1980-0721 Auspiciousness, Version 0, Caxton Hall, London UK, transcribed

hello! It’s good! How are you? It’s a good day. Today is an auspicious day because 21st is
an auspicious day for us and today is Monday and the 7th month. All things combined together and it’s a
very auspicious evening. So today I’ll talk to you about auspiciousness
because most of you are Sahaj Yogis. Who has come for the first time? One, two, three, four, five…So we have for
the first time! All right. (laughing) I am sure somebody has talked to them about
introduction to Sahaja Yoga or something? And to make it short, the whole thing I don’t
want to repeat as I was thinking of talking on a new subject to the Sahaja Yogis. As you know all of you, and you can see around
also that there’s a very big en masse search for the Truth — there is. I mean, even in this hall you will be amazed
there might be five [or] six halls like this where everybody is sitting in some hall and
doing and something about it. I mean there is no doubt a very big urge to
seek the Truth. This urge has come through our own evolutionary
understanding. When human beings have reached a certain stage
of sagacity, you can call it, or a satisfaction, like when you have achieved a certain amount
of material well-being or have seen something which doesn’t give you a complete answer;
like Buddha, when he saw an old man and then a dead man, he was puzzled at it; he was very
much puzzled and he started wondering what is this death and why a human being becomes
an old man. There was a prophecy about him when he was
a child that he may become an ascetic or that he may give up his family life to find the
Truth — he might do that. And the parents were worried and [his] father
arranged for him a very big palace with all the things available and a very beautiful
wife and a child. But still from inside he had a feeling of
some incompleteness, of meaningless[ness] of life; and with that meaningless feeling,
once he saw a very, very old man and then a dead man, and this just went into his head. This was two thousand years back, more than
that. But today there was many buddhas living. I mean his first name was Siddharth. Siddharth itself is very beautiful [name]
– Siddh, Arth: the one who has mastered his meaning. The beginning of the name itself was very
suggestive. But then he became The Buddha, the enlightened
one. But you are all siddharthas who are seeking
the Truth. he also went to Upanishadas and he also went
to many people, he went to Benares and was so disillusioned the way the people were in
Benares. he found there was no religion in them, there
was no God in them, there was no goodness in them. And they were making money out of all this. Then he went to some gurus, and this and that,
and everywhere he found that they did not know the Truth, and he got tired, very tired. he had given up everything just in the search
of Truth. And he was so tired, absolutely tired, and
lay down under a tree, a banyan tree, we call it the ashwatha: and then Sahaja Yoga itself,
[which] is the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, took place, and he got his Realisation. But that time there was no Mataji Nirmala
Devi to tell him how he got it, where was his Kundalini. he just felt the cool breeze coming in him
and he felt his Self and he started talking about it and telling people. he felt that, “Because I gave up everything,
that is why it has worked so.” It was a mistake, I would say, or a misunderstanding,
because what do you give up? Whatever you hold on to. What is there to give up? All these stones? What? What is their value? And this giving up is also a mental idea,
just a mental idea: if you are not holding on to anything what are you going to give
up? So this idea of giving up came to him because
he thought that this must be the reason. Supposing I have to come to Caxton Hall, I
go all the way to Tottenham Court Road and then I go to East End and then come down here. So if anybody comes to ask me the way I will
say, “All right, go to Tottenham Court Road, then to East End and then through the traffic
you can land up here!” But it’s only two minutes drive from my house! So it was that
kind of a misunderstanding which led him to think that there is no God. In a way it was a mid-step because if you
talk of God suddenly…Even today if I say, “There is a God,” how are you to believe
me? You can believe your vibrations, you can believe
there’s a cool breeze coming in, you can see the Kundalini rising, you can see the
pulsation of that, but how can you say that there is God? Because I say there is. Because it is pervading. And whatever I say, now you can test it on
your vibrations! Now how will you know that these vibrations
are telling you the Truth? It is very simple if you understand the common
sense of relativity. Like, bring two mad people from lunatic asylum
absolutely certified as mad — all right? And then – Paul is laughing – and then
get two sane people sitting down. Now you put your hands towards the people
who are mad and you will get horrible burning in here, maybe in here, maybe in the whole
hand — on the left side. And they themselves, before my photograph
will be going on like this (shaking). Many go, even they look sane but there are
many like that: all fanatics, all extremists, all sorts of people, they go on like this,
spiritualists again, druggists, chemists (laughing), cancer patients. It’s a different frequency, different style
in every way. So you get ten cases like that. Now you ask the question, “Is there God?”
And you start getting cool breeze flowing into you. “Is His power all-pervading?” You start
getting a cool breeze flowing into you. That is how you find out which is the Truth,
where what I am saying, what vibrations are telling, is the Truth or not. That is how you can test your vibrations. This search is on, and there are many shops
people have opened. This is not a shop, this is a temple. And a temple in the market place has a very
little value. If you have to climb up seven mountains to
go to a temple it has much more value but only a few can reach there alive! So the temple
had to come down to London, to Caxton Hall, to talk to people. But in the market place if you have a temple,
you can notice that people just go in the marketplace, purchase something before going
they may throw 1 anna (1/16 old Indian Rupee) there thinking, “Oh Lord, give me some profit
when I am going there!” And while coming back they will throw another 5 annas there
saying that, “Oh all right, You have helped me. All right 5p is all right for your sake because
I have got some profit I am giving You!” Because they have a mentality of marketing:
even with God they bargain. The mentality is of marketing, of most of
the people, must be. But among them are real people also. Many, many real people are there who are misled. Because they see the crowds going, thousands
of people going there, they are also misled. Ultimately all those who are true seekers
will receive their Realisation. Even those who are not will receive it. But first those who are seeking are the foundation
stones. They have to build up themselves in such a
way that this big edifice could be raised on its back, on its foundation stone. You people have to be such strong Sahaja Yogis,
such strong Sahaja Yogis, that from your own life others would take the lessons and understand
that this is something that has really transformed people. Because the time of judgment has come and
of transformation. The Last Judgement is not direct but through
transformation. It does not fail much. If you do not fail it, it is not going to
fail: it is going to work out. All sorts of permutations and combinations
it has worked out — all sorts. Now there’s no horrible guru I have not
tried. Of course, sometimes I hear some new names
from somebody. The other day I heard something new, some
other name. And he’s another funny thing! He’s teaching
people, I don’t know. Something very horrid he’s teaching people. And maybe he may be successful for a short
time but ultimately those who are true seekers will definitely come. Those who are supporting these wrong organisations
will also come to Sahaja Yoga because they will recognise that, “By supporting these
people what are we going to gain? We are going to go to hell!” They will see
their gurus how they are behaving: ultimately they will come of course. For the time being they do not. Sometimes it’s quite frustrating. For example, in Norwich we met two ladies
— elderly, quite elderly — but without any common sense and they said, “No, we
have a guru who has given us a name.” I said, “Why do you need a guru for that? You can pick up on the streets. A donkey can give you a name!”And what is
the name they have been given? One of the disciples of this guru told me
a name has been given called as ‘tinga’ [which] means ‘a thumb’ — [in India
if] you show somebody a thumb, it is ‘tinga’. Just imagine! It is not even Sanskrit! I said,
“He doesn’t even know Sanskrit! Now he has been found out with six women around him
and he’s got keeps and he’s taking all Scotch whisky, all that, he’s busy here.” They said, “Still…” I said, “Still? How long will you go on like that?” Of course
some common sense will come into them. So these things are there, existing, but the
true ones will understand the true nature of Sahaja Yoga. It is so nice to see all of you here because
we are going to have a very nice 27th. Is the day we are initiating you as gurus;
that’s the day you will be initiated as gurus. And special powers will be given to you on
that day. But our intellect is to be a little bit brought
low and our heart is to be a little bit raised higher. If we could do that then we’ll be able to
create auspiciousness about us. Now I must tell you about auspiciousness. What is auspicious? This word people know: this is not auspicious,
that is not auspicious. If you find the horse’s horseshoe, it is
auspicious. Now do you know in modern times the symbol
of Sahaja Yoga is horseshoe-shaped: can you imagine? It has many meanings but why that shape is
auspicious, people did not know. People do not know why a thing is auspicious
and a thing is not auspicious. Now this has been in England; for years people
were using horseshoe as an auspicious thing and it is, hundred percent. The shape of a horseshoe emits vibrations. You can see for yourself. The shape of that horseshoe is the shape [of]
how The Shakti moves, how the power moves: always like this, elliptical, like that. It goes to a person, say if I love this person
the vibrations will go like this and embrace her and then come back. The first movement is this way, the first
dimension is like that. But this can be [in] three-hundred and sixty
degrees (3600) it moves. The whole Creation took place by the movement
of the Shakti like this. That’s why they sometimes see it parabolic. You see, like Einstein has been talking about
it. But they see partial truth, not the whole. Now, when you have a shape or a form, or a
kind of an assemblage of certain factors in a particular material could be, could be a
particular tree, could be a human being, then you find, from that person — only the realised-souls
can feel — vibrations coming. Because, whatever emits vibration is auspicious
and auspiciousness is the quality by which we emit vibrations. Now purity is
a very relative word in the modern times. People don’t understand what is purity. I mean they don’t understand even what is
normal, leave only purity. Everybody seems to be abnormal or subnormal
in modern times. Nobody seems to be normal. Even the psychologists can’t define what
normal is. Normal is that which is auspicious. Now this is the knowledge of the beyond. With whatever senses you have, you cannot
feel it. For example, I went to Stonehenge. Now you all know that there’s something
about Stonehenge, you know that there’s something about them. But what about them? These are the stones which have come out of
Mother Earth, which are emitting vibrations. And the covering of that has been done later
on, some people must have [done that]. They did not understand how these stones have
come out, one after another so they must have used [other stones] to cover it. But if they were saints they would have said
that, this is a stone which has got vibrations. For example, when we say that we should not
worship any statues in The Bible, it’s very correct because it is said that, whatever
is created by Mother Earth or by the sky should not be reproduced. So Mother Earth is producing something. Now ask the Christians what are they producing. What is the element that is the earth is producing,
what is the sky is producing? They will not be able to tell you! What is
this Mother Earth producing which should not be reproduced? Which should not be worshipped? Means something She is producing which should
be worshipped and that should not be reproduced. This auspiciousness can only be felt by people
who are realised-souls or people who are sensitive to spirituality. Those who are not sensitive to spirituality
cannot feel it. They do not understand. They may like a person very much, “Because
I like!” But why? Why do you like a person very much and you
do not like another person? That person may be any type, they will say,
“No we like him!” But children — not all, but many children — can feel the auspiciousness. Dogs can feel it, rats can feel it, snakes
can feel it, tigers can feel it, lions can feel it, but human beings are rather difficult!
Horses can feel it. Horses feel it very much. If you take them near a place where there
are [dead] spirits or, we can say, some sort of a burial ground, they would not like to
go down there much. First they would resist, but gradually they
also get used to it; same with dogs. They can feel it, a man who is a realised-soul,
who is not a realised-soul. They can even feel an evil person. They are very sensitive. A dog can always feel a saint. Even a mad dog can be controlled by a saint. This auspiciousness, the feeling of auspiciousness,
can be felt through heart: it’s the feeling from the heart, not from the brain, not from
the ego or superego: means either we get ideas from our ego or from our superego, from our
conditioning. But if our heart is alive, which is a very
rare thing nowadays: most of us have got hearts like, ‘frozen’ I would not say [but],
like Rock of Gibraltar. Because frozen can be defrosted. So such a heart, Rock of Gibraltar, is living
here, you see. And you meet another person and you feel the
other is just going to bang on you with that Rock of Gibraltar. I don’t know if you have visited Rock of
Gibraltar any time. I have. One day we were plying on a ship and suddenly
our ship stopped and what I found is a huge big promontory. I said, “What sort of a thing it is?”
Because no ship can go near any rock, that near, because no rock is that steep to give
that much draft for the ship. And this was just like this in front. I said, “What sort of a rock is this?”
They said, “This is Rock of Gibraltar!” I was looking at it absolutely a solid piece
and you thought it is going to hit you on your head. Something like that [when] human beings become,
how can you feel the auspiciousness? It’s a very sensitive thing: extremely sensitive
and delicate. All the delicacy of the heart, I don’t know
where it is gone. Like Lord Byron’s style! Look at him: what
a life he had! He made everyone miserable in his private life and in his poetry he made
everybody cry; took out their eyes, washed them, again put them back in the sockets!
(laughing) I mean, he was a very great sadist, I felt. Horrible! He could not write anything beautiful,
he could not see anything beautiful, he could not say anything that was pleasant. And people, I have seen, have wept and wept
and wept and this fellow was enjoying having a nice time somewhere! (laughing) It’s nice to laugh it out because we had
two patients who read only Lord Byron and were gone cases! You don’t know in England
I get such cases, some samples! He is no more here so I can tell you about him. He used to just weep and weep and weep. And then we didn’t do anything with him
here, we couldn’t do much. I told him, “Why are you weeping?” And
then I discovered he was a patient created by Lord Byron! I told him not to take this
poet very seriously, and forget about it! (laughing) He was just doing it to sell his
books! But the fellow couldn’t get rid of it, always he used to get into that mood,
and very serious mood and this and that. Then we sent him home. I sent some Sahaja Yogis to his mother, father:
very nice people, I must say. They talked to me on the phone: very good
people. They said, “Mother, if you say, we’ll
keep him in the house.” He’s a big man, he’s a big man about thirty
years of age, you know. And third day the mother said, “Better chuck
him out of the house, Mother!” I said, “Why, where will he go?” She said, “He is still
doing the same thing. He is in the room. I have to serve him food. I have to wash his things and he is just sitting
and weeping there!” So because the sensitivity is lost. Whom are you giving your heart? To this Lord Byron, of all the persons? This is the problem with us: we do not know
who is auspicious. For example, Blake people won’t like. I mean the one who is the poet you have really,
I would say, after Shakespeare. I wonder if Shakespeare was one man or many
people put together. But Blake was the poet you had, the greatest
of all I would say. There were so many, also others. Wordsworth was another. You can see [that] those who talk of charming
things or pleasant things and beautiful things are the poets, not these garbage cleaners. What is wrong with us that we cannot make
out between the stink and the fragrance? Auspiciousness is the way we emit our fragrance
to others. For example the other day two boys got Realisation
and all the Sahaja Yogis ran just to feel their vibrations and the rest were left behind. Because they were enjoying the person, the
vibrations of that person. Then I shouted at them, I said, “Now, all
right, now you have enjoyed, now go and see others also there!” And they would not go
near somebody who was thinking he was a great man sitting down there. Nobody would go near them. They were holding their ears sitting here. Then everybody avoiding to go to that man
and the fellow must be feeling miserable, I know that, but I went to him and worked
it out. But then I found that he was doing something
very, very wrong himself. And he said, “Mother, I am not evil.” I said, “No, it’s not evil but whatever
you have done is evil, is to play into the spirits, call them down, put on people and
this. Is an evil thing to do.” “I did not know, Mother.” I said, “All right. It’s all right, if you did not know, it
can be forgiven.” But this is what auspiciousness is: that you
to feel it from your heart which is awakened. The heart must be awakened. In the heart resides the Spirit, which is
not yet flowing in our consciousness, in our central nervous system. It resides there, the joy itself. I don’t know if you have ever seen phosphorus
taken out of the water and how it just gets ignited, it is like that. Inside the maya, the illusion, that spark
is sitting down, and when this Kundalini rises and touches that spark, it starts emitting
its joy, its auspiciousness. Unless and until you have that within you,
you cannot feel the auspiciousness of others. Take a coconut, for example: put it the other
way round, you won’t get vibrations. If you put it this way [with] the coconut
coming up you will get more vibrations. There are certain coconuts who give you very
good vibrations, some give horrible ones. And you know human beings also have coconuts!
(laughter) Some of the coconuts give such beautiful vibrations and some of them do not. Some of them are tired. Some of them are nothing but like a balloon
of Mr. Ego. Or some of them have nothing but superego
in them. So this coconut is to be made auspicious. Now, how it is connected to the Spirit, that
is a very important point: how our brain is connected with Spirit. Whatever I am telling you, you need not believe
me but, you will find it out for yourself that, whatever I am saying is the Truth. Your heart has the Spirit, the light, and
the heart has got seven auras around it. And these seven auras get enlightened by the
Spirit. But before that it’s a very instantaneous
or you can say a simultaneous happening. When the Kundalini rises there are seven centres
also in our brain, in the sense [that] there are the seats of the centres. These seven centres are represented again
on the seat, you know that very well. All the Sahaja Yogis know where they are. So when these centres are enlightened, the
auras start shining in the heart. And this centre (brahmarandhra) is actually
the seat of the Spirit. The Spirit has moved from there and has gone
to the heart: that’s why in childhood you will find there’s an opening here. It’s a very soft bone, called as fontanelle
bone, talu, is here. Because the Spirit comes out from there and
is settled on the heart. You know, Spirit also comes out in the night
sometimes, goes round and sees. It’s so. When these centres in our brain get enlightened
by Kundalini, one by one, first they are enlightened here, then in the brain, then the auras in
the heart start getting enlightened. Ultimately when this centre — which is the
centre of the heart here, Sahastrara, in this point — when this one gets enlightened,
then the Spirit also gets enlightened, fully; and then these auras become doubly shining. Then the auspiciousness is in many dimensions
starts expressing itself. But to keep that light on, one has to keep
the Kundalini over here. Then what happens? Then we are ruled by our heart’s indication
[rather] than by our brain. How? Because the heart has the Spirit, which emits
vibrations, it’s not the brain. And you depend on your vibratory awareness
after Realisation. The more you depend on your vibratory awareness,
the more you use your heart, your Spirit, not your brain. The more you use your brain: again you go
down. Because it is taken over now by the Spirit. For example: after Realisation when you start
thinking about it…I mean people can think of anything! I mean I can tell you, I have
had such experiences that they would think that, “Why Mataji is wearing a sari like
this?” Even to this extent they can go to! But if you can just leave your heart to work
it out and don’t think, because you are in thoughtless awareness after Realisation. If you try to maintain that state, pay attention
to your heart and let your Spirit emit itself so that it clears out completely the confusion
of the brain and everything; then you will be amazed that you cannot lose your vibrations. You cannot lose your Realisation. The simplest way is — we have found like
this — that after Realisation if you go for seven days treatment with soaking feet
before my photograph it works out. But immediately when I say, “My photograph,”:
finished! The ego comes up: “Why her photograph?” First thing comes up: “Who is She?” I
may be nothing — all right agreed, I am nothing — but I have raised your Kundalini!I
have given you Realisation! I must be something after all. So why worry? I am not taking away anything from you. Then you start establishing your auspiciousness,
the sense of auspiciousness. Once you have established it, then you do
not lose it very easily. You don’t like then inauspicious things,
normally. If there is somebody inauspicious you say,
“Mother, no! We can’t do anything about this gentleman!” Afterwards when you become
very strong you don’t mind working on anyone whatsoever. But gradually you have to grow up to it. I understand that. But I can’t understand people using their
rationality to understand Sahaja Yoga. How can you understand this Great Power with
your limited rationality? I can explain to an ant about your politics
but I cannot tell you how this Divine Power works. One day Djamel asked me, numerically: to what
extent it goes, to what dimension? And when I told him he said, “It is incalculable.” I said, “It is infinite! You cannot calculate.” If you put two mirrors facing each other and
put some object in between, you cannot calculate how many reflections you will get. Even that you see but you cannot calculate. But here I am talking about something that
does that, which creates this. You cannot calculate all the molecules and
the atoms of one element, but I am talking about Somebody who has created them and who,
in every molecule, pulsates. How can you understand with this brain? You can only become one with It and enjoy
yourself! Why worry? Why do you want to count the molecules? Why this madness? It would be like a madman going to the seashore
to have a nice bath, starts counting the small little pebbles and the grains of the sand. Get in! Enjoy! You become that. This is advaita, were you become one. All religions teach advaita. Advait means were there is not the other,
ananya. You become one with that. With the whole Ocean you become one. [When] a drop becomes the ocean, all the powers
of the oceans are there for the drop — that’s what it is. But there are some people, who say, “We
believe in dwaita, No, we don’t want to get lost.” You are not lost! You become the whole. But they want to keep their small limitations,
you see. Now what is that small limitation they want
to keep? It’s called as Mr. E G O, which is a myth, which is a myth. It’s such a big myth is ego: because what
do you do, human beings? Let’s see now. What do you do? You make a chair all right. You see, people are even proud if they can
make a chair these days because nobody can use their hands these days, you know that,
with everything done by machines. I don’t know they cannot create human beings
otherwise they may try that also. So what do you do? You create something dead out of dead. Everything is dead. Whatever you have created is dead. Have you done any living work? So one lady got very angry with me. She said, “Yes, we have created a tube baby!”
I said, “You have not created, it was all there. The life was there. You just brought it together and it worked
out that way. It’s nothing!” It’s just like an egg
being put it in the incubator. It is that, simple thing. You have done nothing! You have put life into
it, have you? Let us confess it now. We cannot convert even one flower, transform
one flower into a fruit. Let us admit it. So what is this ego, then? “I do this and I do this,” “I would
like that and I would have this” and “I, I, I.” Who is this ‘Mr. I’ who cannot do one living thing? Just ask yourself! It’s a very simple question. So you reach a conclusion: it’s a myth. We do not do anything. As many times I have told you that, some people
going by train put all their luggage on their heads. So they said, “Why are you carrying so much
luggage on your head?” They said, “Because they want to reduce the weight of the train.” (laughter) This is just like that: put it
on your head! “I do it! I do it! I do it!” But by brainwashing you I cannot reduce it. How [then]? The myth has to be broken. The myth breaks when Kundalini rises. Then how you talk is a very different language:
“It is not coming.” “It is not going.” It is ‘it’. It becomes a third person. Then your power which is flowing through your
hands, you see that going through your hands, which you are manoeuvring. You don’t say, “I am giving you Realisation!”
You just say, “It is going.” “It is rising.” “It is not coming.” Even if it is your son you will say, “I
cannot give, now what to do?” Like a lady came with me to America once and she was very
anxious that I must give Realisation to her son and all that. So I told her, “Look at this. Now you have come all the way, I know, for
this purpose. But now if the Kundalini doesn’t rise, should
you want me to say that he is realised?” “No, no, no, Mataji, I know it doesn’t
rise.” Then I said, “You give him a Realisation. I cannot give him, all right, you try.” Then, “But it doesn’t rise!” I said,
“Then what to do? If the Kundalini is not coming up, what can
we do about it?” So, the Kundalini has to come spontaneously. It’s a living process but after Realisation
you start doing living things. You can raise the Kundalini. You can pulsate the Kundalini. I don’t know about pulsation: so far I have
not seen any Sahaja Yogi doing it. But you can raise it all right. You can give Realisation: with my photograph
it works better. You can give vibrations now to the plants,
to the fruit, or to any, any flower like this. If it is dying it will come to life. If you give vibrations say, to a field of,
or seeds of, wheat, they can be multiplied: they can be ten times more than what they
were. Now you have started giving vibrations to
the trees, to the people, you are doing the living work. Now you have become the ocean of life. So far you were not because the power of life
[which] is to give life has come in you! Now you are living, before this you were dead,
in the sense that you were worshipping a dead God called ‘ego’, now it’s the living
God within you — is the Spirit. Once you start accepting your Spirit all your
priorities change just like that, because Spirit is joy and happiness. Spirit is the everything, so you start losing
all your interest into other things. This is what is, when your auspiciousness
is of the greatest height that even your name can create something great, and photograph
can do wonders. If you become auspiciousness, you are the
holiest of the holy. For that we have to get rid of some of the
dirt and the dust, we have get rid of some of the false notions that we have and myths
of things: some people have the myth that they are guilty and some people, as I told
you, have so many myths. But for giving up, this Kundalini works out. You allow Her to work it out, that’s all. It works. It has worked with so many from England and
I am very proud of my Sahaja Yogis of England. If anybody asks me, “Where do you find the
best young people?” I said, “It’s in England,” and they are surprised. They are not racialists, they are not all
this nonsense of being fanatics, nothing. Except for druggists and chemists they are. (laughter) That also due to mistakes. But that I can correct. But most of them are beautiful people, very
sincere, very honest and very good. Because England is the heart, is the heart
of the universe, of the world. Whatever happens in England gets known all
over the world. Do you know these people had this siege (at
the Iranian Embassy in Kensington on 30/4/1980); today I read in the paper they were giving
an explanation about it, that, “We did it in England, not because we wanted to kill
anybody or anything, but we wanted to talk to British government, so that if anything
happens in London it will be known all over the world.” People still think that British are still
the sanest people in the West. Still they think like that, which is the truth. So, we have a very good group of people here,
which has to expand. You have to find out more and more who are
seekers. But don’t tell them just now that you have
to give up any one of their druggists chemists business, because if you tell them then they
will run away. We made a mistake like this, I know that. No, they will just give up, you don’t worry. Let them come. Because once they have found it, even if we
tell them [to], they will not go back. Let them join. Let them come. By your auspiciousness, by your vibrations
and the fragrance of the flowers let all the bees start hovering, knowing that there is
the scent of the beautiful nectar hidden under these petals. I am sure all of them will come and one day
from England we’ll have the real spiritual upsurge for the whole world. May God bless you.

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