10 Things You Should Never Do In A Movie Theatre

10 Things You Should Never Do In A Movie Theatre After a long week of work, what could be better
than relaxing in a nice red chair with popcorn in the mouth and eyes on the screen watching
the latest movie? Forgetting your own life stressors and delving
into a fictional character’s life for 2 hours can rejuvenate anyone! But only when you watch the movie in the right
way! Yea people, there is a wrong way to watch
the movie at a theatre and for all you know, you’ve been doing just that for your entire
life! Come on people, you never realized how important
common courtesy is when about a hundred people are sharing the same space and trying to concentrate
on the same thing! We bet you are guilty of some of the things
we are about to share- let’s see if you change them! Number 1. Arrive late
There’s nothing more annoying than having to move aside to give space to the late comers. It gets worse when they move inconsiderately
through the aisle stepping on other people’s feet and bags, ouch! When all the others are trying to focus on
the plot of the movie, one person’s dark silhouette works as the ideal mood spoiler! Plus why would you be late for the movie,
would you understand anything that happens on the screen if you have missed the first
10 minutes? And it is equally annoying when people drink
too much soda and end up hitting the washroom every 20 minutes and disturb the entire row
in the process! Number 2. Use your phone
Nobody is asking you to switch off your phone while at the movies because accidents can
happen any time and somebody might need your help. But you don’t need a loud volume for that,
your phone on vibration mode would work just fine. And yes, don’t answer your phone when you
are in the theatre, see yourself out and then do the chit chat. People came to hear the hero’s dialogue
and not your personal conversation, if isn’t earth shattering- it can wait! Another annoying thing is the phone’s brightness
which distracts movie goers from focusing on the movie. Can you turn it down to a minimum? Thank you! Number 3. Talk
Oh so you met this college friend after 5 years, wow! Go out for a coffee and talk all you want,
movie theatre is the last place for catching up on years of conversation! It is annoying for other people in the theatre
when someone decides to ignore the movie and vile away their time in chit chat. The most annoying people are the ones who
have watched the movie once and have returned with a friend and decide to predict every
scene, much to the horror of the poor friend and everyone in their vicinity. If you are this person, know that people prefer
to silently watch the movie, live commentary suits better in sports! Number 4. Kick seats
Imagine yourself engrossed in Godzilla and all of a sudden you experience vibrations. You would have been thrilled had the vibrations
been from the screen where the beast was thumping its chest but no, it’s your seat vibrating. Someone sitting in the row behind has suddenly
starting missing sports and is playing soccer with your seat, ughh! It is annoying but now do a role reversal. Haven’t you been at the giving end ever? Yes, everyone feels disturbed and it takes
a great deal of control to not punch this soccer player, don’t be the one getting
punched! Number 5. Make out
Maybe you are in the beginning of your relationship and can’t keep your hands off of each other! Fine, young love is like that, passionate
and fearless but can you guys get a room? Couples sitting at the back row or at times
even at the front row begin relishing each other without thinking about other moviegoers. It is embarrassing for the poor families who
have come to watch a movie with their kids but end up viewing intense make out scenes
that too live! Your climax can wait but not the movie’s,
so later maybe? Number 6. Bring your baby
It has been so long since you last spent a few hours at the movies because after having
a kid, there is less time at hand for leisure. We totally get that and if you managed to
sneak out of the house after leaving your baby with the granny or nanny, it’s cool
but no, you decide to tag along the baby as well, like really? What were you thinking, you baby will sleep
through the movie and wake up fresh as you make an exit? You are delusional, this is not going to happen
and the baby will cry its guts out at the movie. Think of other people, they didn’t paid
to hear a baby cry for 90 minutes- they deserve better entertainment! Number 7. Complain about the prices
Everybody knows that the tickets aren’t cheap and if you think of food in the theatre,
pricey doesn’t even begin to explain it! You’d be shocked to know that the food prices
are kept so high because the theatre gets very little income from the tickets, 90% of
the ticket price goes to the studio and only 10% stays with the theatre so they increase
food prices to make a profit. We know it is hard on your pocket but why
complain to the staff? Do you really think that the staff has a say
in deciding the prices? They don’t and there isn’t anything they
can do about it so don’t bother them! Number 8. Eat noisily
Yes we like our popcorn to be crunchy and that’s what most people will be eating in
the theatre but you don’t have to make it extra noisy by chewing like a cow with your
mouth open! It is especially annoying when you are trying
to focus on a dialogue in a quiet scene but all you can hear is CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! And how can we forget about the people who
decide to open their pack of M&M’s right during a crucial scene that too with the most
crackling possible with a single pack! Open it during the trailers even if you don’t
want to eat it till the second act! Number 9. Leave your trash
The staff has a lot to clean up after the show ends which includes accidental mess. Why do you want to increase their workload
by leaving your trash on the seats? It takes minimal effort to pick up your popcorn
tub and throw it in the trash on your way out. Leaving everything littered because someone
is being paid to clean up doesn’t sound too good. It is basic courtesy to clean up after yourself
as much as you can. Number 10. Spill and not report
Accidents happen and we understand. You accidentally spilled your drink on the
floor or tossed a tub of popcorn on the seat. Nobody is making you do sit ups for the mess
you created or even take a mop and start with cleaning. The least you can do is at least inform the
staff about the accident so that they can clean it sooner than later. If you tell the staff they would be in a better
position to clean it up before the next show but if they have to find it on their own,
it might be too late and either they have to postpone the next show or leave the mess
as it is on which the next batch may slip! Do you want that to happen? Which of these things have you done at a movie
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