【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 36 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

The things in the past stay in the past. Forever far apart. The curtains that have not been pulled yet has reflected your face. This small room is empty. As if I haven’t found out that you have suddenly disappeared. People consider it a kind of attachment. There is an old envelope in the drawer. Words in that envelope potrait our days. Every single page, every single page becomes the loss of today. Now, thousands of words can’t express my love. Why I can’t deny my feeling? Those monochrome images depict our moments that we had been through. Vow everyday, it is water under the bridge. Can’t compare to an apology. The images show our happiness, and our sadness. Like the time, they haven’t passed away. However, to you, they belongs to the past. Not nostalgic at all. It has not vanished like a mist. I have to tell you something. I mean, it is about me. On a behalf of Li Chuan, He hopes you will leave Shanghai right now. He has me take you to the airport. Let me see how you force me to leave. You will tie me up, won’t you? He said that your relationship couldn’t end easily. He doesn’t want to have troubles. Have you done yet? Listen to me, Xiao Qiu. It is difficult to change what Li Chuan has determined. If he was able to change, you could not have suffered for many years like that. However, I am obstinate. In short, he won’t meet you. He has no energy to argue with you. This time, don’t compete against him. Can you do that? Where do you want to go? I will buy a ticket for you. Now, prepare your belongings to leave here, please. You don’t need to advise me anymore. I won’t leave when Li Chuan is still in this circumstance. If he is cured, I will wait for his recovery. Providing he is dead, I have to be there to say good bye. Xiao Qiu, he has the right to not let you come. I have the right to wait outside. Can you have a cooperative attitude? No, I can’t. What are you doing? You are coming at the time that I am about to buy some coffee. Do you want a cup of coffee? Come and see him. He wants to see you. Is it fit to you? Okay, okay, thank you. Okay, take a rest. I will see you tonight. Thanks a bunch. | You’re welcome. Did you sleep well last night? Yeah, a good 16 hours of sleep. I think your legs are better. Yeah, my legs have been recovering but the doctor said I need to practice muscle training more. I know an excellent physical therapist. I will ask Ji Chuan give you his phone number. If you feel uncomfortable, call him immediately. You don’t need to worry about me. I’m very strong. Let me tell you this story. When I was younger, I used to be dislocated because of climbing trees. Although I felt agonizing, I didn’t go to meet the doctor. It recovered soon. Actually, I don’t care whether my legs are fine or not. Do you remember what you said? That we are the same. You see, your legs are not good. Neither do I. So, we are a match made in heaven. Am I right? Tell me that I am right, please. Yeah, you are right. Xiao Qiu, Do you feel lonely when no one was there when you are waiting in this hospital? No, I don’t. Not even a little. When I have nothing to do, I often watch DVDs. Have you ever heard a series named “Fated to love you”? It is fantastic. Therefore, I watch it over and over again. Although I am not a type of person who is fond of series, it still attracted me. When you are allow to leave the hospital, what do you think if we watch it together? Leave the hospital? The period I have stayed in the hospital seems to be longer than one I’m out. My grandpa told me that convalescence is also a kind of work. I realize that Xiao Guan treat you by a special way. You are right. Xiao Guan is not bad. But, I only love you. From now on, I only love you. Xiao Qiu, come here, I will tell you something. What’s up? Speak to me, please. Leave here now. No, I can’t. Has Rene told you about my disease? What he told you is the bright side. MDS cancer, chemotherapy, and lung resection are the bright side? He didn’t tell you that my illness had a high recurrence rate. My mother is half French. The spinal cord of a hybrid is extremely rare, therefore, it is difficult to find the suitable spinal cord to transplant. My system of immunity has collapsed. I don’t know how long I could live. Why are you staring me like that? It is not my fault. I know how to take care of myself. Take medicine and get blood transfusion as guided. maintain nutritional intake and adhere to practice. I have followed what doctors suggested. But, you can’t defeat something in an easy way. You should not keep optimistic outlooks about my future. How can you think your actions are careful? Do you remember the day you argued with me in the rain? Then you got drunk. At last, you tried to endure although you vomited violently. You didn’t come back when your condition worsened like this. How could you suppose that you are careful? Basically, you are careless. Xiao Qiu. I’m afraid that it will become metastatic cancer. and cancer spreads to my lungs. More than a half of my lung was cut. There is no way out. When MDS worsens, that is called Leukaemia. The mortality risk is extremely high. Although I’m waiting for bone marrow transplant, like it never happen. In case they find a suitable marrow, some serious complications will appear. Do you still want to listen? Keep talking, please. After many cycles of chemotherapy, we could be infertile. We could not have young. So, you are worried about this thing? I think it is fine. Even if we are unable to have a baby, we can adopt a kid. I try convincing you like that. Even a word you still don’t listen to me. Aren’t you scared at all? No, I’m not. Just angry why you haven never told me your real condition for years. Why do you let me share with you? Actually, once time, you said to me that you were scared of hospital and bad things will happen to me. Besides, you have hemophobia. Although you have an illness, I have always been with you. Why do you so hurry? I don’t want to see that you are sick. Once you are sick, I will feel unhappy. Li Chuan, the death is something unintentional. But, that I met you is inevitable. I won’t get away from you. Maybe. We could have met each other. The reason is my greed. When seeing happiness, I was fear of missing it. So, I caught it. But, it seems I hurt you deeply. If life gave me lemons, I would make lemonade for you. But life gives me these bad things, I can’t give you good things. If you leave Shanghai now, I promise you that I will try my best to live. So, I want to emphasize that I won’t leave Shanghai. I want to be here and take care of you. Morever, I don’t need your lemonade. Em có thể tự mình làm mà. I could do it by myself. When I have done, I could give you a glass of lemonade. Hi, there! Hi!| Finally, you come? Yeah. Do you see that your beard grow too long? You should shave it. I have no time, you know. Let me help you with this. You know how to do that, don’t you? No, of course. I don’t know how to do that. But this thing knows. Where is it from? I bring it. What? So, where do we At the staircase. Nobody is in there. Quickly. quickly! | No, I can’t do that. Come on. | Li Chuan said that I was more masculine when I grew beard. I don’t want to shave my beard.| No, it is not beautiful. He tricked you. Listen to me. You are twenty- five only. You are as young and beautiful as a flower. Do you know how many men wants to take care of you? You don’t need to follow me, one is about to die. You don’t need to live like this way. I give you nothing, except for pains, worries and fears. You should have had a perfect life with a long-lasting love. You could have married a man who could spend his life to take care of you. If others bully you, he could fight them for you. Firstly, you used to fight others because of me. Second, if you know how precious and beautiful I am, help me save my time. Thirdly, I was about to go but you called me back. Do you remember that? You begged me to stay with you, didn’t you? Calling you was not my first intention. When I was in the car, I was going to call Rene. But, I thought I shouldn’t bother him anymore. So, I hung up. After that, when I went to the bar, I didn’t feel so good. So, I went to the toilet. After that, I can’t remember anything else. You mean that you pressed the wrong number? I’m afraid so. Wang Li Chuan, can you be more romantic? What if we can’t be together, we will have some romantic memories to remember. Should be more practical. Don’t feel so good? Come on, let me help you. Do you feel better? Okay, okay. Stop talking, please. Wait until you feel better, we continue to discuss this topic. We have have a lot of time in the future, don’t we? So, I have an idea. If I survive after this period, I will be with you. If I die, you must move on after that. You see, piece of cake. I swear. If you go away, I will move on. I will definitely get married in one year. I’m sure that I won’t become a widow, is it okay? Keep your word. Xiao Qiu, I’m tired, I want to sleep. You must be tired these days. That’s what I have to do. What does the doctor say? His condition is not good. This time, he suffers a severe injury. Seems that he has no resistance. With this current status, you see, how can he get back to Zurich? He is unable to go by plane. Does his grandpa know his condition? He doesn’t know anything. Janet helps me hide him the truth. Why does he have to get transfusion fluid so many times like that? Since he came, infusion tubes hasn’t been pulled. Besides fluids, he has to get platelet transfusion and red blood cell transfusion. If the weather is pretty tomorrow, I will take him out to sunbath. Xiao Qiu, currently, who could persuade Li Chuan to continue his life Only you. You haven’t left Li Chuan for these years. Our family appreciates your effort. Should be. Who does look after Mia? She is in Jing Wen’s place. Let Jing Wen’s parents take care of Mia. You don’t need to worry about it. Do you see that the weather is so pleasant today? Do you have any plans for this afternoon? Reading books or watching DVDs? Let’s watch DVDs. Okay. We will watch the series that you told me last time named “Love and fate” or something else. “Fated to love you”, isn’t it? This series is great. Do you want to see it? Or you will take it now. Then, we will watch it together after that. So, I will take it now. You, stay here and wait for me. Miss. Xie!| Xiao Mu. It is time for you to take medicines. I will leave here for a while. Would you mind staying here with Li Chuan til I am back? Okay! See you in the afternoon. Mrs. Wang, come on. See you in the afternoon. Pardon. Can I ask you something? I want to find the newest films. We have every kind of films, from domestic films to foreign films. We also have films from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Which kind do you want? Would you mind choosing ten films that are the most famous one currently for me? Okay, okay. This one has just been released. It is great. This one is not bad. Li Chuan, I have already bought some DVDs for you… Excuse me, do you see a man whose height around 1m95? And he has a difficulty when walking. I don’t see him. Thank you so much! You’re welcome. How is it going? I haven’t found him. I think, we should spread out. Spread out to find him. | Okay, let’s go! How is it going? Have you found Li Chuan? Nope, we are finding him. It is time for him to have an intravenous drip. Where did Xiao Mu take the patient? I have come back from the security unit. According to the guard, Li Chuan said he went out to buy something. Something wrong. It is not what Li Chuan wrote. You see, his name was written in the wrong way. Go out for 15 minutes, it said. But it has been 40 minutes since that time. Does Li Chuan visit your place? No, he doesn’t. We can’t find him. What, how it could be? Currently, he is unable to move as usual. I guess he has not gone too far. However, Xiao Mu also disappears. Nurses and me have been searching everywhere. Okay, keep finding. Okay, I go there now. Okay, bye. I have found everywhere inside this hospital. Basically, there is nobody here. The hospital also sends some nurse to the near market to find him. I also ask Shao Hua to call friends of Xiao Mu. They have no idea where he is. Is him kidnapped? Kidnapped? Can’t be. Xiao Mu is a good person. If he is not, Shang Hua won’t introduce Xiao Mu to us. Moreover, we pay him a high salary. I suppose that he could not take a risk out of desperation. In case, he had actually kidnapped Li Chuan, he could have left a note or demand a ransom. So, did Li Chuan have to meet a customer? Before he left, the sketch hadn’t been finished. Zhang Shao Hua took over Li Chuan’s job. Xiao Qiu, do you recognize any unusual behaviors of Li Chuan? For example, depressed anxious or unstable. Did he tell you something weird? If I die, you must move on. move on. I’m tired, I want to sleep now. Yeah, yeah, he did. He said that in case he died, move on. I must move on. Moreover, he said that he was tired and wanted to sleep. Did you promise to him? Yeah, I did. I swore to him. Do you think that he wanted to … Xiao Qiu, Xiao Qiu, listen to me. In this circumstance, you must calm down. You are the only one can find him. Now, Li Chuan has a difficulty in moving. If Xiao Mu took him to somewhere, they could not go too far. Whatever it is, I have to find Li Chuan today. With his current condition, he can’t survive in the long period. Besides his illness, he also has problems in eating. He has gone through 3 days without eating. How long can he survive? Think again. Do you remember any acquaintances whom Li Chuan and you know when you have lived in Shang hai? Or anywhere he used to go. I remember that he has lawyer a lawyer named Chen Dong Cun. Why don’t you talk to us earlier? No, I thought that he worked for GMF. I guess Jing Wen checked it. No, he didn’t. He doesn’t work for the communication unit of our company I don’t know him. It’s okay. Why don’t you call him and ask him about Li Chuan? Okay. Hello. Hello, is that the lawyer Chen Dong Cun? I am Xie Xiao Qiu. Do you still remember me? You are Xiao Qiu, aren’t you? Of course, I still remember you. How are you? I want to ask you something. Recently, has Wang Li Chuan contacted with you? Yeah, he called me yesterday. He called you for what? This thing… You must listen to me. Li Chuan gets cancer. His current condition is not good. He has vanished from the hospital since yesterday. We can’t find him. He asked me to book an commercial flight yesterday. Where did he come? He had to discuss an emergency case in his job, he said that. He wanted to come Kun Ming in one- two hours. Did you help him book that flight? Of couse, I helped him. I have a friend who specializes in this place. He seemed to hurry. Therefore, he made a deal quickly. The check is coming from my office. So, could you give me the number of that friend? No problem. His first name is Cai. prepare to write his number. Okay, thank you so much. Okay, speak. Hello, who are talking? Mr. Cai, my name is Wang Ji Chuan. Wang Li Chuan is my younger brother. Would you mind if I ask you this? Did Li Chuan go to Kun Ming by your flight yesterday? Yeah, yesterday has a slot that other booked for him. Did Xiao Mu go with him? Yeah, yeah. That’s his assistance. With his current health, he is unable to go by plane. How can I know his health? During his, flight he didn’t speak a word. No eating. No shaking my hand. what time is his flight? At 16:00. Did he tell you where he would stay after landing? I don’t know. Mr. Cai, would you mind book an emergency flight ticket to Kun Ming for me? Price depends on you. Okay, no problem. Okay, prepare first. We will go right now. Good morning!| Good morning, miss. I want to ask something about this man. Did he rent a room here? I’m sorry. I haven’t seen this man before. Ji Chuan, I think I think know where he is. How can you know that Li Chuan is in that hotel? I’m not sure. But we used to stay in this hotel before. So, I guess he would get back to this place. Pardon, would you mind if I ask you something? Is there a man named Wang Li Chuan renting a room. | Xin hỏi các người là… Excuse me, what He is a critically ill patient. You see, this is the hospital’s verification. Okay, let me check. Yeah, a man named Wang Li Chuan, or Alex Wang. His nationality is Swiss. Is that him? Yeah, that’s right. It’s him. Okay. I will take you there. | We found him. Okay, thank you. Nothing. Everyone has to wait for a while. I have just phoned an emergency center. When we enter his room, Ji Chuan, Xiao Qiu and me go first. By doing that, we don’t panic him. Currently, his platelet levels are very low. Moreover, his polluted lungs could cause dry coughing. Dry coughes lead to pulmonary hemorrhage. When it spreads throughout the lungs, his lungs could not expand. It leads to weaken his respiration. I see, let’s go. Xiao Mu, where is Li Chuan? He, he is dying. He asked me to wait for him outside this room. He asked me to wait for his death. Love is as fragile as the last leaf of the fall is. We can’t be together tomorrow. Li Chuan! It is worth taking whole life to commemorate some memories. Li Chuan! Li Chuan, Li Chuan! Li Chuan, I’m Xiao Qiu. The patient is losing his consciousness. Now, you should encourage him as much as you can. You should tell him what he wants to hear. It makes him happy. Li Chuan! I’m begging you. I beg you not to give up. Li Chuan, you have to wake up. I promise to you. Once you are better, I promise to move on right away. I won’t phone you. I won’t follow you. I will leave Shanghai. Immediately. I will come to another city. But I beg you. You must try to live. Beg you. Maybe more lonely. This is the best choice. Because we understand future pains, we break up. An ambulance are waiting downstairs, Dr. Gong. Following your guide, the hospital has prepared carefully. How is the patient’s condition now? Severe dehydration, shock because of low blood pressure, and respiratory failure. I suspect that he is suffering Pulmonary hemorrhage and acute kidney injury. After taking him to the hospital, do chest CT and draw blood. Okay. Now, prepare 500 cc of physiological saline . Ask the hospital to prepare red blood cells and platelets, each 4 units. I will put intubation tube, prepare an Oxygen tank for manual ventilation. It’s okay. I am about to sterilize him. Quickly, would you mind leaving for a while, all of you? Xiao Qiu, quickly, move. The nostalgia is as long as the river. Count to three and we both let go. Don’t have to torment, end this love when it is in the most beautiful period. If I hadn’t written that letter for him, he couldn’t have come back to Shanghai. If I had not argued with him that day, and decided to move on sooner, and decided to move on sooner, he couldn’t have come here. If I had chosen to give up, he couldn’t have gone. All because of me. Xiao Qiu, please, don’t talk something like that. All because he always loves you. If you are not happy, he doesn’t want to leave. All because of me. All because of my stubbornness. Because I was obstinate, Li Chuan was died. So, I hurt him. I hurt him. Give up, don’t have to torment anymore. End this love when it is in the most beautiful period. Count to three and we both let go. This time, Li Chuan has stayed in Intensive Care Unit for 17 days. Coagulation disorder leads to severe Pulmonary hemorrhage. The doctor put an tube in his chest to discharge fluid and blood clots from his lungs. So, whenever looking at him, I see his painful respiration. I can not stay there to see his pain. Therefore, I ask doctors to inject painkiller into him. But they refused because it will hinder his respiration. Most of the time, Li Chuan is in a coma. Sometimes, when he wakes up suddenly, he doesn’t talk to anyone else, even me. When he is sleeping, he holds my hands. If I careess his beard with my fingers, will fall asleep easier. He looks like a baby. Annie. Janet. I visit two of you. How long have you came? I come here as soon as I have got off my plane. Have his grandfather known your trip yet? His grandpa was hospitalize because his heart disease recurred. After visiting Li Chuan, I will get back Switzerland. My Grandpa knows little about things here. Dr. Gong helps us hide him the truth. When Li Chuan is better, we take him back to Switzerland, Ji Chuan said. Doctors in Switzerland, anyway, understand his illness more. Sit down, please. I will go to the restroom for a while. When Li Chuan was diagnosed a cancer in that year, his doctor was a friend of my father. Therefore, my father knew Li Chuan’s illness first. When I was younger, I was competitive and ambitious. I always wanted the best things. I used to be praised by my teachers and admired by my classmates. Therefore, after knowing Li Chuan’s disease, and his uncertain future, the premature death or disability, I could not accept that. My father joined a volunteer medical team to Africa that year. I decided to go with him to Africa. That journey lasted one year. The reason was that I had wanted to hide Li Chuan. I didn’t phone him. Owing to his sensitivity, he could feel my disdain quickly. Then, we haven’t kept in touch. So, you haven’t met Li Chuan anymore? Actually, that time, I… I felt conflicted. I felt contrite, but I also missed him. After leaving Africa, I studied at a university in California. I had studied Medicine for one year, then shifted to Architecture. Up till that time, I had five boyfriends in total. All of them didn’t have good results. At last, I could not forget Li Chuan and our relationship. Initially, I supposed that it was my repentance. Finally, I realized that he was so important to me. After my graduation, I came GMF. This place is so big. We lived in two different places. One lived here. Another lived there, in a far place. But we met each other. When I met him, I was so surprised. I thought that he was depressed or haggard. I did not expect that he was generous and neat like he had used to be.


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