칠수와 만수(1988) / Chil-su and Man-su (Chil-su wa Man-su)

Chilsu and Mansu   Producer Lee Woo-suk   Original novel by Oh Jong-wu Screenplay Choe In-seok Director Park Kwang-su   Cinematography You Young-gil   Music Kim Su-cheol Editing Kim Hyeon   Ahn Sung-ki   Park Joong-hoon   Bae Jong-ok   Hey, young man!
Civil defense drill!   Hurry!   Let the kids get off, first.   To the left.
Watch your steps.   This way.
Keep to the left.   I’m sorry.
Let me have a go.   Shit.   Here you go. Enjoy your meal. Sir, I was late because of the defense drill. No problem.   – Sorry!
– It’s okay.   Take a seat. I’ll bring it to you.   How much do I owe you?   – 4,000 won.
– 4,000 won!   Could I bring you the money tomorrow?   Forget about it. It’s okay.   – Could I have a coke?
– You said you don’t have any money.   Regular coke.   You pig!   Hi. What would you like? – Three burgers and three cokes.
– Three burgers, three cokes.   That’s 3,300 won.   Enjoy!   It looks just like you!
Are you an art major?   One burger, one coke, please. Thanks for the drawing.   What do you study?   What’s it to you?   Fine. Next time, I’ll sketch you nude.   Thanks, Park.
Good job.   – Why are you so late?
– I was caught in the drill.   Really? The drill ended hours ago. Sir, I’m off.   I’ll call you again next time. Please do.   I ran into this girl on my way here. A typical day for you, then!   Running into women in your flashy outfit!   Sir, would it be possible for me to get an advance?   And advance? You wish!   Why are there only coins?   What’s this receipt?   What?
Burger King?   I bought myself
… a coke, that’s all.   Coke? You schmuck!
You’re embezzling company money!   – Idiot!
– What was that for?   If you have something to say, say it! You self-righteous bastard! Wait!   I refuse to be slapped around in this age of democracy!   I quit, alright?   Just because I paint stupid billboards,   doesn’t mean you can treat me like dirt.   You jackass!
What did you say?   – Dude, chill!
– I’ll kill you!   If he walks through those doors again,
I swear I’ll kill him.   Sir! Good luck painting billboards for the rest of your life!   Hey! Stop!
You stop right there! I’m coming after you! Stop!   Hello, sir.   Stop calling me that.   You know, I had this cool dream last night that you and I were working together.   What work?   Forget it.   You going home?   Yes.   See you later!   This is my bus, too.   – Hey, bro.
– What?   You told me to call you “bro”. I tried.   Weirdo.
Don’t you have work today?   – Well, you know… hey!
– What is it?   Nothing.   – Where do you live?
– How about you?   – Oksu-dong! You?
– Same here!   I live in Oksu-dong, too.   Too close for comfort.   Your boss is cheap.   You don’t say!
The things I have to put up with.   – Chil-su?
– Yup!   Nothing.   – I’m going this way.
– Me, too!   Yeah?   – Bro!
– What’s wrong with you? – You know what?
– Just call me, “sir,” ok? I quit my job today.   And? You know, I really like you, bro sir. What do you want?   Use me as your assistant.   I, Jang Chil-su, am a great guy. Try me. Well, you didn’t exactly have me at “hello.”   A split decision can make or break the next ten years. Choose me and your next ten years will be bliss. Come on!   Bro!   How old are you?   I may be a pretty boy and look young for my age.   But, I’m old enough to have school kids.   – So, how old?
– 22.   Have you ever rappelled?   If you fall, you could die instantly.   You’d be better off delivering Chinese food.   You’d be good at it, too.   You’d never go hungry and it’s safe.   Pick at the left-over pieces of sweet and sour pork. You have no idea who I am.   Back in the army, I was a drill sergeant.   Rappelling was my thing!   They called me ‘Dongducheon Tarzan’!   You were never in the army, were you?   Defense corps, right?   I can tell you one thing. The sky troops got nothing on me!   Here you go.   I just want some respect.
I have dreams, too.   Are your parents till alive?   What does your father do?   You’ve really rappelled, huh?
You want the job?   Of course!   Alright. Let’s give it a shot.   When the rain falls over the black seashore,   Water becomes the sand and sand becomes water.   Things fall apart,
things fade away…   – Chil-su?
– Yeah?   Nothing.   – Bro!
– Aren’t you going home?   It’s late.
Can I stay over at yours?   I don’t see why not. Let’s go.   I’m peeing in my pants! What’s so funny?   Yo, Tarzan!
You’ve never rappelled!   I have! I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.
Watch me tomorrow. There isn’t a grain of truth in anything you say.   – He’s sketching you nude.
– Nut job!   Is anything wrong?   – No. Your drawing…
– What drawing?   Forget it.   Sorry. I have an appointment. I have to run.   Man, I’m busy today.   – Next time…
– Hey…!   – Oh!
– It’s you!   What are the chances?   The other day, during the drill, and here!   Two chance encounters!
That’s something!   Maybe it’s fate. Get your hands off me!   – Show me the sketch.
– Of course, of course. But, on one condition.
Buy me coffee.   Fine!   My name is Jang Chil-su.   – Art major, right?
– Sure.   With a focus on nude pictures.   Sometimes.
If I like the model.   Show me the sketch.   Here it is.   Oh, was this it?   – Nice outfit!
– Nice figure.   I could put a bikini on you if you want.   What?   Jin-ah.   Carnations…   Carnations remind me of a long-forgotten story.   Do you know what green carnations signify?   The significance of green carnations?   I have no idea.   Honey, green carnations don’t exist!   Whatever.   My 6:00 English class is about to start. Yea? English class, huh? I think it’ll be useful.
Conversational English.   Are you comfortable talking freely in English?   Huh?   What’s so funny?
You have a problem with me?   Around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon,
at a newly constructed apartment complex in Seoul, 35 year-old Choe Jeong-il
from Gwangyang District in South Jeolla Province climbed to the top of a 50-meter industrial chimney and demanded the authorities find his wife who left him. – After two hours, the police…
– Idiot.   An employee at Hallym University
who had been demanding a 13.6% pay raise… What a nut case. launched an indefinite strike after negotiations with the school fell through. As a result, most of the administrative work at the school was shut down.   The Air Force said due to the emergency takeoff and landing drill, it would close off the Pangyo-Shingal section from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Hey, bro!   You’re back.   My brother wants me to come to America to live with him.   I just need a place to stay until I leave.   I can’t exactly go back to the movie theater. Right.   Bro, you mind if I stay with you for a while?   I’m exhausted.   Hey! Stop!
You stop right there!   Don’t they ever sleep?   Who’s there?   It’s me!   Why do you keep coming back? What are you doing?   You asked me to come stay with you.   – I did?
– Yeah.   I’m moving my stuff.   – You’re moving to America, right?
– Yup.   – Can you make good ramen?
– Ramen?   I’m the ramen master!
I made the best ramen in Dongducheon!   My divisional commander back in the army   wouldn’t eat anything else.   You said you were in the defense corps.   Hello? Hello?
Burger King, right?   You know Han Jin-ah?
Jin-ah Han? Hey, Jin-ah, please. Oh, you want Jin-ah?   Jin-ah! Take this.
Some American guy. – American?
– Yeah.   Hello?
Hello? Hello!   Miss Han!   How are you, hm?
This is Chil-su Jang!   I’m telephone you in the campus.
You know? Here.   And I wanna see you tomorrow again, okay?   Quit it.
I’m busy right now.   – Okay!
– Okay!   Okay.   Okay!   What? She said yes!
She said “okay!”   I can’t hear what you’re saying!   Huh?   – I can’t hear you!
– What?   Bro! Can’t you hear me? Huh?
How about now?   Thank you.   – I was impressed.
– Huh?   You speak English very well.   Does my face not match with my English?   I’m worried, though.   About what?   I’m going abroad, soon.   I don’t speak English well enough.   – Are you going to study? In the U.S.?
– Yeah.   Wouldn’t France be better to study art?   My older brother lives in Miami Beach.
Miami Beach!   The movie’s going to start. Let’s go.
Can you hold this?   – Bro! Can I borrow some money?
– My money?   I’ll pay you back when I get to America.   I’ll invite you over as soon as I get settled.   You’ve been spending a lot lately.   Didn’t I tell you?   I’m dating a college chick named Jin-ah.   – College student?
– Yup!   What’s wrong with her?   Wait a second…
I’m a good catch!   I’m good looking.   I have a hot body!
I’m charming. – You’re cute!
– Yes, and I’m nice. Did you see those college girls looking at me?   You thought they were looking at you!   Yup.   Girls like this   or this or…   this!
As for me, I have everything else   except money.
But, you can help me with that.   Like an artist.
Something unique…   Tell her we went to school together.
Art college.   Yes, say you’re a Korean-French artist from France.   Alright, bro. Sorry, and thanks. I’m counting on you!   He’s genius bordering on insane.   Here he is.
Korean-French artist, Park Man-su.   This is my friend.   – It’s Han Jin-ah.
– Hello.   – Jin-ah?
– I’ll be back in a second.   – What are you doing here?
– Just as well. Gyeong-mi called and said you’re impossible to reach.   – Who is that guy?
– He’s my friend. Art major. And the one next to him is an artist.   What a coincidence!   I have to write a paper for my art class.   He’s stylish.
Introduce us.   Sure.   Mr. Park, what kind of paintings do you do?   – Self-portraits.
– Really?   I heard artists who draw self-portraits are very lonely.   Sir!   Enough with the drinking.
Let’s dance! Yeah!   Show us how they move in France. Come on. Let’s go!   Let’s not bother him. He likes to drink and think about his work.   Yeah?
Then, why not the three of us? We’ll be right back.   – Can I go now?
– Not yet. You’re the star of the evening.
You’re doing great! Artist, Park Man-su.   Hey, bro… I only have
3,000 won right now.   Could I borrow…   Thanks.   Hey! I want soju!   He hasn’t had soju in a while.   How about another night?
Let’s stick to beer.   Whiskey? Oh, yeah!
Whiskey on the rocks?   Whiskey?   Why aren’t you kids at home studying?   Did you say “whiskey”?   You have to be at that interview.
You’ll be late. – I don’t want to go!
– Let’s get you up. I want another drink!   Let go of me.   We have to go.   Chil-su, let’s go get some soju and sea snail!   You should go.   He’s just a lonely man, you know?   My friend will understand. Don’t worry. It was fun.   Jin-ah?   I have to go. Bye!   Hey, bro!
I’m going crazy. – Well, don’t.
– I’m trying not to.   But, that chick Jin-ah.
She’s driving me nuts.   That girl is… unbelievable.   She wants to drop out of college and live with me!   – Which reminds me…
– You need money? No.   Are we booked for tomorrow?   Just some repair work.   Yeah?   Let’s go!   And, we’re off!   The skies hide behind the skyscrapers   and folks I love have all left.   The tired trees don’t say much   as they gaze at the dusty shadows of the city.   Have I changed?
Has the world changed?   Unfamiliar sounds haunt me. I have a long way to go.   The skies hide behind the skyscrapers and those I love have all left. The tired trees don’t say much
as they gaze at the dusty shadows of the city. My hometown of yesterday vanishes into the concrete jungle. Where have my people gone?
The evening rain falls over the neon lights.   Bro!
I need to pee.   Pee in your pants. They’ll dry.   I don’t care what I eat   but, I do care where I pee.
I really need to go.   – I’ll see you back here!
– Yup!   Oh, crap…   This one’s nice.   I like the style.   – Hello.
– Mom!   – Is this Chil-su?
– Yes. What a handsome young man.   Hey, what are you doing around here?   Well…   Good day, sir!
It’s me, Park Man-su.   Long time, no call.   Thank you, sir.
Bye.   Boss!
It’s me, Man-su.   I was wondering if you had a job for me.   I’ll be waiting for your call.   What do you want?   That’s right. 15.   Exactly.
I sent those.   That can’t be.
I sent those. Alright. Bye.   I got it.
Okay, yup.   Man-su, what’s up? – Hey.
– It’s been a while.   I’m glad you came.   Mr. Lee, I mentioned him to you once.   We used to work together.   This is Mr. Lee, head of the New Seoul Arts Corporation. – Nice to meet you.
– I’ve heard about you.   Have a seat.   How’s it going these days?   Sir, my friend here has great talent.   You should hire him.   We do need more workers. I’ll do my best. Thank you. We’d really appreciate it.   Hey, do you visit your dad from time to time?   Sir? I heard you got the contract to paint the old apartment complex.   You better use our paint.   Park Man-su! Park Man-su!   Yes, sir!   Your passport application was denied. They had a problem with your ID.
Go see that man over there.   – Park Yeong-jae!
– Here!   – Jeong Tae-hu!
– Yes!   – Lee Dong-shik!
– Here!   It’s tragic that the Peace Democratic Party   won a majority of seats in the Jeolla region.   Who are the candidates?
From which parties?   They’re planning on buying votes.
Good luck to them!   These days, a million dollars won’t do it.
You need at least two million. Well… who knows? You need more than just money. No? I wish I had all that money.   The National Assembly has no voice with only the ruling party!   Hey, could you turn the news back on?   The guy switched it off.   It’s all garbage.   Mister, you’ve had enough. – How much do we owe you?
– 2,000 won.   If you’re drunk, go home and give your wife some lovin’, watch TV and pass out
instead of bothering people.   Were you talking to me?   Let it go!
And, no more drinks for you. Drunk moron…   What did you say to me?   Do you know who I am?
I’m Park Man-su! – Stop it.
– Who the hell cares? You’re really starting to get on my nerves. You the hell do you think you are?   You want to fight?   What the heck?   Stop it!   Those gentlemen so kindly said they are willing to let it go. A few bottles of soju and food won’t ruin me.   – I’d spend that much money on a night out, anyway.
– Sure.   Good evening.
What happened?   How do you know Mr. Park?   I’m his guardian.   He’s my guardian.   The fight’s not the issue. But, we do have to keep him.
You should go home. He’ll be home, soon.   When are you leaving?   He’ll be fine.   What do you mean?   Oh, America? Soon…   – Jin-ah?
– What is it?   – We need to talk.
– About what?   I have a lot on my mind.   I’m going to go.   I really need to tell you something.   What is it? Tell me now.   I can’t. Not here.   I don’t know. I just want to go home.   Do you have time tomorrow? Tomorrow?
No, I can’t.   My parents invited my fiancee over.   – I’m sorry.
– Jin-ah!   Hey!   When did you get back?   Are you okay?   You hungry?   A letter arrived for you from your family.   – I’m going away for a few days.
– Yeah?   – I have to go to the base.
– Fine.   I have a lot of work to do today.
I really had a good time. – How do you feel?
– Fine.   – Are you sure?
– I’ll see you later.   – See you tomorrow.
– See you tomorrow.   – Bye bye!
– Bye bye.   Get out!
Get out of my house!   I haven’t supported you all these years for this!   You!
How could you with a yankee?   No! Never!   Over my dead body! Get out! Out of my sight!   Hey, look who’s here.
Chil-su?   It’s been years.   Looking for your father?   That bum is out.   He’s probably at the bar.   Why me!   I finally get married and he’s a freaking wino. Is his son here?   Bring me another bottle. Must you really drink everyday? You really have to stop.   Don’t worry, I’m paying!   Why are you here?   You said you never wanted to see me again.   Do you need money?   Could we have another bottle over here?   Don’t let him drink anymore.   It’s for me.
Bring me a bottle.   You don’t mind, do you?   Go ahead!   You can drink as long as you pay for it.   You’re looking spiffy.   And here I was, worried you might be starving.   And, you’ve been drunk everyday since mom died.   I should have left this hell hole a long time ago.   You sister left for America,
your mother died…   You left…   Still no word from sis?   That whore!
Who knows what she’s up to?   There are people who are interested
and willing to help. We can file a petition for a special release on parole.   Even for a couple of days,
it would be great to have him home for his 60th.   Or, we could file a lawsuit.   He could stand trial
and be released for good. He’s been in prison for 30 years.
A trial won’t change anything. We could hire a lawyer who will help us. – The reverend and my friends said…
– It’s useless!   We’d be dealing with bureaucrats.
It’ll be a waste of money. But, it would be nice just to try.   My only wish is for the whole family to get together to sit down for a meal.   Stop it!
We’ve been through this! Man-su! It’ll be different this time.   Your father won’t live for much longer.   Prisoners of conscience are a hot political topic right now. It’s all over the news.   I heard you joined the labor union at the factory. And, now you think you know it all.   You think a lawsuit can solve everything?   You take on odd jobs to make a living in the city. Father is serving time in prison,   but at least he tries harder than you do. What do you know!   What the hell do you know about father?   – Just send the money home on time.
– Stop it!   You think he’s a burden, don’t you?   Why do you let the world treat you like crap? Idiot. Do you think people out there are going to listen to you?   Why would you even try anyway?   Do you ever think of our poor mother, who for 27 years, had to uproot   each time father got moved to a different prison?   Angels!   I’m so bored.   Bro! Why aren’t we working?   There’s no work. We can’t just sit and wait like this.   Do what you want. Go find another job.   I’m good.
I saw my uncle the other day.   My brother is flying me over to America, soon.   Man-su!   Spring is almost over.   What about Jin-ah?   I’ll go to America, first, and invite her over.   We’re getting married in Miami.   – Lucky you.
– I guess so…   Oh, come on…   Hello?   Oh, yes, hello.   Of course!   Thank you!
I’ll see you tomorrow.   A job?   It’s a matter of do or die for our company.
So, we asked around   and Lee recommended you to us.   I know we’ve just met, but Lee’s told me about your situation.   As the saying goes, “Give and take”, right?   Lee?   We only just barely secured the contract and we have to hurry.   You have to meet the deadline.   The boobs are the focal point.   Make them look sexy, bordering on raunchy.   Make everyone crave some whiskey!   Pay extra attention to the colors.   Like the boss said, the end result is important,   but meeting the deadline is crucial.   I have faith in you. – Thank you, sir.
– I’ll leave it all up to you.   Start getting ready.   Okay. Stop.   Hey! Let’s call it a day!   Where’s Jin-ah?   Jin-ah?
She quit.   It’s windy,
I’m cold, I’m hungry.   Tired…   Boring…   I can do so much better than this.   I miss the Miami sun.   Jin-ah!   Chil-su? What are you doing here so late?   I’m leaving for Miami next week.   Bro! What are you reading?   None of your business.   You’re lucky. At least they write to you. Shut up.   You know, I have something to tell you.   – The truth is…
– Go to bed.   Where’s your music today?   How are things with Jin-ah?   Hey, Park!   We have a deadline to meet! Hurry up!   That lazy bastard talks too much.   Hey! I have to go back to the office.   The sun is still up. Keep going.   And, make sure to clean up.   Chil-su!   Hey!   What are you doing?
That little monkey.   Hey, bro! Be careful!   I don’t even have life insurance.
I’m always careful.   This is nice!   Pass me the bottle.   – I read your letter.
– You had no right to.   I’m sorry.   Man-su, you once told me   that your life depended on a rope.   I feel like our family has let go of the rope that held us together.   Father won the three-day parole to spend his 60th birthday with us. However, he has declined to take it.   I think I know where he’s coming from,   but it still breaks my heart to no end.   Hey, bro!   What is it?   I have a confession to make.   Did you say “confession”?
You drunk?   I lied about going to Miami.   My father used to be a houseboy.   Not anymore, though.   He still lives in Dongducheon.   He’s unemployed.   After my mom passed away,
he remarried.   My stepmother is his sole supporter.   I have no future.   I broke up with Jin-ah.   She’s engaged.   To a good-looking, successful, rich college graduate.   I’m sorry for lying about Miami.   I’m such a loser.   Listen up all you powerful, educated, proud, rich bastards! Listen to what I have to say.
I want to tell you something!   Let me have my say while I’m up here!   You bastards!
Can you hear him? My name is Park Man-su!   And, I’m Jang Chil-su! I don’t have a voice,
but I have a lot to say!   Is this the best you can do?
Can’t you do any better?   How do you sleep at night?
Is your God that forgiving?   Are you guaranteed a spot in heaven?
You bastards!   We’re watching you!   Hey, who are you?
What are you doing up there?   Hey! How is it you always get the lion’s share? – What’s your secret?
– Hey, look down.   Come down, you two!
Come down!   We ask you to please step down.   What’s all the commotion down there?   – What are you two up to?
– Come down right now!   What are they saying?
I think they’re cursing. Idiots! Have they heard nothing?   Why are you cursing?   Wait! He has a firebomb!   Look! They’re running away.   Those two painted that billboard.   – What are they up to?
– Maybe they’re suicidal.   They could be protesting.   I’ll go down and report it.   – What’s going on?
– We’re still not sure. And, why not? My men just went up with the superintendent.   – It looks like they’re protesting.
– Are you sure? It’s holding up traffic.
Do something!   Who are they? They are painters in charge of the billboard on the rooftop. Painters? They’re either angry at the management or suicidal. What?   One has a firebomb.   A firebomb? Call the headquarters and get an ambulance.   Hey! Look.   What’s going on down there?   Are they all looking at us?   – Let’s go down.
– Down? Why?   – Are you in some kind of trouble?
– No!   What’s the situation?
Which company is it? Are they students? – What’s the reason?
– Are they suicidal? Nothing has been confirmed, yet.
Please wait. Do they have a bomb? Just wait.
We don’t know yet.   Give us some details.   They look very upset. Make them come down without provoking them. Yes, sir.   And, get an ambulance on standby. Yes, sir.   Hello! Hello!
You two gentlemen up there!   Can you hear me?   – What’s he saying?
– One second.   He seems important.   Can you hear me?   If you can,
give us a wave.   Gentlemen! They just called us “gentlemen.”   Sirs! Do not resort to violence.   Violence calls for more violence.
Come down and we’ll talk.   – We’re not violent people.
– That’s what they want us to be.   You have greatly inconvenienced the citizens.   Before the situation snowballs, come down.   It’s dangerous up there.   What are they saying?   I don’t know.
They seem angry.   What if they fall?   Leave us alone!   We didn’t do anything to you!   Calm yourselves.
We can think through this.   Please calm down.
Life is precious!   You’re not helping yourselves by doing this!   – Why are you doing this?
– What did we do?   We don’t want to commit suicide!   This is getting really serious.
I’m going down.   Be careful. – You’re both too young to die!
– Wait!   Suicide is a form of violence.   What’s wrong with you people? – Who’s committing suicide here?
– Leave us alone! I’m in front of the Covent Building at the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal. Two men are on top of the rooftop billboard, staging a protest. Their exact demands have yet to be confirmed. We’ll be updating you on the latest developments. Reporting, live, from the scene.   Hello, sir. I’m the head of New Seoul Arts Corporation.   Here is my card.   – Glamor Whiskey…
– Do you know those two?   They’re not employed with our company.   They’re one-off contract workers. Have you treated them unfairly? No. Not at all.   One of them has a firebomb.   A firebomb?   Look! There’s Park and Lee, the company head.   He’s the president?   Man-su! What’s going on!
Why are you doing this?   Are you trying to ruin my business?   You can’t do this to me!
How could you! Stop!   Stop provoking them!
They’re suicidal!   Man-su and Chil-su!
Compose yourselves.   Did the company mistreat you in any way?   Get the rescue team up here. Rescue team, onto the roof!   It’s always like this!
They never leave us alone.   Don’t you dare come up!   You have no idea what you’re doing!   Calm down!
We’re sending the rescuers.   Stay still!
It’s dangerous up there!   The two men, identified as billboard painters, continue to resist police efforts to bring them down to safety. Authorities say they have yet to determine their motive. Meanwhile, the police have mobilized a special rescue unit… Those idiots should jump already.   They must be desperate.   Hey, bro, shall we just jump?   Are we going to be up here all night?   I think they want us to.   I’m cold and hungry and need to pee.   Detective Kim!   – What’s going on?
– You’ll find out.   Finally! What’s the situation?
What’s going on?   What’s your problem!!   – Turn it off!
– Turn off the light!   We’re going to jump!
I swear! Turn off the light.
Turn it off!   Special forces unit, stand by.
Be very careful.   Alright, Mr. Park.   We know everything about you.   But, your father’s life is his life
and you have your own.   The world is not such a bad place. It all depends on your perspective.   Just because your father was an enemy to society back then,   doesn’t mean you have to follow in his footsteps.   You can start your life anew!
I will help you!   Gentlemen,
I will personally help you.   Please remain calm.
Do not shout.   Stay down there! We’re sending the rescue team.   What do we do?
Do something!   What the hell did we do wrong?   Bro!   I’m going to jump!   Don’t come up! Bro!   Hey, bro! Let go of me.   Let me go! Watch out!   – Man-su!
– Be careful!   – Man-su!
– Stay still. Man-su!   Don’t do it!   You’ll hurt yourself!   Bro!   Man-su! Man-su!   Move! Move out of the way.   Please move.   What just happened?   Is he dead?   Is this guy okay?   Step away!   Korean Film Archive presents
Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
Translations and subtitles by Free Film Communications  


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