1992 U.S. Open Film: “Kite Soars Over Pebble Beach”

The United States Open is played on some of the greatest and most beautiful courses in this country But of all the sites for the open none captures the imagination of the players and spectators like California’s Pebble Beach Golf Links Maybe that’s why Pebble Beach has produced some of the most exciting US Opens in the events wonderful history This official video of the 1992 US Open is made possible by a grant from Rolex proceeds from the sale of this video benefit the USGS Junior Golf programs From all of us at the USGA and Rolex We hope you enjoy this special documentary on our national championship The 1992 United States Open Championship Kite soars over Emily This is the 18th hole and one of the great creations of God and man Pebble Beach Golf Links Which makes it the perfect site for the national championship of the United States hello I’m Jim McKay the name of this event really describes it perfect the United States Open Golf Championship It is for the championship of the United States the one and only national championship and it is in fact open to all golfers only 56 players in this year’s field including the defending champion Payne Stewart for exempt from qualifiers that Left more than six thousand players to compete for 100 places in the 156 player final field Some of the game’s most familiar faces and greatest stars with a past and future failed to qualify this year However, they had a people opportunity to earn a spot in this truly Open champ The outcome of this 90-second US Open Golf Championship might well be determined on this hole the famous par-3 17th But just as it sits there it’s a very difficult golf hole but historically very often The golfers are playing into the teeth and wind whipping in off the Pacific Ocean in 1972 Jack Nicklaus who had won the US Amateur Championship here at Pebble Final round of the open I took the cover back a little bit inside But I was very aggressive going through and the ball came out just right. What up this sort of started Basically a little right of rain Butler started, right? Coleman is held right there a couple bounces of this food fight against like still five inches away I got more cushion than I probably Deserve going into into 18 but it was one. That was most welcome. Ten years later. Jack’s luck wasn’t so good He had finished his final round and it looked very much like he might win that Unprecedented fifth US Open Golf Championship because Tom Watson with whom Jack was tied for the lead had put his tee shot on 17 And over and to the left right that about in there But in grass that was this deep right up to his ankles. It was a simple little chip shot that’s 16 18 feet from the hole and Allison pretty nasty rough, but His portion of it went in and it was a I hit a good shot I had a good technique was good the ball Propelled me to win the Championship I wanted to win most the National Open Nicolas Watson an 8 other former champions are in the field for this year’s US Open Which promises to add to the legend of Pebble Beach and the USA? I Feel that included most of the world’s best players had come to this golfing mecca to test their skill and nerve and To try to win that most coveted of golf by US Open champion Payne Stewart, the 1991 champion was playing well and appeared ready for another raid on the US Open trophy case And former US Amateur champion Phil Mickelson had selected this site and this championship to make his long-awaited debut as a professional I Couldn’t think of a better place to make a pro debut than the United States Open at Pebble Beach The USDA has meant so much to me in my career in my amateur career that it’s given me so many opportunities and experiences that I’m just flattered to be able to compete and make my start here He was 3-under par as he teed off on the dreaded 17th on 17 I would have taken far in a heartbeat It’s an unbelievably difficult hole. The win was slightly blowing towards the ocean To make matters worse and I was able to hit a two iron to caught the silk and rolled up about three four feet And rolled rolled the putt in it was just an exciting way to play the hole because it’s funny How in the United States Open you make birdies when you least expect it and you make bogeys when you expect to make birdies Well one man who always seems to expect to make birdies a two-time champion Curtis strain who did exactly that on the par-4 13th Even Paris had a smile of that Strange now with a pitching wedge on the 15th When he could be staring another birdie Was a real quick putt kind of left center left lip and just barely hit it Just got to get it rolling see and it just got him upside. But even that little putt goes two feet Maybe three feet by the hole very very fast. But I played really well today. I hit a lot of good solid shots I really did and I had some confidence out there and especially with the putter and adds up to 67 Nobody expects the US Open to be a walk on the beach But low scores were the order of the day at least on this desk Unlike most days at Pebble Beach There was very little wind a thick cloud cover hung over Carmel Bay that kept the Sun from drying out the course in these conditions pass at Pebble was right for the picking a Payne Stewart had been 4 under par through 8 holes But he needs to hold this chip for an eagle on 18 to get back to even par Have that left for a birdie Now the birdie attempt for Stuart And that brings well deserved apart from the gallery And a smile from the champ now Here’s Tom kite for his third shot on the par-5 14th hole Titin he pulled the string on that Now the putt for birdie Tom goes to 1-under par and breathes a sigh of e We finally got a level putt. I got a pot. I could try to move it Tight finish 100 par with out using Magnum force But he wasn’t the only one who successfully found his way around the golf course Andy Dillard playing his first US Open was not in awe of the event He tied the open record for consecutive birdies by burdening his first six hole This is his second shot on the par-4 15th one time, sweetie Sweet is right at the tree boys on the back nine Dillard’s in position to get back to 4-under Now the birdie putt He has it Andy tiller delights the gallery with a 68 in his first US Open round Two of the games great international stars England’s Nick Faldo and Spain seve biased arrows found themselves in bunkers on the pivotal 17th Bogey’s for both players led to Fargo finishing the first round at 204 Saturday and biased arrows one stroke back at 79 and The Pebble Beach Gallery waits expectantly Perhaps they were waiting for dr. Gild Morgan who has this putt for a birdie on the 6th hole And the doctor is The veteran Morgan stood at 5-under as he addressed his third shot on the home hole See the right distance That took an unfortunate bow, but he’s in birdie rain That’s her about 1516 feet left to right you know a little bit and I just tried to hang out there to left a little bit and Try not to get too far away. No at the end and it just kind of curled in the clock right at the end Morgan finished with an eighth birdie to bogey 66 the lowest round in three US opens at Pebble Beach He knew he had put the course with its guard down. I Think we caught cuddling and kind of quiet calm type situation and there’s always guys that can you know put them put the ball on the fairway and put it in on the green and then if you can make those putts so you Got a chance to do good and in these tough conditions So Gil Morgan leads the open by one stroke over 1988 and 1989 Champion Curtis Strange Three players are tied for third including the annual open unknown in this case Andy Dillard’s Trailing close behind. The leaders are a number of cows. They’ll eat all our major championship winners, except Tom kite But some other members of golf’s royalty didn’t fare quite as well in the opening round 29 players broke par the opening round a feat that escaped Australia’s Roger Davis who shot 73 despite this shot of the day And a go mate Pebble Beach in open week was the perfect place in time for golf Enthusiasts to stock up on items for their favorite golfer or perhaps for themselves Everything is Galbraith could possibly need is available in the Pro Shop the Monterey Peninsula is a popular place at any time of the year but for golfers in the third week of June Hetal beans with the only place to be I Think Pebble Beach in my opinion is probably the most beautiful golf course in the world Pebble Beach is probably the most exciting than you have in the United States for open It’s just a treat to come out here and be able to play With all that with a beauty the ambience the ocean all of that and then have it in perfect condition. It’s really special. I’m thrilled well, I think it’s the best golf course in the world That will be His magic through golfers who come to visit this national treasure by the hundreds, even when there are no famous players around for an autograph This extraordinary piece of real estate was not preserved by accident Samuel FB Bors conceived the golf course more than 75 years ago It was laid out by Jack Neville and fellow traveller Douglas Grant and revised by Chandler Egan for the 1929 US Amateur Bing Crosby brought his National pro-am to Pebble Beach in 1947 and played in the event himself for ten years his tournament and legend live on And the legend of Pebble Beach continues to grow of course had never been in better condition than it was for the playing of the 1992 US Open The USGA used its standard US Open course set up at Pebble Beach with stooped meter readings of 10 and a half feet and fairways average 835 yards in width The intermediate rough which was 6 feet wide around each fairway was maintained at 1 and 3/4 inches the USGA feels that being in the rough should cost a hat stroke in other words to save par about half of the time from The primary rough which averages by inches Pebble Beach the only public force to be the site of the US Open has seen most of the game’s legends over the years Including 61 Avenue and 72 Open champion, Jack Nicklaus in 1982 Open champion Thompson the speech recovered including government It’s rate 40 between God and man God Put the land here that man built a great golf course. We’re very fortunate to be able to play this Cloud cover the California coast again on Friday keeping the course condition similar to the first round firm and fast Playable Masters champion Freddy couples who opened with an even par 72 on Thursday found a bunker with his second shot on the par-5 2nd hole Here’s the putt Phil Mickelson left his second shot short of the green on the third hole and wants to get this close to save par Instead of leaving the chimp just short of the hall giving myself an uphill putt It kind of flew off my club a little bit and I went over the green I’m chipping again down the hill. I hit not a bad ship one about five feet by Missed the pot and then have maybe about a one foot putt popped off the face wrong and did and missed it So I made seven on that hole that was a little frustrating to get the round started obviously Well Phil will tap that one in for a triple bogey at last And he leaves the green with a rueful smile and a little more experience Speaking of trouble Nick Faldo believes his balls in the tree in the 14th hole here can declare Find and identify the ball. Otherwise, the ball is lost So, what do you do Like giving the handle what Let me show you the trade and get it out. Yeah do anything to define and identify because well Well James Jeter we’re nowhere to be found and neither was the ball so this putt is for a double bogey And he’ll settle for a hard-earned eight Gil Morgan has this 30-footer for a birdie on the seventh hole to go 9-under par Completely recovered career-threatening shoulder surgery we’ve had a few injuries in the last few years and I think with surgery some of them have come back and Unfortunately, I was able to come back and then for me of its, you know It was pretty significant and therefore wyden wasn’t Really thinking that I would be able to play again and if I could kind of play at the at the level that I needed You know Whatever and so what was I going to do? but fortunately I was able to recover and back on the tour and I think you know like you say the The situation of you know time the timeframe was very significant at this point. I’m No player has ever been 10-under par of the US Open, but Morgan may break that barrier On the Troublesome 8th hole Morgan has this putt to save par? That’s his first bogey the second round But he’ll backhand that in for a bogey which will drop him back to 8-under and frustrate his assault on the record book At least for now Morgan has a run at a birdie at the par-4 13th Bogie’s at nine and 11 have dropped Gil to 6-under for the championship But that putt for the Train puts him back in red Mulder for the second round Up ahead on 18 Tom Kyte had been in minor trouble and this is his fourth shot Now the par putt And even par 72 39 and the steady paid is 103 36 hole Jack Nicklaus is even par for the day but five over for the championship as he plays the 15th Now Jack made some birdies to make the cut and this looks like dirty material here Welcome to it like This left for the birdie Danny has it. Been evolving historic 17th event and Jack’s hopes of making the putt Jack Nicklaus on the 18th tee at Pebble Beach stirs many memories But this has not been a memorable day for Jack He’s on the verge of missing the cut for only the 6th time in 36 appearances in the open Tom Watson pebble beaches other Open champion also is struggling to make the cut. This is his third shot at 18 A nice shot there, but he needed a hold of that when we make the puck and he looks like he made Nicolas now putting for a bogey And That pretty well sums up Jack sweet He just wasn’t able to finish one other part in the second round he 15 though who finishes bogey double bogey and misses to cut? by four strokes Watson now for his birdie putt on 18 and That’s Tom Watson finishing like a champion but his 1 over par 73 is not quite good enough Derek congratulations Reynaldo from Hale alien and old rivals Meanwhile Gil morgen continues to roll along he has this long putt on 16 Morgan is still 9-under on the tee at 18 Boy he cut that one close but his Safely in the fairway and we’ll have another birdie opportunity I knew if I could get outside the hole I didn’t I wasn’t gonna hit a very hard but at that point in time I was gonna soon be one of those putts that if it went in its gonna kind of be dying going in and I think Because the speed that it was it broke a little bit more than I anticipated Ray Floyd the 1986 champion is very much a factor as he gets ready to play his third shot on 18 Didn’t with Zeus – hell of a run hoody This putt 469 Under and that’s two marvelous pounds, but he has not won the tournament yet at 9-under And now that’s the saying you you can you can’t win the tournament in any one round or two rounds, but you can lose it Payne Stewart can’t lose his title is Open champion, but he can defend it He’s even par for the championship and safely on the green on the treacherous 17th This putt to put Payne under par Since last year’s open, did he feel the pressure being the defending champion? Not once I got here, I think earlier in the year I approached it a lot differently, but finally woke up to myself and now I’m just trying to be myself again and play some golf And now here’s one of Thursday’s heroes Andy Dillard for his fourth shot at 14 That bit all right it took right out of the hole The tip of 14 is a Once-in-a-lifetime thing and we could stick the whole field out there for a year and they could never make that shot. Imagine I just got lucky. I mean what can I say? Diller it in the dusk on 18 Assisting straight step part 1 and the remaining appreciation burns up here. They love them Now the birdie putt It’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it you know there are a lot of people in the world that Could never be in this position and I’m just thankful. I’m in it. And if I play good idea if I don’t it up After 36 holes Gil Morgan stands alone at 9-under bottom It’s three strokes back to Andy Dillard two more to Wayne Brady and Ray Floyd tied for third at 4-under par Some of the games brightest stars including Fred Couples found kite and Hale Irwin are lurking just behind the leader and Some more familiar names are waiting in the wings for their chance on the open space And not far back is another group of players whose games have been tested and found fit in championship play But some equally familiar names are among the players who failed to survive the cut at 147 Sixty-six players made the cut at +3 147 the former champions Niklas Zeller and Northland not a monkey There were only five amateurs in as well as his 56 man open P David Duval the student at Georgia Tech you’re playing the 17th hole came closest to making the cut Who all’s 152 total missed the cut by Plaistow Young. Mr. Duval just couldn’t get enough to help from his friend The shot of the day belong to Irishman Davis Hanson Bayar team hold his third shot on the 565 yard 14 pole for antigua. Watch this 53 players in the 1992 open field survived both local and sectional qualifying rounds to get there Jim Cain an assistant professional at the Olympic Club in San Francisco was one of the lucky ones out of a record 6240 for entries Cain shot 147 for 36 holes in sectional qualifying in Daly City, California to earn his place at Pebble Beach Having qualified for his first US Open the 34 year old Cain decided to make the most of his opportunity. I Think that it’s a real accomplishment for a club professional to qualify for the US Open and I think it’s a real achievement that that I had to go through both stages the local and the sectional qualifying and You know, I mean, it’s it’s I’m sure that all hundred fifty six players that are here are very happy to be here pain fruity belong in this second round of the birdie Shoot even par the first two rounds than I did so I thought that I was capable of shooting apart and I Grinded it out today and then shot 71 and with my 73 yesterday. I mean even ball Car Bell Bay and the town of Carmel has changed over the years but the living is still slow and easy And not every living creature gets caught up in the excitement of the 92nd US Open Championship But the open always seems to get the competitive fires burning for Scott Simpson Scot 1992 he has this putt at 13 to go 6-under for the day Mark Brooks here on the 50 also is making a move And his fourth straight birdie I realize in Scott post it’s very important to get the first seven holes as many under par as possible and When you step on the 8th tee, you’ve got a lot of work to get to the house a lot of work Brooks now on 18 has worked nearly done for the day Marc finishes in a 69 3-under for the day under championship Colin Montgomerie a European Tour regular who’s playing in his first US Open also is making a run at the leaders 17:18 he colored inspecting the distance of Chioma Ian was named Louie Welshman started the day at even par. He’s gotten it to 3-under playing his third shot on the home hole He has two putts from their first 69 Tomorrow is gonna be a very difficult day I think you know there’s gonna be a lot of people with a lot of chances there and You know, I think anybody from level par has got a chance of winning this tournament, especially if the wind blows seve biased arrows on the tee at 18 is 3-under for the day and even par for the championship and He’ll finish with a par although he wouldn’t guess it from his reaction to his tee shot Nick Faldo also has within reach of the leaders. He’s 4-under for the day as he plays his third shot at 18 Safety on the green we will be putty for a birdie Now the birdie putt Nope not this time. Nick will settle for a par but he’s 2-under through 54 holders That leaves him seven strokes behind this man. Dr. Jill Morgan hugging for a birdie on the third hole so online Cheers go up from around the course as word is flashed of Morgan’s record-breaking achievement Gil. Morgan is 10-under par and on a roll Morgan birdied the six hole to go to 11-under go nice smooth swing with a wedge here in center And a nice bounce he’s not throwing any shots away so far Here’s the birdie try nicely stroke The good doctors reducing Pebble Beach to rubble here He has a seven stroke lead on handy Dillard and most of the field is out of sight But there are some dark clouds on the horizon. Dr. Gill He’s bunkered on eight And he’ll wind up with a double boat Morgan bogeyed nine, but he’s in good shape on the 10th. Oh No that came off that wound up and That will lead to another double bogey Now on 14 Morgan is struggling again, this is his third shot on the par 5 hole Without this game seemed to be coming apart at the seams the doctor may be losing his patience Gill’s shot from the rough went over the grain. So this is stroke number five Using the famed Texas wedge, but he left that one well short of the hole He needs this putt for a bogey Pokey for Morgan his third of the day scorecard once covered with Redick is now blood-stained. He’s nine over par for the last seven holes Andy chiller playing with Morgan also is struggling he found the rough on 11 No, it’s down oh right down in five inches of deep rough Tom Kyte though is sailing smoothly along This is his second shot on the par-4 15th hole Right at the hole he’ll have that putt for birdie And this putt now to go three under for the championship The consistent mr. Kite is moving up in the Here’s ray Floyd his second shot on the 565 yard 14th hole And that will roll up there very nicely gorgeous shot ray, we’ll be putting for an eagle Ray Floyd is a player for the ages and all agents. Enjoy a shot like that Now Floyd’s attempt for an eagle Well, not up to Raymond’s high standards but a birdie nonetheless now Tom Kyte found the left bunker with his tee shot on 17th He will save his par and finish 54 hole at 3-under Almost incredibly Tom Kyte had jumped into a five-way tie as the leaders have come back to him Here’s Morgan now in 16 as this one online Morgen back After a bogey at 17 Morgan is ready for his third shot at 18 Right me right as right as rain You’ll have a putt for a birdie on the home world Odyssey for the affirmative from Oklahoma We probably can’t believe his eyes after setting the US Open record by getting to 12-under par through 43 Hole Morgan is not only two pars in the last 10 hold still he’s tied for the lead Morgan has this putt now to regain the lead again Right into the center Of the years open finishing with a birdie 477 when he pitted three double bogeys for bogey six part and five birdies From the pinnacle and 12 under par to the precipice We’ll see nearly all of his leap slip away Morgan lives on the creek of glory or disaster all day How’s he feel after such a round? I’m glad it’s over and at this point right now I do it was pretty pretty tough out there for for the middle holes Especially I you know, I felt like I was doing really good early on and then I I don’t know what happened disaster struck I guess in just I couldn’t couldn’t quite put it together for those medical Could you say it simply as three words United States Open? Well, I’m sure that’s part of I’m sure the pressure was a factor Go-girl, Morgan is still the leader and Tom Kyte who led up to three rounds of 1989 knows what’s going through his mind everybody that puts themselves in a in a position to win a golf tournament like that takes that chance that They could have some bad scores ahead of them and and I think that’s what we’re all trying to do We’re all trying to trying to win the golf tournament and achieve a little bit of greatness There’s more than a little bit of greatness on that leaderboard after three rounds and more on the way Some of the world’s best players are poised to make a Sunday move 22 players are even far better While some other prominent players will need a minor miracle or a major collapse by the dealer’s to get back in contention The open at Pebble Beach was conducted to determine the 1992 champion of the United States, but it attracted worldwide attention It was televised 37 countries including 22 hours of live TV coverage in the US the United States Golf Association distributed 1568 press credentials to media from 19 nations. Meaning there were 100 members of the Portland State for every player in the field Sunday morning at Pebble Beach dawn calm and cloudy but later bright sunshine and high winds would make the court very firm and lightning fast Well, you never say never and you never say I’ve got it at the US Open just think about it Gill Morgan becoming the first man ever to get 10-under par at any point in any US Open getting it to 11-under and then 12-under and then the walls fell in on it You lost nine strokes to par the next seven holes yet. Still had the grit and determination to come back and birdie the 18th To regain the lead by a single stroke still as we start the final round There are 27 players within five strokes of the lead and any of them could win with so many players in contention this little wonder that the winner was as much in doubt for the gallery as it was for the media The back of my mind, I keep thinking Seve Ballesteros is going to come Here’s a pic for a long time that’s when you said it you gotta think that’s got something Payne Stewart I think is maybe from kochiya. It’s cats in since Mike thick because I wanted in the pool Hale Irwin was more than a sentimental choice for many fans Fans also were pulling for Freddy couples. The only man who could win the Grand Slam But boom-boom would finish in a tie for 17th Jim Cain the assistant club professional whose exploits we documented earlier Is that a fine week Jim spends more time teaching than playing But he showed us stuff this week Facebook set over par 295 tied with seven biased arrows and Curtis Strange among others Jeff Sluman in the fairway at the second hole That’s a big shot Jeff reaching the par-5 second And you don’t have that much left for an eagle When we missed the first putt but this short one is in for birdie and to 1-under par Well, the first time all week Pebble Beach is bathed in sunshine That’s bad news for the golfers still out on the course who will have much tougher conditions than the early finishers Firm fast greens and strong gusts off. The ocean will be many tattered hopes glowing Then worgen is fully aware of the changes in the weather and the poor Conditions as he finishes his practice routine and heads for the first Cape the golf course with wind and everything that today is gonna make it a little Obviously more difficult to control your golf ball. So, you know, we’ll just do some of those things to that try to enhance Control a little bit, you know trying to keep the ball down a little bit maybe That type of thing, you know, obviously it’s gonna be a hard day for everybody so he’s had to get out there and get it Ian was known was paired with Morgan knows patience is a virtue in these conditions Today is gonna be a very patient day because the winds getting up quite strong now and it’s gonna try the Greens out even more and it’s just gonna be just Try and play into the sort of the below the pin as much as possible and just be just become Tom kite playing in the penultimate pairing as this putt to tie for the lead on the very first hole Mark Brooks now with his second shot on the second hole Good balance on that one and he likes it And well, he should he’ll have a two-putt birdie from there Here’s Joey Sindelar playing his second shot on three He’ll settle for par tonight Pebble Beach appears benign from this height, but the trouble looms down below Ian woosnum on the third team Who even body English or in this case body will SH won’t keep that one from visiting the galleries Rosie will bogey the hole Gary Hobart joins the fun on the fifth Gary tries to steer this one with his head, but that is bogey bound Mark Brooks has this putt for a par on three Oh Double oh dear Well table Heights turn Even old reliables having his problems. He left himself a long par putt which he missed here on the fourth hole This putt then for a bogey Oh Gil Morgan also putting for a bogey on four. Well that one there at a chance Nick Faldo Trying to punch it through the wind at the little 170 yards seven, but he’s blown the green double bogey for Nick Collin Montgomery now even par for the championship is in the rough 116. I Just tried to chop a 7-iron to get it to the front of the green so it would roll to the back But what happened? Was it sort of cut too much and Managed to slot it so it’s a bit of fortune. But as I say you need anything Montgomery is 100 par with two to play Gil Morgan trying to recover from his double bogey at the 4th has this putt for a birdie at number 5 That could be close That’s one back The green at the par-5 6th hole overlooks Stillwater Cove, but it’s safe to say Tom Kyte is not looking at the scenery This is for a birdie He has it Tom kite is back to even par for the day 3-under par for the championship Colin Montgomerie 2-under for the day after a bogey at 17 in the bunker at 18 You know just stayed it to three foot but any three footer for us, oh it was a difficult So I managed to I needs to get it in. I was fortunate to see it going Montgomery’s save at 18 puts in an even par for the championship and in an enviable position the leaders Phillips 12 holes to play Coming from Troon Scotland, you know as as I do I’m used to this there’s weather and I think it probably helped me you know, my swingman has been brought up hitting the ball very low very low and some people laugh how low I hit the ball, but you know Tom played is a two-stroke lead on Gill Morgan and Ian wisdom Colin Montgomerie has close to the score and he’s sitting pretty in the clubhouse at even par Or Leader Tom kites on the dangerous seventh hole With the wind coming in I was taking a little 6 iron off the tee just trying to knock it down and put it on the in the middle of the green and the wind called it pulled to the left hand side and I was fairly fortunate and then I had a fairly decent lie in the rough I guess the really good break was that I was kind of working into the wind So I was planning to pitch it into the wind. He’s lofted it up and Huff’s hat went in I note though You know, it’s one of those ones where you just want to jump up and down And yet and so much doctor you have to play this Myself He’ll Morgan also is faced with a tricky chip for his second shot on seven That ball never had a chance now, he’s got a tricky downhill lie in the bunker Is his third shot Good recovery, he’ll have to settle for a bogey The tenth hole runs along the brink of the cliffs with the beach below Gary Hawkins second shot is an adventure Trying to cut it look I got right Jeff Sluman for his tee shot at the par-3 12th However, Jeff will save his par from there Even the seals are taking cover on this one blown after the cavity But the unflappable mr. Kite is sailing along This is his third shot on the 10th hole In these conditions Tom now on the tee at the 202 yard 12th hole Well, it’s not in the hole But I’m quite satisfied a safety on in a shimmer of the green a Long attempt for a birdie. It’s got good speed Mr. Paint there’s trouble keeping his emotions in check after that cross country one And so Tom Kyte has opened a four-stroke lead over Colin Montgomerie and Jeff Sluman Some wispy clouds roll by above the Pebble Beach College The sun is shining on Tom kite playing the 14th, I was really proud of the way that I played 14 a day that Holi with the greens as far as they are and if that whole playing downwind there was really not much chance of holding that green if you laid up short If he played conservative off the two and rode up before you had a wedge in the drink We’d really have to hit a spectacular shot just to hold it on the game It appears to be clear sailing as the birdie at 14 widens kites lead to five strokes Jeff Sluman hitting his third shot at 18. I Think I had a hundred 19 yards and obviously a cross one left, right? And I just wanted to hit a solid nine and kind of turn it into the ring. And so they’ll hold it off straight Turned out pretty good Now the birdie putt Jeff Sluman is the first player to finish under par in history So, please Having a lot of wind tournaments and finish him off, but you know He’s got some little golf left and we’ll just sit here and watch and see what happens Ian’s wisdom has this putt for a birdie on 14 a Wan smile for the Welshman he knows time and holes are running out Payne Stewart’s year is Open champion also is coming to an end He hit that one stiff and it could bring a smile of pain had a cheer for the gallery nice way to end Kite bogeyed 16 and his lead is down to three strokes as he faces the dreaded 78 Doesn’t like it but it is Right now with this putt to save par Nope and the lead is down to two with a tuck tee shot coming up at 18 Clearly Tom Kyte still has a few bridges to cross before he can lay claim to the Havemeyer Trophy as the 1992 US Open champion first the tee shot at 18 No real trouble there too good And now his third shot The acid David sat down safely on the green and now the salvation can be Control Tom Kyte displayed and claimed even far dolphinese most critical conditions and under the crushing pressure of the final round of the US Open title 42 mastered the golf course the moment and himself That now-familiar cross and putting grip gets the ball on the way Nearly holds it for birdie sit on Christie except congratulations As Tom takes care of business that tuck in for par and Tom pagès the 1992 US Open champion Timing professional golf has something money can’t buy a national championship the long way. We won at InStyle Let’s say I’m at a total loss at You know, obviously it’s it’s so important. It means so much and and you know, you keep trying to say that Your career is great and you’re happy with everything but and I was happy I was happy with tomcod I’m really happy with my family. I got a great family but You know you there’s still no substitute for winning Happy Father’s Day indeed the time Clayton his father. Tom Kyte senior. I’m delighted I like Pebble Beach. I played with him in the Crosby here four times and the Pebble Beach is a place I really like he likes it also In what a Father’s Day present, I couldn’t be happier. And so Tom Kyte is one God ultimate prize on the course He considers the greatest in the world. We should have known that Tom Kyte would soar in the wind


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