national jihango luck says he laughed at us Does anyone want to make money really thank you very much to my brother we needed this is a miracle really ? I’m starting the 2020. I can’t tell now my eyes are full Is there anyone who wants a Christmas ticket hello everyone i Kosif friends today December 31, 2019 ie a full day to the new year even hours left today I am with you with a very special concept friends we will do this concept continuously but first of all I kiss you from the hands of my elders we all celebrate new year friends I hope the new year comes to all of us with success and peace with health and now I’m starting to tell the video friends the name of our video today is actually national cihango friends what is milli cihango? Here is the tickets you have seen in my hand There are 13 full tickets here We will call 13 lucky people This video came up with the idea of ​​how to immediately tell it to friends we all get the national lottery at Christmas I’m sure you’ve taken the national lottery this year trillions win first and we are all watching that lottery hours before the draw When we see that we can’t win trillions, 1 trillion and 2 trillion after the lottery we had already prepared our expectations in that direction so learned desperation but then it comes to pay Doesn’t it pay off when we all start a sadness then? so is me I’m sure you are I’m sure you too So we’re missing trillions, but we’re not upset. but it pays off when we do not pay off the price of that ticket back we all feel sorry that’s what I thought of today, I prepared a ticket, friends the name of this ticket is national jihango ciyango not a lottery we have made a special bi stand for this friends we will wait at this booth how much will we sell these tickets tam1 tlye will sell In fact it does not matter to sell for us we will only do this to bring people to our booth but the value is more than 1 tl and empty more on the other hand, total bonuses in 13 tickets are 2020 TL ie 2020 special for the year 2020 those who have followed me for a long time already know 2020 in the year 2020 would want to distribute 200 tl it could be very nice too maybe 2021 in the 21 thousand rubles we distribute friends this is in the hands of all of you don’t forget to share the video Let’s start building the bride stand and let’s find 13 lucky ones yes friends here as you have seen our stand here i made this specially i made this video special by the way i will add something more there are classic videos that have been made for about ten years now for ten years in youtubeda homeless help at work. all very nice very successful videos but I did not want to shoot videos in that style we really don’t spare our support to young people all year long that’s why it’s a little different as I always said again I’m not a channel that produces content by watching, I’m producing content by thinking and it will always be like this mr beast can take the goods in the market and give to the needy I don’t want to do the same I am thinking so different I mean, would it be bad if somebody in the world copied our videos? It’s always been like this. I’ve been like this for 5 years. it will continue to be so as long as you are on this channel. before you start video, let’s set up the stand and find the winners let’s start by the way, friends, I don’t intend to make this concept for young people I already support young people throughout the year if I can catch more like this, I will try to find laborers, some older people i will wait for them here really what I’m trying to do in this concept is actually let’s get started stand rule I’m very excited I’ll see the stand for the first time you will see for the first time yes, it is not as simple as it looks from the outside. this is probably the case I’ve been quite a stander how it’s starting to show up right now I think it’s right here. good luck bench thanks my buddy how very beautiful ten number five stars we also have wheels Where do I stand I think it’s nice yes 1 tl yi are putting friends for everyone to see here let me buy my tickets let me buy my tickets eveet that’s it how did friends tickets 1 tlye cihango tickets. see brother Can you look at my uncle something very beautiful for you We’re distributing a ticket We have national cihango tickets my name is Cihan these are my tickets Would you like to participate don’t mix me up brother I do not look at these things at all thank you thank you uncle fortune we were a bit hasty we acted in a hurry i’m sorry would be good for uncle we didn’t do good marketing it was exactly what we wanted national jihango running out isn’t it very good We have national cihango tickets friends come citizen come national cihango only 1 tl national jihango friends how things happened by the way $ 2020 lucky bird you remember the bird of fortune lucky bird and national jihangos national jihango national jihango Dude, isn’t he good? very good great Do you like friends name come my brother what happens come Followings my brother never came my brother did not come I’m sorry I’m very sorry right now friends if it rains accidentally people have that prejudice that you sell something yes they think i’m selling something but we will break it national jihango lucky bird was put on your head salamoun I liked this job very much get more videos from here many videos from this stand friends we can’t find either national jihango buddy bitane uncle is coming my uncle come my uncle come who is lucky, who wants to make money bitane brother is coming what’s here brother come brother, you can stand in front of me like this I’ve got jihangos here at the beginning of the year these are cihango, no empty here no empty here You give one tl you get one you open immediately you win Look at the net telling brother 1 tl ok give it to you select brother OK rip brother christmas special video Let’s see how much you win 100 TL brother thank you I thank you luck says he laughed at us my brother is very pleased spend well teens are doing did you know visage christmas special or more like this old … I always do to young people I do not know do you follow sks buying clothes fanda because it’s more christmas like this I want to do to my aunts and uncles Thank you very much for your visit I hope you guys don’t get me wrong I really support young people all year long as much as I can I want to help more uncles, aunts in this video I have a limited number of tickets but as I said, share this video Like this video Take a comment if we get what we want from this video this concept so this stand concept friends I plan to do on holidays including special occasions and New Year’s Eve so the national cihango will work Meanwhile how are our colors If you ask what color our colors Colors of our company color friends brilliant come brother come immediately brother Followings nolur gel brother These are national cihango tickets we are youtube channel national cihango tickets, special ticket for the year here you pay 1 tl and get the ticket no empty inside as it says on the edge big bonus 500 tl Would you like to join no why please let me love your brother I cant believe friends can’t believe made me very sad There is a couple from bi we strongly agree I think these two people will join hello please very important look very important really important to you I can not speak turkish no problem no problem where are you from Palestine palestinians these tickets christmas tickets No empty you will pay me 1 tl and you will make money from here from these tickets and no empty and the big bonus of 500 TL Would you like to join OK OK who will choose Can I get 1 TL Thank you You can choose this is your chance we are youtube channel by the way My name is Cihan this is the national jihango lottery Yes you can remove it 70 TL. congratulations Thank you this is for you this is the youtube channel Contact Cihan directly Palestinian wife gave 70 TL yes our brother came do you join can i see the ticket national cihango brother no jokes nothing let’s see brother has nothing to look at you get the ticket, you scratch the back, you learn the number you win Would you like to participate I want you to join me wholeheartedly You’re digging out, huh? no empty brother look here says no blank christmas ticket twill ticket not brother you make money directly you take the money and leave Look, the Palestinians went Do you have 1 tl ver brother 1 tlyi Okay, I’m not breaking her, brother. select brother ticket I agree take your chances does this take brother best wishes dig what will the excavation brother took the ticket going even if you do it, brother how much 50 TL we give 50 t I want to make you another game shall i how bi game I’ll get you another card bitane more cards A pound? You didn’t get 50 brother keep it okay, bye-bye so you see what’s your mind why do you say something like this is done brother we are youtube channel youtube video this is our 2020 in 2020 tl we distribute bi video Look, our uncle won 100 TL you got the money what are you waiting for there walk go spend goodbye took the money still waiting it was beautiful already he is a tl lie friends we’re getting a tlyi and we’re giving it back to the friends bi more coming bi more coming Brother how are you thanks thank you cihanım napıyosunuz what we are shooting These are national cihango tickets cihango tickets Do I pay? 1 TL brother You need to pay 1 tl Can i have 2 No bro We received 1 TL brother picking ticket I chose my ticket choose brother, you turn away you’re opening brother Is it the first time he’s gonna hit me? brother shall I tell you the big jackpot $ 500 are you saying serious very good 200 TL brother stop for a minute what 200tl si ya bi minutes we have to do it more regularly next year my buddy 500 tl 500 TL JoVE brother do not joke real check that I make money for the first time 500 tl your this is our memory for you absolutely no such thing var brother cihan kosif has a big brother on tv I’m starting the 2020. my brother get better Let 2020 be the year you want See you we are always following See you Isn’t that what we want, bro? handing money yes friends we have given the first of the big bonus here you go Hi do you want to join abicim what i dont understand this These are national cihango tickets these are my own tickets In 2020 I distribute the full 2020 tl these tickets are 1 TL 1 tlye you buy these tickets ok let’s get let’s take it You can get one, but OK select abi ticket we’re digging here brother do i scratch we just tore it because so tearable we will change its technology next year brother are you ready money appeared my brother 500 tl real full 500 tl big bonus auspicious thanks also my brother let me give you this too No, brother, no more unfortunately no brother believe the boy’s luck to the child’s luck see you brother friends know your brother brother just arrived. how much did you earn 50 TL I want to take more of my child’s luck says pull my brother Let’s scratch let me help you You won 50 TL more, brother Here is our memory for you Let me give you 50 TL my brother goodbye have a good day yeah friends going exactly the way i want it so everything is actually very nice very liked it was nice or it was nice going fine we really needed to thank my brother so much thanks god bless what do you mean my brother did we enter people’s heart, brother We have entered. the rest doesn’t matter money stamp does not matter What’s important is friends? humanity. Don’t really lose your humanity you can lose money. the point is humanity we have seen from father to mother like this bilader national jihango Is there anyone who wants a Christmas ticket bi brother is coming brother welcome Good luck with I have national brother jihango tickets 1tl give you agree prize ? awards are written behind this In 2020 I distribute the full 2020 tl it’s over here you go select abi ticket OK If you gently scramble a little here. that back side can get up the corner Choose what you have I can help if you want Are you ready look coming coming look coming 50 TL brother Let this be our memory thank you can we join again unfortunately, brother Because the constraint is a ticket thank you good-bye, brother good luck May your new year bring happiness, peace and health in the first place I hope we bring peace if we become a country Good luck with achievements yes friends we are consuming our tickets quickly 5 tickets left 5 tickets again telling friends at the beginning I told. we can make even bigger bonuses from here we do it in your hands So I’m throwing this video bi 5 million views If 5 to 7 or 5 to 10 are monitored If I don’t distribute 21 thousand TL in 2021 next year, my name is not cosmic friends if you really trust my sincerity, i will do it you will see i will really do by the way, I will add one last thing Some people who do not know us can write something goes down and looks at our other videos they can see that what we do is the guarantee of what we do come on thank you but it is there’s nothing i can do No empty No blank as you have seen everything is full but I don’t want to give it to people like nothing we want everything to be in the natural stream we are going well let’s go on yes friends bi sister approaching these are national cihango tickets My name is Cihan The name of my youtube channel is also Cihan Kosif You give 1 TL, my sister, you buy a ticket you’re scratching the back of the ticket now you learn your winnings happy new year meanwhile thank you are you feeling I hisarlıy Look, my auntie is coming You won 250 TL well hope it will be lucky this year this is 200 this is 250 thank you I thank you, sister it is your turn do you think that crazy on the way handed me tickets yes we have 250 yes friends sister also really surprised us came and said what’s going on here national jihango welcome to my sister We’re [I’m] glad to be here 10 tl what ya how many tickets will you get 10 TL not my sister you can get 1 I need 1 tl or that always falls here my sister select the ticket you want There are 4 You will choose 1 where are you security? At Marmara University do i scratch I’m scratching or it can be a little troubles sometimes we hardly see the money after that I have no chance my sister 100 TL really really really what was your name Esra Esra lady very pleased What was your name? Cihan Kosif I The name of my youtube channel is also Cihan Kosif 100 TL see you later he became happy I am very happy now we’re going to have a really restful sleep again tonight twill my buddy a total of 3 national cihango remained friends come citizen come 3 national jihango 3 national jihango what’s up 1 TL you give national cihango tickets where your brother brother Rize brother I am also which one is brother I’m opening so it can tear We’il change that at 21. brother as you can see 50 TL looks from behind Do you see do you agree with this one time once brother brother bye May the happiness of the new year bring peace of mind in the first place Thank you Yes friends boy is this not so good friends will do this on holidays not only with the new year, I hope but of course you also agree that we are a channel this channel has a budget I’m trying to do as much as I can according to that budget hopefully when we become a bigger family when we reach more subscribers and more views I really tell you, there are channels abroad or you know Produces content monitors and international channels in turkey copying don’t get them wrong that channels abroad will follow us last 2 tickets left We have 2 tickets I don’t know how many bonuses there are let’s see let’s go let’s go national cihango is not very beautiful isn’t it beautiful Isn’t it very original or am I exaggerating really very original yes our sister came bi we have two tickets the name of this ticket is national jihango You pay 1 TL you can get one of the tickets Would you like to buy Let’s I want to do something last 2 tickets these two tickets in return for two TL, normally do not do something like this, but my sister has children twin sister they are and twins children is not done You wouldn’t put me in your heart, would you? I don’t think you will my sister 2 Let’s take my sister let me give you a change two tickets. which one is yours which one is yours ok, let’s open tickets Let me help you are you feeling fortified I’m forty I’m opening that first ticket already looks from the top 200 tl it’s yours let it be a memory What was your name now? Miray I’m opening this, sister There are 100 TL here last 2 tickets total how much we owe you 300 tl 100 200 300 do you really give really without doing anything this is christmas special video really? this is a miracle because he wants toys and I didn’t have money I’m so glad I’ll cry now for months really you give us unrequited Yes we only shot video in return eveett Can we watch this video? You can watch Cihan Kosif on Youtube Are you active i know aa cosmetics i’m not one of those cosifs varya this is a very nice thing I can’t tell you how my eyes are full my daughter didn’t get bi baby wants for two weeks twins because we pay a lot I couldn’t even give them to the service minibus waiting now I’m much happier now I have a son in their age how old are they 6 years old ours is 4 years old I’m taking the kids was that yours this was yours souvenir Keep in mind Cihan Kosif my sister is very pleased what it means see you gentleman see you sister see you bye bye god bless you yes friends was really nice very nice went to the needy exactly as I expected I’m glad we gave two of them I hope you all feel the same He came with two children. and I was very happy I was really happy And she said she wanted a baby. already Yankı’s toys about, you know my son bi part of our friends have a youtube channel, we have certain projects about it we have especially related to kindergartens in later times I had such a dream I had things I wanted to do 1 percent of their bi was instrumental in I say to you so I was also happy i think you’re going to beautiful places this week’s new concept, the national jihangonun hope you guys like the video If you want to see more national cihango videos, of course for special occasions don’t forget to like the video and leave a comment below you can also follow me from the social media accounts below friends see you in the new year, 2020 2020 I hope you all bring peace, friends a year full of achievements you want best of all, hope it is healthy take care of yourself, subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to laugh bye bye


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