12 things to do in LISBON, Portugal! We visit Sintra, Timeout Market, lookout & Park Bar | EPISODE 1

All right travellers, Lisbon is going to
leave you spinning! What are your first impressions? On this episode of Global
Travel Guides we have 12 top tips when visiting Lisbon and later we check out
century and beyond but first let’s learn the basics. Lisbon is the capital.
Portugal’s population has cracked 10 million people. The country is south of
Europe and as we’re about to find out its coastline, ceramic tiled buildings,
and historic palaces, draws crowds! I’m Kristina and this is my partner John.
We’ve been travelling together since we were teenagers. When we’re not working as a TV journalist and airline pilot, we’re exploring the globe. Subscribe and let’s
get lost in Portugal. Thank you to all our Global Travel Guide subscribers,
we’ve just started our six-week Europe holiday, with our first stop being Lisbon.
Here are our 12 top tips! Once you land hit the ground running with a free walking
tour to help get your bearings. Whatever you think the tour was worth is how much
each tip at the end. You know what the Portugese call the codfish? It’s the most traditional fish that you can have here in Portugal. Another Portuguese tradition is the
famous sweet cherry liqueur. For less than a couple of euro a shot it’s definitely
worth the taste! For this next stop you’ll be thankful you had a guide
because this lift can be a tourist trap. No way! Locals know if you walk up the
hill and along this bridge you avoid the crowds, skip the line and bypass the
elevator and be rewarded with the same view – free. If you are planning on using
public transport buy one of these cards. This is how they work. That includes ferry, subway, trains,
funicular, elevators it’s all included. You pay 50 cents for this
little card you pay minimum of 2 euros but you can put it with 5 10 15 and you
pay as you go and every type of public transportation. And one of the most
popular among tourists would have to be Tram 28. Packed in like sardines for a
couple of euro you’ll pass many sites andd charming neighbourhoods. We prefered to explore on foot, so we stopped by this National Monument, a church that took 500 years to build but seconds to be destroyed by an earthquake and then fire.
It reopened in 1994 and still showcases its scars. Josiah just gave us an incredible tour
of the city thank you so much for having us. Thank you! Can you tell our viewers
where they can go if they want to see one of your tours? They will go to www.hilisbon.com and it’s people that are passionate about the
city. Well, I’ll make sure we leave the details in the description below.
One of the best experiences that I think we’ve had is putting a washing out here
in the balcony. How was that experience? I feel like a real local! Not a bad view either hey?
Talking about views, this is one of Lisbon’s most popular lookouts.
There’s buskers, and lovers closing locks. We just walked up here from our Airbnb. The stroll took about 30
minutes. In the distance you’ll spot Saint George’s Castle built 2,000 years
ago by the Romans. You can add this to your itinerary or just keep walking
until you make it to Alfama. It’s one It’s one of Lisbon’s oldest areas. Picturesque and
lined with shops and cafes claiming to have the best view in town. Take it all
in with some olives and fresh lemonade. Another cool view is from park it’s
literally a car park with a bar positioned on its roof top.
it’s a busy vibe… and ladies if you’re heading out don’t bother with heels here,
everyone wear sneakers for obvious reasons. So as the sun set over Lisbon,
and its Christ the King shrine we picked up dinner at the bustling Timeout Market. Put yourself in a food coma with presunto, cheese, Portuguese tarts and other incredible desserts because tomorrow
you’re going to need energy because we’re off to Sintra. It’s quiet romantic, it reminds me of a fairy tale setting. Tomorrow we are heading to Sintra, one of my favourite places in Portugal. You don’t want to miss it. It is just
divine. It has to be on your schedule… and as part of this six-week journey through
Europe we’re also going up to Porto we’re going to be checking out some of
the incredible beaches along Portugal. We’ll then make our way into Spain. I’m
feeling like I have vertigo! We’re also going up to Amsterdam, Paris
and then some Greek islands so make sure you hit that like button that subscribe
button and we’ll see you next time on Global Travel Guides.


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