【English Sub】Remembering Lichuan – EP 38 END 遇见王沥川 | Godfrey Gao Most Famous Drama

What do you want to do? What do you mean? This thing…
I don’t know very well. I didn’t say I tended
to do anything. You a pervert! You see? The days you went away lower my IQ. I’m so sorry Xiao Qiu. My bad. I made you waste
many youth years. Guys, come here. See? Come and see. Your lunch. My lunch? When did you make it? Early this morning,
when you were still sleeping. He’s so handsome. Remember to call me
before you finish work. I’ll pick you up. Goodbye. – So admirable. – Tạm biệt. – He’s not only tall but also handsome. – Yes. – Good Morning Xiao Qiu. – Hello Xiao Qiu. – Xiao Qiu.| – Xiao Qiu. You won the jackpot. Is he your boyfriend? Xiao Qiu, could you still be our manager? Definitely. What are you guys thinking? You’ll go with me to the car shop to see which one is suitable for us. It’s no need to choose. Just buy one like the previous car. We need an economical one. Economical one? Come in. Come in. Let’s have lunch, beauties! Let’s have lunch. Have lunch. Xiao Qiu, let’s have lunch. What do we have? They’re all delicious. What are you having for lunch? I have my own lunch box today. This is mine. Who is so considerate? It’s also has the lovely pink color. Let’s have a look. See, there are also some notes. Number 1, I’m meat porridge, reheat me in one minute. So romantic. Number 2, I’m the egg-plant, please reheat me in 30 seconds. He’s so caring. I’m fruit salad, you can eat me raw no need to reheat. Alright, give it back to me. What’s wrong with my lunch box? – You jerk. – Wait a moment, I need to have a check. I think there’s no food in these but full of… love. Come on. You’re exaggerating. Have lunch. Alright. Stop exaggerating. Have lunch. Let’s have lunch. Li Chuan, what are you doing? I’m just thinking if we want to make some changes to the space what can we do to make the whole room more comfortable? There’s only one way which is to change to a bigger one then we can have more spacious space. You ask for it so we’ll change it now. But I have to make the design first. What style do you like? Tell me. My favourite? It should be spacious besides, the bathroom has to be equipped with more safety devices. That’s it? Xiao Qiu, you are not so suitable for spending money. Wang Li Chuan, it seems that I haven’t agreed to get married to you. You haven’t. Yes. You say you want to renovate the house so how you do it seems to have nothing to do with me, right? I don’t want to get married From our previous experience, I don’t dare to be ambitious that tomorrow when I wake up you are still here, in this room. Em vẫn còn nhớ rõ mồn một, chuyện cũ vẫn như ở trước mắt. Therefore, just leave the marriage thing later on. Alright. I’ll ask you a question to see if your memory is good. Help yourself. Do you remember the day when you poured coffee over my shirt? What music was being played in the coffee shop? A vulnerable woman. Not that. It wasn’t? The king CK has come. Rhapsody in Blue. Rhapsody in Blue? It’s my favorite song. The reason why I frequented this coffee shop was because of my favorite song. I couldn’t give the correct answer to your question just because I was too busy at that time. Normally I had to handle lots of things in the shop. How could I pay attention to what song was being played? Alright. What color was the tie I was wearing? Coffee brown. It wasn’t. Unbelievable. Didn’t you pour coffee over my shirt? Yes, I did. What color was the coffee? It was brown. I’m asking before you pour coffee over me what color had my tie been? Coffee brown. Oh my God. Next time you come I’ll pay you back. Money? For repairing the computer. Come on, bye bye. It was blue. Yes yes yes, now I can remember. Blue turning into coffee brown, right? Alright, alright, alright. It’s okay, now I’ll ask you a simpler question. Hard one is alright. You can’t certainly answer the hard ones. This one is really simple. Tell me, what were there in my hand? Left hand or right hand? Left hand. There can’t have been a marriage ring. Right. You wasn’t wearing a watch. I wasn’t. That day you was working on the computer, so I can’t have been holding a pen. Right. Yes, I’m correct. So, what was you having on your hand? I was having a plaster on my hand. When I sharpened the pencil, I carelessly cut myself. Really? Alright, forget it. It’s okay to give you an inch. I’m… not up to the standard. It doesn’t matter. You know the reason why you are not up to the standard? Simply because you didn’t pay attention to me. You didn’t have any impression of me. I didn’t pay attention to you? It’s not fair, I have to tell you why didn’t I pay attention to these things? Simply because all of my attention was on your face. You can ask whatever things related to your face. I bet I can answer them all. Alright. I have a question for you that’s related to my face. Help yourself. If you fail to answer this question, I’ll fire you. I can’t answer it? It’s impossible. That day did I ever smile at you? I’ve got the answer. You definitely didn’t smile at me. Because you was frowning all the time. Wrong. It can’t be. When you poured coffee over my shirt, of course I didn’t smile. But when I looked up and saw you, I smiled. It’s impossible. You can’t have smiled that day. If I hadn’t smiled at you, you can’t have pour coffee over me. The point’s that it couldn’t be counted as a smile. You just made a half-smile. My dear Xie Xiao Qiu, even though I just raise my lip a little bit, it was still a smile. Alright, alright. If you said it was a smile, it’s okay. I’m just giving you an inch, anyway. You have zero correct answers out of all, you’ve got zero, a zero. Listen Wang Li Chuan, why only you can make questions? If I ask you you’ll get a zero for sure. Alright. Ask me. I’m confident to get 100. Let me see. What was I wearing on that day? A yellow checked shirt and blue jeans, is this correct? What about my hairstyle? A ponytail. With a black hair tie. The color of my lipstick? You wasn’t wearing lipstick. What did I first tell you? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m terribly sorry. I’m terribly sorry. Sorry. You jerk. Can you be not so violent? Why do you remember everything? Because it wasn’t the first time we met at the coffee shop. It seems that we first met at the Rabbit coffee shop. You had been fired before you went to work at that coffee shop. Why you even know this? You were wearing a black, white striped sweater with a bag on your shoulders, and a pair of black ankle boots. You looked like a neighbor little girl still attending school. But that time I hadn’t entered the coffee shop. You were standing in front of a car window arranging your hair. And then looked at the glass fixing your bra. I saw it all. You even bumped into my car’s side-view mirror. I’m wondering why you didn’t know there was a person sitting inside? You peeked me, Wang Li Chuan. You peeked at me, right? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry. You pervert. Tell me at that time you already fell for me, right? A little bit. How much is a little bit? 10%. Xiao Qiu, do you find this Jin Ma Square’s structure so interesting? It’s the most beautiful at sunrise. When the sun sets, the moonlight appears illuminating this golden sign of Jin Ma Bi Ji reflecting it on the road then gradually weaving together, which is a perfect combination. A perfect combination? Are you kidding me? I’ve never seen it before. Moreover, it’s not the sunrise. I’m so suspicious. Why you haven’t seen it yet? I haven’t. We are having it already. You see, isn’t it a perfect combination? Too fast, I haven’t seen anything. Alright, this is the second perfect combination. There’s a painter over there. Can I ask him to draw a picture of us? Sure. Excuse me, can you paint a picture for us? Certainly. How much is it? 60. 60? Is it costly? It’s charge 30 over there. That’s for one person. You guys are two. Then two of us won’t be drawn on the same page of paper. 40, is it okay? Xiao Qiu. Take it or leave it. Honey, it’s okay. It’s not. Is 40 alright? Are you sure? Alright, alright. – 40 then 40. – You see I can persuade him successfully. Two of you move back a little bit. Okay. Alright, keep holding this position. Stand closer and lean to each other. Sure, raise your head a little bit, sure. Hold this position. It just takes 15 minutes. 15 minutes? We’re going be frozen aren’t we still-life objects? Why are you looking at me like that? You’re afraid I cannot make it? Hurry up, get back to the position. Li Chuan, do you think it’s silly? Just keep the same position. It’s not. Actually we did do something sillier. It was siller. It’s done. Is it that quick? Didn’t you say 15 minutes? Is it beautiful? Just have a look. I’m sorry. I can’t go down on one knee. So I can only take this picture to represent me. However, my heart is actually getting on one knee. Xie Xiao Qiu from Yun Nan born on 7 of September do you agree to marry me? It doesn’t matter. I do. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Do you have your identity documents and photos with you? We do. They are all in here. I have got my ID card and family record book. He’s Swiss and his permanent residence, and his passport are also in here. We also have our 3×2 mutual photos inside. Can he speak Chinese? He can. He’s a little bit so nervous that he can’t utter a word. He is a Swiss, so he needs to hand in the marital status paper to prove that he’s now not married. I already told you right? Ask them carefully then come. Is it troublesome now? Is there anything troublesome? Wang Li Chuan, don’t tell me you have married in Switzerland. I don’t dare to. Ji Chuan, can you do me a favor? I need notarized paper of my marital status. Can you take it for me? He said he would do it immediately. Then he would give it to us in person. Such a good brother. Sorry to bother you. Many thanks. Now it’s okay. We’ll go to have it done now. – It doesn’t matter. – Alright. These are our marriage sweets. Thank you. Alright. You can take these documents back. Sure. When we’re done, we will come back. Certainly. Next time when you come remember to dress more formally. Don’t be that casual. Marriage is a serious thing, you should have a sense of ritual, got it. Yes, we got it. Moreover, have you had the rings yet? We have them already. What is this? It’s the Vent Pipe. Vent pipe? Besides the drainage in the bathroom we also need a vent pipe? Of course, if there’s no vent pipe when you flush the toilet, the vacuum will appear. What will happen? For example, if there were a day every toilet in Empire State building is occupied by a person and they flush the toilets nearly at the same time. If there was no vent pipe a huge amount of vacuum would attract the butts of everyone sitting on the toilets no one could stand up. What could we do? Unless the person at the highest position opens his mouth widely and then fart. You jerk, what did you say about my mouth? Your mouth smells pleasant, mine stinks. So what is your mouth? My mouth stinks badly. It’s my turn. It’s my turn. So long. Thank you. Thank you. Alright. Now call it a day. Thank you. Sign me one. Stop hustling. Don’t hustle. Excuse me. Are you waiting for the author to sign the book? Yes. Actually I am the author. I know. I’ve already got the signature. So what are you doing here? We’re waiting to get Wang Li Chuan’s signature. Alright, alright. I hope you don’t mind if I sign my name in English. Does the author of the book torture me so badly? Thank you. Yes, is it necessary to be official? Yes yes, here it is. The actual author comes. Do you want to ask her to give you the signature? Sure. The last chapter Extra story. Xiao Qiu, when you see this letter I’m probably not existing anymore. Persuading Xiao Mu is challenging, fortunately he’s needing money. I’ve already read Remembering Li Chuan. I can’t agree with your ending. Because it is too tragic. Even though the reality is actually harsh, in the novel, we still need to bring readers some hopes. What do you think? Therefore, I used my limited Chinese to change the ending, on behalf of you so that it can be happier. It looks like a fairy tale. I hope you don’t mind. Because it is the ending that we all long for, isn’t it? Wish you happiness, keep on moving. Moreover, on your birthday annually remember to open my greeting cards. My wish for each year is different. You’re not allowed to read them all before your birthday. Because even though I can’t be with you for the whole life at least I don’t miss your birthdays. Love you, Li Chuan. Do you know that Li Chuan, you’re like a balloon in my hand. Even though it float up into clouds, even it is so far away that the color is no longer visible, when I just gentle pull the rope, I can still feel it around. The distance between us may be far may be intimate, but the rope that connects us will never be loosened. When Li Chuan came back to Zurich, I returned to Shanghai. Who is this? It’s looking at you. I don’t need these things anymore? These books are all great. Why do you want to throw them away? Li Chuan gave them to me. Do you have to be so decisive? You don’t need and throw them away. If you don’t need then, then give me. When did you start to regret things more than I am? These are for donating. Don’t donate them. Let I store them at my house. When you need them, you just need to go there and bring them back. Sure. And Mi Ya. My mom is so interested in Mi Ya. You can give it to her. This tortoise also. Give Mi Ya to my mom, is it alright? Bringing along is not very convenient. I’m sorry, both of them need to go with me. You said that I regretted. What about you now? Donating Li Chuan’s presents but still keeping Mi Ya. It was Mi Ya that Li Chuan entrusted to me so I need to ensure its happiness. Alright. By the way, Xiao Guan invited you to have dinner tonight as an official farewell. Okay. Xiao Qiu, I want to tell you something. Ji Chuan wants to send me to the company headquarter. The official announcement has arrived. It sounds great. You always want to visit Europe, right? Actually I don’t want to leave Shanghai; however, because someone decided to go to Kun Ming, I can’t have a chance to see her. It seems that if I want to talk to her, I need to call overseas. My dear Je Jing Wen, you want me to cry, right? I’ll cry for you, alright? Mi Ya is also crying. But I can be closer to Li Chuan. I can help you to catch up on his news. My dear friend, just pay attention to your work you don’t have to catch up on him. My heart now calms down. Really? You don’t want to know anything about Li Chuan’s condition? I have made up my mind. And I can also know the difference between a true love and a romantic one. Romantic love is that you want to be with your loved one at any cost, however high it is. But for a true love, you just want your love one to have a good life in spite of the fact that you have to separate. Xiao Qiu, I know that you want to change but does it need to be as fast as a lightning? You need to give yourself time for the transition. Right, Mi Ya? It ended, then let it go. Xiao Qiu, you can eventually move on. It’s great. Isn’t it? Do you still remember Feng Quan Wan? The place Li Chuan designed. Of course I do. There’s a model room that has the same structure as the one I bought. Do you want to have a look? No, I don’t want. Xiao Qiu, it took you lots of time and effort to move on then do it decisively. Throw all of these past things to me. Is it okay? I tell you, you totally should not learn to follow somebody passionately like me. It’s not good. I am a good example for you to look at. To tell the truth, what do you plan to do in Kun Ming? Me? To save aside a sum of money and prepare to launch a interpreting agency in Kun Ming. When it becomes larger in scales, I’ll be Jiu Tong’s opponent, is it okay? You decided to be a influential woman? It’s good to be ambitious. With your characteristics and professionalism I really appreciate you. You’re going to succeed. I also wish that you will soon find the other perfect half. It’s like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay. It’s not that difficult. it’s just because you don’t even want to. Xiao Qiu, I’m going to miss you a lot. But I’m not like you, I’ll move on soon. The world is changing constantly, being able to move on soon is a good thing to do. Can you give me the last hug? I thought you would say you were having a toothache. Take care. You too. My teeth hurt now, I need a kiss, to be honest. Can you use a newer trick? It really hurts. I’m telling the truth. You haven’t made any progress. Is this Xiao Qiu? Is this Xiao Qiu? Li Chuan, when you get this recording, you are certainly back home safe and sound. I didn’t see you off at the airport. If separating is the best way for me to love you, let’s break up this time. Maybe the most passionate love in this world will always be faced with the most tragic ending. I don’t ever regret loving you, though. We did love deeply and had the other’s heart. Even though struck by the huge wave of love if I can still float I will surely love you at any cost. Take care, Li Chuan. If I wake up not to hold your hand, I would rather see you everyday in my dream. Love you forever, Xiao Qiu. Come on, help me to have a look. Is it okay? Higher on the left. Alright. It’s okay. Let it be. There’s nothing wrong. Xiao Qiu, where should I put the printer? The printer? – Put the smaller one in my room. – It looks good. The bigger one is in the printing room. Hurry up, guys. I need to clean it up later on. Okay. Guys, when we finish all I’ll take you to the restaurant. Opening party? Yes. Come on, come on. Hurry up. Hey, be careful. Xie Xiao Qiu, your express portal. Here you are. – Thank you. – Thank you. This is a little gift for you. What is it? Keep on fighting. I love you. I love you too. Li Chuan, is everything okay? It’s alright. See you tomorrow. Xiao Qiu, goodbye. Take care of yourself. If you cannot forget a person, but he can’t be with you, you can write his name on a paper plane, and throw it like this you can quickly forget him. Does it work? I have no idea. I haven’t tried. When you gave it to me, you said you would love me forever. Now you take it back. It doesn’t matter. Just take it back yourself. But you want me to do it, then Li Chuan, it’s impossible. Em nhất định sẽ đeo nó. I’ll wear it forever. Until I die. When you read an great book, meet a good-looking man, or go to an extraordinarily beautiful city. You will tell yourself, you have seen the best things in the world, and you will be with them till the end of your life. However, soon after that, you can see many other wonderful things. I can read a more interesting book, visit a more charming city, meet a more handsome man, and have a more passionate love. Xiao Qiu, don’t be scared of this ending. Any closed door comes with an open one. Don’t lie to me. There is just the beginning for us, not the ending. If there must be an ending for us, it is that we live happily together. Xiao Qiu, you have to be happy. Xiao Qiu, keep on fighting.


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