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welcome to lofty pursuits and public
displays a confection in Tallahassee Florida
this is Greg and I want to tell you it always makes me feel good when a project
comes to fruition we put a lot of work into this project these are our
chocolate fruit drops and this is a raspberry chocolate fruit drop while
it’s more fudge like than chocolate the results are spectacular since I feel
most heart candies and chocolate aren’t chocolate enough the raspberry flavor
was in the pot when we poured it in the food coloring gets dripped in and
stirred in and the water boils out when it hits the hot sugar turning to steam
and this gets the water out of the candy because we can’t have much of any water
in the candy where the candy will be sticky this candy will be colored
primarily brown by the actual cocoa powder we’re putting in so we’re just
adding a little pink here so we can identify the flavor in the assortment
and we’re putting it in a part of the candy we’re not going to add cocoa to so as we cut the pink out of the candy
and we let the colors drip is that the temperature can equalize we’re gonna
think here about why hard candy doesn’t normally taste like chocolate
that’s because chocolate is not just a flavor it’s also a texture it they call
it mouthfeel or a mommy and what it means is cocoa butter the actual texture
of it affects the flavor or your sensation of the flavor so we’re going
to solve this problem by actually using cocoa on the hard candy and this is a
bit difficult because cocoa is oil-based and the candy is water-based and we’ve
got to sort of make an emulsion out of them we’re making an emulsion and
trapping it in hard candy we’re not making it when it’s liquid we’re making
it when it’s semi solid and we’re doing it like one would fold a strudel or
butter into a strudel we’re working with two distinct flavors and the raspberry
needs citric acid to pull out the raspberry flavor so we’re adding it here
and that’s what those white crystals are and the cocoa powder then gets added and
it gets added with some difficulty originally it made quite a mess but
we’re getting better at that now we’re only making a little mess while we know these candies and future
months are going to be great for Easter and Valentine’s Day and other
traditionally chocolate holidays we’re actually making this specifically for
sweet day a little obscure holiday sweet day happens on January 14th
it’s a month before Valentine’s Day but I’m not sure that there’s any connection
with Valentine’s Day I haven’t quite figured out exactly what culture this
comes out of but on sweet day the tradition has that that on the darkest
days of winter a small treat a sweet or a cookie or something is given to a
family member a child someone they love to brighten their day in the coldest
darkest parts of the winter the story goes that on the day before I guess that
would be the 13th the night before a visca a little pink bear delivers the
treats and he delivers it in his yellow cart or wagon and he comes around to
everyone just bringing cheer it’s a holiday just a fun and happiness and I
kind of like it and it’s based around sweets so of course I like it so on the
table we mostly work the cocoa powder in but there are still pockets of it in air
pockets that are gonna tear if I’m not careful so I’m taking it to the hook not
so much to pull it like I do to make candy white but more to fold it in and
to blend the chocolate that much better because we really want the cocoa powder
in here if you look at the ingredients you’ll realize that this isn’t a
chocolate this is technically a chocolate hard caramel but that also
makes this a fairly unique in confectionery circles and it tastes
amazing we want to color code the candy because
this is going to be an assortment it will have chocolate orange chocolate
raspberry chocolate blueberry chocolate cherry and we want to know what colors
they’re gonna be so the raspberry is pink pomegranate will be red
blueberry will be blue black cherry will be black and orange will be orange and
you’ll be able to tell what a color what it is but I’ve got to make the stripes
and I need one stripe to show up on each of them squares of candy we’re gonna
make and we’re gonna be doing that by making a lot of stripes you see there
are five rows of squares and if I make 12 stripes there’s good odds that will
be at least one stripe on each side of each piece of candy and I make the stripes by making one
stripe and pulling it out and turning it into four stripes and then pulling it
out and turning it into three more sets of four stripes if you’ll notice I have
a little bit of pink left and if you watch carefully at the end you’ll see
that I won’t waste it I’ll hide it in the middle and it’ll be just as yummy in
the final candy this was the first batch that I sort of tested proportions and
each subsequent batch the color was made in a precise amount if you would like to
try this candy or any of our others please mosey over to our website www.engvid.com buddy’s life a little
happier on a dark day in the winter you may have seen us to use this technique
for candy canes but once we make a wrap with the stripes we taper it off and we
cut off the end but not to waste the end we work it into the back where we can
sort of hide it in the middle with that pink that we also hid in the middle it’s
all delicious candy and none of its going to waste I’ve always thought
sticking candy in the center like this is sort of like making a hard candy
turducken but one that tastes a bit sweet unlike most of our drops we put this
candy on our batch roller to keep it spinning because we want to keep the
stripes visible we don’t want them going flat so it’s spinning here but unlike
making a rope like I do with image candy I’m just gonna cut off a big hunk with
stripes and feed it through the batch roller the dye for the batch roller
we’re using today makes about half inch squares and it was made in the late
1800s by firm Cole Thomas Mills this is the Victorian part of the Victorian
candy we made and yes we’re working on equipment that are well in excess of 100
years old that batch roller is actually one of our newer pieces of equipment it
may only be a hundred and ten years old if you’re interested there’ll be a link
in the description for an alternate version of this video with a more
dramatic soundtrack I made for fun please check it out if you liked this
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don’t have this notification on I want to thank all of our viewers out there
who gave us feedback from the prototypes of this candy we gave out free samples
on Black Friday for people who use the proper coupon code so they could get an
advance taste of this we actually sent out three versions of the candy and by
the feedback we got we tweaked our flavors and I think it’s really
spectacular now and we want to thank you for your input this is the first time we
try to get mass input on a flavor and it worked not only does the cocoa make the candy
taste interesting it also makes it a little bit more delicate it’s harder to
get through the press and it’s easier to break into pieces it’s actually very
hard to lift as an entire unit but as we break some of it by lifting and dropping
you can see why this type of candy is known as drops we’re gonna just use our
spatula to scrape up the rest and give you a spatula I’ve you on the candy
breaking up process and there we have our finished raspberry chocolate drop
with its pink stripe and it’s gonna go join its friends in the fruit drop
assortment of chocolate fruit drops thank you for watching you can get these
candies at our website wowt.com and if you’re ever in tallahassee we’re
right off the i-10 exit of Thomasville Road in Tallahassee you can visit us for
yourself and if you’re lucky you can catch us making hard candy we don’t make
it every day but we make it a lot of days and we serve brunch from 7 a.m. to
2 p.m. and ice cream from noon until 10:00 thank you for watching

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