1 Million Subscribers Gold Play Button Award Unboxing

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek! And this is another incredible video that you know, it’s one of those things that you can’t even plan for. I mean, you just didn’t see it coming. I Didn’t say I didn’t see this happening. I remember when I did the unboxing for the little whatever you want to call it I guess the play button. I like to call it a commemorative plaque, but you know the play button for a hundred thousand subscribers. I was so shocked that you know, it was something that that was even there before me, you know and Now it’s the one for 1 million subscribers the the gold play button. I’m just blown away! And that’s all that I could say truth be told, you know because otherwise I could sit there and I can I can try and think and think and think Well what to say what to say what sounds good, you know, but all I can say is that I’m just shocked I’m shocked I’m dumbfounded It’s just you know, it’s something that I never saw happen with this channel, you know? And I know a lot of folks when they even they do get a play button be it the the Silver one the gold one Or any others further on they like to have a big celebration, right? They like to have something even just a couple balloons or throw a huge party or something and I thought to myself, you know You’re right. It is a you know a significant occasion. I gotta up my game on it So I decided to go ahead and get some compressed air to celebrate and And there we go some compressed air for the party Works great on my ten-year-old laptop, though I tell here that I have to clean the keys the other day and that thing was a lifesaver so Perfect for the occasion. But anyway, I know we all want to see the unboxing and I’m gonna get to it you know and in a minute, but I just wanted to take just a Short little spell to just say first and foremost. Thank you all so much for your support! It wasn’t for you. This channel wouldn’t have a million subscribers, you know? We would not be here right now if it weren’t for you. Thank you so much for your support! I’ve been doing this for gosh seven-and-a-half close to eight years now. I’ve been doing my radio show for Almost four years at this point Time is a crazy thing. But you know, we wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you But your help for your support for your viewership For your feedback your constructive criticism for just you being here Thank you for being a viewer of TheReportOfTheWeek YouTube channel! Thank you for being a listener of the VORW Radio Show! It’s just a pleasure to have you here and I just want to say thank you for your support! You know, we wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t you so thank you so much. I Wanted to keep that a little abridged because of course I will have more to say later On in the video, but of course as is with an unboxing video, I think everyone wants to see what is in the box so with that said Let me show you the box Okay, the last one That we had the silver one came in a brown You know standard like cardboard box in this one surprisingly enough comes in this huge. It’s like I don’t know it’s like that one thing from 2001 a Space Odyssey You know you can see it’s a larger sized box Relatively unmarked and it just says YouTube on the front, which is a pretty cool aesthetic You know, I do like the black/white colors there, you know, it’s a nice color combination if you ask me But otherwise, you can see just the standard box otherwise but I like the decoration aspect it is on the heavier side It is definitely a couple pounds so there is some weight behind it And with that being said I was thinking to myself what would be the best angle to go ahead and just show myself Opening this so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m going to just grab the camera real quick. I’m going to switch angles So I can just go ahead You know open the box remove the contents and then we’ll be right back here and we’ll take a closer look at it So stay tuned transition coming up Alright, so I know this might not be the most incredible Environment I hope you like the little tablecloth. I think it’s pretty cute. But anyway, we have to do the unraveling of the tape and This time I’m gonna be smart about it. I got my knife. So we’re gonna do what we got to do Right there Got that. Hopefully got most of that we got tape there Looks like that got the job done. We got tape right here Now for the part we’ve all been waiting for I’m sure even if you don’t really care much about the channel Let’s see. What’s inside the box, right? Let’s see what we have Okay, we got that. We have this I guess for decoration What else do we have here we have a Letter which I’m gonna read for you a little More personal sense, but we have a letter it actually is on some nice paper you can see that’s paper right there with a little bit of a decent print now, but you can see it is a letter from YouTube YouTube CEO business card Okay, these are the guys that made the card or the Award. All right, that makes sense and Here it is the award itself You can see it’s covered in the plastic thing here which makes sense And you can see right here comes in a little tray Got that thickness to it and I guess that’s a Little extra bonus thrown in. Okay, so knowing now what we have before our very eyes let’s Let’s look at this better, so first we have our letter from the YouTube and it reads You’re bigger than Vancouver. You’re bigger than Venice. You’re even bigger than Las Vegas. That’s a cat. 1 million subscribers, maybe you’ve imagined that day for a long time, or maybe you never thought you’d grow so big either way Not much can match the satisfaction of finding out that your creativity That your ideas and your voice speaks to 1 million people across the globe We know that being able to touch the lives of so many people is a reward enough But we’re incredibly proud of all you’ve done. So we hope you’ll accept this gold created reward as a token of our esteem With your track record, we suspect that you’re going to keep growing and we can’t wait to see you reach the next milestone 10 million subscribers It may seem far away. But remember the days when you were psyched to have a thousand You’ve amazed us! Keep daring, keep dreaming big, and keep creating the inspiration for everything we do! Sincerely, Susan the CEO of YouTube There’s a very kind letter though, you know, very kind and and Just a very nice letter if you ask me something that I guess some would come to expect with a award like this and whether it’s you know, Something that’s as pre-typed or not. It’s a very kind letter and I think I should really go without saying So now comes really the toughest part actually trying to get the award out of the bag And we’ll try anyway. We’ll try our best Figure out how to do it. So here it is You get to see the glorious process Let me lay it down right here for a second so I can just Organize this a little more. I don’t think I’m gonna end up needing the little plastic sack, so I’ll just throw it in the box. So what is it? It’s actually on the outside. All right Whatever floats their boat In the box it goes And lo and behold The 1 million subscriber plaque Now the thing is this is very reflective. So don’t be surprised but you can see There it is, there I am. So this is what I was trying to do. You could look into it and it’s like a mirror you can see how reflective this is It does have weight behind it, you know, it definitely does have that Weight to it. It says presented to TheReportOfTheWeek … TheReportOfTheWeek for passing 1 million subscribers from YouTube. You can see There it is. That’s what it looks like there is an upclose view of it See right there see the ceiling fan in it. That’s what it looks like. Back to me It’s cool how it’s so reflective though. That’s amazing. I tell you it’s like, you know, I don’t even know if it shows up as well in the video But it’s like you’re looking into like a crystal clear mirror. That’s crazy For those of you who are curious You can see it definitely does have You know weight to it. It’s not like it’s hollow in the back You can see it does have parts right here. Well, you can hang it on your wall should you wish? But it definitely is full throughout I believe the old one because this is the new gold Award. I know the old one was more kind of hollowed out and it had its issues of the play button Sometimes it’s falling down or breaking or whatever it was but this one seems to be a lot sturdier and I think it is a little smaller If I’m not mistaken than what the size of the original gold play button was but I like it, you know, it’s minimalistic but it’s very pretty and I like the gold color trying to wear it like a yellow gold type of Necktie to go along with it. Wow. You know that’s incredible. I know I was kind of just giving a little critique of it, you know just sharing my thoughts on it, but it’s you know when I look at it and when it’s something that is sitting here before me I Kind of look at it and I look at the name And I look at the number I just look at it and I was just kind of thinking about the letter that was there and you know Just thinking about it. It’s like it doesn’t register to me, you know, because when I started this channel out years ago Wasn’t something that I was doing for the numbers, you know it’s not something that I just started doing it because there’s something that I wanted to do and That’s what drove. That’s what still drives me today and just to see these numbers to see all of that It’s just so crazy. So incredible – something that I I never envisioned, something I never saw coming. You know, I think back to the day when I made this channel when I first started it in early 2011 You know it wasn’t even a Something that I had in mind and it’s just so… So crazy to see these things and just you know to contemplate on how far that it’s come but if there’s one thing that I do want to share to all of you whether you’re an aspiring creator or Maybe you’re not you may but maybe you have some some dreams of maybe doing a YouTube channel one day Maybe you are a youtuber you have a channel. I Know that the numbers can be a big deal. You know, I know I know that they are if they weren’t there wouldn’t be any play buttons or there wouldn’t be any milestones or or anything in that regard and I know a lot of us on YouTube can be very Very focused with the numbers. You know, how many views for the day how many subscribers for the day? So on and so forth and we could really look into those analytics and sometimes it can get to us I know it can get to me and has gotten to me in the past Sometimes I’ll look at the analytics I’ll see the numbers and you know maybe maybe they’re shockingly high or maybe just something changed in the algorithm there or whatever and they you know, They weren’t where I expected them to be and sometimes that can get to us Sometimes maybe you didn’t get as many views as you wanted or subscribers as you wanted or anything Maybe it can get us a little down, you know, we might not have the motivation we once had… Because the way some numbers can appear to us But I just want you to remember this and I’ll try to be concise If what you’re doing on YouTube is what you want to be doing and You’re having an enjoyable time You’re having fun You’re just having a fun healthy Happy atmosphere That’s what it’s all about people. That’s what it’s all about. I Know the numbers can end up being at the forefront of things, but please just remember this If you’re enjoying what you’re doing on YouTube That’s what comes first! You do what you want to do – what brings you that happiness. What brings you that creative drive, that inspiration as a creator Just remember that! That’s the most important thing! That’s what’s kept this channel going. That’s what’s kept it going for all these years If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have these videos right now. You know, I wouldn’t have it That I believe is the most important thing behind any endeavor on YouTube Having that happiness and that creative drive That’s the most important thing. I got startled there for a second because a cat jumped up But it was not like the iconic moment in 2015 he was on the other end of the table just being a cat going around and he went away but That’s all that I wanted to share with all of you. It’s just my my advice. It’s just something that I’ve learned as a Creator on this site. You’ll have your ups you’ll have your downs But the most important thing is that as long as you’re happy doing what you’re doing that Drive will continue and you know, you’ll get through the tough spots or get through the bad spots and you know As long as it’s a that’s that’s what’s most important about being a content creator on YouTube! Thank you all so much for your support! Thank you for your subscribing for your comments for anything. If you watch these videos that help you get to sleep at night I welcome that. If you watch them for laughs, that’s fine too. You watch them for the food reviews or For any little bits and pieces of insight if you listen to the radio broadcast You’re tuned in on shortwave if you’re listening online. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here with this channel! This wouldn’t be happening right now if it weren’t for you. Thank you so much! On one final note: It’s a Thursday today. And as I say None of this would be here without you every Thursday I do my radio show the VORW Radio International. If you haven’t checked it out already Give it a listen. You could find it on soundcloud at soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int It goes out on the international shortwave on radio stations WINB, WBCQ, WRMI and WWCR. You can find the schedule information in the description. Please check that out! If you want also check out the pinned comments for some easy ways to listen too! This radio show is something that I’m really passionate about something that I do every week. Check it out! It’s an hour long. Maybe you’ll like it? Something to try out anyway. And, I guess on a final final note… Why not right? May as well if you haven’t already I do have the teespring store, It’s a way to support this channel to help keep it going. I have merchandise of all kinds t-shirts some posters some some very rare iPhone cases And some other things check them out. There’s a variety of designs. I’ve just added some new color schemes to some of the products so hey give it a shot. Take a look. You never know?
teespring.com/stores/thereportoftheweek You might see something that you like might see something that you could use as a rag to clean up the floor with or to wear. Well, you know if you just want to set it on fire Do so safely but if anything looks good, you know go for it. That’s all that I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen an incredible occasion Celebrating it here on YouTube with you and with some compressed air And that’s all that I have for you. I hope you enjoyed this video! I hope you are able to get a thorough view of the gold play button and Award and see the unboxing and all of all of that stuff Thank you for being here! Thank you for your support and I hope you could tune in to the radio show and check out the next video That will be coming up in a couple days. Until then dear viewers and listeners. Take care. I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek.


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