1941 (7/11) Movie CLIP – Dance Hall Brawl (1979) HD

– [Onlookers Scream, Gasp]
– Wally! – [Groaning]
– [Murmuring, Screaming] Well, well, well. Just the son of a bitch
I’m lookin’ for. [Onlookers
Scream, Gasp] You son of a bitch! – [Screaming Continues]
– Wait a second! Wait, guys!
Now wait a second! Wait! [Shouting, Yelling] [Shouting Continues] [Shouting Stops] – [Bell Rings]
– [Shouting Resumes] Are you okay? – Stop! Stop!
– [Grunting] [Sitarski, Betty
Grunting] Ohh! Ohh! [Men Groaning] [Groans] I love you, Stretch! Aaah!


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