Hello Hi, how are you? What’s your name? Mandy Harvey, and who’s this? My interpreter. What’s your name? Sarah Okay Mandy so, I think I’ve worked this out, so you’re deaf? Yes, I lost all my hearing when I was 18 years old Wow, and how old are you now? Twenty nine so it’s ten years. Wow Mandy how did you lose your hearing if you don’t mind me asking? I have a connective tissue disorder so basically I got sick and my nerves deteriorated So you were singing before you lost your hearing? Yeah I’ve been singing since I was four so I left music after I lost my hearing and then figured out how to get back into singing with muscle memory using visual tuners and trusting my pitch. So your shoes are off because you’re feeling the Vibration, is that how you’re following the music? Yeah, I’m feeling the tempo, the beat through the floor. And Mandy What are you gonna sing? I’m gonna sing a song that I wrote called try. Okay. Can you tell me what it’s about? After I lost my hearing I gave up, but I want to do more with my life than just give up so Good for you, okay, well look this is your moment and good luck. Okay I don’t feel the way I used to, The sky is gray much more than it is blue. But I know one day I’ll get through And I’ll take my place again If I would try If would try There’s no one for me to blame Cause I know, the only thing in my way is me I don’t live the way. I want to That whole picture never came into view But Im tired of getting used to the day So I will try So I will try I would try If I would try Mandy, I don’t think you’re gonna need a translator for this That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and heard Honestly, I never think I’m gonna be surprised or amazed by people, and then you turn up and with I mean, just the fact that you are you? But it was your voice, your tone, the song was beautiful Congratulations. You were straight through to the live shows Mandy, you know what? We found each other Yes You gonna play that later? Alright, got it Alright group hug *chuckles* Go get ’em, girl! You got this. I got the shaking. oh you if anything goes wrong just look to me. I’ll be there Got you I’m a hell I’m gonna even walk with you, yeah Here we going, hey You got this Hi Hi What’s your name? I’m Anna. Hi Anna How old are you? I’m 20 years old and what do you do for a living? I? I don’t have a job right now, but that has to do with my situation and stuff so What’s your situation I suffer from anxiety and depression disorder so um about like Two or three months ago. I was bedridden, and I hadn’t left my house in a couple months When I was 14 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I suffered from a lot of panic attacks. I, you know, I couldn’t leave my house most days. I couldn’t leave my room I couldn’t get out of bed It felt like my mind had given up on me, I just, I didn’t, I didn’t see any future I, I just didn’t wanna be here anymore and You start to, you know, question your ability as a parent You can’t do anything you can’t make it better to see my little girl With therapy I became better and then about four months ago is when it hit me the hardest it’s ever hit me before I just, I felt so bad about myself I didn’t, I didn’t like who I was, I, I didn’t know how to bring myself out of it and We felt helpless. We didn’t know which way to turn and nothing was working and music found her. Being here today is incredible. I remember I, I couldn’t step out of bed. I didn’t wanna face the world and now I’m facing thousands of people This could mean the world to me, to see her out there, and we’re rooting for her You know Personally I also have an anxiety disorder I suffer from OCD People don’t really know what it takes, and how much suffering it is for you to even show up today is so amazing There isn’t anybody alive that at some time doesn’t need help in coping and the world is here for you And I just want to hear what you have to offer us so Just play and pretend like you’re alone in your room and nobody’s watching Okay? Thank you. Love ya. Well I heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord But you don’t really care for music, do you? Well it goes like this:
The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah Well your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya Well she tied you to the kitchen chair she broke your throne, and she cut your hair And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah *crowds cheering* How great is that? Amazing And everybody’s here for you How ’bout it? That was amazing I have a question and it’s amazing I’m telling you that I deal with what you deal with how did you get the courage to do what you did today? my parents of course Life is filled with peaks and valleys you have seen and experienced a lot of valleys tonight young lady. You are on a peak You have a really interesting voice very different and very much like a treatment a lot to do First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your story with us, I know it’s not easy and I really really enjoyed it. I think you’re great singer. Thank you our hands down the most Emotional got me to feel the most and and I’m putting your story aside for a second I’m talking about just how you sing the emotion that you were feeling you were able to take it Put it into your voice and make me feel tough So we should vote I say yes, Mel Down a definite yes from me I’m one of them. What means yes and Howard You’re the first singer to come out here and give me the chills and I’m gonna tell you something you got it We can’t wait to see you again My name is Henry Darger kiss that in five years old is mostly Seeing how do you feel when you see? You feel happy Oh, yeah I’m not swimming. Did you just say I wanted to swim right now remember. It’s all about doing your best You know you undo that right? this bond Howie but yeah Well Welcome to our stage and What is your name? My name is heavenly joy Jerkins that is a beautiful that your first name is heavenly my Hen okay, how old do you have sighs? I love your outfit by the way. Thank you Tell me about yourself. What are you gonna be doing today? I’m gonna be singing a song and d-cap with it That’s hard to do because sometimes you get out of breath right when you sing it Yeah, does that gonna happen to you? No, no good And and where did you get this ability at five years old do you have a musical family? Now is what I used to sing because you got us started a young age in this business you really do Now you know if you win this whole thing You get a million dollars Well if I get a billion dollars, I don’t want them to keep them I want to give them all over the world cuz some people don’t have any clothes. I’ll give some clothes By the way, I’m your favorite judge, aren’t I yes okay? Very smart all right, I wish you a lot of luck I hope you win so all those people who don’t have money get money. You know You’re going places I’m telling me You know when I was a little boy not much older than you if you can imagine that Heavenly I used to watch a Shirley Temple. Yeah movies on TV. You watch that too That you know I think Shirley Temple is living somewhere inside of you is that possible because Yeah Definitely I have to tell you you did such a fantastic job. You were so cute singing and dancing I think America is gonna fall in love with you heavenly I Bet you dollars to donuts that they are already Our heavenly Our own Melby because you would have been a terrific spice girl, I think It doesn’t know who you are, that’s okay, we know who she is she’s adorable Let’s vote shall we well. You know heavenly. I’ll be proud to tell you that you have your first yes Twenty-one special we’re looking for special head we need him to stage now Yes, sir for the whole of you looking for the next contestant he wandered off backstage three zero six zero special ed we Need a ladder back here I think all right I Am special What I do is quite phenomenal But I’m concerned that the initial preparation that I must do will Be possibly disturbing to the judges and audience I have to align my chakras And get into a very meditative state this environment is going to be quite difficult Those X’s are very loud, and I hope it doesn’t destroy my concentration Somebody want to get that Meditating buzzer I want Howard to go first because I think Howard had a premature EXIF occasion I did I was annoyed with you I wanted to lock you in a mental Institution and then lo and behold you pulled off your special trick special head I’m gonna take my eggs back because I actually like what you did This was amazing and I’m sitting right here, and I’m looking and I’m like how is he doing this you know? I’m so glad I didn’t hit my ass because I think what we all just witnessed was out of this world I just saw something I have never seen before and I definitely want to see again. It’s a yes from Me. I want to feel again. Yes, it is a yes for me We can float in air but he can barely walk wow that was amazing thank you, how you trying Yeah, I was hoping it wasn’t really working the same way Hi guys. How are you doing? Sir? I couldn’t be better look at this look at this look at this. What is your name? I am smoothie knee you are smoothie need to get a Houdini like Houdini, but ghetto but get up. Yes, sir You are magician then yes, sir a bar magician to be exact a bar This is a big bar here Have you been doing magic all your life? Is that what you’ve been doing is home? I was a Marine Well, thank you for your service Raaah Hey, you’re no longer in the Marines. No sir. Are you doing this full-time yes, sir, and how is it going for you? It could be a lot better in about five minutes Okay, let’s see you do what you do, and I’m not allowed to go close to you guys you can yes, all right? Thank you very much. You’re welcome Now think about bar magic as opposed to regular magic is the fact that I don’t use big props. I don’t I can’t afford them And That’s all I have dad’s of the world right now think about Magic that happens too close to your face is that it has to be performed exquisitely, okay, so now is that work correctly back But honestly, I just do not like part tricks because But I’m a beautiful six-year-old son and I want to do something to you miss now be oh wow that my little boy likes to see you the other side Thank you Perfect I’m gonna. Take this ball. Put it right about here. I want you to hold that ball real tight for me Thank you without ball there in that ball. They were gonna go abracadabra Open up and Let me mentally assault you two in the other things Because cuz I am ghetto Good Thank you not my name though that is the name Thank you Thank you I’m nine years old my name is Aaron and I am six years old when we go out that the girl is smile and Be proud and not be nervous bowser best prep dog I’ve heard I got drums for Christmas and Alan kept poking her head and thighs she is like on a play so we gave her a microphone and she starts singing I Wanted this thing, and I knew I could do it. I loved it Go get him How are you Welcome to America’s Got Talent, what is your name young lady? Aaron and you sir, what is your name? Isaiah you’re the drummer I take it and what do you do fool your and how old are you? You’re 6, and how old are you 9 brother and sister? Yes like The Partridge Family? I? Love that show you ever hear that show All right, we can’t wait to hear your sweet music. Thank you I don’t want to hurt her voice Now I’m gonna I’m gonna surprise you the reason I hit my buzzer wasn’t because I didn’t like the song I was afraid your voice was gonna blow out And you never get to talk again cuz she was screaming so loud does that hurt your voice Well I got to tell you that song really packs a punch it really does What is the title of that song? Zombie skin zombie skin, that’s what I thought I Love the way you dress when you do this for me I Love it I love it Heidi what did you think I’m really confused She was so cute and sweet and when you open your mouth. I was like And I want to meet your parents, where are they out of their needs what goes on in your Job all right let’s hear from Mel B Scary Spice is officially scared Howie I Love it the people who saw this are rewinding and saying you’re not gonna believe what this little girl. Just did Did you write any other music you have other songs? What are some of the other titles? Lullaby crash um best man. Here’s a nut oh I know that one it goes like this All right, we’re gonna vote I’m gonna go to Howie Mandel first who is an expert on this type of music how about I do? I I like this kind of music and at you think it’s crazy but I do and hopefully we’ll get to see you in Vegas because I’m voting yes I Have to be realistic I’m still confused, but I do want to hear lullaby crash You know what they say What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas let’s see if you can keep a secret in Vegas I Like How are you angry why you laughing What’s your name my name is Darcy wind okay, it does he who’s that my name’s petunia My towles is it a bunny yes Is that a real bunny? Why did you both decide to enter the show well it was one of my big dreams But also I would really like to keep vitriolic wisdom alive because it’s not common You know so well listen to us. You best of luck. I really hope you both. Thank you so much Are you ready yeah, I’m ready what you’re gonna see oh boy Wow You know it’s really sweet you’re poppin. I’m guessing is exactly like you very charming and adorable You made my heart melt you were brilliant. I’m trying to describe how amazing it was Oh my god Well done well Darcy you are going straight How are you doing today? I’m doing good What’s your name, and how old are you my name is Celine, and I’m 9 years old? This is my dream being in America’s Got Talent So what you’re gonna be doing for us today, I’m gonna be singing oh wow Have you got any brothers, or sisters? I got a little sister and what’s her name her name is beyond Oh Celine and beyond oh? Really so I’m guessing your parents love Celine deals, right So when did you realize? That you had a great singing voice when I was in the car my dad’s driving and then suddenly I just sang my heart will go on and then he was like wow I’m Indian so yeah We got that we’ve worked that out Mel. There’s the Celine Dion So what’s that? What kind of music do you like to listen to I like? Celine Dion, yeah and And what is your big dream to be the next to the Indians? She’s got it? This is your dream Celine. Can I ask you a question? What artists are you going to be singing? Well Selene good luck. Thank you He does a little dance routine Oh dance over to you so we did a bottle Dance each performance How you doing good what’s your name? My name is Kenny. Chi. I’m 38 years old. I’m from Tokyo Japan and I’ll be performing dance ish performance a little bit of robot dance and martial arts Wow Dancing is my passion My dream is to do my full length one-man show in a Vegas. That’s why I’m here I’m ready to see some nother theme before you go get it – yeah go get her man. Have fun out there Look at you. What’s your name? My name is Kenichi Ebina. What is your act? My act is dance each performance dance Ashish, yes, okay? How did you get into dance ish kind of? I knew only the one step called the running man. Thanks And when I did it people got loud and as yeah And there’s a I was like oh, I feel good all right. Good luck. Have fun. Thank you. Thank you Can that was pretty awesome You did I haven’t seen anything like it before you have a control over your body that is unbelievable I can say that was off the chain Second what do you talk? I thought your head had come off your body it was that convincing We see a lot of guys who come on stage who try to do what you do they can’t do it And you have a story to tell you know you were doing the matrix there. That was the whole movie all in 90 seconds It was magnificent I could watch you all day I’m telling you that is the best dance. We have seen in Chicago. It’s the best dance. I’ve seen in a long time You told a great story you were wonderful. Thank you. Yes, let’s vote guys. I’m gonna set it up with a big yes Thank you. I Like what Heidi does in her eyes when she votes it’s a yes? Say yes from me you’re a bitch and my vote is yes Lady what is your name grace grace? You’re a beautiful young lady. You know that thank you How old are you 12? I excited to be here. It’s crazy What are you gonna say I’m singing an original really yes What’s it about it’s about me and other people at school behind you supporting you most my friends Don’t really know I sing so they don’t know you’re here. No you believe that you can win well I mean miracles can happen so possibly yeah Stage is yours I don’t play Trying to get foundocean now I Don’t play by the rules of the game, so you say I’m destroying To find my way You know this is a show about surprises, and you’d use the word miracle, and I think you are living beautiful walking Your original love people not knowing your name Is so right and so wrong because I think the world is gonna know your name, I think You know what I predict for you, I think you are the next Taylor Swift Like this I kind of just age, I mean getting ready to make up You


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