💮 Only Hope | Episode 4: Reality (Rzeczywistość) | TS3 Mini Series ENG/PL

/Medicines destroy me, I feel worst, my body is more and more exhausted./ /Everyone’s against me, they’re trying to destroy me. They’re keeping me here, although I’m healthy./ /Doctor is a very bad man./ /He takes me to a room hidden in the underground of the hospital./ /Is what I think about, is it getting closer?/ Well, well, she’s the one what the corpses see! Rebecca is dead, it really happened. Everyone says that her parents took her home. But if you’re so sure that she died, maybe you killed her? I’m sorry, l didn’t mean to wake you up. I didn’t know you were asleep. Get out of here! We’re all the same, you, doctor, everyone! Why would you think that? I’m not sick, this hospital destroys me, everyone here are destroying me, everyone feed on human suffering. My mother promised to take me away from here. Why don’t you let me see her? Your mother didn’t contact the clinic. Stop lying, I got a letter from her, you keep me here without her permission! Can you show me this letter? I can’t find it anywhere. That letter doesn’t exist, never existed, it’s another product of your mind. It isn’t true, I saw this, it was real. You’re lying, like everyone here. I’m not lying, I swear. Why are you breaking my heart? Why are you breaking them into a million small pieces? I’m forbidding you to doing harm Jocelyn! I know that you treat her badly, that you and Florance are abusing her! I see that my warnings didn’t help. You were supposed to leave her alone! You need to get punished. You have to pay for mistakes. You have no mercy in hurting others person, so I will show you no mercy when I punish you. You must trust me. You’re my little sister. I’ll always take care of you. My memory, everything’s getting confusing… I think I’m starting to remember a bit more. I don’t know which of my memories are real. I thought we met here, when you visited your sister Madlen, that we we became friends here. Why I remember you as a little boy? Is it possible? Did we know each other in our childhood? Why do you call me your sister? Am I similar to Madlen? What happened to her? So your answer will be silence again? I’m sorry, I just want to protect you. You aren’t my brother! I don’t want you to be him! I don’t want you to call me your sister! Please leave me, I need to spend some time alone. Get out! You reported me! I was punished by you! Is this what you wanted? I didn’t report you. I haven’t talked to anyone about what happened. What makes you so important to him? Why puts you above other patients? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t pretend you’re dumb. Dr. Ernesto favoring you. Maybe he just likes me. You definitely agree to everything what he want. I’ll never believe that he treats you better for no reason. Only cowards run away from questions! Rag! Finally, it is time, my parents are here. So early? There’s a lot of time left for Christmas. It’s a surprise for you. You’re coming with us. I’ll help you pack your things. I doubt the doctor would let me leave the clinic for so long. Be of good cheer. Go ask him for permission. I’m going back to my parents. We’ll be waiting for you in the canteen. I’m sorry to interrupt, Mr Thomson, might I have a moment of your time? I’ll always find time for you. You know fine well you’re my favorite patient. You probably know that Sophie’s parents came to take her home for Christmas. They want to take me with them. Which is why I ask your permission for this trip. This is very important to me. I want to feel the family atmosphere so much. Who is Sophie? She’s your patient. Don’t you remember? There’s no one here by that name. A girl named Sophie was cured here about 15 years ago. You couldn’t meet her.


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