack up just feel free to let your hair down. So good. Please, cheer. Xiao Qiu, cheer, cheer. Cheer | Cheer. How is it, Jack? You can be relieved this time? My work has been completed tonight I’ll come back to Shanghai. Why are you so rushed? Let’s play with us for a few days. NI’d like to receive your invitation. but there are plenty of things to do in Shanghai which are waiting for me to handle. Let’s freely play yourselves. Okay. Cheer. Xiao Qiu, congratulate for recovering your honor. Let’s tell me, what do you intend to use the bonus for? How could I use it? When my father was sick I still owe Li Chuan a lot of money there is a hole which is not filled in yet. You’re so foolish, Li Chuan doesn’t pay any attention on this money. He doesn’t pay any attention but I do, I don’t want to owe him. I find that it’s you in Li Chuan’s heart. You see, in this bidding evaluation he called you to come said thank you in front of everyone you must be so honored. This… about this thing, he obviously has say thanks to me. This poem was translated by me for him in the time I was investigated. I did use colored shape, it’s fortunate that he did see it if not, there would not be Pebblestone (the name of the design). Really? It’s called compatible. Xiao Qiu, this vacation I find that we should find a way to catch him. Catch? Yes. Catch. Jì Chuān. Arrive? Come in. How is this? Has he got better yet? When being in hospital, he was antipyretic but now he is having high fever again. It’s not good, it’s definitely taking him to the hospital. He doesn’t agree to go. Like this I find that recent days, you had been awake to draw to meet the deadline or else just let me handle it, you go to take a rest. Can you handle it? You don’t remember that I used to study medical? Even if I’m bad, at least I’m still better than you. You’re right. Oh yes, the drugs are put in the cabinet beside the bed call me if you need anything. Okay, okay. Okay, so it’s on you. Bye bye. | Bye bye. Li Chuan. How are you? I remember before when you were sick you said that you liked being rubbed the head by me most. You said if I did that, you would be better. Xiao Qiu. Xiao Qiu. Xiao Qiu.

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