【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 33 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

Dad, I have never ordered anything that big. Never. I opened it. It’s a chair. The design is very unique. The workmanship is also sophisticated and elaborate. I know, I got it. Dad, it’s a gift from one of my friends. Which friend? Why do they suddenly send you a chair? That’s a friend who sells furniture. Alright, that’s good. Sao can we buy another one from your friend? I want to make them a pair then place them in the living room so that it will look more mettlesome. Dad, Dad, we only need one of it, really. Dad, a colleague is calling me. I’ll hang up now, goodbye. Well, thank you for your chair. What are you doing? I’m thinking that if I design another chair, place it next to your desk, so that you can sit on it day by day, until you don;t want to stand up anymore. then what do you think about it? It’s not necessary. Then do you know… Know what? Where is my brother? I don’t know. What the heck was that? Li Chuan, you’re here? I’m looking for you. Hi, you’re here too? Come on in. Xiao Qiu, I have called you so many times last night. Why didn’t you pick up the phone? I put my phone on silent mode. You didn’t come home the whole night. Where did you go? What else can you say? You haven’t even changed your clothes. It’s not like what you are thinking. I really didn’t hear you calling. Yesterday we had a date to go to the Latin dance class together, didn’t we? I truly forgot about that. But, Xiao Guan, I have a bad feeling. I can feel that Li Chuan’s illness is really serious. At times like this, I can’t leave him alone. If his illness is that bad, why did he come back then? Let’s continue our talk when we get home, I have to go to work first, Do you know that grandpa has come back earlier? This morning he call to scold me fiercely. Hermann said that recently, your health indicators are unstable. He wants you to return to the hospital right away. Anyway, your marrow has been registered for transplantation in Europe. In case we can really find a marrow donor, you have to be in Europe to take the transplant. Let me tell you this. This time, I really can’t stop him. Grandpa said that he will give you 2 more days. If you don’t go back, he will come here by himself. I have made up my mind. It’s no use coming here to take me home. After all, what else do you need to do but haven’t done yet? I’ll help you finish it. I don’t have anything to do. It’s just I don’t want to go back there. You. Ji Chuan, I have made up my mind.’ I’ll stay here, I’ll work, attend meetings, design, meet my friends, I won’t be bored any more. If I go back, it will be extremely boring. Don’t tell me such things. It’s all because of Xie Xiao Qiu, right? You can say whatever you like. Li Chuan. I have made up my mind. Staying in Shanghai is my desire. This might be the last desire of my life. Ji Chuan, can you help me, please? You only think for yourself. Have you ever think for our grandpa? Old grandpa is this old, do you want his anger to kill him? Let me tell you this. I’ll give you 1 more week. Quickly complete what you need to do. Otherwise I will definitely knock you out, then put you in a suitcase and send you home express. Good morning, Mr.Wang. Annie, could I bother you? What’s wrong? Tell me. Li Chuan’s recent situation is not very good. Can you please help me to advice him to go back to Switzerland? I can persuade him. I have known that he is ill, but I don’t know how bad is his illness. There are some things you also need to know. Here you are. So I have to bother you now, thanks. Mr. Xiao, you really mustn’t get in. Don’t block my way, I have something to ask him. But Director Wang has set the rule. Can you not make it difficult for me, please? – It’s for real. | – I have seen him get in there this morning. Xiao Guan. Mr. Wang, I can’t stop him. It’s OK. What’s wrong? I want to see Wang Li Chuan. Why do you want to see him? I have something to ask him. Let’s come to my office, then we’ll talk. Ms. Ye, can you go out? Please close the door, we need to discuss something, Xiao Guan, why do you want to see Li Chuan? He promised me that after leaving Shanghai, he wouldn’t come back to find Xiao Qiu. Did he promise you like that? Because he couldn’t bring happiness to Xiao Qiu, he chose to step back. So what do you mean is that Xie Xiao Qiu is now given to you? Xiao Quan, Xie Xiao Qiu is a human being, she is not an object that can be given to you, then given to him (Li Chuan). Let me ask you, what is your brother trying to do? He keeps playing push and pull, is he fishing? He’s always sick all the time. He’d better not flirting girls with such an ailing look, he doesn’t deserve to be called a man, what a shame! You shouldn’t say so. Normally my brother treat you quite well. The 80-million-yuan-investment in Hua Zhi is also from his money. He wants to support the relationship between you and Xie Xiao Qiu, so he gave it to you unconditionally. Where do you think that money come from? Did it fall from the sky? Let me tell you, about Xie Xiao Qiu’s love for Li Chuan, he himself can’t do anything with it. All of the most cruel words have been said to her, but they didn’t work. Do you think my brother wants to give her up? Right now he is hurting himself. Do you understand? The love story of him and Xie Xiao Qiu doesn’t have any part for you from the very beginning. Don’t interfere them anymore. Who do you think you are? Don’t touch me, I don’t understand anything you say at all. Alright, I’ll find Li Chuan to make everything clear. Calm down. Don’t touch me. Xiao Guan, don’t be aggressive. | Don’t touch me Take your hands off. What are you two doing? Is there is any problem, let’s talk calmly. Mr. Xiao, a gentleman never fights. Let’s go. René, just ignore him. Have this glass of watermelon juice to calm down. It’s you who called René in, right? It’s me. For what? Are you afraid that I will be hurt? You can’t even fight against me, how can you fight against someone else? I have told you several times, it was because I yielded, don’t you believe me? Let’s see. | Hey! Try to get rid of my hand! What are you doing? Let me go. Try it, just try it! Take your hand off. Ye Jing Wen, you don’t want to have babies with me anymore? Pervert! You female pervert! They have gone inside. Come in, please. Hello. I’m Xie Xiao Qiu, Mr. Wang Ji Chuan’s assistant. He gave me this business card, Take a seat. Yes. Regarding the style of this tomb, he said that he wanted to follow his brother’s design. We have completed the design on computer. He said he wanted to come to see the effect. What kind of effect? Wait a minute, let me export this file. Here, take a look at this design. Wang Li Chuan, who is sleeping here, was born in Switzerland, went to school in America, and loved a Chinese girl, thus he died in China. What are you doing, Miss? Why are you messing it up? Why do you delete it? You, what are young doing? He will not die. The contract has been signed, the fee has also been transfered. Where is the contract? Bring it here. Alright. Check it out. Our life in the future might get even lonelier, this is our only choice. There are pains we will understand. You, this… How can you tear up this contract? This is a legal document, do you know that? You are too much. Who are you after all? Why do you care about who I am? Let me tell you, he will not die. If he dies, it won’t be too late to make it again. Why are you being so ridiculous? Here, here, here… Let’s count to 3, and then let go of our hands. Don’t suffer anymore. Let our love stop at the most brilliant moment. Li Chuan, is everything OK? OK. See you tomorrow. Xiao Qiu. Goodbye, take good care of yourself. What are you doing? | Is that something a person who cares about you would do? Don’t be so stubborn, can you? You won’t gain anything. If I can make you happy, I certainly will do my best, but now I can’t. You’re still in the hospital. Did you run here from the hospital? He now has to take medicine, take injection, take infusion on time, do you know that? What is he betting to playing with you? It’s his life. Are you going to die? No, definitely no. Xiao Qiu, look at me. You have to keep looking ahead. No. Don’t suffer anymore. Let our love end at its most brilliant moment. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. I wish you hated me. You don’t know that I have a lot of sadness, my nostalgia forms into a river. And when you count to 3, we’ll let go of each other. Don’t suffer anymore. Let our love end at its most brilliant moment. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. Xiao Guan. Xiao Qiu, what’s wrong? Can you do me a favor? Do you a favor? Xiao Qiu. Has you come back? Why do you want to see me? It’s very cold outside. Aren’t you going to invite me in? Here is your soup. It’s American styled chicken stew. Try it. It’s such a feast. Then enjoy this feast well. Try a bite. Does it taste good? Then eat a lot. You know what, fortunately you haven’t thrown this steamer pit away. Otherwise I couldn’t have made chicken stew for you by a steamer pot. Here. When are you going to go? I’m not going back. I have a lot of things to do. Look at you now, you keep sleeping and vomitting all the time, your illness should be cured first. It won’t be late if you return to do those things after getting well, right? Why do you suddenly persuade me to leave? Have you thought through? Actually I feel like it was all my fault. I think Xiao Guan doesn’t treat me badly, I shouldn’t keep rejecting him, and then come to bother you, make everyone unhappy. I should accept the reality. otherwise I will be sorry to more people. Or should we do thíí? Come on, let’s cheer! After we finish these glasses, I will forget everything, and then you’ll go back to take your treatment well. Come on, bottoms up! So you have promised me. Alright, quickly, try this. All of these dishes are made especially for you. There are fish and also vegetables. Do you want some coffee? No, I’m fine. Alright, just stop here. Are we still friends from now on? Can I still care about you? Go back to Switzerland and take your treatment well, don’t make me worried. Why do you keep nodding? You have to come back soon. I’ll be back. Don’t lie to me. I don’t. You have to withstand tomorrow by yourself. We shouldn’t linger anymore. Then I’ll go home now. | I’ll wait for the right person who can stay with you, so that I can leave in peace. Li Chuan, a goodbye kiss… You don’t know that I have a lot of sadness, my nostalgia forms into a river. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. Don’t suffer anymore. Let our love end at its most brilliant moment. There are memories worthy to keep for a lifetime. Let’s use magic to erase our regret. You have to withstand tomorrow by yourself. don’t linger anymore. I’ll wait for the right person This is for you. | who can stay with you so that I can leave in peace. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. I wish you hated me. | And this one… You don’t know that I have a lot of sadness, my nostalgia forms into a river. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. Don’t suffer anymore. Let our love end at its most brilliant moment. Alright, you needn’t to see me off. I’ll go now. My life in the future might get even lonelier. This is my only choice, There are pains that we will understand, that’s why I let you go. | Xiao Qiu. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. I wish you hated me. | You have to be happy. You don’t know that I have a lot of sadness, my nostalgia forms into a river. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. Don’t suffer anymore. Let our love end at its most brilliant moment. We all have to receive the burden of freedom. Our life in the future might get even lonelier. this is our only choice. There are pains that we will understand, that’s why I let you go. Love is like the last leaf of the autumn. Once today passes, we will never get to hold each other’s hand again. Xiao Qiu, how was it? Have you said it all? Li Chuan is a smart guy. if you say so, he will definitely feel something strange. He won’t be so easy to believe you. If I were him, I certainly wouldn’t believe it. What should I do now? He even wished me happiness. How can I be happy? Yes, you can, you can be happy. Just marry me. Didn’t he tell you to forget everything? Come to me. Actually I’m a quite truthwỏthy man. If Li Chuan knows that you have got married and settled down, he will definitely rest in peace. It’s alight, don’t be upset. I want to see your smile. Smile. Can you smile just once? Let’s go. You’re like a fire in the winter, a flaming fire. Leave it to me. A flaming fire that burns me up. What’s wrong? | It’s boring. Too boring. We have already signed the contract, why do we still have to come here to sit and watch? The mightier you are, that harder your work gets. Did I do well today? I have drank so much for this contract. Wait a minute, it’s not my contract, it’s a Xiao Guan’s contract. Your boss wants to get some more projects from GMF. I have already given him all of the projects I invested myself. He wants more, but other investors didn’t agree, so you have to drink with them, just keep drinking until they agree. Whenever this is mentioned, I get annoyed. We’re all trying to help Xiao Guan, but eventually he came to beat us up. What’s wrong with his mind? If you say so, it means that you don’t understand him. Don’t underestimate Xiao Guan, since he first started his career, if he does something, there will be no one do it better than him. không có dự án nào không khiến người ta hái ra tiền. If you let him take over this project, he definitely won’t let you down, don’t worry. Speaking of you, when someone wants to take anything from you, it’s not very easy, is it, Wang Ji Chuan? Me? I think the reason why Xiao Guan gets angry this time is because of Xiao Qiu. Your brother, too, isn’t the way he treats Xiao Qiu too cruel? Stop here, it’s OK if you say bad things about me, but don’t say such things about my brother. My brother is always as pure as a jewel, the way he treats people is much more gentle than I do. Moreover, for this project, I has been devoted enough. You see, I keep drinking that much, If I get drunk and then do something wrong, you must be worried. What are you talking about? Look at your friends none of them looks decent at all. Who is not decent? They are all big bosses. Đúng rồi, nói đến đây, anh đúng là phải cảm ơn em, Today I called René to come in on time. It wasn’t because I’m afraid that you’ll have a fight with Xiao Guan. I’m just afraid that if you fight, everything in our office will be smashed. It would be a waste. Are you thanking me? It’s rare to see. Yes, from the bottom of my heart. Alright. Don’t drink too much. What are you doing? Are you trying to harass me? | How dare you slap me? What are you going to do? Stop fighting, stop! Stop it. Don’t move, don’t move. Be gentle, be gentle. | Okay. Does it hurt? It hurts, it’s bleeding. Mr. Wang, since you were born, you have never been beaten up, right? No way, I used to fight a lot with my brother. Look at you now, don’t try to show off. Jing Wen, can I call you like that? Jing Wen, my head hurts, I’m dizzy. Does it hurt? I will get better soon. You know what? Xiao Qiu said to me that you’re not a bad guy. Back then I didn’t believe her, but now I do. After this time, you can be sure that I’m going to try my best to bother you. I think that we should to to the hospital to check your condition. I can’t even move. I lost all of my strength, my boday hurts. Just let me take a rest, can you? Now I really need… What do you need, Mr. Wang? I really need a… a sincere hug. If you don’t want to hug me, just let me suffer, it’s okay. Actually, your reaction is not hard to understand. From a psychological perspective, you lack of maternal love. Your logic is very reasonable. You know what? Since the first time I saw you, I have became a child. That hurts. This is the supply situation of the Shanghai region and the situation of real estate consumption, and this is the sketch of the central area as well as the surrounding area, take a look at these. The convertibility of this brand, lies in 3 key words: natural, self-produced, and free. Furthermore, this is the material consumption analysis of the last year first-stage luxury apartments construction. How about the residents analysis? Have you done that? Yes, I have, according to our survey, the customers who can afford those apartments are people in the age group of 30 to 50. They are mostly small and medium enterprise owners, shareholders in large companies. Most of them work in the fields of business, as well as finance, electronic production and famous artists. Of course there might also be some overseas Chinese who return to do business in China. Thank you so much for helping me to get this Feng Quan Bay project. Last time I was too aggressive. I’m really sorry, but the wounds on your face… have nothing to do with me. My punch didn’t hit you that day. You have been overthinking. Can your punch make me be like this? Regarding to the Feng Quan Bay, I want to remind René that there must be enough parking space. Sure. There must be some designs that can show off the owners’ identity, the decoration and furniture must also be high-class. Sure, our advertising department will certainly do our best to make a cooperation plan. There is one more thing, actually I have bought an apartment already. I think, can I have a discount? I recommended this business deal for you, you still want to take the opportunity to gain some profit? Then I’ll give you a 5% discount. 10%? What have you said? 15%, that’s the best deal, don’t demand too much. Sure, sure, that was too good. Thank you so much. 85 Director Wang, Mr. Xiao the village chief would like to see you. Mr. Xiao the village chief? Invite him to come in. Yes. Li Chuan. Xiao Guan, take a seat. Sure. Why do you want to see me? It’s like this, I booked an apartment in Feng Quan bay. I’m looking for an interior decoration company, Xiao Qiu say that we should consult you a little bit. No problem. Do you need the decoration company to be in charge of design? That would be too expensive, we couldn’t afford it. If you two don’t mind, let me do the design, I will pay the decoration costs. Just consider it as my gift for you. That would be great. Xiao Qiu, how do you think? Good. Just tell me what you need, have you got any idea for the inner space? I think that since Xiao Qiu like reading books, there should be a reading room with a large bookshelf on the second floor. OK. And Xiao Quan like collecting beer, then let’s have a beer cellar. Didn’t I promise you that? I know you love me a lot, thank you. As long as you like it. So you want a beer cellar? If you have a beer cellar, then the living room area will be smaller. Don’t you mind about that? No, we don’t. How about the restroom? Would you like it to be on the first or second floor? I recommend to place it on the second floor, so that after your clothes are washed, it will be a little easier to dry them. I have no problem with it, I all agree with Xiao Qiu. It sounds good, so place it on the second floor. Let’s place it on the second floor.. Alright. And should we have an open kitchen? I mean it shouldn’t be open. Both of us like spicy food, then when we cook, our guests may not like the smell. Do you think so? Okay, then it won;t be open. Actually, I’m not professional in buying furniture. Ji Chuan is much better. Let me ask him to give you the catalogue so that you can choose the materials and colors of wood and the stones. Don’t worry, our products are certainly the best. Isn’t that great? Li Chuan, thank you. Thank you. When are you going to get married? Soon. We will certainly invite you to attend our wedding. Great, I’ll wait for it. I’ll leave after attending your wedding. If you can attend our wedding, it will be our pleasure. Right, Xiao Qiu? Now the remedy is worse than the disease. I thought that Li Chuan would leave soon, but it went wrong, he wants to attend our wedding, and even design our wedding room. How long will this last? Then… Then let’s have a real wedding. Let’s have a real wedding to make him totally hopeless. Xiao Guan, why am I feeling like you’re having some unexpected plans, are you trying to gain some benefit? I swear to God, I’m trying to help you. A fake marriage can also harm my reputation. You know, if I have a fake marriage and then divorce, and after the divorce, I get married again, then isn’t it my second marriage? My value will totally be reduced. Eat your noodle. Now you see, they have already became a couple, you have nothing to do with it here. I have booked a tomorrow flight ticket for you, I’ve received the ticket. Did you say anything to her? I said nothing. They are going to get married soon, I want to wait until then. No, no more waiting. Even if you don’t die now, our grandpa will. Don’t worried, leave everything here to me. Just go. Xiao Qiu, have your meal. Okay. Oh, Xiao Guan asked me to design his new apartment. When I come back to Switzerland, I’ll sketch some designs, please remember to help him to choose the materials and colors. You’re talking about his apartment in Feng Quan bay? Yes. It hasn’t even started to be built, why do you have to hurry? Have your meal. Xiao Qiu, Li Chuan is going back to Switzẻland tomorrow. How do you know that? Ji Chuan told me to book the ticket for him. Do you want to have a drink with me? No, I don’t. Poor Xiao Qiu. It’s okay. Let’s count to 3 and then let go of each other. I wish you hated me. You don’t know that I have a lot of sadness, my nostalgia forms into a river. We will get married soon. We’ll definitely invite you to attend our wedding. Great. Then I’ll wait to attend your wedding before I leave.


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