1999 U.S. Women’s Open Film: “Juli’s Crown Jewel”

West Charming little town with quaint old buildings quiet tree-lined streets and 8,500 residents who all seem to know one another For one week. However, it has become the center of the golf universe as 150 of the world’s best women golfers converge here in pursuit of the game’s most coveted prize The United States Golf Association presents The 1999 United States Women’s Open Championship from the old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, Mississippi Julie’s crown jewel Hi, I’m Rhonda Glenn and I’m standing on the veranda of the old Waverly Golf Club Beside me is the number one rated golf course in Mississippi It’s a Jerry Pate Bob cup design that has been ranked among the top 100 golf courses in America over the next four days old Waverly will play host to a strong international field led by Defending US Women’s Open champion. Se repack two-time champion Annika Sorenstam and the LPGA’s leading money winner this season Harry Webb but the first half of 1999 has also seen impressive performances by American veterans Meg Malin and Julie Inkster along with the resurgence of fiery Dottie pepper Meanwhile, the surprise runner-up from last year’s open ammeter. Janeshia Sarah porn has announced that this championship will be her first start as a professional They’ll all be facing a stern examination in ball control and nerve control old Waverly is set up in six thousand four hundred and thirty three yards and water comes into play on virtually every hole But nowhere more menacingly than here at number eighteen a dogleg par-4 that winds around Lake Waverly The player who clears this final hurdle with her name on top will have earned her place in history. And this is how it begins Bright summer sunshine greeted the players on Thursday morning at old Waverly It would turn out to be a day of hot weather and hot scouring as well Among the first to make her mark was 1991 US Women’s Open champion Meg Malin After knocking one stiff at the par-3 12th. She moved to 3-under par Mallon gave a stroke back at 16 but was cautiously pleased with her opening 70 I’ve got three rounds to go You know, I’m just glad I got another part round and today and I’m just very happy with that You know, we’re early round. So it’s hard to say there could be really hot round this afternoon So I’m really not gonna you know, look at it yet. We’ll see on Saturday One of the players to watch was defending champion say Reap hawk who teed off in a pairing that Included the defending women’s British Open champion Cheri Steinhauer And reigning US Women’s Amateur champion Grace Park Steinhauer was the fastest player out of the gate with birdies at the first the second and here at the third hole to take a Share of the early lead and part wasn’t far behind After birdie number two, she made it two in a row with this 20 footer But the defender was Absolutely defending with this putt Hawk Steinhauer and Park had combined for seven birdies in the first three holes Kelli Keaney was hot off her first row victory and her momentum was still strong She’d already birdied the first and six holes. Wouldn’t this one went in at number seven? And the truth is she was just getting started At the difficult eight hole kini gave herself a chance to take sole possession of the lead and Bad was right in the heart Meanwhile puck who had struggled through the early part of 99 showing the form that had won her title That’s 3-under through six holes Korean-born serene cock took a one-stroke lead to the 18th hole at the 1998 US Women’s Open But she missed this birdie putt And that opened a door for twenty-year-old ammeter Jenny Chasseur Aborn to tie at +5 When Jenny sank is nearly impossible 45-foot birdie putt she sent the championship to a Monday playoff Monday the players began a fifth grueling day of golf hole after hole the lead seesaw between the two ending once again in a tie after 18 holes For the first time ever there would be a sudden-death playoff Finally on the 92nd hole Jenny, mr. Putt and the twenty-year-old say repot birdie Jenny’s first round as a professional was a tale of two nines on the front She had a run of five threes in six holes and reached the turn at three under par But the back nine was a disaster starting with a triple bogey and ending with a score of 44 Julie Inkster came to old Waverly in the midst of her best season in years and with this cross-country putt at the 5th hole She showed one of the reasons she was Friday When Easter has her putter going she’s just about on people But the hottest player out there was Kelly Keaney and she stayed on the attack at the par-5 9th Some wet weather earlier in the week and made old Waverly’s greens receptive to aggressive shots like that That’s for birdies in a row for kini in an outward nine of thirty-one Inkster was also on a roll The putt. She left herself at six was about 40 feet shorter than the one on five, but the result was the same grounder prankster Canada’s aje thorn is in her rookie year on the LPGA Tour but on Thursday, she showed the poise of a veteran That took her to 3-under par Meanwhile Cheri Steinhauer was showing she can add a US Women’s Open to her British title That’s a 432 on the front line With 11 cars and three birdies Moira done had a flawless round going And after two strong shots at the par-5 15th, she gave herself another good chance Make that 11 pars and for birds Japanese rookie Akiko Fukushima had plenty to smile about two weeks earlier She had scored her first victory and now she was on a roll at old Waverly 4-under through ten But no one seemed more focused than Kelly Keaney From 30 feet she took aim and her six birdie in 12 holes Yes The ninth hole was yielding dozens of birdies and for Julie Easter it nearly gave up an eagle Easter made the turn in 32 Keeney’s iron play on Thursday was laser-like. And nowhere was this more evident than at the 13th? She would sake that to move to 7-under par Meanwhile the tour’s leading money winner Kerry Webb was making her presence felt This birdie at the 10th took Webb to minus 3 At the par-3 17th one of the best tee shots of the day came from Maire done With the flagstick at the front right of the green She nestled 1 about 12 feet below the hole a good chance for a fifth birdie of the day Then at the difficult 18th, she took aim at a 66 Almost but done it staged a shot making clinic hitting all but one fairway all but two greens Consistency is the biggest thing and that’s definitely For the open it makes a difference but for golf for your you know career in golf but at the open you gotta keep it in the fairways and hit the greens and No, three putts and keep getting you know not make any bogey So that’s the important part done 67 gave her the early lead and there were pursuers like Dottie pepper Hole number 11 is the hardest on the course. That’s just the kind of challenge Dottie savers And that took her to 3-under At 15 Keaney appeared to be in trouble with a long explosion for her third shot, but this is a par 5 hole No one was rolling the ball better than Kelly And that’s birdie number eight on the day Where the first 17 holes Keaney had needed only 23 putts and so this last one from eight feet seemed a lock This was to tie the single round open record of 63 There’s something about bikinis and USGA Championships The yes chi has been very good to me very good to my family and I love the golf course with the USGA tends to Pick out they fit my game. You’ve gotta hit the fairway. You gotta hit the greens. And if you’re rolling it well then You’re gonna play well, so I’m definitely a big fan of golf courses yesterday picks out Kini 64 would be hard to match. Although Inkster was doing her best Like kini she was hitting her irons extremely well, and this one almost went in the hole Meanwhile the POC Park Steinhauer pairing had reached a collective 10-under and With this putt say we had a good chance to move into a tie for second No still that’s a strong opening round and defense of the title she once so impressively last year Steinhauer also had a good chance for a 67 but at 18 Hut’s didn’t seem to be falling After her three buries start carried added just one more Still she had a share of pork savory and dotty. We’ve got this one up and down and home whole save her part Her very partners khari been posted 70 and helen Alfredsson a 72 The last of the leaders to come in was ingster and like guinea pocket and Steinhauer she had a wonderful approach Would she be vexed by this green as well or could she capitalize the answer was in her eyes My experience hasn’t anything to do with it I think just whoever’s playing the best golf is gonna win and you know Kelly’s just playing on a high right now and You know, she’s playing great. So plus, you know, there’s a lot of great players up there, you know, Dottie is up there and You know khari Webb’s up their car. You can shoot you 9-under year Before you can blink, so, you know, you just gotta just go out there and just keep attacking the golf course Heaney 64 was by three strokes her lowest score as a Professional nine players were deadlocked with an opening round of 3-under par 69 with another 11 players at minus two including former champions Meg ballon and Betsy King in all 43 players were at 1-under par or better as scoring conditions were ideal for Some of the most highly credentialed members of the field Thursday was a comparatively slow start Who were those women seen walking with each pairing of golfers, they were rules officials there to make any kind of scoring determination they are also members of the USGA women’s committee our responsibility here at the Women’s Open is to act as rules officials on-site but prior to that our committee not only sets up the conditions of play but the format for the championship the exemptions for the championship and Establishes the prize money for the championship. It couldn’t be done without Conditions were perfect for the second round. And once again, the world’s best women golfers showed what they can do Kali keaney had traded her birdie machine for a par maker matching the scorecard for the first 11 holes At the 12 she finally broke through That foot would move her to 9-under PAR One hole later she had a chance to take it to ten but her putts were not dropping the way they had yesterday Still at this point kini was on top of the scoreboard for the two-stroke lead Four more cars took her to a team where she needed this one for a round of 1-under par 71 Yesterday is just one of those days where you don’t have to work very hard out and it just all works out Great and to your advantage today, I played just as well. In fact, I think I did a lot more shots before today I just wasn’t able to capitalize on them and make all the putts today like I did yesterday meanwhile the hot pairing from yesterday was hot again a 67 took Grace Park to 7-under for two days One stroke behind was say repot after a round of 70 Sherry Steinhauer added a 69 to tie Park at 137 And with fire in her eyes as always dotty pepper this was for a birdie at the 15th Yes, so Dottie moved to minus seven and Finished they’re very much in contention with two rounds to go They would all be pursuing Julie Inkster 1-under for the day she gave herself a chance for Eagle at 15 And left that for footer for a birdie and a tie for the lead would be No One hole later, however, she seemed headed the other way Until that yeah, baby At 18 a strong tee shot left her the ideal angle of approach and once again she fired straight at the flagstick Greens were firming up a bit Still Julie had given herself a chance from 30 feet take the lead at the halfway point And she had her most potent weapon in her hands I Feel good emotions are great. They all plan with some confidence And yeah, you know, I’m just trying to just take one day at a time That’s why you can do out here indeed. It is and two players took this day by storm Laurie Kane opened with free straight birdies made the turn in 32 and had this putt at 14 to reach 6-under for the day and 8 under for the championship Two holes later with a similar putt she made a similarly perfect stroke Now she was one behind Easter with two to play At 17 she set up on the left side of the tee and played a stylish draw and tracked straight for the flagstick This then was to tie for the lead a Par at 18 gave Kane a 64 and put her in the final pairing on Saturday Doing these a friend of mine and she will inspire me to play well To be paired with someone like Joe. Thanks Teresa wrong. I’m actually excited I feel like giving myself a little pat in the back because I am very calm and looking forward to tomorrow One other player was having the hottest round of her life Becky Iverson Iverson was 6-under for the day when she stepped to the tee at 17 The shot she hit may not have been as crisp as she wanted but no one would argue with the result Or with that putt for birdie Iverson now had a shot at matching Payne 64 And this was it What a fact in fact what a day of putting it had been for Babbitt she’d needed only 22 putts She had jumped from a tie for 44th place into solo possession of for Friday’s cast of leading characters included one more player katrina, matthew scotland. She was 5 under for the championship When she put her graceful move on this shot to the 13 Matthew is a former British women’s Amateur champion and a veteran of three Curtis Cup teams She knows how to compete and on Friday. She competed strongly Although not a long hitter. She reached 15 and two and this was for Eagle Well, that’s one that got away, but the birdie brought her to 7-under And she wasn’t through this was her approach to the testing 16th hole That took her to a and under she would bogey 17 however and tie for fifth at 137 The 64’s by Kane and Iverson were the lowest second-round scorers in Women’s Open history Long hitting Lisa Kiggins led the driving distance stat with an average cloud of 312 yards. Yes 312 yards a total of 62 players better par on Friday another record Carry web hit 14 of 14 fairways and stayed in the hunt at 4-under par 63 players made the cut which came at 144 even par. It was the lowest cut score ever by three strokes Among the casualties on Friday were Nancy Lopez Jenny she Sarah porn Two-time champion Annika Sorenstam whose woes were mostly on breeds And 1987 champion Lara Davies these four and 83 other players would have to wait until next year Mississippi known for its stately homes rich history and Beautiful Gulf Coast the Mississippi Pavilion at the Women’s Open gave the state a chance to show the world its down-home charm The open brought home such native sons as Green Bay Packers star Brett Favre and retired bills standout. He can’t haul This is huge. This might be the largest sporting event ever in the history of the state of Mississippi as far as I’m concerned I can’t think of anything to be bigger than to be a part of it is just thrilling for me Old Waverly had extended its southern hospitality for two rounds and the scoring had been uncommon lilo on Saturday things got a little bit tougher except for Julie Inkster the 38 year old California wasted no time in round three. This was her putt for birdie at the 1st Meanwhile her closest pursuer Laurie Kane was headed south with bogeys at two and three she dropped to minus eight four strokes behind Kerry Webb was making a move as she played this shot to number seven a chirping bird seemed to predict the result Web would make a to hear Bernie the next hole as well and then strike again at Number ten Eight under par Kelly Keaney had played her first six holes in even par, but she got things going with this glorious tee shot at number seven Egg stir appeared to be in some trouble after her drive in the 8th, but appearances can be deceiving Another superbly crafted iron shot Julie seem to be playing on a different level from everyone else. This was to go to 13-under par Great irons a deadly cutting are a tough combination On the same hole Kane answered with her first birdie of the day Up ahead Keaney had her wedge out it was taking dead aim at the hole She would convert that one and move into second place at 10-under Paster had a much shorter shot into the ninth cream, but she didn’t play it very well Still when you have a putting stroke like Julie’s you don’t have to hit every pitch shot perfectly A pair of 69s had kept Shari Turner and quiet contention, but on Saturday she made some noise This birdie and 12 took her to 9-under par And it gave Turner a share of third position five strokes and back to the Redmont Inkster who now was more under par than any player had ever been in a US Women’s Open at 13 Turner kept the pressure on this birdie putt to move to 10-under par 11 years ago. She was the LPGA’s leading money winner And this week she seemed to have rediscovered that game at 14. She hit a shot that has never left the flag She was saved that for her third straight birdie and sole possession of second place In today’s penultimate pairing Iverson 3012 to move to a Don dewild Keaney par to remain at nine a spin At 15 Turner continued her back nine assault. This was her second shot to the par-5 It’s puck hood all the way until the end Birdie instead, but that’s 6 under on the day return the last to symmetry to the par-3 12th Once again Inc stirs iron approach shot was dead at the flag But this time I have left short Came back the distance, right? She had only a 10-footer for birdie did Laurie the greenie on this one Gangster had been magical from this distance all week But not that this was a dead straight putt And that’s exactly how she played it and so Kane moved back to where she started the day and 10-under par As the pursuers jockey behind her Julie ingster maintained her position atop the leaderboard Turner came to the 16th tee on a streak of four straight birdies But all good things must come to an end that drive needed a good bounce and didn’t get it From the deep rough she did well to reach this position but the chip up the slope was a tricky one She didn’t give it enough Turner would two-putt for her first bogey of the day Back at 14 Cain had missed the green but the surfaces at old Waverly were rolling beautifully and so was Laurie That she tried Turner – 11 free awfully Up at 18 Turner had found more trouble. This was her third a car here would give her the best round of the day 67 Not quite but even with the closing bogey, she’d put together her best 54 holes in a long time that Will determine in 10 years and I’ve been really up and down with my gain I’ve been working really hard to get back You know to be in contention to win the tournament and I have felt it the last few weeks kind of coming together And I’m not really surprised that I’m here, but I’m really excited about being Just as excited surely was Laurie Kane fresh off a birdie and looking down the throat of the docile 15th What a beautifully judged shot that would take her to 12-under par Inkster failed to match Kane’s birdie on the par 5 then she got back in the groove at 16 with yet another great approach Julie has a way of making putts at this length look like mere formalities under par Kane was three behind before she stroked this putt and Four behind after that was a costly mistake Meanwhile kini had played a quiet back nine with eight consecutive parts before she faced this intimidating assignment at 18 Was it enough Yes, it was 25 feet remaining for Buri And this young lady knows how to fire That’s really exciting I’ve never I can’t remember playing in front of this many people all at once really I’ve never seen this many people on an open So I was really excited walking up 18a people are clapping and I kind of looked around the clapping to me So it kind of gave me the chills a little bit Got down the green and I felt really good over my pot and I’m a brony on 18th But the day’s best performance came from the leading lady herself Julie ingster was 5-under par for the day 15 under for the championship and she strode to the final three This was for a five stroke Lee No, but with that closing car Eastern posted the low score of the day a 67 and set an ood 54-hole Women’s Open record of 201 a closing par brought Laurie Cain in at 2:05 Julie’s game is awesome but what impresses me Lauren said she she’s just as nice a person if not more of a person than her golf game is I mean She was encouraging me along out there You know, and and that’s nice When someone plays as well as Julie’s playing and you’re in the group, you have to play with them They they’ll just pull you up and you keep going everybody’s gonna be shooting at me. It’s my tournament to win I lose so I didn’t go out there and play Gangster had registered only one bogey at her first 54 holes while no one gained ground on Julie Becky Ireson lost the most with 1 over par 73 in three days Sweden’s Maria Europe had made 17 birdies more than even Inkster former champion Lisa lot anointment found herself among the distant pursuers While some of the game’s best players were unable to mount a challenge Kids are given special treatment at the Women’s Open because the USGA Women’s Committee takes pride in helping the golfers of tomorrow I think we start from the ground up We nurture the the girls through the junior girls championship And then on to the Women’s Amateur and and then if they choose to turn professional And are successful they play in the women’s open as a professional or as an amateur So we have golf through all its stages and the future looks bright Well for three rounds the world’s best women golfers have matched the Mississippi heat with the hottest scoring in the history of the United States Women’s Open But no one has been hotter than Juli Inkster with a total of 201 strokes She stands at minus 15 more under par than anyone in the 54 years of this championship Inkster holds a four-stroke lead but eighteen nerve rattling holes remain can she hang on and add the open title to the three consecutive US Women’s Amateur she won in the 1980s or Can she be caught 10 22 year old kelly? Keaney fresh off the first victory of her career make it two in a row Can Lori came a winless player with seven runner-up finishes? breakthrough for the ultimate victory can sheri turner at age 42 Become the oldest player ever to take the title or will another challenger jump from out of the pack Round four will give us the answers Another ideal day for golf greeted the thousands who came to old waverly for the final round In the next-to-last starting time it was Shari Turner Laurie King And just behind them the two players in the final pairing Kelly Keaney and Julie Inkster each signing a few last autographs and Keaney getting the last minute good luck kiss from her fiance Jay Humphrey Keaney had the honor but also had four strokes make up As even Inkster had admitted this was her Women’s Open to winner After both players part the first hole Keaney put herself in position to attack the flagstick on number 2 Inkster after nearly reaching the green in two had a relatively simple pitch If kini was to apply pressure now is the time What Engstrom ask that birdie yes Chain even par for the day found trouble off the tee at number five This was her third shot and US Women’s Open greens. Do not welcome shots from the rock She would need to sink this to save par But number five gave trouble to the leader as well the back left hole location was hard to find She let that pitch get away from her When this one missed Julie had made her first bogey in 38 holes and the lead was down to three It didn’t seem to rattle her on the next hole. She followed a perfect tee shot at this approach to the water guarded green And with a chance to make birdie she took full advantage just as she had all back 9/16 At number seven, however, her fall was partially buried in the book Was huge Julie was impressed s was the gallery In stirs iron play had never really wavered all week But by Sunday the greens it old Waverly had to become extremely difficult to hold Still that was a good shot and she followed it with an equally good chip Another well-earned park not this time and that had to be unsettling It caught the attention of Hank Keaney as Defending US Amateur champion fold for his little sister who had a challenge of her own at number eight Using the same left-hand glow grip that Inkster favors Kelley knocked at home to save par And so after the first eight holes Houdini had picked up one stroke which came now five behind and Turner six While up at nine there was an unexpected visitor After both of the leaders pard the ninth hole kini made her first major miscue at ten This par-5 is a birdie hole, but Kelly found herself scrambling to make par That is a tough vote to swallow Number eleven had yielded only eleven birdies all week For Shari Turner on Sunday it yielded an eagle as her seven wood from 216 yards found the boy That super shot faulted Turner into a tie for second place four strokes behind ingster Turner was having her best run in a decade, but her fortunes were about to change The ball headed to the right and that was the start of a bogey Up ahead grace park was putting the finishing touches on a fine week of golf an extremely long hitter She also has great control of her irons as evidenced here This was part last tournament as an ammeter and she was making the most of it That birdie took her to 5-under PAR and among the top 10 players Turner’s troubles continued at 13th after a poor tee shot And that would cost her a second straight bogey back to -9 for the championship At the home hole cart gave herself a chance for a birdie birdie finish Not quite but when the par here she would shoot 283 breaking the ammeter scoring record set by finished Sarah corn last year by a whopping seven strokes Grace Park is a player to watch for many years to come A player to watch all week at bid Julie Inkster and in 13 she gave us yet another iron shot to marvel at Surgical accuracy absolutely, perfect distance. I’d left a straight-in pipe And Julie knocked it straight Meg Malin may not have put on a final-round charge this week But she hadn’t lost her infectious smile and in 16. She made the gallery happy, too Banger pi meg finished the championship at 281 in a tie for fifth Taron coke get started the day at 7-under par gained another stroke along the way and at 15 She had this eagle putt to go to minus 10 Almost but coke would join Mallon at 281 for her best ever women’s open performance Although sherry Turner had some lows on the back nine. She turned things around at 15 This one did not drop for Eagle, but with a birdie she moved back from tena By the time Julie instra reach the 16th hole the old fashions had begun Just off the 16th green was Kelly Keaney with a relatively simple chip shot She miss played that one and a bogey here would drop her to 10-under Turner now was back in a tie for second with two holes to go And it’s settled teen she hit one of the day’s best tee shot This then was for sole possession of second Never a doubt Justin back of her Keeney now needed a birdie and she went for the black She’d been nervous on the pressure plus all week and this was no exception But at 18 Kelley faced a daunting tee shot at this time the demons took over This ball was wet from the mulleted left her club days With a five stroke lead Julie ingster didn’t need to hit a perfect tee shot at 18, but she did exactly that She had been close to perfect always At the green Cherie Turner kept her finest performance in a very long time Laurie Cain fell to a 75 on Sunday, but her fourth place finish was her best ever in a major championship And that’s a happy girl Gangsters final approach shot was terrifically impressive We think about all the times that you played golf and tried to win the US Open and for all rights come together and Finally win the US Open to finally stand on the 18th tee with a five shot lead and knowing you’re gonna win the US Open It’s it’s it’s the best feeling Keeney after a second tee shot had reached the green in five this putt was for a third-place finish At age 22, she had displayed four days of maturity and poise along with a game That should contend in women’s opens for a very long time The final moment be logged fittingly to Julie ingster No half-inch putt is more enjoyable than the that wins the u.s. Women’s on And she had won three consecutive women’s ammeter championships now at last there was a Women’s Open trophy And she had won that trophy in record smashing style and as your caddy Her husband Brian and her fellow competitors share in her Joy, it’s clear that this is one very popular victory the title well earned richly deserved and warmly celebrated to know Okay, I just can’t believe it for me this is oh I’m crying. This is the best. I mean, I played my heart out I didn’t sleep a wink last night and I felt like I was pregnant the food wouldn’t go down but I’ll tell you I played great and Kelly keaney’s a true champion. I’ll tell you she’s gonna be there for a while. I Think every girl boy dreams of winning the US Open fishing America’s that’s the Big Kahuna’s the US Open I really didn’t think it would take me this long to win because I always thought I’d play tough golf course is good, but Finally do it at 38 years old It means everything Julie Inkster 16-under par performance eclipse the 10-under mark set by Alison Nicholas in 1997 Grace Park one low ammeter honors by seven strokes savor epochs 285 was five strokes lower than her winning total last year, but this year she tied for 14th Cindy mccurdy was one of only three players to batter 70 Sunday brought the highest-scoring of the championship Cherie Stein Howard’s difficulties increased each day her score on Sunday was 10 strokes higher than on Thursday You


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