13th Annual Soompi Awards Winners | Drama (ft. Lee Joon Gi, Jung Hae In, Lee Dong Wook & More!)

Hello Soompiers! We are your special 13th Annual Soompi Awards K-drama MCs, Oh My Girl! It is finally time for us to deliver the good news you’ve been waiting for! After four weeks of intense voting, we finally have our winners! Soompi Awards received millions of votes, and trended worldwide on Twitter. Once again all of you international fans proved that you have strong voices when it comes to supporting your favorites! Now, without further ado, shall we meet the winners of the 13th Annual Soompi Awards? Are you ready? 3, 2, 1, let’s go! The road to fame is a long and difficult one. That’s right. There are those that get loved the moment they newly enter the scene while there are also those that go through difficulty for years. Now, we will introduce the nominees for the “Breakout Actors” that were loved and made a huge splash in 2017. Who did you get your heart stolen by this year? These are the nominees for the “Breakout Actors.” Hello Soompiers! Hello, I’m actor Jung Hae-in. Thanks to everyone, I won the Breakout Actor award in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards I heard that this was more meaningful because all the fans around the world voted personally. Thank you for always supporting us! Please love K-drama lots from now on as well I’ll showcase my best in acting and all as well. So please anticipate and be interested! Lastly, thank you so much for this award. It’s not easy to be a triple-threat, to have mastered the art of singing, dancing, and acting. These idols have proven themselves on the small screen, rising them to the ranks of actor alongside their idol title. These are the nominees for “Best Idol Actor”! Our favorite dramas can come in many shapes and sizes. There are different types, like 50+ episode epics or 30-minute mini-series. That’s right, so the “Best Web Series” category was created to honor the dramas that were created to be watched on your phone. These are the nominees for “Best Web Series”! Hi Soompiers! I’m Seohyun from Girls’ Generation! Ta-dah! The web drama I starred in, “Ruby Ruby Love,” won Best Web Series in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards! Yay!!!!! The weather was really cold when we were filming… All the staff that filmed with us worked so hard. I’ll share all the thankful glory to our director, and my co-actor Cheol-woo! All the viewers who sent so much love to “Ruby Ruby Love” and all the fans that voted so hard! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I’ll work hard to showcase my best both as a singer and an actor. Thank you so much! Bye! Love you! Sometimes a drama is just too perfect and all the actors have the most perfect chemistry together. When it’s such a hard feat to cast every single character in a drama so perfectly! Yes that’s right. And that’s why we added the Best Acting Ensemble category this year! These are the casts that completed each other and the drama itself! These are the nominees for ‘Best Acting Ensemble’! As global entertainment grows and its influence spreads, Soompi Awards introduced this category to honour the best entertainment coming out of Asia. Featuring television from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand these ten dramas stole the hearts of the international audience. These are the nominees for “Best Foreign Drama”! Hi Soompiers, I’m Joanne Tseng And I’m Wang Zi! “Attention, Love!” participated in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards. Because of all of your votes, we were able to win “Best Foreign Drama.” Thank you to everyone who voted! We are so happy that a project that we both really liked was able to get all of your support. Please continue to love “Attention, Love!” Soompi chaego! Soompi is the best! The variety show is a genre that is, perhaps, one of the most popular among Korean entertainment fans! It’s true – variety shows spotlight talent, bring endless laughter, and even discuss difficult topics in a easy way! These are the nominees for “Best Variety Show”! This year, it seemed that the spotlight was on music! That’s right, from performance shows to elimination survivals, there were dozens of reality and variety programs that focused on music. These are the nominees for “Best Music Reality Show”! Do you know what puts the finishing touches on great dramas? No, what? Their soundtracks! Ah, that’s right! Great soundtracks allow you to relive your favorite dramas and most likely get stuck in your head for ages! These are the nominees for “Best Soundtrack”! Great actors can steal the show, even if they aren’t the leading role! These actors won over our hearts and had us rooting for them until the very end, thus earning them a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category! These are the nominees for ‘Best Supporting Actor’! Hi Soompiers! Nice to meet you, it’s actor Lee Dong Wook. I won the Best Supporting Actor award in the 13th Annual Soompi Award’s Drama part. Thank you. I heard that the votes were sent in from over 190 countries. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the global love from so many people. I will do my personal best as well to showcase the best of Korean dramas, so please keep watching! And love me lots as well. I will come back with good acting, and good work. Please look forward to it. I hope everyone maintains good health, and thank you again. See you at Soompi! I love Soompiers! We, of course, can’t forget about the ladies who nearly stole the show from their leading counterparts! Didn’t these special women hold a strong presence in their shows, and have us extremely invested in the fate of their characters? We were all kept on the edge of your seats by these talented women. These are the nominees for “Best Supporting Actress”! Hi Soompiers! Hello! It’s actor Yoo In Na. I just heard that I won Best Supporting Actress in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I got so much love last year through Goblin, playing Kim Sun, or Sunny. I wanted to thank the international fans for giving me this award! I will do my best to come back on screen with a wonderful work soon, with everyone cheering me on. Please keep loving K-Drama! Thank you! I love you! Very often the pinnacle of a K-Drama is that moment, when the two leads… they finally… Kiss! (Squeals) Yes, and so we’ve compiled the most heart-fluttering kisses from this year’s dramas. Without further ado, these are the nominees for “Best Kiss”! Hello Soompiers! In the 13th Annual Soompi Awards, I won the Best Kiss… This is embarrassing! I won the Best Kiss! Thank you so much everyone for this! Thank you Soompiers for loving Suspicious Partners so much! I’ll do my best to revisit you with a good work! Thank you! See you again at Soompi! K-dramas are known for this one big thing, right? Romance! So that’s why one of our most popular categories in the K-drama awards is this one… celebrating our favorite parings in dramas this year! These are the nominees for Best Couple! Everyone! I got that today! The trophy! Ba-bam! I wanted to show it off! With Hyung Sik! Ta-dah! Best Couple award! Thank you! It’s time for a major category in our awards- Actor of the Year. This category honors the absolute top actors from 2017 – the men who stole hearts and completely commanded the screen. These are the nominees for ‘Actor of the Year’. What’s up Soompiers! Hello it’s Lee Joon Gi! It’s been so long! I got to say hello on a very good day today, Soompi Awards! Actor of the Year! I became the Actor of the Year! Lee Joon Gi Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I worked very hard last year, but to tell the truth, I was not expecting this. There were parts where I think I could have done better, and I always questioned myself if I’d done my best and I’m sincerely thankful and think it’s an honor to win such a great award I am currently filming a drama called “Lawless Lawyer” I will take this as everyone telling me to do better, show good acting, be diligent, and show better work. I will understand this award as that wish and take it thankfully! I’ll do my best to give an awesome gift to everyone this year with good work so please look forward to it! To everyone that cheered me on from all over the world, I want to pray for your health and happiness. Always be happy! See you soon! Thank you so much! Thank you Soompiers! It’s time for a major category in our awards! “Actress of the Year.” This category honors the absolute top actresses in 2017- the women who stole our hearts and completely commanded the screen These are the nominees for “Actress of the Year”! It’s time for the most distinguished category of the K-drama awards! The “Drama of the Year” category honors the most popular dramas that had the entire international audience tuned in. That’s right! Everyone laughed, cried, and eagerly followed along together- these dramas truly made their mark in 2017. These are the nominees for “Drama of the Year”! Hello Soompiers! I’m Yoon Ha-rim, the producer of Goblin, which has been selected as the Drama of the Year in 13th Annual Soompi Awards. Thank you so much for remembering, loving, and giving us such a meaningful award although It’s been over a year since the drama ended. We’ll work to make dramas that everyone can relate to, and be with Soompiers, so please look forward to it. Thank you.


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