📺 The Best Drama of 2019 ‘VAGABOND’ – Special Clip

His name is Cha Dal Gun.
[Smeytou Cha Dalgun] Where does he work for? FBI? NIS?
[Mâa men Howa? FBI? NIS?] He’s a stunt man.
[Cascadeur] Lee Seung Gi Our duty is to devote our lives
for the nation and its people. That is sense of duty and pride as agents. You think I can’t do it? Bae Suzy Who the hell are these guys? Why did they kill all these innocent people? Why did my nephew have to die? Why?! You’re going to Morocco next week, right? Do you have everything you need? I’m not going. Why not? Only the plane tickets and hotels are free. I will have to pay for the rest. I can handle the rest. You just turned 11 years-old.
You are just a kid. So act like one. You should ask for more.
Why do you even worry about money? Then, why don’t you grow up..! Why are you yelling.. You don’t know anything.. Stupid uncle..! What? Stupid uncle? You know what I’m saying Hey, Hoon-ah! Do you even know how good this opportunity is? Moroccan Government’s Invitation for 50th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations, While Taekwondo Demonstration Team stays, All schedules… Good morning
[Sabah al-khair.] You guys are early! The meeting is over. My bad. I am sorry. Take the call. Mommy, I’ll call you back later. How can an intern act like this. Elsa speaking. I will take it back and send you right now. Who are those kids passengers? They are Taekwondo Demonstration Team. National team? I will serve them well. Flight B357 to Morocco. You have to stop that plane now. Flight B357 departed last night from Incheon to Morocco crashed off of the ocean near Morocco. Cha Hoon, 11 We had to be extra careful in the end of my term… But look what happens, It bothers my brain The B357 that crashed.. it’s Dynamic Systems’ new model. The families of victims are scheduled
to leave for Morocco, the site of the crash, on a chartered flight
provided by Dynamic Systems. We know the trip must have been difficult. I am Ko Haeri, from the Korean Embassy in Morocco. Everyone on that plane died, but how’d you survive?! There is someone who survived the plane crash and came back unscathed..! I am the negotiating rep for Dynamic Systems,
Edward Park. So Cha Dal gun’s said, the plane was crashed by… Terror. John and Mark had benefited the most from the accident. There is one thing never changes in the World. Money is power,
It makes the truth. This is not your business. Who the hell are you..! Who are you? NIS? Shit. I’m gonna get in trouble for blowing my cover. I see props like this all the time on set. ..?! What? You wanna see mine too?
I’m a CIA agent. I really am an NIS special agent. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY B357 Emergency descend
due to rapid decompression. Dal Gun were right. The plane… was crashed by a terrorist. Keep your eyes on him. How he discovers a conspiracy Thank you, president! I’ll take care of this situations… Hide. Two hundred and eleven people had died
because of this crash. One hundred eight Koreans there. Just do it, fool. There is a betrayer in our organization. Now, Are you doubting me now? Or not. What about Cha Dal Gun? We need to smooth the way. It’s a tricky situation. You’re a civilian, And I’m a special agent. I’m not gonna let you die like this, so don’t worry and trust me..


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