【SING女团】| S.I.N.G Movie Reaction – Avengers: Endgame – Part 2: Xu Shiyin & Wu Yao Wept in the Cinema

(Warning, this video contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame!) Xu Shiyin: I haven’t watched it enough Xu Shiyin: Such cruelty Wu Yao: You’re qualified as the screenwriter Wu Yao: You should totally write for them
Xu Shiyin: Well, thank you Xu Shiyin: He was the very first victim to be killed by Thanos among all of them! (What are they talking about?
Let’s get back to three hours ago) Wu Yao: Let’s guess how the story would go Bian Li: You would have been the director if you could guess it Xu Shiyin: But you know what? Someone did guess it right (Alert, major spoilers ahead) They will search for materials of the Infinity Stones, remake the stones with what they found, and embed them onto the gauntlet Then they snap the finger and bring everyone back to life Chen Li: Wow, I’m impressed
Wu Yao: But they lost a few guys in the process Wu Yao: This is Thor, right? Xu Shiyin: This is Iron Man! Wu Yao: Who is this? Is he the same guy? Wu Yao: What happened to his hair? Xu Shiyin: Wetted Wu Yao: I thought he changed his hairstyle, got a haircut Chen Li: You thought he shaved himself bald?
Wu Yao: Yep Wu Yao: Ah! I remembered, he is an idiot Xu Shiyin: Exactly, see? Isn’t he?
Wu Yao: I remembered, when Thanos was captured, he … Wu Yao: Snap the finger! Xu Shiyin: They’ve guessed what to do, it’s about the quantum realm Xu Shiyin: Right on time, Big Yao’s gonna cry Xu Shiyin: I knew she would cry at this scene
Lin Hui: Big Yao tends to be moved easily Wu Yao: Papa Bian Li: Good girl, good girl Wu Yao: Take it and just go! Chen Li: Agreed Wu Yao: Gotta take it back Wu Yao: Hurry! Chen Li: I have a feeling that I’m about to get scared Xu Shiyin: Why? It’s not like this is a horror movie Wu Yao: I have a feeling that I’m about to get moved Xu Shiyin: This is where I cried yesterday, for Thor Wu Yao: He can’t save him, can he? Wu Yao: Where did he go? Wu Yao: I want him to live! He’s got a daughter! Wu Yao: What happens to humanity now? Xu Shiyin: The best part is about to come Chen Li: They hide?
Xu Shiyin: Just watch Xu Shiyin: He is carrying it Wu Yao: Wow!
Chen Li: Amazing! Wu Yao: Ah! The birds are back Bian Li: A moment of peace
Chen Li: What about the woman? Wu Yao: Then Thanos would snap his finger and they’d be gone again Xu Shiyin: That’s too easy Xu Shiyin: Is this a movie where every fight is ended by snapping fingers? Wu Yao: He must have been a good kid once, hasn’t he? Wu Yao: What made him become like this? Chen Li: That must hurt a lot Wu Yao: Fireworks! Bian Li: So handsome Chen Li: Yeah, it’s ended Lin Hui: Finally over, I have to use the bathroom
Xu Shiyin: I’m staying to listen to the bonus scene Bian Li: Is there a bonus scene?
Xu Shiyin: Yes Wu Yao: Yes, she says Bian Li: How big is it? Wu Yao: Is he coming back after all?
Xu Shiyin: You didn’t pay attention to what I said, did you? I said LISTEN to the bonus scene Wu Yao: Listen? Qin Yu: The ending really hit my sweet spot Wu Yao: I think I’m in love with Iron Man now Wu Yao: It’s finally finished Wu Yao: So has my tear
Qin Yu: That’s just you Xu Shiyin: There goes my second sit through
Qin Yu: I haven’t yet, I was going to cry Wu Yao: What do you think of it? Lin Hui: Finally over, my second watch
Xu Shiyin: I’m not feeling good
Qin Yu: I want to cry, you know? Bian Li: Yeah, she was trying to cry Qin Yu: I wanted to cry, but she was saying funny things all the time Wu Yao: Why?
Qin Yu: I was really annoyed Bian Li: I simply wanted to talk to her Bian Li: I didn’t mean to, I simply wanted to talk Bian Li: I had no idea why I was funny to her Bian Li: And she was like, “leave me alone, I want to cry” Chen Li: I didn’t feel a lot, because I was only paying attention to the fights Chen Li: So when the movie was not there yet … Xu Shiyin: She slept
Chen Li: Sorry, but I fell asleep
Wu Yao: You know what she said to me? Wu Yao: “Wake me up when they start fighting” Chen Li: And I did wake up
Lin Hui: So did I Lin Hui: Since it’s the second time I watch this, I’ve already known what’s gonna happen Lin Hui: Plus the fact that I sort of lied down … Xu Shiyin: Shame on you, I was watching it the second time, too Xu Shiyin: I couldn’t be any more awake, yet you fell asleep? Qin Yu: That’s not why you were awake
Lin Hui: She was harassing Big Yao with spoilers the whole time Qin Yu: Yeah, it was not because you were watching it the second time
Xu Shiyin: But I wouldn’t fall asleep even if she hadn’t been there Xu Shiyin: Because … for real, I will have to watch it a few more times Xu Shiyin: Same with all the previous movies about other superheroes, I’ve watched them several times Xu Shiyin: I’ll definitely watch again
Lin Hui: I think I need to watch the Captain America and Iron Man movies I had missed
Bian Li: I’m totally different on this Bian Li: I never watch something I have watched before
Xu Shiyin: I don’t either, but this is different Xu Shiyin: Because this is … Lin Hui: Hard to understand everything
Xu Shiyin: Yeah Chen Li: Everything is connected
Xu Shiyin: It’s filled with details, and you watch it over and over again to notice every foreshadowing moment Wu Yao: I was really blown away by the moment when all the superheroes assembled Qin Yu: So I guess if you want to learn about everything in this universe … Wu Yao: All of them
Qin Yu: You have to go way back from the very beginning Xu Shiyin: Someone has shared a such a list on Weibo before Xu Shiyin: A list that tells you which to watch before which if want to dive into the series Xu Shiyin: It was a comprehensive list, totally worth looking it up (Time for a quick Q&A after the chat) (Q1: Which of the superheroes’ power do you want the most?) Qin Yu: Dr. Strange! Bian Li: What’s his power? Travel in spacetime? Qin Yu: Yeah, that would be just terrific if I could travel through the spacetime as I will Qin Yu: And without flight tickets Qin Yu: No cost at all, isn’t it great?
Bian Li: In that case, I want this power as well Qin Yu: The other powers are no use in real life
Lin Hui: I’ll choose Dr. Strange, too Qin Yu: It’s all about saving money Xu Shiyin: The talent … I mean superpower, that I want the most is … Xu Shiyin: I am rich Chen Li: I want the power of the spider boy Lin Hui: He’s called Spiderman
Chen Li: Because I don’t think I can lift the hammer and whatnot Bian Li: What if one day you don’t need money anymore?
Chen Li: Right, Spiderman Xu Shiyin: That’s impossible, money is the key to everything
Wu Yao: I’m different from all you Wu Yao: I really fantasized about being one of the female superheroes in that one scene Wu Yao: Because they were really cool Chen Li: But you would probably be as gone as Thanos in 15 seconds Bian Li: You know, it would be really hard to find you among all those people Wu Yao: I want to be the one who destroyed the spaceship
Xu Shiyin: You mean Captain Marvel
Qin Yu: But you know what superpower Big Yao possesses? Qin Yu: It’s the power that Thanos can’t help laughing when she is present Wu Yao: At least I wouldn’t need to search for the stones Bian Li: So how did Thanos die in the end?
Qin Yu: Laughed to death (Q2: One sentence to summarize what you think of the movie) Xu Shiyin: I haven’t watched it enough
Chen Li: Is there going to be a sequel? Qin Yu: No Lin Hui: The next movie should be about an individual superhero
Xu Shiyin: I don’t think there will be Xu Shiyin: Yeah, it should be a sequel of one of the superheroes Xu Shiyin: And you’ve all seen that Thor went with Guardians of the Galaxy Xu Shiyin: It’s very likely he will show up in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie Wu Yao: Wow, you’re qualified as the screenwriter, you should totally write for them Xu Shiyin: Well, thank you Qin Yu: She was just inferring with logic
Xu Shiyin: Just some analysis, right Chen Li: I hope Captain America get to be young again
Xu Shiyin: Otherwise you can’t explain it Xu Shiyin: It’s like something that’s been rumoring around for a long time Xu Shiyin: Loki was supposed to be brought back, but we still haven’t seen him Xu Shiyin: Such cruelty, Marvel! Lin Hui: You like Loki?
Wu Yao: Shall … Lin Hui: But he was a villain
Wu Yao: Shall we … Xu Shiyin: But he has turned good, and he sacrificed himself for them Xu Shiyin: He was the very first victim to be killed by Thanos among all of them! Wu Yao: OK, I hope we get more team building activities like this in the future Wu Yao: Alright, shall we go get some food? Wu Yao & Bian Li: Bye bye

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