1 ano de IHC | International House of Cinema

What’s up guys? Welcome to IHC! The size of world, man! The size of the world! Body and soul! My heart is open! Just come together! Do you know the crew from IHC? Are you curious to know who we are? So, come together! And I hope it rocks, and you all have a good time. Oops! A lot of people that were part of the IHC’s history, I hope I don’t forget anyone. A lot of people helped me, believed in it a lot… And I know that all of them deserve my gratitude. Singing Happy Birthday To You. Hey, open the other one! Oh, nothing happens… It’s quick. *Singing* Go Luccas! *Rapping* Uh, this one knows! Let me see if it works… Oh, nothing happend bro! *Rapping stuff with Rhaissa’s name* Kisses Rha! *Singing Happy Birthday To You* *Rapping about Boqueirão* Where are you from? I’m from Boqueirão! Tell where are you from? I’m from Boqueirão! And where is my DJ from? He is from Boqueirão! And where is my DJ from? He is from Boqueirão! Make noise who is from Boqueirão! Where is Tidão? Hey, I’m Tidão. Luccas *continues rapping about Boqueirão* Tidão *sings some bad funny rap* Hey guys! Thank you very much. To all that were part of IHC’s history. Be sure that all of you have a special place in our hearts. It was a hard year, but we were able to win this phase. It wasn’t an easy phase… But now that the nightmare is over… Is just about keep fighting, and keep working hard. And we will keep going, and celebrate at least 50 years of IHC. That’s it! Keep the good energy, and come together! Come together! Penélope, do you want to say something? What did ou wanted to say? Speak Penélope. Hold on. I’ll put the camera closer to Penélope. Speak Penélope. Speak Brad.

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