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Okay. Now it’s a corner block, so, traditionally corner
blocks are quite small. So we’ve gotta be clever with design. I mean this is a 305 square metre home. We’ve got bedrooms upstairs. So let’s have a look through to see how clever we are with the layout. Straight up already, let’s have a look, we’ve got this feature
cladding here of the stone, we’ve got that wing guttering coming out so very architectural. I do like it. Looks like there’s gonna
be a lot of glazing in this design. Can’t wait to see what it looks like from the inside, having that natural light coming in. Come on, let’s go and have a look. Okay so we’re in the entry. Now did you like the look of the void? Okay what we do there, is just to open up the
entry right in the foyer, because it’s a two story home, let’s put a void up. And what we do, glazing, natural light and the feel I get is
just bloody wow, you know, what’s going on here? So it sets up a really
good feel about this home. Now just behind where
you are now is a study, so have a look, swing around. Incorporating the layout, so straight off the
entry we’ve got a study. So, not bad dimensions, so what would be 2.5m
that way by about 3.5m, so just being clever with the layout. These corner blocks, I was saying before, quite tricky to get
everything what people want on a corner block, but we can do it and I’ll show ya. So entry, check out these button down lights in
that bulkhead, very nice. Now, traditionally what
we’re doing on a corner block we’ve gotta mix the rooms up, so they’re placed in different areas that we’re not used to. So, theatre room up
the front of the house. Let’s have a look. Do like that. Instead of a recess ceiling they’ve done a drop bulk here with the
lighting trough on top. I do like that. Geez it’s a good size. And there you go, there’s a corner window, I love corner windows! Bringing that natural light in, but also gives the elevation
a really good look. As you can see, look at that.

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