【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 31 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

Enjoy your meal! Enjoy your meal! | Thank you. Help yourself! This restaurant’s steak is the most famous in Zurich. Give it a try. Is it good? Scrumptious! No wonder my brother often eats here. After this meal, let’s go home straight away. You need to have an intravenous drip. Xiao Qiu, remember, tonight is our time. I won’t have an intravenous drip tonight. Maybe we’ll need a bottle of wine. You don’t allow me to drink wine, do you? Despite my strict regulation, I still let you drink a bit today. In addition to drinking, could you dance with me? Dance? Fine. Actually I can’t remember the last time I danced Though I don’t know the last time you danced I know whom you danced with. Who? Janet, right? So you have to dance with me. If not, I’ll be jealous of her. Fine, but you don’t mind if I dance really badly? Có em mà. There’s still me. Oh, i heard your grandpa say that you don’t mind revealing the secret to go back Shanghai. I always think you’re a professional architecture. I can’t imagine you’re so childish like that. You don’t appreciate your honor. Why did you send me so many unfinished emails? You also wanted me to come back Shanghai, which made me so hasty. I told that because I got drunk Em nói bậy bạ mà anh cũng tin à? Do you believe what I talked nonsense? Luckily I returned. If later, You might become a heavy drinker. Hôm nay là ngày mười lăm. Today is the 15th. Have you ever heard of the full moon on this day? If everyday was like today, which has beautiful flowers and a full moon, it would be perfect. Have you ever heard of Zen master Wen Yan? Not yet. Zen master Wen Yan is a great monk One day, he asked his disciples. I wouldn’t ask you what was like before the 15th? ta chỉ hỏi sau mười lăm thì thế nào? I would ask you what was like after that? All the disciples didn’t know and Zen master Wen Yan said that everyday was a good day. Everyday is a good day? Like now, Xiao Qui, you have to appreciate your time left. If our next days pass in misery. It is just because we don’t treat well with ourselves, with our life. Li Chuan you’re thin. If tonight, Li Chuan dies by my side, he’ll be happy and I’ll be contented, Maybe this will be the happiest ending. So why must I be sad? Li Chuan, tomorrow we’ll have to seperate. I don’t know when we’ll meet again. Xie Xiao Qiu came. Good morning, grandpa. Good morning. Don’t mind, I’ll leave now. Janet, tell the driver take her leaving. OK. No need. I’ve called the taxi. Take care. Where’s Li Chuan? He is sleeping. If he takes an intravenous injection now, there won’t be any problems. Xiao Qiu. Can you agree with me about one thing? Just say it. Can you make sure that you won’t keep in touch with Li Chuan anymore? As I don’t want Li Chuan to have any reasons to come back Shanghai. His health isn’t good. He needs to receive treatment in a long term. Only doctors here can understand his illness. Yesterday, actually I didn’t want to compromise. I could make you leave right away. I know you you truly love Li Chuan. You definitely want Li Chuan to be healthy, right? Fine. So do you agree with me? I can leave Li Chuan but I won’t give up my love for him. Xiao Qui You… take care. You take care too Grandpa, he slept. Already? Li Chuan, I must go. You have to treat your disease well. I’ll live happily Don’t think that you can leave me because you’re mine I won’t leave you alone. Xiao Qui Li Chuan, darling, is this another forever separation? Why is my soul so empty now? I feel neither miserable nor contented. Is it because I start to become exhausted in my love? At least I still remember your words Every day is a good day. For you, and also for me. I’ll appreciate my life and enjoy it to the fullest everyday. Do you wake up? Where’s Xiao Qui? She’s gone Has she gone? She can’t have left without a word. You must have said something to her. I I told her go. She shouldn’t have come. Though your illness is so bad, she still bothers you. Where’s my phone? Give it to me. Where’s it? There’s no need to call her. The plane has taken off. No. No. | Li Chuan Li Chuan | I have to find her. What’re you doing? | So far I haven’t done anything to compensate for her. | Li Chuan. You | Don’t touch me! In the past, because I wanted to keep her away from me I was always making her heart-wrenching and avoiding her to hurt her. Did I hurt her not enough? Now, you also treat her like that. Go out! All of you, go out! You, you have to lie. | Go out. Go out, go out, go out. You have to lie. | Li Chuan. This is the list of presents that Mr.Thang gave me. ( em không dịch được chữ thăng ạ) All the things are there. I returned all to you. Also this. I returned all to you. I hope Mr.Thang can keep his word. ( đây nữa ạ) Please don’t harm Xiao Guan. In addition, this is the total of money that you used Mr.Thang’s credit card to spend. ( đây nữa ạ) Please return all before next Friday. What? Does he force me to return this money? This is what I spent when I was with him. If not, why did I go to such places? I even played golf with him. So boring! Do you think I like playing golf? Fine! If you don’t want that Xiao Guan’s four limbs could be intact… You…! Please no. Don’t! So you feel OK with that? If everything is OK, I’ll go now. OMG. This time, I’ve got into debt. I’m flat broke. You You truly love Li Chuan . You definitely hope that Li Chuan will be healthy, right? I can leave Li Chuan but I won’t give up my love for him. I won’t leave. I can’t leave him. What beautiful sunshine! Everday is a new beginning. Ngày nào cũng là ngày tốt, đúng không Lịch Xuyên? So Xie Xiao Qiu, come on! You have to convey your positive energy to the world and cultivate your inner world. Hey, wait for me. Li Chuan isn’t online. 1 2 3. Have you come already? He even can type in Chinese. Yes, are you fine? Very good. Goodbye. Wait, Li Chuan. Have you gone to hospital yet? Do you follow the doctors’ advice? Don’t argue with your grandpa. I’m worried about you. You have to convalesce well. Xiao Qui, you came back. I haven’t finished the last two pages of this bidding document. Help me. I’ll have a meeting now. Thanks a lot. | Alright. Mr. Zhang, I’m reading the document. I can hand it in before leaving. OK, bye. Annie, Annie. This is Jiu Tong’s translation. Mr. Zhang told me to let you check before sending. All these thing must be stored. Do I have to hand in it tomorrow? You should have read it on Friday. Aren’t you on leave? You check it quickly so that I can send it soon. Today’s jobs should be finished today, right? You feel good, I feel good, everyone feels good, OK? Annie, you look better after your leave. Is there something good? Tell me, tell me. You’re so chatty. Oh. This is for shutting your mouth. I’ll find you when I’m free. Cycad, cycad! When can you blossom? Xiao Qui. Xiao Guan didn’t guess wrong. We can definitely find you here. Since you came back from Zurich, you’ve been very blue an in a panic. Has it been half a year? Finally what did Wang Li Chuan do with you? Nothing. Will he come to Shanghai anymore? At least I know that he left me 4 years ago because of his illness. I don’t know what exactly his disease is but it’s so serious. Really? If he had an incurable disease, how could he be alive until now? I agree. It’s impossible. I think he is just pretending. Normally, Li Chuan looks healthy. His shirt and pants are tidy. He also has stylish hair. When he goes out, he looks as if he would film an advertisement. If he was ill, how could he have time for his beatification? Moreover, everyday he is busy and has to pull all-nighters to work. If he had a disease, Jì Chuān wouldn’t assign him to so many projects. Anyway, they’re brothers. I think if he has a disease, it may be a chronic one. A chronic one? A chronic disease that makes a man be not able to get married. Maybe… No no. Don’t say such bullshits! If it’s not the disease related to that organ, what can be? Which disease? Xiao Qui, to be honest I think it could be the chronic arthritis. Sure. Li Chuan’s legs have problems related to this. You know, I have a relative who also suffers from this disease. She’s still young. When she got married, first her joints of hand had problems then her whole body was inflexible. It was even hard for her to roll on the bed. She couldn’t take care of her child. Like a disabled person. So painful! Li Chuan’s impaired legs were due to the accident, not arthritis. This… We’re not doctors. No one can say precisely. I think Li Chuan’s grandpa talked something to you, didn’t he? That old man’s voice is like the bell and he looks so cruel. I can know he is a conservative person at the first sight. He doesn’t allow me and Li Chuan to be together. Did he say that to you? What? He doesn’t have any rights to order you. Which age we’re living in? As I see, normally although Li Chuan is obedient, he’s still adamant about important things. When we had a meeting to evaluate drawings, despite who drew and their abilities when he didn’t approve, nobody could change his mind. It was useless to negotiate. Talking with his brother is even easier. With his such characters, it won’t be easy to persuade him. I think he wants to do a matchmaking for Li Chuan and Janet. When he was in WhenZhou, he always called her. Janet even called him “grandpa”. Both their families have had a long-term relationship with each other, a really strong relationship. Wang’s family in Switzerland embarked on their business by architecture and real estate. After that they moved to investments, so they needed a lot of support for their career. Janet is also not simple. Her father and two uncles open pharmaceutical companies. Why do you know so much? Emma told me. She used to work in the headquarters. Xiao Qui, what do you intend to do? There’s no other ways, just keep living. Are you going to come to the party tonight? Which party? Don’t you check your emails? I’m tied up in translating contracts so I don’t have time to check my emails. GMF has received a large order. They want to celebrate it tonight. They also invite a famous chef of a Western restaurant. You have to come! Western food? It’s so delicious. I like it. As though you wouldn’t come. Though you’re a vegetarian, the chef cooks salad very well. Xiao Qui, this is a rare opportunity. You have to come! Sister, it’s me, Xiao Dong. Happy birhday. I sent you 500 yuan. It’s my internship’s salary. You give it to brother Xiao and have a sumptuous meal. You can think that I stand you dinner. Xiao Dong is mature. Xiao Qui, I’m your aunt. Happy birthday. You’re 25 now, about to be an old maid. Get married soon! I made shredded beef for you. Your sister have sent to you by delivery. Remember to receive the goods. Today is my birthday. See! See! I don’t lie. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Xiao Qui, why’re you so late? I can’t catch a taxi. Be careful. You said there would be a party here, didn’t you? Why is it so empty and cold? Right. I don’t know. I’ll go behind to find them. OK. Don’t move. It’s dark, so you may fall. Don’t worry. Don’t move. Don’t worry. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, Xiao Qui. You’re so bad! Give me such big surprise! Ye Jing Yi, you’re the head, right? Alright, you need to pray. Hurry up. Finished. Come on. 1 2 3 ! Thank you a lot. Thank you a lot. | Happy birthday. Our cute girl! You should perform something for everyone, right? Right, right. No need! I only know to play the guitar but I don’t take it with me today. Apparently I heard you and Xiao Guan had learned dancing. Do you want to watch? Yes, have a dance. Let us see your dance. Xiao Qui. Have a dance. So we’ll have a dance. | Dance! Come on. Just a little bit. Good. | Good. Very good, very good. Let’s start. Good, good, good. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Xiao Qui. What’s wrong with you? Xiao Qui Xiao Qui Li Chuan Li Chuan Xiao Qui I’m sorry. Lately, I was impolite. Don’t be angry with me. Why does you bleed? Don’t move. You have to wash your wound. If not, it’ll be septic. Now it’s OK. Lady! It’ll leave a scar. Xiao Qui, do you need to say goodbye to them before leaving? You help me to say goodbye to them. I want to go home. Alright. I’ll take you home. You wait here. I’ll drive here You and me count to three and let each other go. I volunteer to let you hate me. You don’t know how painful I am. My intense longing can fill up a river. You and me count to three and let each other go. Don’t hurt each other anymore. Let our love end at the most beautiful moment. There’s some sweet memories that are worth rekindling forever. But time cannot defuse our regrets. You have to get through tomorrow alone. Don’t cry, please. Just wait until somebody can be by your side. At that time, I can rest in peace. You and me count to three and let each other go. I volunteer to let you hate me. You don’t know how painful I am. My intense longing can fill up a river. You and me count to three and let each other go. Don’t hurt each other anymore. Wear a beaming smile! Be happier! Seemingly, we haven’t ever celebrated our birthday together. I’ll give you what you want. Chocolate cookies. Only this? And I don’t want to cry on that day. So you have to call me. Why do you cry when there’s nothing happend? Because my grandma said if I cried on my birthday, it would be unlucky and I would cry in the rest of my life. Li Chuan, today is also your birthday. I volunteer to let you hate me. You don’t know how painful I am. My intense longing can fill up a river. You and me count to three and let each other go. Don’t hurt each other anymore. Let our love end at the most beautiful moment. Hey, don’t move. Xiao Lin, take a rest. I’ll call you if something happens. OK. When will our grandpa come back the headquarters? His meeting in Italy hasn’t finished yet. I guess it may be the day after tomorrow. When mentioning this, this time I and Rene secretly moved you here. If our grandpa knows, he’ll kill me. Secretly? You regard me as a panda? You’re not a panda. You’re a patient. Hey, listen to me, this time you come back, you’ve met her. It could be seen that you fulfilled your wish. Tomorrow we’ll come back. At best, we should come back before grandpa goes home. Nobody would know. When I’m here now, do you think I want to go more? What do you mean? If you don’t come back, I’ll be angry with you. I won’t leave. Right, I want to show you this. I’ll tell you a good news This? I bought a grave. It’s not bad. There is a mountain behind it, and a sea in front of it. and the air is fresh. They even agree to discount 20% for me. What’re you saying? Wang Li Chuan, you know our grandpa has a heart disease. Do you want to see him being angry to death? Why are you so mad? An architecture like me is used to saying logically. I just buy it in case at that time you may be too busy. Just look at this. This place is not bad. Look at this place. I also like it. I believe you will…. What’re you doing? I don’t say I’ll go inside it now. I just saw the discount and made a call. They were very enthusiastic. Besides, its feng shui is not bad. I think you can give it a go. | Shut up! Don’t mention this with me anymore, will you? You think if you really die, we can’t afford your grave? Don’t be so pessimistic. I know last time, you returned it was not easy for us to find a person that could donate their bone marrow. But you were the second person on the waiting list. I knew you were so disappointed. But this time is different. This time if you come back, you will be arranged the first. We stand a good chance. Listen to me, If you don’t come back Switzerland with me, you’ll be in your grave soon Can you stop shouting? The roof is likely to have a hole due to your shout. If you don’t want to hear my shout, come back with me tomorrow. No. I’ve made up my mind. If you agree, stay here with me. If you don’t agree, come back with grandpa. I won’t certainly come back Zurich. OMG If I can walk, I’ll go to work everyday and help you check the drawings. It’s Xie Xiao Qui. Don’t let her come in. What are you scared of? I don’t want her to see me now. I’m afraid she will be terrified. Annie. Come in. Come in. It’s cold outside. Come in. Have a seat. Come on. Where’s Li Chuan? Li Chuan has gone out. So the thing in front of my house… You mean that chocolate? Li Chuan told me to give you. I didn’t see you there, so I put it on the door. Well, so I’ll go back now. Goodbye. Annie. Happy birthday. Thank you, goodbye. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Why do you get out of your bed? Slowly.


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