1967 U.S. Open Film: “Nicklaus and the Record at Baltusrol”

this family is celebrating fathers day a
little late you see the father was away from home on business some business
about winning the United States Open Golf Championship in 1967 they all like
golf although some of them have strange swings Stevie Nicklaus is taking a
putting lesson mrs. Nicklaus Barbara and Nan which is
the real Jack Nicklaus both of them Jack Nicklaus wasn’t home on Father’s Day in
1962 either here he is winning the open that year at the Oakmont Country Club
near Pittsburgh he beat Arnold Palmer in a playoff Jack had twice been National Amateur
champion and now he has launched a brilliant professional career five years
and many titles later Jack Nicklaus needs this putt to make the lowest
72-hole score of all time in the open a putt of 21 feet for a total of 275 there Jack Nicklaus wins the open for the
second time and breaks Ben Hogan’s scoring record he did it on the lower course of the
ball – sir all golf club in Springfield New Jersey volta straw over so much open
history has been recorded back in 1903 Willie Anderson earned one of his four
open titles at balla straw Gerry Travers an ammeter one there in
1915 Baldus rolls upper course in 1936 Tony Manero professional began the
fourth round four strokes behind Harry Cooper finishes early with 284 to break
what was then the open scoring record by two strokes but the narrow accompanied
by a wild gallery played brilliantly down the stretch Gene Sarazen tapped in then Manero hold for a total of 282 to
beat Cooper and confound the world of golf it’s a wonder he survived Tony Manero
Open champion in 1936 the lower course at baldest Hall in 1954 Ben Hogan was
defending and was searching for a fifth Open title Hogan was in the thick of it
for two days but then his putter wouldn’t behave it was the year of Ed
Fergal the man whose left arm had withered after a childhood accident Edberg all open champion in 1954 with a
total of 284 now 1967 the open comes at Balthus raw for the fifth time
let’s meet some former Open champions there’s Hogan still after a fifth
victory Julius Poros twice winner Gary Player gene littler Ken Venturi the 1966 PGA
champion al Geiberger gay brewer the 1967 Masters winner Don January a surprising ammeter Marty fleckman Dean
Beeman twice National Amateur champion playing
in his first open as a professional Arnold Palmer Open champion in 1960 Jack
Nicklaus and the defending champion Billy Casper we talked to Billy on the
eve of the first round Billy it must be quite a thrill to be again a USGA an
open defending champion well Chris you know I think any player that starts a
professional golf tour starts with one goal in mind and that is winning the
United States Open as you know it’s the greatest golf tournament in the world
and it’s certainly a thrill and an honor to be defending my championship and I
feel very flattered to have had the opportunity and grateful for it to have
won the tournament two times we’re playing on an outstanding golf course
this year Eric baldest all the gentlemen that wins the tournament it’s going to
be an outstanding player I know because it’s going to take an outstanding golf
game this week to win this tournament of course it could be Billy Casper again
well I’m firing at a time I’ve got my sights set on it too yes sir Balthus
rawls lower course has a power of 70 it’s seven thousand fifteen yards long
and in superb condition the classic par-3 4th hole 194
yards from the back tee but the USGA plans to give this hole a split
personality by playing it in two rounds from a forward tee at 162 yards the
sixth the par-4 470 yards it’s not unusual for even the strongest players
to use fairway woods here this is bolas Rawls hardest hole to par the 17th at 623 yards is the longest in
open history the idea is to carry the second shot well over those cross
bunkers to set up a relatively short third no one gets home into the 18th is
also a par 5 but at 542 yards it can be reached into even though the green is
elevated and protected by five bunkers now let’s see Baldus role under attack
the 1967 open begins Dean Beeman drives on the first hole a big par four of 465
yards his second shot went into the cup for an eagle demon is still going strong
as he plays his third shot to the 18th he is 1 under needs this putt for a birdie and the 68 right behind Beeman is Marty fleckman a
23 year old amateur from Port Arthur Texas fleckman a colossal hitter reaches
the 18th and to with an iron he’s already 2-under PAR fleckman a
member the 1967 Walker Cup team has been National Collegiate champion a putt for
an eagle a 67 3-under par a wonderful round by
amateur Marty fleckman Palmer bunkered on the long par-4 7th Arnold is 1 over
and he’d hate to lose another stroke here that’s a relief at the 18th palmer plays from a belt of
rough blocking the entrance to the green arnold is back to even par now he needs
this putt to join a growing list of players who have broken par today there’s a 69 Hesper he hopes to become
the first man to win two opens in a row since Hogan Billy comes to the par-4
14th even par he had two birdies and two bogeys going out and he’s powered every
hole coming back Kasper has a wonderful touch around the
greens still even walking to the 18th Casper remains level with par but he’s
hit the home green and 2 and has two putts for a birdie
oh no Eagle but there’s another subpar round of 69 Nicholas a late starter
plays a long iron to the 6th it drops into a bunker he pard the first five holes there’s a
bogey on the 14th Jack still hasn’t had a birdie and he’s 2 over par fine shot Jack’s pudding isn’t sharp today as Nicolas plays his third to the 18th
storm clouds are gathering and it’s getting dark in a hurry Jack finally
made a birdie on the 15th and he could get back to par right here a seventy one four strokes behind Marty
fleckman fleckman is the first ammeter to lead any open since Billy Joe Patton
in the first round on this same course in 1954 before the second round begins
let’s go behind the scenes to find out what’s involved for a club in staging an
Open Championship here’s Robert Finney Baldus Rawls general chairman vom as
general chairman I know it’s a huge task could you tell us a little bit what it’s
been like over the past couple of years well it hasn’t really been too bad in
fact I think I’ve had about the easiest job of any general chairman and I think
it’s all because of the selection of chairmen and I picked there are
approximately 30 committees that are involved in this work I would say
somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 people have been mixed up in this
tournament we have roughly 450 marshals we have 350 women about 60 officials as
I would call 200 caddies 200 messengers one of the minor things we have to do is
supplying 1,300 uniforms round to Billy Casper on the par-3 9th that one found a
bunker but Casper’s playing well again today he’s 2-under for the championship never a doubt well maybe just a little
coming 218 Casper has lost a shot but is still even today 1-under for 35 holes a
long explosion that hurt but Casper’s in at 1:39 and very much in
the running Nikolas plays to the fourth from the
bhakti his ball is the one off the edge of the
green Jack’s already had one bogey today a bit too strong there’s this sort of putt that will give
anyone a lift the 18th Nicklaus Wallops an iron home since that putt on the fourth hole
Jack’s been red-hot he has two putts for a 67 almost is 66 a total of 138 one
stroke better than Casper fleckman plays his approach to the 13th of par
for Marty had a rocky start but he seems to be settling down now and easy par fleckman pitches to the
18th it looked as if Marty might shoot himself out of contention
but he’s pard seven holes in succession and there’s a wonderful putt for a
birdie fleckman is even par for 36 holes Palmer is still on the course there’s
his short iron shot to 13 Arnold is controlling the ball beautifully it’s
not that easy to stop the ball on these firm greens Arnold is even par today at 18 an explosion from a deep bunker
Palmer had birdied the 15th and 17th to take the lead a par 5 and Palmer is the leader after
two rounds he and Nicolas will be paired together tomorrow before the third round begins let’s
examine the most critical technical aspect of the game the grip can you
identify these players by their grips Ben Hogan gay brewer Bruce Devlin Arnold Palmer Billy Casper Gardner Dickinson Dean Beeman Jack
Nicklaus now for the third round fleckman on the fourth Marty has started
badly again he’s three over after three holes Beeman just a stroke off the lead
the hole is cut close to the water and Beeman is going right for it short in
the water hazard Beeman has to take a penalty stroke and drop behind the
hazard before playing his third a very costly double bogey for Dean
fleckman a birdie but he’s still four behind the short T is being used on the
fourth today Palmer goes for the whole just like Beeman he’s dropped it in the
water now Nicklaus he almost backed his ball back into the
pond Palmer plays three this fourth hole is a great test of
nerve it’s really no problem for these great players to put the ball safely
onto the green but to get the ball close to the hole means flirting with the
water a delicate chip by Nicholas that means a five for Palmer and costs
him the lead and a three for Nicholas he’s tied for first with Casper
there’s Billy’s second to the fifth the par 4 a birdie for Casper the lead is now his on the seventh Billy starts the ball out
to the right and draws it back in and easy par on a demanding hole Casper
looks very good right now at the 9th Casper is safely on he turns one under his lead is starting
to swell Palmer and Nicholas are having their troubles after that disastrous 5
on the 4th hole Arnold hit way over the green on the 5th
into the gallery Nicholas is on and – but not anywhere
near the cup Palmer plays back he missed that ship Nicholas he didn’t like that putt Jack manages to
save his par Palmer from about 25 feet Wow crowd loves it on the 15th Palmer comes in from the
rough Nicholas pushed his on but again not
very close this epic confrontation between Palmer and Nicholas has produced
a series of errors it’s as all they were playing each other instead of the course
Arnold is four over today Jack is three over and Casper has opened a sizeable
lead Palmer doesn’t believe in hiding his
feelings during a bad round necklaces putt is too strong that’s Jack’s fourth bogey today but suddenly Casper went sour after a
three-stroke lead he bogeyed the 15th he bogeyed the 16th in here on the par-5
17th Billy is in trouble again that’s his fourth shot unbelievable three bogeys in a row by
Casper while the three Titans are stumbling Marty fleckman is gaining
ground there’s his shot on the 16th this young
ammeter has revived again I’m birdie fleckman plays 217 close again two birdies in a row he’s the only man
under par fleckman ‘he’s taken the lead again fleckman didn’t reach the 18th and
to today instead he has to play a tough shot from the sand he’s standing out of
the bunker with the ball well below his feet wonderfully well done this for
another birdie marty fleckman has bounced back to lead the open once more
his 54 hole score is 209 1-under par Casper on 18 after those three quick
bogeys he’s playing from the same bunker we saw fleckman M a par only one stroke behind with 18
holes to go but Casper isn’t too happy finally Nicklaus and Palmer on the 17th
neither is made a birdie all day Nicklaus that’s a good example with his
third palmer’s is even better Jax long drought is over but not
Arnold’s a big second shot by Palmer on the 18th
he carries over the bunker just off the green to the left Nicklaus hit an
enormous Drive he’s using a Ford for his second he made it Palmer chips Nicholas tries for an eagle the birdie gives Jack a 72 and a total
of 210 Arnold finally has a birdie despite their frustrations today Nikolas
and Palmer are tied for second with Casper just one stroke behind fleckman
the last ammeter who won the open was Johnny Goodman back in 1933 Marty
fleckman is the first ammeter delayed after three
rounds since Goodman that year we talked with Marty before he started the final
round Marty you let after the first round and here you are the third round
later after 54 holes of play I am a feeling that you sort of like ball to
strong golf club yes it’s a very nice course it’s very fair and if you if you
keep the ball in play and hit the right shots you you’ll be rewarded a lot of
the gallery here has been very impressed with your length off the tee there a
secret on how you developed in no I just hit a lot of golf balls and you had some
good advice I’m sure from your coach at the University of Houston and our
colleague Byron Nelson that’s right mr. Nelson has really helped me with my
legs and my hands and and taught me how to finesse and my coach at University
you someday Williams is this helped me quite a bit on attitude and and never
give up attitude last round fleckman on the first tee he’s pushed it into the gallery Marty needed three to reach the first
green a bogey fleckman is wild today on the
4th now he hooks the ball and our camera can’t even find it it’s beyond the crowd
into the trees and Marty is never again in contention Palmer is again paired with Nicolas they’re tied coming to the fourth a high
iron by niklas marvelous Palmer Arnel needs to make a couple of those if
he’s going to win after losing a stroke to par on the second Jack came back to
birdie the third and here on four he’s going for another two Noel Nicklaus
takes the lead from the rough on the fifth Nicklaus rips it out and comes
safely on there’s another bird Palmer on the seventh he’s playing very
well from tee to green and has only one behind despite the rash of Nicklaus
birdies Palmer’s using a one iron a magnificent shot 11 feet from the hole
Nicolas uses a two iron on but way outside Palmer Jack could lose his lead
right here the biggest galleries in open history watched this Classic Tournament from 30 feet Nicklaus did it again he’s
absolutely on fire Arnel just can’t make a putt what an
astounding swing in one hole the television cameras of ABC picked up
Nicholas during one of the most important and brilliant streaks he’s
ever had here’s his wedge 2:13 his sixth birdie of the round
he’s four ahead of everyone now a short iron to 14 one great shot after another his seventh birdie today now Jack’s born
depart for the championship and cantorian the tie Hogan’s open record of
276 he still 4-under coming to 17 Nicholas is hitting the ball so
precisely that he’s backing up every iron shot Palmer and Kasper are out of
it but Arnold is still making good golf
shots that’s his third to the 17th short well at least he’s human a birdie
by Arnold but too late the 18th hole seen from ABC’s giant crane behind the
green the one thing Nicholas wants to avoid is
the water on the golfers left a birdie would give him that scoring record but
jack is concerned only about winning he’s going to use an iron off the tee
and aim it to the right away from the water that’s too far right into the gallery a
television cable rising out of the ground and a cable reel interfere with
Jack’s stance and swing they are obstructions so Jack’s entitled
to a drop within two Club lengths without penalty the ball roll nearer the
hole so jack is obliged to drop again all right that time and eight iron back into the fairway but
Jack hit it fat out comes the one iron again up and on the green on this par 5
hold Nicklaus has used a 1 iron and 8 iron and a 1 iron again now the open is
one all that remains is to learn whether Jack will tie or break Hogan’s open
scoring record two putts for 276 one putt for 275 there it is the lowest score ever made
in the United States Open Championship what a performance today a 65 with eight
birdies nine threes and a two on his card Tech receives the prize check from USGA
president ward Foshay and then he remembers he’s a father so he gives the
check to the mother so all those lovely little children can
help their daddies celebrate another happy Father’s Day


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