【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 24 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

You’re not a naughty kid. This kind of things, if it was Ji Chuan’s fault, there would be nothing strange, I would believe it. But why did you do such a shameful thing? Why? There’s no reason. Tell me the truth. You think I don’t know anything? Because you just wanted to come to Shanghai, right? I like Shanghai. You’d better stop spinning. You like Shanghai? Because of that woman named Xie, that Xie Xiao Qiu. Before, didn’t her brother beat you up? Due to this, you had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital. I heard that this man was already rude to you. How could our company employ that kind of person? You’re all blind. This is just a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding? He hit you with a fist, why is it still a misunderstanding? Alright, I admit. You came to Shanghai because of Xie Xiao Qiu. Alright, my dear grandson. You met Xie Xiao Qiu, and also received a fist. Are you satisfied? Please come home. No. No? You don’t wanna live any longer? I want to wait a bit more, I have to be sure that Xie Xiao Qiu’s life is going well, so I can rest assured to come home. As Xie Xiao Qiu was your friend, then if you keep hovering around her, won’t it affect her feelings? Don’t you have anything to do with her? Give up, disappear. This is the best solution for you. Are you clear? I still want to wait a bit more time, so she can move on. More time, again. Li Chuan, you still believe that you have so much time? Grandpa, I just need a little bit more time, so she can turn the page thoroughly. This time, I came here, firstly, because I want to bring you home, secondly, I want you to join Lisa’s birthday party. After this party ends, I’ll leave immediately on the next day. But, I really… But? Your refusal isn’t accepted. Why did you learn this from your brother? Bargain with me for everything. Did he stop scolding you? Yes. This morning, grandpa was very angry, he issued a notice to suspend all your positions. Did you see it? No, I didn’t. He told me himself. So the one disclosing the information was you? Not bad, you got guts! Usually, you look obedient and organized, but you’re unexpectedly bolder than your elder brother. This morning, he was very angry. When he saw me, he also gave me a lecture. Do you know how much effort I made to help you? Alright, thanks. I’m finding him. You’re back. Leave, don’t let grandpa see you. Xie Xiao Qiu, you’re here? Your express delivery is inside. Thanks. You’re welcome. This is Xie Xiao Qiu? Mr. Zhang, you want to meet me? Annie, you came. Come in, take a seat. There is such a thing. This is the termination contract between you and GMF, I already signed. You can give it to Xiao Guan to view it. I don’t get it. Did I do something wrong? Annie, here is the thing. I personally sympathize with you, and I never hope that this kind of thing will happen. But I have no choice, This is the chairman’s decision. I can’t do anything. The chairman? I’ve never offended him. The chairman is Li Chuan’s grandfather. He knew what your brother did. He was furious, you knew it, Li Chuan’s health isn’t good. As a grandfather, he’s just worried about his grandson. No need to worry about Xiao Guan, I already phoned him, saying that you resigned on your own. Annie ah, you need to understand, your brother hit a person, if they wanted this to blow up, your brother would go to the police station. Now Wang family turned a blind eye on that, it’s still not the worst. Understood. Annie. Take care. Thank you. What happened? I resigned. You’ll come back to Jiu Tong? Jiu Tong is not bad. This is the right choice. Goodbye, Xiao Qiu. Grandpa acted so decisively. A blade down, everyone gets killed. What are you doing? You look like in trance. Where do you want to go? Home. Home? What about my design? I’m unemployed, what is designing used for? You ask grandpa to draw. Ask, ask… Li Chuan. Li Chuan. The media is following the reports about the case of leaking information on the Qinglian project’s blueprint. How can I not know this? Richard, you rarely come to Shanghai. This is a society of the booming information. Plus, I detected the tipper. Who? It’ll scare you. Just tell me. Your dear grandson, Li Chuan. Li Chuan? Impossible. Initially, I just wanted to investigate who was that, so everyone can receive a reasonable explanation. I invested in the Qinglian project anyway. I don’t want my field to encounter any bad rumors. I even don’t hope that the group I trust will be caught in anything bad. However, it was actually Li Chuan… Unbelievable. Lisa, this kid, he always got sick before, his mind might be out of order. If he really did something bad, please sympathize with him. Don’t worry so much, what should be done, what should be hidden, I did all. No matter what, Li Chuan is still my top designer. This time, I invited you here so as to remind you to ask him to come back to Switzerland. Don’t cause any more trouble. If carelessly, he won’t be qualified for his career anymore. If this can make him no longer in this business, I have to thank you. My biggest wish now is to make it retire as soon as possible. What are you talking about? Even that’s your wish to let him quit his job, I’m afraid I can’t agree with you. He’s my favorite designer. Come on, drink some tea, and cool yourself down. Come one, drink some tea. This time, I called you here to give you the invitation. You have to come to my birthday party. Give it to your children, so they can join, too. I have an important thing to publish. How polite you are, what is the use of sending the invitation? Just phone me, then I will immediately come there. It ain’t mannerly to phone you about it, there must be an invitation. I’m determined to participate in your birthday party. It’s a pity that Frank isn’t here. Fang Shi and GMF have been up and down for decades, so it’s really not easy to come together. That’s right. Ma’am, he came. Hello, ma’am. Xiao Guan. Come over here and sit. Sit. You’re like me after all, you always know what you want at the critical time. Why do you call me here, ma’am? Nothing. I just thought, when I left, you were just two and a half years old. I didn’t know if your father told you. Until that time, you weren’t weaned. Yet, 30 years have passed. A noble lady like you must be very busy, therefore, you must miss several things. I think there is no need to keep it in your mind. Jack said you would come to my birthday party. I was very happy to hear that. How are you? Quite well. You, do you have anything to ask me? You, you definitely couldn’t understand my choice that year. Your father, and your grandparents certainly thought me as an evil who is hard-hearted. Perhaps they aren’t wrong, either. Facing the opportunity, I made a cruel decision. If I were a man, for the revolution, leaving my own family and my children would be a heroic act. After the victory, I could return home in glory. But I’m a woman. So everything I did was unforgivable. I’m sorry, it was you that betrayed your husband. That is what your grandfather said to you? I didn’t. Your grandmother criticized me for having illicit relations with men, that isn’t the truth. My major was English, but I wanted to change to economics. I had to compete at a prestigious university. I studied hard every day, so I truly had no time and energy to do that. I hoped I could stay in America. I told your father to bring you to America to reunite with me, but he disagreed. I wanted me to come back to Chongqing. Your father is a carefree man, he is such a good man that never wants to contend for anything. He had been teaching for years, transferred to an office near a toilet, or a western dormitory that always met the strong sun. But he never had any feelings of animosity for all those arrangements. He felt that I could only have the happiness in Chongqing. Every day he spoke loudly and raised the flag, working as a little tour guide. He regarded me as a chess piece, forced me to come back to Chongqing. I couldn’t do that. Seeing that big world filled with opportunities, I couldn’t turn back to the place which is just as small as a well. Right, my father is a good man, maybe in your eyes, he is useless. But you chose him, you married him, didn’t you? He is loyal to you, and he loves me so much, and he did you no wrong. When you weren’t here, except for his work, he spent his whole time with me only. He taught me how to swim, how to draw, and played with me. He told me stories the entire night to coax me to sleep. Although I didn’t have my mother, I lacked nothing. Yes, you said your work was very hard, He raised me alone, as a father and also as a mother to me. Didn’t he struggle? In this life, not everyone who has ambitions and opportunities can get rid of their marriage vows, and their responsibility for their families. Ma’am. Not only did you kill your husband but you also took my father away from me. Xiao Guan, maternal love, I mustn’t mistrust it. I just don’t love your father. I used to send you money, but he refused it. My next husband felt that I missed you so much, so he sent someone to negotiate with your father. My husband wanted to take you to America to reunite you with me, but he resolutely refused it. I’m not as heartless as you think. Xiao Guan. I failed you, I know. I made you a motherless child. I know, I know these 30 years, I can’t make it up for you. But you… Could you give me a chance? Could you, could you allow me to help you fulfill your dream? Ma’am, I should go now. Twenty years ago, my father jumped into the Jialing river. He was afraid of the cold, before leaving, he wore one more big coat. He can’t feel the cold anymore. Yet, for 20 years, that wet coat has been always stuck in my heart. I often dreamed of being frozen so hard that I had to wake up. I felt that cold for my father. Ma’am, please don’t be so sad, pay attention to your health. He is just angry. All humans’ hearts are fleshy. Not to mention that you are still his mother. Wait till he can get all his anger out, I think he’ll feel for you. Do you think he’ll come to the party? If he didn’t want to come, I wouldn’t come here. Of course, in the next plan, in my opinion, ma’am can build good relationships with people surrounding him. For example, these two people. This is Emma, his ex-girlfriend. Although they broke up, their relationship is still quite good. This person is Xie Xiao Qiu, he is chasing after her but he hasn’t succeeded yet. Xie Xiao Qiu. She looks quite normal. She isn’t normal at all. Her ex-boyfriend is someone you know. Who? Wang Li Chuan. Ma’am. if you can help the young master solve with his love, will you be afraid that you two can’t whole again? At present, what is basically certain is Maple Riviera resort’s project started. Because of this project, I essentially flew to Wenzhou. We shouldn’t waste any time. The current situation is two managing directors and the deputy managing director of GMF agreed with me to help us compete. This can be the biggest project since Jiu Tong established the advertising department. Once we took over it, we have to make it a success. The future business will definitely come continuously. So I want to notify you early in order to offer you encouragement. See if we can make some backup plans. Mr. Lu, I don’t know much about the advertisement, you’re the department manager, do you have any ideas? Alright. Concerning the strategy. Maple Riviera resort’s project is coming. You’re gonna have much work to do. Rene is in charge of the overall designing. Who do you intend to assign the advertising plan to? There are six companies contacting currently, I prefer Hua Zhi advertising company. What about Jiu Tong? Jiu Tong? He said he spent so much money inviting Lu Wan Dong. Is this person a professional? About professional knowledge, should there be any problems? They can join, but they can’t take charge of that alone. You have to consider if the investor approves or not, right? We’ve cooperated with Jiu Tong for years, Xiao Guan is considered as your old friend. You don’t want to support him a bit? He wants it, and he put a lot of effort into it. Just assign it to him. Why? Based on that he’s Xie Xiao Qiu’s boss? Li Chuan ah, if you want to please her, just do it directly. Why do you have to take such a roundabout route? He is Xie Xiao Qiu’s boyfriend. And you? Who are you? I’m nothing. Nothing. Xiao Guan is a good person anyway, he treats Xiao Qiu well. I hope that Xiao Qiu can meet the right person, so I can leave Shanghai, it can also give me peace of mind. Just leave the whole of Maple Riviera resort to Jiu Tong. If they don’t do it well, or if there are any mistakes, I can compensate from my personal account. You’re that generous? Alright, let me supply you with an idea. Hua Zhi advertising company is not bad. However, its size isn’t too big. Recently, they’re finding investors. What about this? Buy it and present it to Jiu Tong. Then merge two companies into one, Xiao Guan is CEO, and you’re the chairman. This way, they have finances, Xiao Guan can feel happy, and possibly, he can help you earn some pocket money. I’m not that stupid. Me, too. Fine, then let me a fool once. I just told a joke. Did you take it seriously? Are you sick? Even if you use your personal account, will grandpa agree? Will he allow you to do that? That’s my money, not his. Does it matter if he agrees or not? If you have that much money, I have a recommendation. I knew a hotel, quite good. We’ll buy it, and have it repaired a bit. You support me with two drawings, and invest in this hotel at the same time. Fine, I’ll do it on one condition. You let Jiu Tong take charge of Maple Riviera resort. I myself have no problem. But I have no idea if Lisa Fang consent to it or not. Do you think she will? Right, at her birthday party next week, you have to be well-dressed. I have to be well-dressed? Alone? What about you? Are you kidding me? To deal with her, both of us must go. For Xie Xiao Qiu, you don’t need to make use of your beauty? Oh, right, this afternoon, grandpa and I are going to the cinema, what is your plan? Nothing, just take a stroll. Xiao Guan. Xiao Qiu. I’m here to inform you that I and GMF terminated our contract. Zhang Shao Hua told me. Welcome back, my top translator. I’m sorry. I had a bad influence on Jiu Tong. Why is it called “bad influence”? We’re brothers in the fighting trenches. Alright, come on. Come with me over here. What’s wrong? Come on. Come here. This is your new office, I helped you deliver all your stuff. Alright, come one, sit. How about sitting in a new position? How do you feel? It’s not bad, right? The view here is quite good. Oh, right, this tortoise is my present to you. Why did you give me a tortoise? Look at it, it’s making so much effort to get out. But it kept climbing up, and then fell down, climbing up but then falling down means it can’t get out. Is it like you? Thank you for your vivid description of my emotional life. About love, let me give you some advice. Xiao Qiu, you don’t understand men. If that man sincerely loves you, he will let you know it. He doesn’t like you, as long as he has a conscience, he’ll also let you know it. Wait till you are at my age now, you’ll see everyone is very busy. They feel it unnecessary, and have no time for the game of love. Xiao Qiu, don’t think that men are complicated, in the world of love, men are much simpler than women. Li Chuan has never said that he dislikes me. He, he hasn’t said that he likes you, right? But I’m not like that. I like you, and I’ll tell you directly. And I will use all of my heart to treat you well. Xiao Guan, I want to repeat my standpoint a bit. I.│ You don’t need you to repeat your standpoint. I knew this, I knew all. You’re always consistent in your standpoints. But I’m still not convinced, your standpoints can be changed. Xiao Qiu, look at me. If money isn’t the yardstick you use for men, I’ll be a better option for you than Wang Li Chuan. Xiao Guan, I. │ I forgot to tell you, you got a promotion, take it. Do it well. What are you looking at? That’s Lisa Fang, a mogul in the real estate industry. She herself is more beautiful than in the newspaper. │ Yes, yes. I heard that she is a doctor. Do we have business with her? Of course. We’re making building materials, If there are no real estate agents doing business with us, how can we make a living? But this Lisa, she isn’t good at communicating. Maybe it’ll be much easier for women to talk to each other. Yes yes, let’s see. Go, let’s go. Cheers, cheers. Thank you. Mrs. Fang. Mrs. Fang, hello, hello. Let me introduce her. This is my fiancee, Emma, she’s a French interpreter. Mrs. Fang, hello. Hello, Emma. Are you Xiao Guan’s friend? He used to be my former classmate, plus, we’re always good friends. Yes, yes, yes. Mrs. Fang, you know Xiao Guan? It can be said that. I heard that you’re very good at French and German. On Friday next week, I’m going to have a cocktail party, my French and German friends will come, would you and Ding Wei like to join us? Yes, we would. Of course we would, thank you, Mrs. Fang. Then, see you next Friday. Yes, yes. I’ve smoothly returned with Wenzhou project, You promised me the position of public relations manager. Where is it? Didn’t I tell you? The public relations department was merged with the advertising one. The director of the advertising department is Lu Fang Dong. He has a wealth of experiences, you also fear that you have to compete with him, don’t you? Moreover, you have one more crucial mission. Fine, it doesn’t matter if I can get the position of the director or not. I don’t care. Some preferential treatment is okay. I notified the finance department to give you a raise. Really? Can this be a lie? Alright, what is the crucial mission you’ve told me? Jing Wen, the development of our Jiu Tong It’s come at a critical time. Our whole company really needs your support. What do I have a foreboding feeling when listening to you? This seems to be a dangerous and extremely difficult mission. Tell me, which bunker do you want me to deal with? Xiao Qiu, did she just come back from GMF? G, GMF, no. No, no. │ Wait, wait. Please sit, just sit first. Xiao Qiu left, so does GMF have no translators now? Mr. Wang said that he wanted you to replace Xiao Qiu. Mr. Wang, which Wang? This, this is not important. What is significant here is that the appointment proved your working ability was recognized by them. Okay, as they recognized my ability I’ll go there. But I still need my salary I deserve to get from here. Are you demanding two wages for one job? How greedy. │ Will you give them to me or not? No. Fine, you refuse? Okay, okay, I will, I will. I will give them to you, okay? Just two wages, I will give them to you. Okay. I just returned to Jiu Tong, my seat isn’t warm yet, but Xiao Guan sent me to GMF. Isn’t GMF good? What is good here? Is it good to work with that pervert? If your personalities are together, we won’t know who will lose by then. That’s why you have to come to GMF to visit me frequently if you have nothing to do at noon, you can eat with me. Plus, please never ever let me fight with the boss alone. Don’t worry. I’m sure to inspect your results at that time. You’re the best. Pretty good. The old fat man is a good cook. He launched his new product, what to do now? How is the taste? It’s so good that I’m almost addicted to it. We in Yunnan eat rice noodles, just like people in Chongqing eat spicy food. We’ll absolutely feel uncomfortable if we let a day pass without eating it. It isn’t expensive anyway, so we can come here more often. Xiao Qiu. I remember that your favorite is tripe. That, I, I. I know, Li Chuan doesn’t eat it, right? Many foreigners don’t eat the internal organs of animals. You see my memory, you left GMF, so you can’t meet Li Chuan, do you feel bad? Ending a fruitless love isn’t a good thing, is it? At the moment, I really want to be struck by lightning. Then, I can lose my memory, and forget that person. Actually, I have another way. What is it? In the past, the place you and Li Chuan were often together, where is it? I’m very sorry. Me Too cafe. According to my grandma, I must have left your soul in that place. Hence, what you need to do now is to come back there and sit for a bit to find your own soul back. You’re too superstitious. Just try. If the superstition can pull you back to reality, it doesn’t matter at all. Besides, this isn’t really superstition. It should be considered as a psychological hint. I feel that I don’t have any psychological hint, but what you are saying is becoming vaguer. I have one example. As if you have a clock in your heart and its tickling is always like calling Wang Li Chuan. So what you have to do right now is to take that battery out. Stop it. Will it work? Yes. When Emma hit me, I tried it. Where? The toilet. You two developed romantic feelings in the toilet? When we first met each other, we were students. I helped her to find the way to the toilet. At last, where we broke up was outside the toilet. Alright, I will try it. Luckily, that cafe isn’t far from here. Xiao Qiu, I fancy coming with you, but I have an appointment with Mr. Lu at 9 o’clock. Our Jiu Tong is going to make a huge sum of money. Resort Maple Riviera? You see, My good luck charm is put on, I’m preparing money for our treasure. Smile. Xiao Qiu. Later on, can we try together? By the way. Eat this apple, I clean it, so you can eat it. Wait. Done. Eat it. The past is far, far away. The curtain not pulled up was still projecting your face. In the cramped room without a man, I never found out. Li Chuan, you know what? I must forget you. I hope that Xiao Guan’s words will come true. You see, it’s him. I don’t know his full name, but his nickname is Jun CK. Jun CK? Yes, for girls, he’s simply a handsome man. Just like the male model in CK’s advertisement. That’s who Jing Wen has a huge crush on. Every girl here like him. Wang Li Chuan, I want to invite you to the movies. Then I hope that you’ll endure my defect. What defect? Persistence, stubbornness. I experienced it. Our moves, our quietness, far and near past are painted by us. Those promises we made, those things we went through together, now we can’t make an apology. The joy, the sadness, the smile and even the tears on that face, seem to never exist from the time line. For you, it’s just the past. It didn’t end as a memorial. It’s just never vanished into the air. The cup of coffee in our picture still spread the gentle warmth. Welcome. What do you want to order? A large-size cup of latte. A large-size cup of latte. OK. 28 yuan in total. Okay. I give you the money. Thank you. I want to ask did the cycas revoluta over there bloom? Cycas revoluta? How can the cycas revoluta bloom? Are you a regular customer here? No, I used to work there like you. A senior? It’s done. Okay, here, your coffee. Thanks. You’re welcome, please drink it slowly. Our moves, our quietness, far and near past are painted by us. Those promises we made, those things we went through together, now we can’t make an apology. The joy, the sadness, the smile and even the tears on that face, seem to never exist in the time line. For you, it’s just the past. It didn’t end as a memorial. It’s just never vanished into the air. The old letters, the old picture. │ Li Chuan. Just the old days in the past. Xiao Qiu.


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