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So, minor bedroom, down at the back here. Plenty of room here. Plenty of room for queen sized
bed, cabinets either side, good, full measure glazing, built-in robe. Look at the mirror, fully
furnished, everything you need, drawers and hanging space. So, we’ve got toilet, there’s those aluminium
shutters I love, very cool. So, we put a basin here, so powder room, drawers, stone, good
measure of mirror there. I love these bowls, very modern. And out through here,
into the bathroom, wow! I love the slate tiling, it’s very modern. So no hob, free-flowing
straight into the shower. Check this out, I mean it’s
a huge shower, look at me. So you’ve got the classic
niche, big rain head rose head, freestanding bath of course. I mean, check that out. Again shutters, controlling
that light and ventilation. And back up here, got
drawers, look at this here. Look at the cabinetry. So, second minor bedroom, I like what the interior
designers have done here, so little girls room, but obviously also, queen sized bedroom and
your built-in robe here. So down to the back, the
final minor bedrooms, so boys here we go. So, what they’ve done here. I mean, it’s at the back end of the house, so let’s put a sliding door
here, so he can go out. Good size, built-in robe. So, come out of the minor bedrooms, now room at the back, looks
like it’s a theatre room. Check this out, cavity slider,
very clever with space. Jeez, I like the location of this. It’s downstairs, it’s
the back end of the home, so it will serve as the kids room. So multi-functional,
can be also games room. So, looks like stacker doors, oh, there’s some weight there, so double glazed stacker
doors, check that out. Now pushing those stacker doors
right back, opens it all up. Opens this whole area up. Stepping down into some
sort of teenager’s retreat. Conversation pit, do like the feel here. It’s very cool.

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