【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 37 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

There was one word that Li Chuan used to say most regularly, which was “Perfect”. He wanted everything to be most perfect. If he weren’t the best in the exam, he would be so disappointed. If he didn’t get A in the exam, he would be so sad. I remember one year on the summer vacation, when the doctor checked on his eyesight, he said that Li Chuan was nearsighted. And then the doctor said that “you can’t be a astronaut someday anymore”, he had been sad for all the vacation. A person that loves perfectness like that, if he loses his leg, how big will the attack be to him? After I had come to GMF, I sticked to my grandpa everyday and said that “I want to meet Li Chuan everyday”. I wanted to work at the same department with him. When I was transfered there, he treated me ceremoniously. In the second week, he said that he wanted to go to Shanghai. I was like you, I tried to start a fight, and argue with him. Everyday, I sticked to him and didn’t leave him, but it didn’t work. He said that when he leaved me was the most perfect. In my mind, he always remains, always remains most perfect in my mind. Zhen Ni Te, don’t be too sad. Actually, it wasn’t true that he didn’t accept you, it was that he didn’t accept himself. I thought that when he comed to Shanghai, he wouldn’t get out of this shadow. Unexpectedly, he met you. When you two started, I admit that I was jealous, but then I realized that he had changed. He liked to smile more, he became more open-minded. When he was in company before, he had a nickname, Mr.Cold, until then, he hardly smiled. There is only work, work, and work in his head. Working overtime, working in the weekend. He has never rested until now. So when he won those big awards, they were exchanged by his efforts. An Ni, I feel that you has made him change a lot. He is about to come back to Switzerland, and then you can be with him everyday. I hope you can take good care of him. Don’t you come back? I told to him. I said that “I just need for him to live well, I will go”. You have to do it when you say it right? After all, what’s the matter with you two? Why do you have to torment each other? The biggest topic in our love is tormenting each other. Therefore, it’s good when we’re not together. It’s a rescue, right? If you have made up your mind, I won’t try to hold you. I agree with you that I will phone you regularly to tell you his situation. Never mind. We decided to break up, so I have to do it thoroughly, right? If you do that, you will miss him so much. Of course, but I can keep this in my mind. Actually, the fact that I’m here doesn’t facilitate his recuperation. Do you know that? Because of me, he was in emergency many times. I can’t let it happen again. An Ni, don’t think so. these things that happened weren’t your fault, do you know that? Don’t cry. Are you sure that you won’t return Zurich with us? Has the flight arranging done? So-so. Uncle Gong will fly with us. How about marrow repository? Do you have any new information? I haven’t had. So I guess it’s not really optimistic. I will pray for him everyday. Thank you. Remember to call me whenever you’re free. No, just completely forget me. It can’t be like that. Are you too decisive this time? I’m a bit intolerable. Because I wasn’t decisive before, I caused so much trouble. I hope that you guys will take good care of him for him to quickly recuperate. Ah, Li Chuan want for me to give it to you. OK, On behalf of Li Chuan, let me give you a hug. Take care. You too. Hi, Xiao Qiu. I’ve known that your dissertation won the award. I’m really proud of you. Lanzhou pulled noodle in the North Gate Is that the restaurant that we used to come? I really miss the taste of beef, radish and herbs. I’m sorry, Xiao Qiu. On the day we’re separated, I couldn’t say anything, just quickly escape. I really hated myself to be coward. I brought along your pillow which remained your fragrant. Now, when in the hospital, I still pillow it. It’s like you’re here with me. My surgery is at 10am tomorrow. Everybody has come to church to pray for me. Luckily, you’re not here, so you won’t know that I don’t need to see you hurt, or sad anymore. No matter now, you will wish me luck, right? Love you. Li Chuan. Hi, Xiao Qiu, Eventually, I can discharge from hospital. When hearing this, I’m really overjoyed. I really hope that I can quickly recuperate. Do you know, Xiao Qiu, that the surgery when I was 17, hit me very hard. I thought that good things had left me, things that I waited would quickly wither. But then, I saw the beauty that I haven’t seen recently in your face. In your eyes, how lovely I am. Why still have new email? 3 years later I run a small translating office in Kūn Míng, which has only 10 staffs, most of whom are young. Hello, Xiao Qiu. – Xiao Qiu – Hi. Single woman as boss is like encountering double assassins. the age is one, work is one more. It will be a hormonal imbalance, she will get older faster. You see, in conditions of Xiao Qiu, why doesn’t she work in Shanghai, but dedicates herself in the countryside? I’m sure there’s something wrong. She’s coming. Xiao Yan come to the museum, there are American visitors needing translator. – Help me. – Yes. Xiao Zhang, I’m about to discuss the contract with our customers. Leave me a lunch serving. OK. Is stir-fried beef with green peppers or fried pork with bitter melon? Fried pork with bitter melon. OK. Who’s that? Xiao Qiu, I have good news. Li Chuan has found suitable marrow, he will be transplanted next week. Really? Right. It’s good. Yes. OK, bye. Bye bye. I’ll carry it. Where do we go? Just go to eat. OK. Mi Ya, Mi Ya, have you heard it, darling? My Li Chuan has found his suitable marrow, are you happy? It’s been 3 months, has Li Chuan discharged from hospital? He has been transplanted, but the complication makes us scare. Don’t say that it’s 3 months, the doctor said he needed at least a half of a year. So, after all, has he recovered yet? Don’t worry, Xiao Qiu. It just hasn’t been stable yet, but Li Chuan is so cooperative. That’s good. How about others? How about Rui Nui, Zhen Ni Te, grandpa, and you and Ji Chuan? Finally, you mention me. Don’t worry, I’m good. Do you know, Rui Nui and Zhen Ni Te has married. They two? Because Li Chuan is in the hospital, his work is transfered to Rui Nui. Zhen Ni Te is in charge of designing the landscape. They were in the same high school. First make friend, then make love. Rui Nui said that in high school, he had love Zhen Ni Te secretly, but she had had Li Chuan, so he couldn’t have done anything. Eventually, he has her by his side. And grandpa, now has had new mate. Li Chuan and I has engaged. How about you? For the past 6 months, other than being a manager, what have you done? I donated my marrow. If I can help a person, I will help. I don’t want to see them to suffer from pain like Li Chuan. How about you yourself? Personally? Xiao Qiu, do you really want to move on? I have, but in a different way. I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. I have a phone call, talk to you later. Bye. Director Fang, I’m Xie Xiao Qiu. The documents that you need, I have translated. OK, I will send you right away. See you in a minute. Who says that women need to marry to be happy? Do you see, it’s him. I don’t know his full name, but his pen name is Mr.CK. Mr.CK? In your shoes, he’s really handsome, like male model of CK. Not only Jing Wen but also all the girls here like him. I don’t know when you thought that I am a driver. Maybe I’m like a driver. Why didn’t you say that to me at that time? Wang Li Chuan, If you want to have fun, go somewhere. I won’t play with you. If you dare to come to our coffee shop, I will splash coffee into your face once I see you. If you meet a man treating you like that, you will marry a gentleman someday. Is there an unexpected meeting today? Do I need that meeting? Welcome. What would you like? A M-sized cup of coffee. Alright. I just wanna ask what are they doing by the viva tree? The tree has bloomed since last week, so they come there to take some pictures. Miss, this is your coffee. Do you wanna take picture? It’s alright. Thank you. OK. Take care. See you next time. Welcome Mr.Director to come to observe GMF. Congratulation on being the President. How do you feel? One word: happy. Don’t be too happy. If the year profit doesn’t meet the demand, you will be miserable. It’s so hard for our old boss to retire. How long have I been waiting, do you know? Wanting for him to confirm an amount of money, sign his name was harder than making promotion. Congrats. Congrats won’t help. You have to help me. Can’t I help my brother? Don’t forget that I have share in the company. We’re in the same ship. I need this sentence of you. Where’s Jing Wen? Go to school that teaches baking. It’s because you have a sweet mouth. Ah, come to my house this evening and have dinner with us. Grandpa, Rui Nui, and Zhen Ni Te will come also. What’s that? Your birthday. I forgot it. Xiao Qiu, have you been good recently? Hello. Wang Chuan Qiu Shui translating office speaking. Is Miss Xie Xiao Qiu out there? She’s not here. She’s in the hospital. In the hospital? What’s wrong with her? Stomach bleeding. She has been there for 2 weeks. It seems that she will discharge from hospital tomorrow. Which hospital? The People’s Hospital. You are? Sister, what do you want for lunch? I’m gonna cook. Alright. I will come to translating office. You didn’t let me use computer when I was in hospital. Will you work right away? You’re boss now. Can’t you rest for several days? Of course not. Ah, Don’t forget feeding Mi Ya. Even when I’m hungry, I won’t let her hungry. Don’t worry. You just say easy-hearing words. Xiao Qiu, it’s almost your birthday. Have you received the chocolate? I hope you like it. Xiao Qiu, are you home? Xiao Qiu, it’s midnight, why haven’t you come home? Xiao Qiu, are you on bussiness travel? Why haven’t you answered me for several days? You’ve just discharged from hospital for the first day, are you going to risk your life working? The work is like mountain when I was in hospital. I have a question. Do we need to buy a public vehicle? Okay. What should we buy? I think it should be a small pickup truck. We need it to be economical, right? Oh no Xiao Qiu, we need a quite good one anyway. You see, when our office goes out to work, we meet statesmanship, right? So it needs to be proportional. Good vehicle? Do you think that I’m well off? We will try to earn some more money this year. Next year, I will let you buy a good vehicle. Ah, someone phoned you yesterday. Phone to your office. I said that you was in hospital. Who was that? I don’t know. He hung up when I hadn’t finished. Definitely our customers, it’s ok. If there’s any importance, he will call back. This Xie Xiao Qiu has nothing. You can say that I’m empty-handed. But I have given Wang Li Chuan all my love. In terms of sentiment, I’m much richer than you. Can you not be persistent anymore? You won’t gain anything. Can you not torment yourselft anymore? Xie Xiao Qiu. Let me go. I say that I’m not wrong. If I died, you would have to right away move on. Isn’t it hard to do? I agree, I just need for you to recuperate, I will go right away. I won’t stick to you anymore. I will leave Shanghai, I will come to another city. But I beg you, you have to try to live. Sorry I didn’t told you. Jing Wen said that you was sick. I came to hospital, but the doctor said that you had already discharged. Knowing your address, I come here right away. It’s sudden, right? I don’t think that you have had a baby. Have you married yet? Did you tell Jing Wen? Or Jing Wen didn’t tell me? Mi Ya. Mi Ya. Mi Ya, do you remember me? Mi Ya. Sis, I’m coming. Xiao Dong. Do we have guest? This is Li Chuan. Don’t you remember him? Of course I do. Hello, Li Chuan. Hi, Xiao Dong. Why do you have time to come here? I heard that your sister was sick. So I come to visit her. I’m gonna introduce. This is Xiao Qi – my brother’s wife. Xiao Long is their son. Xiao Long. This night are we going to…? – What? – Your friend. Right. We’ve planned to hang out with my friend. We will drink a tea and have dinner. You two just talk. We’re going. – Have dinner before going. – Never mind. Talk to each other. Xiao Long, let me take you to dinner. – Have dinner and then go. – Just talk to each other. – I’m going. – Thank you. Thank you for taking care of Xiao Long. Thanks. Sit down please. I’m gonna give you a cup of water. Sorry, I haven’t been here for several days, so I didn’t boil the water. There hasn’t anyone here for a while, so it’s dusty a little bit. I will sweep it. And clean the dust. Let me help you. I can do it myself. Xiao Qiu, you really don’t need to do that. Just sit, sit down. Watch TV and I will help you clean. No. It’s not ok. You’ve just come. You just rest. I’m not tired. Seriously. Sit down. Give it to me. Xiao Qiu, where’s your detergent? In the cupboard. Yes, cupboard. When did you change your canes? I have a lot. I’ve broken a lot of them also. Did you have to undergo another surgery? Did they amputate your other leg? They did. So how much do you have left? Just kidding. It wasn’t amputated. I’m not that unlucky. Xiao Qiu. Don’t hold my hand. Or else, I can’t do the chores. Ok. How is it? Is it clean yet? Almost 5-star hotel. Where do you want to go? Cook dinner. Aren’t you hungry? That I cook is enough. Really. I will let you know when I’m done. What’s the previlege today? Am I dreaming? Have you booked hotel? Where will you be this night? Can I be at yours? Wang Li Chuan, let’s say what do you think my house is? Just come and go when you want. Why so aggressive? Last time when you came to Zurich, wasn’t it my house? I don’t have any other thinking. I just think that you’re sick, so I want to take care of you for a while. What do you have to do with it when I’m sick? Did I say that I need your care? Also, I’ve recovered already. Don’t be angry. You see, your face is white whenever you’re angry, it has no color. Sit down, quickly. I’ll finish right away. You took care of me before. Last time when you had accident, it was Xiao Guan who took care of you. Now it’s my turn. So delicious. Right? Do you think that I’ve made any progress? I know that your stomach is not strong, so I didn’t add chili. Why are you looking at me? Why don’t you eat? I just wanna look at you like this. Whenever I see you eating, it’s like I’m eating the most delicious dish. Just eating rice, I also feel that my life is meaningful. Eat some more. I’m full. I haven’t eaten that much for a long time. Let me wash the dishes. Let me do it. You’ve done enough. It’s my turn now. I do the washing up What are you doing? Philogynist. Let me help you. Don’t worry, I come to take care of you. But Li Chuan, I’ve changed much. I’m more excitable these days, my temperament is not good also, and my hormones are imbalanced. Now I basically don’t know anything about love. When hearing it I am even qualmish. It’s not that serious. It is. I’ve been so busy for several days, so I didn’t have time to wash my hair. Do you smell that? Let me wash your hair. No you don’t need. I’m so shy. Come on. No. Just washing hair and you turn back and forth. You’re not good girl. It’s not. Just tell me. How many days haven’t you washed your hair? I, that is… It’s that I’m busy, so I don’t have time to wash. I’m sleepy. Just go to bed early. I’m done. So I’m gonna go to bed. Philogynist.

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