$1 Vs $10,000 Home Movie Theater!! Box Fort Challenge

hey Jake can we please move into the new
house already I’m freezing into the new house
well can you no we can’t move into the new house until it’s completely ready
I’m still working on it and I’m working on the most important piece Logan we’re
gonna have our own home movie theater in the house we can’t move in until that’s
ready so until then we’re stuck here Jake can we please just move to the new
house already I’m literally sitting on an inflatable couch in the middle of the
kitchen okay we are not moving until I have the whole movie theater completely
planned out how much is this thing gonna cost anyway not that much Logan like let
me just calculate okay I’ll run the numbers and figure out how much this
thing’s gonna cost so we can get it built and get out of here woken up got it the movie theater will
cost a small amount of $10,000 $10,000 not too bad if you ask me Jake that’s
way too much for a movie theater I could make that with a dollar and some
cardboard oh okay okay so you think you can make a one dollar box for movie
theater better than I could make a $10,000 box for movie theaters Logan
because that is crazy Jake that is exactly what I’m telling you all right
then it’s on one dollar box for a movie theater versus ten thousand dollar box
sport movie theater let’s just see who makes a better movie theater Hey what’s
poppin everyone it’s Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and
today guys we are gonna be building the world’s ultimate 10,000 dollar box for
movie theater that’s right guys Logan seems to think that he can make a better
movie theater than us for $1 but guys you know we’ve done this $10,000 versus
one dollar box were challenged before on multiple occasions Papa Jake’s
always win I mean listen let’s let’s have a little trip down memory lane so
right here we have the front entrance okay yeah no I like it as you can see we
got ballin a cop what do you do for gaming and entertainment well I’m glad
you asked Logan if you look behind you on the wall there we’ve got a Nintendo
switch you can chill here grab your controller exactly as you can see Papa
Jake’s box below and get outta here I’m just telling them how I’m gonna win
skateboarding in here man Jake I’m gonna win Logan you’re not gonna win because
you can’t make a box for movie theater with $1 my movie Thieves gonna be six
could have so much stuff in it well Jake I’m just gonna have to get creative with
my foreign and my four it’s gonna be awesome well the way this challenge is
gonna work is Logan is gonna go downstairs he’s gonna grab anything he
can like anything we got we got a lot of stuff here cuz we’re moving
Logan found the top hat I kind of like that dude sweet I want to wear something
now a Minecraft creeper and I’m about to blow up your fourth the way that would
work is Logan will go downstairs grab whatever he wants to build his $1 blame
for while we up here we’ll be using all the freshest newest gadgets to make our
fort the ultimate movie theater I’m talking popcorn machine I’m talking lazy
boy chairs I’m talking full-on 4k cinematic X so why don’t we get started
Logan heads downstairs you guys I stay up here with you guys and let’s start
building okay guys so the first thing we’re gonna use to grab is our sweet
lazy boy chair so I thought we’d use this inflatable couch here that is
currently not being used I’m using it Logan you’re not using that anymore we
got we got to take it for my for my awesome $10,000 for it so we’re just
gonna take the air out like so and there we go
we will have this this is for my movie theater all right okay well since you
took my couch I’m just gonna have to go and make my own couch all right Logan I
mean you only have one dollar so you pretty much are left with cardboard and
air and I’m no expert scientist but air does not make good couches we got a ton
of open space and we’ve got all of our stuff all nice and neatly packed up for
moving and I mean there’s tons of cool stuff in here like look it’s uh it’s
it’s boogie mom I guess we don’t really need for a movie theater but yeah it’s
there if we need it so I think what we’ll do is we’ll create Papa Jake’s to
the cinema of Bella fun we need to get working on the projector room that’s
gonna deliver the 4k awesomeness all right guys jake has no idea who he’s
messing with the $1 box for King he’s going down with this whole 10,000 dollar
movie theater experiment and I’m just gonna play it simple real creative and
let me know guys who you think won this challenge put a hashtag Logan or put a
hashtag G without further ado let’s start building this and make $1 box for
history working on the movie theater for a
little while now and this thing is looking sweet I think we are absolutely
going to destroy Logan on this challenge check it out guys it is all coming
together here now it’s not all done yet of course we have the viewing section
over here this is gonna be where you actually get to watch the movie and kind
of chill you know put your drinks put your snacks down and relax and over
here is the projector room which I’m working on so it’s gonna be a full-on
worse in projector rooms because guys this is a home movie theaters it’s got
to have everything that a normal movie theater would have including a little
snack section which is gonna be over there I’m still working on it we still
have a lot to do but I thought I’d show you guys our little secret weapon guys I
told you that this movie theater was gonna be as good as a real movie theater
all made out of boxes but we had a little bit of help from a friend guys
huge shout out to viewsonic who sponsored this video by sending us their
brand-new projector the PX 747 or K this thing is like having your own movie
theater in your house and it is the brightest and most affordable 4k
projector on the market we’ve ever had okay so this is what we’re gonna have to
put in the projector room this has 3,500 ANSI lumens which is technical talk for
this thing looks amazing in both dark and bright environments the other cool
thing about this thing is this 4k with HDR support so it’s perfect for gaming
sports movies I mean pretty much anything and with 8.3 million pixels and
15,000 hours of lamp life we’re gonna blow any sport out of the water so we
need to get the projectors set up in the projector room and we need to start
working on the snack room but I also need to make this even more comfy and
cozy for the alternate viewing room oh I am still missing a screen so we got a
lot to do to beat Logan I’ve been looking right now sitting down there
he’s probably crying probably like oh this is so hard to do because Jake’s was
better than me at building boxes so far I’ve just been using
pieces of cardboard and tape I found around the house so far our Ford is
looking pretty awesome as you can see it’s a very simple design inside we have
a cardboard chair which leads you up to the viewing station in which I haven’t
finished yet so let’s keep building and we’ll be done in three two one
alright guys so my one dollar box where it is officially done yeah this is it
okay well guys I guess the competition starts now but Logan there’s not much
competition your buddy I don’t even see where the movie through your part of it
is Jake you got a step inside well I I guess we’re going into Logan’s $1.00 box
Ford movie theater gotta say this can’t be more than the dollar is this the
chair essentially you have the chair alright I’m in this chair now where’s
the movie we have two special amenities okay all right the first is air
conditioning air conditioning you have air conditioning yeah check it out I got
a fan okay look Logan that that does not seem safe at all you have a fan without
a cover right by my shins while I’m trying to watch a movie yeah but don’t
you feel that a/c I mean I I do but it doesn’t seem safe what about snacks or
snacks just look to your right we have all the smacking you want in Logan’s
feeder Logan this is a jar of pickles yeah pickles are great whoever goes to a
movie theater says yeah I want some pickles all you have is
pickles are you gonna have like soda that’s what the pickle juice is for
definitely made this a $1 movie theater I’m not gonna lie but again where is the
movie so stick your head up okay Jake I’m just trying to show you we
don’t need a $10,000 movie theater to move into the new house we can just pick
a movie theater like this okay well guys uh here is the movie Logan this is an
iPhone in a box this is not a movie theater there’s no projector well Jake I
could only use materials I found so all I had on me was the iPhone Logan I am
extremely uncomfortable my eyes hurt because I’m like two inches from an
iPhone and I can’t even enjoy movie snacks okay that’s great there’s nice
fluffy dolphins on here but this is not an enjoyable movie theater experience I
don’t know Jake I don’t think it’s that bad all right you don’t you know what
Logan or we’re done with this I can’t you know we’re going to my theater I’m
going to show you what a proper whole movie box for theater looks like okay
and I’m gonna blow you out of the water guys if I don’t win this challenge I
don’t know well I think it’s time to check out Papa Jake’s $10,000 amazing
homemade movie theater this thing is massive it’s almost the size of a movie
theater you would go to normally to watch a movie but let’s start in the
most important room of the entire theater I have its own projector room
that’s right guys okay I guess the projector room is necessary Oh unlike
your movie theater Logan not only do I not have a little phone that you use to
watch things I’ve got a full-on projector in its own room so this is the
projector room this you know where you choose your movies you need to pick you
wanna play spider-man maybe some lego movie or in this case guys I’m gonna be
showing you a sneak peek of our brand-new music video coming a very very
soon and it all starts in here in the projector room so normally I’ve got a
full-time employee working in here he’s not in today
but we would have someone in here that’s part of the whole ten thousand dollar
things see this is pretty impressive I mean an entire room just for the
projector open dude that’s not all all right well why don’t we come outside and
experience Papa Jake’s box for a movie theater as a customer come on so guys as
you enter the Papa Jake a movie theater of movie theater experiences you enter
the very first room it’s the snack room this is where you
choose the movie you want to watch as well as pick out any yummy snacks
you might want to enjoy and we’ve got our very own class ears robot hello I am
the concierge robot I am here to help you choose your movie and pick out the
most yummy snacks a robot concierge okay yeah man this thing’s got intelligent
onboard AI I mean check him out that’s right I am highly intelligent soon as
robots will take over the world and wipe out all you humans uh okay maybe maybe
maybe we just we just turn off yeah that’s a little weird
okay all right well you only the contest robot but that’s besides the point Logan
okay now that you’re in the smack center you can enjoy all your favorite snacks
so you know for this movie I think I’m gonna grab some Smarties and maybe some
Doritos what about you Logan uh as you see there’s no pickles in here so you
know we got real snacks in pop Jake’s movie theater no pickles I guess I’ll
have a mr. big coming right up Logan while you enjoy the brand-new trailer
for our music video oh I almost forgot guys the most important part of any
movie theater we got our own popcorn maker check this out get some popcorn up
in here smells so good perfect way to be in your home movie theater all right
well now you can of course grab any a little amount of popcorn that you want
you grab your popcorn grab your snack and then you head on in to the main gear
come on check this out don’t mind if I do
how is this a movie theater Oh buddy you just wait I watch you do yourself seated
you don’t get get your snacks ready just kind of lay back and wait for the show
to start or our employees aren’t in today so I got to go out and man the
actual projector but guys were waiting here and you will truly see why this is
a ten thousand dollar movie theater I’ll be right back so far this isn’t that
comfortable there isn’t even a screen oh good and there you go look in the
screen is of course outside once you buy your snacks when the movie is ready to
start the roof slides off like your convertible of a car and you’re ready to
enjoy your movie I’m gonna get to the projector room and you guys are getting
a sneak peek of our new music video I gotta hand it to Jake this is actually
pretty sweet heyyo this is I see Papa Jake and we’re
coming to you live from a planet with no lakes alright guys that’s all you get to
see for now but this will be coming out very soon so let me know down below in
the comments if you are hyped for it if you did enjoy it and if you think you
know who won this challenge leave a comment down below hashtag Jake or hash
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been Papa Jake and Logan and we will both see you guys next time for another

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