100 Years of Theatre: Alumni Reflections with StarKid

We all started right here at the University of Michigan You know the theater department has just turned 100 years old [applause] so we want to thank them for having us on such a momentous and historic weekend [applause] Our YouTube channel is called StarKidPotter, it still is [singing] My name is spelled N-I-C-K L-A-N-G Nick Lang Yeah I studied acting while I was here What I do in StarKid is I’m one of the writers and one of the directors I think, like, one of the best things about the school was there were so many professors that were willing to, like, give you the benefit of the doubt in terms of, like, what your capabilities were Our faculty was really supportive of us doing things on our own and I think if we hadn’t had that support I don’t think we would’ve been able to create half this stuff One of the craziest memories I’ll have is just the first show I did at Michigan I was going to be in a show here in the Power Center I was going to be a clown in a show called JB and so we got to, like, come out cause I did clown class and clown class is the only class that I ever got an A+ in There was this moment in clown class with Malcolm and he said you need to come up with something on the spot, which is what clowning is all about To this day I say some of the best work I’ve ever done, ever, was from clown classes I remember some of my favorite memories were working with the guest artist directors that came through and at the time Gillian Eaton wasn’t a professor here I know she’s an amazing professor now And back in my day, like, Jerry Schwiebert or Malcolm would teach you, you know so, hold on to those skills, they’re useful and they are really good [singing] It’s like that “can do” attitude that, like, Michigan difference Go blue!


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