🔴 How To Rekindle A Relationship (Using DRAMA!)

Question! Is your relationship failing? Or worse… has your relationship FAILED? And whichever your case might be… do you
want to know how to REKINDLE a relationship? If you’ve tried to rekindle your relationship
in the past and failed… or if you’re TRYING to rekindle it now, and nothing seems to be
working… then I have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is this… If you’ve been failing to rekindle your
relationship, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. In all likelihood, you’ve been failing to
rekindle your relationship for one reason: You’re following the wrong advice. Now here’s the bad news: If you keep FOLLOWING
the wrong advice, then you’ll lose your woman forever. But hey… there’s more good news. The good news is this: You CAN rekindle your
relationship. The catch? You’ll need to follow the advice in this
video TO THE LETTER. Now, ask yourself these questions:
Do you want to rekindle your relationship? Do you want your woman to love you again? Do you want that strong, happy, lifelong relationship
you’ve always dreamed of? If your answers are all “yes,” then you
owe it to yourself – and to your woman – to watch this video. And if you follow the tips in this video,
you WILL rekindle your relationship. You WILL get your woman back. Sounds good? Great. Before we jump to the good stuff, I need just
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the “Like” button below. I’ll wait. Have you clicked “Like?” If you have, then thanks so much. I really appreciate it. Now let’s get to the good stuff. So what’s the RIGHT way to rekindle your
relationship? First of all, let’s talk about what causes
good relationships to fail. And it’s probably NOT what you think it
is. Here’s the thing: In a woman’s mind, the
most important thing in a relationship is not love… although she might say it is. And it’s not financial security, although
she might think it is. Instead, in a woman’s mind, the most important
thing in a relationship… is emotional stimulation. You’ve probably noticed it before. She LOVES drama. And when your relationship doesn’t have
enough drama, she goes ahead and CREATES some. You could make her feel loved. You could make her feel financially secure. You could make her feel all of that. But if there’s not enough drama in her life…
she’ll subconsciously and automatically create some herself. She’ll argue with you, she’ll make dumb
decisions, she’ll get into fights with your friends… anything to get the emotional stimulation
she needs. The problem is this: Most guys don’t know
how to handle a woman’s drama. They either ignore it, or fight it, or make
it worse. All of those actions push the relationship
closer and closer to failure. So why do women create drama in the first
place, when they know it’s going to ruin the relationship in the first place? That’s the thing. They don’t know it’ll ruin the relationship. When a woman creates drama, she does it for
selfish reasons. She does it to feel alive. And in her mind, if you react to her drama
in a way that pushes the relationship closer to failure… that’s your fault, not hers. Crazy, I know. But that’s reality. Drama tends to destroy even the happiest relationships. Arguments turn into fights. Silent treatments turn into hurt feelings. Drama can send relationships into a downward
spiral. And here’s the worst thing: No matter what,
she still NEEDS drama. It’s a scientifically-established “flaw”
in the female mind. And that’s where so many men find themselves
trapped. On one hand, their woman needs drama. On the other hand, drama can destroy their
relationships. So what’s a man to do? Here’s the answer. If you want to rekindle your relationship,
you must CREATE that drama yourself. You MUST be the one who gives her the emotional
stimulation she so desperately needs. Now, you might be wondering: “How in the
world will drama save my relationship?” Here’s how. When your woman creates drama, she does it
for selfish reasons – she wants to feel ALIVE. But when YOU create drama, you do it to REKINDLE
your relationship. You create drama to make your woman feel alive…
and make her see YOU as the source of her life and happiness. Think about it. When your woman sees you as her source of
happiness and stimulation in her life… would your relationship improve, yes or no? You bet it would. And here’s some more good news: You don’t
have to spend a lot of time, money, or effort to create the drama she needs. All you need is one thing: Mind Control. Yup, you heard that right – Mind Control. By the way, I’m not talking about the silly
“Hollywood” kind of Mind Control. I’m talking about scientifically-proven,
peer-reviewed Mind Control. It’s the kind of Mind Control that’s being
used by advertisers, politicians, and movie producers. It’s what keeps their customers, voters,
and fans coming for more. And it’s the kind of Mind Control that will
get your woman back and rekindle your relationship. Now how exactly will Mind Control do that? Before I give you the answer, I need you to
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Mind Control. The technique I’m about to teach you was
developed and popularized by one man: Derek Rake. Derek is the world’s foremost authority
on Mind Control as it applies to relationships. He is the founder of the Shogun Method system
of dating, which to date has more than 17,000 followers globally. Derek also developed the Mind Control technique
you’re about to learn today. That technique is called “Fractionation.” What is Fractionation? Fractionation is the act of putting a woman
on an emotional rollercoaster. That means you’ll inflict some emotional
pain or pressure on her… and then follow it up with relief or pleasure… or vice-versa. In other words – you’re injecting drama
into her life. Only this time, you’re not doing it to hurt
her or ruin the relationship. Instead, you’ll be doing it to make her
see you as her source of emotional stimulation… and as a result, rekindle the relationship
and make it even better than before. Now, again, you don’t need to spend a lot
of time, money, or energy to do so. Here’s a simple example of Fractionation
in action. First, you stop trying to get her attention…
and instead “lie low” for a while. You’ll “lie low” long enough for her
to notice your silence. So when she gets in touch with you to ask
what you’re up to… …you give her a pleasant surprise. A gift, a surprise party with her closest
friends… a date at her favorite restaurant… or something similar. That’s an emotional rollercoaster she won’t
soon forget. And here’s another example of Fractionation
you can try: You can “sweep her off her feet” with a dream date… complete with
flowers and a romantic dinner… and then disappear for a few days with zero contact. That’s another emotional rollercoaster she
won’t forget. The more emotional rollercoasters you put
her through, the more she’ll think of you. And the more she thinks about you, the more
attracted she’ll feel towards you. That’s how Fractionation works. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where she
feels so addicted to you and the emotional stimulation you give her… that she commits
her entire life to you. When that point comes, congratulate yourself. You’ve successfully rekindled your relationship,
without a shadow of a doubt. That’s the power of Mind Control. If you had the power to change how a woman
THINKS and FEELS towards you, then you can do ANYTHING. You can rekindle a relationship. You can make her love you more. You can forge a strong, happy relationship
that lasts a lifetime. It’s totally up to you. The catch? You’ll need some formal training in Mind
Control. This video gave you a taste of how Mind Control
works and what it can do for you. But to use it properly, you’ll need some
training… and luckily for you, I’ve got you covered. In just a moment, a link will come up inside
this video. That link will take you to an Online Masterclass
on Mind Control. In it, you’ll learn everything you need
to know about Mind Control and how to use it… whether it’s to rekindle your relationship…
or solve any other problem in your relationship. This Masterclass will be given to you by Derek
Rake himself… so you can’t get any better training than this. So, do the smart thing. Click the link and sign up for the Online
Masterclass on Mind Control now.

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