2 Cases, 2 Much Drama! The Sneaky Club Promoter and Suspicious Texts | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is the case of Wales
versus Matt. You’ll have been together
for 12 years and have two children
together. And Miss Wales, you have opened
your case with us. Why? He’s a club promoter. And, so of course he’s around
a lot of different women
all of the time. And I think there’s different
warning signs that I’ve noticed. Like, he’ll get phone calls
late at night and he doesn’t answer
the phone. certain text messages,
he’ll cover up his phone so I can’t see it. If I do find out
that he’s cheating,
it’ll be over. Like, I’m going to throw
his stuff out of the house. I’m going to set it on fire. First of all, first of all,
Your Honor, The presentation of my business,
I have to surround myself
around beautiful women. Like, nobody’s gonna make money
in the club without seeing
beautiful women in the club. It’s a sad perk
that you have in you business
to have to be
surrounded… Poor, poor Mr. Mapp. You got to be surrounded
by beautiful women
in your business. I understand, I understand. And I know that part of it. But, you know, here’s my tear. That one little tear drop
right there for you. I mean, that’s why I do it.
I make it know. I don’t hide anything. She sees
the pitches online. But she gets– But you don’t have
to sleep with them though. MR. MAPP:
But I don’t sleep with them.
That’s why we’re here, because I have nothing to hide.
I’ve done my dirt in the past. But that’s the past. JUDGE KEITH:
What was that dirt? MR. MAPP: That dirt? I mean,
I’ve cheated before. I’m not going to lie.
You know, I was sexually
greedy in the past. I was going through a stage. I mean, you’ve
been young before– He ain’t never been young.
He ain’t never been young. You never know. JUDGE KEITH: I was young once. JUDGE DANA: You have
never been young. I was young once. All right, let me just say this
to you, Mr. Mapp. So the record is clear. We have been together since
we were 18 and 17 years old. So he has never been that young. JUDGE KEITH:
I’ve been young a little bit. JUDGE DANA: You ain’t. What? What did you say? Trial young like that, no. I’m tying to say,
we’ll be ready break out
true confessions up in here. All right, so he…
no, he’s heard about being
that young, right, Mr. Cutler? Well, you know– You’ve heard about being
that young, right, Mr. Cutler? Yes, I’ve heard about
being that young. All right, just making it clear. All right, so Miss Wales,
let me ask you this. What made
you stay with him knowing about this
sexual greed from the past? I mean, he is
a good person. Um, I do believe that
he, you know, does have
good intentions. He’s very romantic. He does a lot of stuff
just because, you know… I’ll come home and there’ll be
roses, you know everywhere. For no reason. You know, just very sweet,
but now that I think about it, it’s like, “Were you getting
the roses and the flowers “because you were
feeling guilty or because
you actually wanted to do it.” Okay, so he says
he’s changed. And you said, “Uh-huh.” Yup, because the phone calls
late at night… Why can you
answer the phone? Just because I’m sitting
right here? Or the text messages, why are
you hiding it so I can’t see it? So, Mr. Mapp… Yeah, what are you hiding? MR. MAPP:
Nothing at all. When she looks and look
at the message,
she’s not reading it. She might see an emoji
or something on there. Women use emojis
a lot, you know. And she wants to respond while
knowing all that information. Mr. Mapp, it’s one thing for her
to look at a text message and maybe misinterpret it. It’s another thing for her
to see you… What you doing? …texting while you’re hiding,
turning your back… What is that?
What you doing? I mean, that’s not
taking out of context. What are you doing? That’s something
a five year old can recognize
that you’re hiding something. You right, Your Honor,
there’s nothing I’m hiding,
I’m just feel like… It’s my job sometimes to
make my clients feel special. It’s nothing .
That’s the point. JUDGE DANA: So, you’re telling
that they’re beautiful
that they’re attractive. I tell them they’re beautiful.
Of course. But, Miss Wells, your concern is
more than just promotion work. Right. JUDGE DANA: What? There’s pictures that I saw
on social media with him
and these other women. They’re half naked. MR. MAPP: We know– Okay, I’ve been to a club
and you know… Women dress… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) What? I can’t go to a club? JUDGE DANA:
Go on, tell your story. But I’m doing this. You watching me? I’m watching you. I’ve been to a club,
you’ve been to a club. We know how women dress
in the club. They’re not dressing in a club
like they’re going to church
on a Sunday morning. Well, depends on
what church you go to. Now, there you go. So if he’s a club promoter,
and he’s got pictures
of women in the club, they’re gonna be dressed
a certain way. So, are these the pictures
that you’re seeing in his phone? I actually brought
some of the pictures with me… with some of the girls that I
think he’shaving an affair with. This is good. I can’t wait to see this.
Please, please, Your Honor. Ron, would you
grab that for us please? JUDGE DANA:
All right, let’s take a look
at these photos. Well! JUDGE : Usually when people
take a picture… usually when
people take a picture they’re both
facing the camera. Exactly! There’s a way
to take a cordial picture. JUDGE DANA: She’s like,
she’s got papers. She’s holding on you
like she’s got ownership. This is strictly nothing.
Like, we take pictures
like this all the time. It’s part of… That’s how
you sell it, like, If you look at beautiful women,
everybody wants
to go to the club. JUDGE KEITH:
This is another woman. Cover that look on his face. That’s how you sell the picture.
It’s called being in character. JUDGE KEITH: None of these women
are facing the camera. That’s what I can’t understand. If you’re promoting
a picture– They all turned up against you. And this is not even
in the club. (JUDGES VOICES OVERLAPPING) This is outside of the club. JUDGE KEITH:
Oh, outside of the club? Girl, come on,
let me just…
let’s march. Wow! Okay. MR. MAPP:
Man, that’s a Halloween party. JUDGE DANA:
Oh, look at this one. And her boob is like all on you. JUDGE DANA: Yes,
she is… she’s hanging out
as he’s hanging on. All right, so these
are the women that
you are concerned about? And you think
he’s sleeping with them? Yep. It’s just business.
We make it look good. JUDGE DANA: All right. JUDGE KEITH: This court
has identified and located a whole number of women
that you’ve been seen with
at the club and they are here today. (CROWD CHEERING) Well, bring ’em out. JUDGE KEITH:
Ron, would you please
escort out witnesses in? Yes, Your Honor. MR. MAPP: Bring ’em in. Ladies. MR. MAPP:
Just all my beautiful clients. JUDGE: DANA: Mr. Mapp. Have you slept with
any of these women. None, Your Honor. None. JUDGE KEITH: Let’s ask them. Ladies? Have any of you slept
with Mr. Mapp? JUDGE DANA: Have you slept
with Mr. Mapp? Have you slept
with Mr. Mapp? Have you slept
with Mr. Mapp? And finally, have you slept
with Mr. Mapp? So none of you
have done that? He is just working
on your behalf? These are all just talented
women that I represent. You know, just– So, Miss Wells… With the expression on you face
you’re not buying this. JUDGE KEITH:
You don’t believe this? MISS WELLS: No. They just said it.
They just said it. No. Absolutely not. JUDGE KEITH: Why don’t
you believe him? It could be someone else. If it’s not them. You said it could be
somebody else. Are there any other women
in particular that you’re concerned about? His female business partner. JUDGE KEITH: And why are you
concerned about her? Well, she came about
two years ago out of nowhere. And then now, all of a sudden
they’re best friends, and they’re always together. They took a business trip
that was supposed to be one day, it ended up being three days. Some nights he doesn’t
come home from the club. He’ll stay the night
at her house. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, so here’s a question. How does a one day
business trip turn into a… three day business trip? I mean, we added
some extra stops too. He’s still thinking he right. Go ahead. He’s still… He’s still– That’s the truth though. We added some extra stops. But nothing
inappropriate happened. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, let me ask you this. I’mma ask you the key question. Did you call your girlfriend
and say, “We added
three more days to this”? I told her. I told her
I wasn’t gonna come home. No, he didn’t. So, I didn’t text you,
we’re not coming home today? Yeah, the third day. (CROWD BOOING) Frankly, you don’t think
it was business. You think it was “business”
that was going on. It’s never anything
to her about me
and my female business partner. We just got a strong bond. And we handle
business together. They argue like how
me and him argue. It’s very passionate. You believe that they are
actually intimate? Yes. Have you been intimate
with your business partner? No, Your Honor, not at all. JUDGE DANA: Not ever? Not ever. You know, there’s her side,
there’s his side, and of course there is
the business partners’ side. And she’s here. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Ron, would you please escort
our next witness in, please? RON: Yes, Your honor. MR. MAPP: Please. Please. (INAUDIBLE) Nobody’s gonna make money
in the club without seeing
beautiful women in the club. Could you please state
your name for the record? Nakeena Ousley. Miss Ousley, you are
Mr. Mapps’ business partner,
is that correct? Yes. There’s been some concern about a one day that became
a three day business trip. Okay. Can you tell us how that that
become a additional two days
on that business trip? I mean, we in the
entertainment company. I mean, we a booking agency. And we club promotions. So, one day might
turn into three days. Okay, you know, my judges ear
caught something, like, JUDGE KEITH: That sound
like a couple. JUDGE DANA: “We” Oh, it did.
It sounded real couple-y. It’s not no couple thing.
We just business partners
and best friends. JUDGE KEITH: So you’re part
of the family? Yeah. I see the kids all the time.
I baby sit their kids
all the time and everything. So, she knows exactly who I am.
I come over by the house
and everything. Miss Wales, is she
part of the family? She’s his business partner
as far as I’m concerned. Right. JUDGE DANA: But not part
of your family? Do you let her babysit
your children? He does. I don’t. So if she is watching them, it’s because they were
under his supervision. Like, if I’m at work
or something. Miss Ousley, have you ever
been intimate with Mr. Mapp? MISS OUSLEY: No, Ma’am. Tells me noting but
good things about her. So, from my perspective,
they have a really
good relationship. And I never had anything
to do with him like that. It’s always been
a business relationship
between me and him. Miss Ousley, do you find
him attractive? He ugly to me. (CROWD LAUGHING) I like dark-skinned guys. I like dark-skinned guys.
He too light for me. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, so he’s not your type? MISS OUSLEY: Not at all. He is not you attracted to– MISS OUSLEY: He’s too short too. I like tall men. Okay, I’mma pull up.
I’mma just pull away. Pull slowly away
from that conversation… So he is not your
attraction template. No. Yes. But he’s a good friend? And you’ve not been
intimate with him
in any respect? None, whatsoever. Miss Wale, do you believe her? No. JUDGE KEITH:
We’ve got a 12 year relationship
here on the line. We’ve got children involved. You’ve already said that if you found out that
he is cheating, you’re gone. MISS WALES: Yup, it’s over. JUDGE KEITH:
To get to the bottom of this the court has also ordered
a polygraph examination
of Mr. Mapp. And we have those results. Ron, would you please
escort our certified
polygraph examiner, Kendell Shull n
to the courtroom? (ALL CLAPPING) Mr. Mapp, is there anything
you wanna say before
we go to the results? I have absolutely
nothing to hide, Your Honor. I ready for results. All right. Mr. Shull. You asked Mr. Mapp since the end of 2016 have you
had physical sexual contact
or intercourse with female models
you’ve placed
in your clubs. What was his response
to that question? He said, “No”. What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being truthful. (ALL CLAPPING) You asked Mr. Mapp, since 2015 up until now, have you had physical sexual
contact or intercourse with your business partner,
Miss Ousley? What was his response? Your Honor,
he pleaded the 5th and refused to answer
the question. It makes no sense.
Why do I have to be
asked a question that’s… It’s so obvious, like,
ain’t no way. You could’ve answered
the question. It’s no way. You could’ve answered. Because… It makes no sense.
I feel insulted to be asked that question. With my best friend. Well, why didn’t you
feel insulted
with the first question? ‘Cause… that’s what
we’re here for. We’re here for that,
not for the business. We do nothing but business. Miss Wells, I think this
is the first time that this has happened
in this court. How do you feel about
the fact that he pleaded
the 5th and refused to answer? He’s probably guilty. MR. MAPP: Ain’t no way. Because if he wasn’t,
why not answer the question? It’s a pointless question. (CROWD CLAPPING)
It’s pointless,
it really is. JUDGE DANA: Okay, Mr. Mapp,
you started off and you continuously say it, you are here to clear the air
and prove your innocence. MR. MAPP: Right. How in the world are you
clearing the air by saying,
“I’m pleading the 5th” on a critical question? In fact, I think you’ve done
more pollution in this than we had
before we started. It’s the truth. There’s nothing
I have to hide. Well, if you don’t have anything
to hide, you don’t have
to please the 5th. That’s real easy. JUDGE KEITH: All right, we have
a third question. Get to the results. You asked Mr. Mapp since the end of 2016
up until now have you had physical sexual
contact or intercourse with any woman
other than Miss Wales? What was his response? He said “No.” What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being… deceptive. You said, “2015”? JUDGE DANA: Sixteen. Naw, see,
I thought you said 2005. (CROWD CLAPPING) Well, that doesn’t
make any sense ’cause you said back then,
you were being sexually greedy. Well, I’m not hearing it. Mr. Mapp… You’ve got one last chance. JUDGE KEITH: What happened? Nothing happened, Your Honor. I don’t see how they said that. Maybe I was just… Maybe you were just
telling the truth? MR. MAPP: Nervous, nervous. Why don’t you just
tell the truth? That is the truth. I have absolutely
nothing to hide. Miss Wales, you came here
to get answers, and you found out
he was being deceptive. Where is your relationship
head from today? MISS WALES:
At this point it’s over. Um, in my book he’s guilty. Especially passing up
that question. He’s lying on another one
and he’s still lying. I’m not hearing that. No test gonna end
what we had
all these years? But you had the opportunity
to tell the truth. I told the truth. Mr. Mapp, I’m not sure
what to tell you. Because until you come to grips
with what happened, your relationship can’t come
to grips with what happened. JUDGE DANA:
We have counseling
available for you. You all, if you’re not
going to be together as a couple,
you have children. You need to learn how
to co-parent well. And as we say in this
court room, do not cheat
yourself out of an opportunity to have a happy, healthy,
trust field relationship. Court is adjourned. This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers.
This is the case
ofBrooks v. Edwards.You all have been
in a relationship
for two years. Is that correct? Yes, ma’am. Yes, Your Honor. But, the…
The interesting thing is, you all reconnected
after 20 years? Yes. JUDGE DANA:
Is that correct? All right, tell me,
Ms. Brooks, why you have
brought your
boyfriend here. Well, Your Honor,
I moved my family clear across
the United States
to come be with him after 20 years,
and I believe
he’s cheating on me. Mr. Edwards,
what do you hope to
prove in court today? I wanna be with her, spend
the rest of my life with her and I’m trying
to make this work. JUDGE KEITH:
And what do you hope to
prove to her today? About her allegations. That I love her
and I’m not
cheating on her. Ms. Brooks,
if he is cheating, what does that mean? My stuff is already packed.
I’m ready to go back. ANDREA: If he wants
to get married next month, the house is picked out. So, I packed
my stuff up when he told me
he’s ready for me to
come back weeks ago. But, I needed to know this
before I go back because I already
looked stupid once. Okay, there’s a lot
of drama going on here, but you all have
known each other
for 20-some years. Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
Let’s go back to when you first met. I met her
through my cousin,
who’s my best friend. I was kind of shy
at the time, so I would never really
say nothing, but I would make my way
to be around her. All right. Did you
see that little smile,
Mr. Cutler? Look. I see. Okay. Mmm-hmm. And so, how long
were you all together
at that time? Through the whole
teenage years. And at some point,
you went your
separate ways? Yeah. How did
you lose touch? Her mother moved her
to Detroit and she had… JUDGE DANA: Oh. So, when you reconnected,
what was that like? That was good, right? Yeah, it was,
he caught me off-guard. (LAUGHING) What was good about it
when you reconnected? ANDREA: He’d sent a message
on Facebook. And I’m sending him a message
back like, “Is this you?
Is this really you?” And he was like,”Yeah.”
So I said, “Call me.” On the break, he called me.
That voice, Lord. (LAUGHING) So, when you
got back together, the things you liked
about him before were the same things
you liked about him
when you reconnected? Oh, it came back to me
all through the phone? JUDGE KEITH: All right.
So what was going on? What were some of those things?
What did you like about him? That voice.
I’m telling you. JUDGE KEITH: The voice? You heard
this man’s voice?
Like, I mean not everybody
got a voice like that. JUDGE DANA: All right.
Let me just ask you this. Did you have butterflies
when he was like,
“Yeah, it’s me.” Girl, I started crying! I was crying at work. JUDGE DANA:
All right, all right. Let me hear how
he sounded when you
talked to her the first time. Let me hear it
for myself. Hey, baby. JUDGE DANA: Oh! All right.
You win. You win. You put that velvet on.
I ain’t mad. JUDGE KEITH:
Okay, so you reconnected. Yes. When did you finally
see each other
after that? Like two weeks later
after contacting her
through Facebook. I said I’m coming. His birthday is Christmas
so, I couldn’t make it
for Christmas because I was driving.
I drove 30 hours. (LAUGHS) You drove for 30 hours
to see him? I drove 30 hours to see him. I needed to see him. JUDGE DANA:
During the holiday? During the holiday, I made it
to him on New Year’s Eve. Wow. It was a blizzard
in El Paso,
when I drove through… I was on the, um,
highway for six hours. Me and the kids.
But Thank God I had
a TV in the car but… (LAUGHS) Six hours,
in a standstill. So what did you
think when you put
your eyes on her? Because she is beautiful.
What did you think? She looked the same since
I first seen her, so… We went to
my mother’s house. At this time
my mother was sick, was going back and forth for treatment and
stuff like that.
And, uh, when she saw her she
immediately knew who she was. And it put a big smile on
my mother’s face
I hadn’t seen in a while. Yeah, I did not know
his mother’s condition.
He did not tell me nothing. So it kind of hurt,
you know,because I… Broke your heart to
see his mother that way? Broke my heart
to see him that way
because he bottles it up. JUDGE DANA: Okay. I had just lost
my dad in 2014, so this was 2015
that I met with him and he didn’t tell me
that his mama was sick. It’s just all of that
came back. All right,
so you all reconnect,
it is a beautiful thing. What happened? (EXHALES SHARPLY)
Three months in
I’m seeing texts, and women coming
by the house, the ex coming over there.
There’s just a lot of… Drama started immediately.
The girls didn’t want
to see me there. So this is after you move
across country? ANDREA: Yup. I moved out a six bedroom,
four bathroom house to a two bedroom,
one bath house. Okay, wait,
you moved
across the country… Packed my stuff up
into storage
and came to him. …and then you find
texts from other women. What else did you find? Like, I’ve seen
text messages. I got in the car…
One time he left
his phone in my car. I’m sitting in
the car and taking the kids
to school and it’s buzzing. Ding, ding, ding,
he left his Messenger
open on Facebook. He’s going back and forth
with four girls all at once. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Oh. I have something
to say, Your Honor. Yes, sir.
I need to
hear something. MAURICE:
The me entertaining
other women, we live in Missouri,
she would take her kids, she was supposed
to drop them off to
the kids’ grandparents, and she would go over there,
lose signal, lose service. There’s no service
in that town. And it’s an hour
and 15 minutes away. And stay all night. Come in the next morning,
I don’t know
what she’s been doing. ANDREA:
Their grandmother is
like a mother to me. I don’t have
my mother
or my father. She’s spending the night. That’s who I
spend the time with. Spending the night. There’s nobody there
but the grandmother. She’s spending the night,
Your Honor. He doesn’t like that. Did you know that she was
going to spend the night? MAURICE: No. Did you tell him
you’d spend the night? Every time she… No. Sometimes I didn’t
because I wasn’t about
to argue with him. He’s talking to other females,
why do I need to
tell you something for? The females come after this. ANDREA: No, the females then. JUDGE DANA: Okay. He’s blatantly said
he’s spiteful. If he feels like I’m
spending too much time
with my kids’ grandparents, then he’s going to
be spiteful. Do you have proof
that he’s actually
been unfaithful? I’ve got proof.
I’ve got a text message that I took a screenshot of
of him going back and forth
with one of his coworkers. Ron, would you please
get that document, please? Yes, Your Honor. Thank you, ma’am. Your Honor. All right.
Thank you. Okay, so let me
read this. It says, “I seen you going in
the office. What shift?” Then there’s a response that says, “What?” “None, wanted a hug,
but, okay, good night. “Call me real quick.” JUDGE KEITH: “Never mind,
going to the house…” JUDGE DANA: “Don’t wanna
get busted again.” ANDREA: I mean… (CHUCKLES) MAURICE: That
right there, that went on
after the fact that she made me feel
some type of way. Like, before
she moved here… Before she came to where
I was at like, we would talk
all the time on the phone, when she was
living in Vegas, and all our conversations
were about me and her. She made me think that
we’re like Bonnie and Clyde. Just me and her,
she don’t have
nobody but me. And then she gets here, stuff starts changing. ANDREA:
That wasn’t it,
Your Honor. Two weeks before
I moved there my children’s
grandfather passed away. Okay. ANDREA: I’m not going to
not go to this man’s funeral. He’s been my life
for my entire life. The issue wasn’t
with the funeral. But he doesn’t want me around any other male
unless it’s him. I don’t care if
I had an ex or anything. If he feels like I’m spending
too much time with
my kids’ grandparents then he’s going
to be spiteful. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) No. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like
you did these things
out of spite. He’s selfish.
He said that. He said he’s selfish. Yes, ma’am. Okay, you can’t
build a relationship
on being spiteful. How can you
build a relationship letting your
significant other… Like, I’m going here
and I’m going to be here. She’s leaving here
to drop the kids off
and you not return? This is more
than one occasion. Okay, but your ex is steady
coming over there telling me
y’all messing around. You’re still with her. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, what happened? Is that another incident? His ex is asking him
for sex in text messages. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Okay, wait, wait.
Wait, hold on. Hold on. You’re staying with me. Your ex is
asking you for sex? Yes, and I showed her,
though. Look… I showed her that. ANDREA: He showed it to me and then
I called her myself. What did you say? I said, “Why are you
sending him text
messages begging for sex? “Who does that?
That ain’t no woman.” And what did she respond?
And she said…
Then she laughed. And she said, “Um,
what did he say? “I don’t have to
tell you nothing.” JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Edwards,
so your ex is trying to
break you all up? Yeah, the last time
I had sex with her, it’ll be two years. JUDGE KEITH: Do you
believe that, Ms. Brooks? Hex no. No. You believe
he’s having sex
with somebody else? I believe he’s doing
something. What other evidence
do you have that
he’s doing something? Just the females coming
by the house and… And the text messaging. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Okay, wait, hold on.
All right. So you’re at the house
that you all… ANDREA: I’m at the house
while he’s at work. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. Women are coming
by the house? ANDREA: Yes. MAURICE: While I’m at work. What do they say?
They ring the doorbell, knock at the door
and then say what? “Oh, “so you’re his girlfriend.
I just wanted to come see
who you were.” Your Honor,
I don’t even
have a doorbell. “You’re causing
a disruption
between everybody.” And I’m like,
“How am I causing
a disruption?” “Because he’s still
messing with me “and he still
has other women, “like, you’re not
the only woman.” And then another girl
I’ve never seen
in my life before she just came over there
and said, “Well, you need
to leave because, um, “it’s going to get
real messy. “Why? Why are you here?” JUDGE DANA: Okay. So you get
all this information… ANDREA: Yes. What do you do with it? (SCOFFS)
I packed my stuff up and slowly
but surely put it in
a local storage, the little stuff that
I did have there, packed it up and then
one day when he was
at work I left. She did that twice,
Your Honor. You never talked
to him about it? MAURICE: No. ANDREA: No. What? Why? He’s not caring
about my feelings, why do I need
to let you know
that I’m leaving? I told you before,
don’t play with me.
I came too far for this. I’m paying
over $300 a month
for 10 months for storage to keep
my stuff there that
I moved here for him. You know what I’m saying?
We could’ve had half
my stuff there. We could have been living life.
I’ve got the house picked out. I picked out
the same replica house
that I had there, in the town he live in. But I’m not going
to move in it. So my stuff is
still out there
on the west coast. Three-hundred some dollars
a month. And it’s been how long
since you’ve had
your items in storage? Ten months. JUDGE DANA:
Ten months. So that comes to $3,087? ANDREA: Yes, ma’am. He said he had my back
and I had his. And you here and had
everybody else’s back. No, I had your back. MAURICE:
And mine was second. Your Honor, listen,
when you’re in
a relationship with somebody you don’t go
somewhere else
and stay out all night, and not tell
that person. Does she
do you like that,
not return? Well… Can I do that? No, you can’t do that. Okay. Oh, and can I do that? No. All right. All right. So… And my actions
was reactions
to her actions. You don’t go with
no other female. I’m responsible for
my own actions, but she’s… No, that’s trifling. She’s painted
the picture
of an angel. So every time that I go
or something happens, a family member dies…
My aunt’s sick right now,
God forbid she ain’t dead
when I get there. (SOBBING) And you’re
going to tell me that
because I take you home and I go back to Arkansas,
you’re going to have
a problem with that? Because that’s what you’re on. I ain’t go no problem
with that. I have a problem with… What do you think Arkansas
has to do with an ex? How do you… Don’t you
communicate in a relationship? JUDGE DANA: Okay. There is…
There is so much passion
in this relationship. I break my neck for him,
Your Honor. But for me when he…
Let me speak.
Let me speak. But when there’s
this much passion and it’s misdirected… Yes. …it’s going to cause
you to be right here
where you are. Exactly. I can tell
you love each other. You have had a long,
slow burn love all this time. But the real deal is, that’s not enough to
sustain a relationship. Right. And there’s
no trust here. So that’s going
to be a problem. It is. And it’s not enough
to just keep pointing, “Well, I did this
because you said that,” and, “I did that
because you did this.” That’s not going to work. Your Honor,
when she was out there, everything was
about us
communicating. As soon she got
over here, communication,
it got different. But your behavior
has been spiteful. You’re texting other women,
you are… You have women
coming by the house. I mean,
those kinds of things… This thing, an ex would call her
and she wouldn’t even
answer the phone. I understand that,
but I’m talking
about your behavior. And your behavior
in response to her
taking care of her family, that’s just spite. And you’re using it
as an excuse. Well, what about her
answering her…
He call… What about the ex calling… ANDREA: I have no reason
to answer him. …him and she’s not
answering the phone? JUDGE DANA: Mr. Edward, if you’re talking
about communication, the conversation should be
something like this, “Honey, I don’t like you
going to Arkansas, “but I understand that
you’ve got business.” “You’ve got a family
you’re taking care of. “But here’s what
I need from you. “I need you to text me, “call me,
send up a flare, “something to tell me
you’re coming back home, “you’re there safely,”
but deciding, “She didn’t call me
so I’m going to
do a booty call,” is not appropriate. (APPLAUSE) So, let me just say to you, it is not acceptable, even taking care
of your kids, to disappear
and not call him. You take the high road. You don’t go low
because he went low. Because then
he can’t stand here and tell me about
what you did. ANDREA: Right. So what you do
is you do the right thing. The right thing
is always right. ANDREA: Right. (APPLAUSE) To get to the bottom of this,
the court has engaged the services of
a licensed
private investigator. Ron, would you please escort
Mr. Todd Redding
into the courtroom? Yes, Your Honor. (APPLAUSE) Mr. Redding. RON: Come in. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Redding, as part of the investigation
for this case,
what did you do? Your Honor, I have, uh, several polygraph examiners
that are certified.We performed a polygraph
on Mr. Edwards
and I’m here to report
their findings. All right,
Mr. Edwards was asked, “From August, 2016, “through June, 2017, “have you had
sexual intercourse
with any woman “other than Ms. Brooks?” What was his response? What was his response? TODD: Mr. Edwards’
response was “yes.” JUDGE DANA: So he confessed? TODD: Yes, Your Honor. Who did you have
a sexual encounter with? (STAMMERING)
I can’t say the name. I would tell her,
but I’m not going
to say it here. JUDGE KEITH:
Is she a coworker? MAURICE: No, not a coworker. Is she your friend? But you’re admitting
that you cheated? And more when she left. When I came home
and everything on her side
of the room was gone, the TV, the lamp, and me reaching out to her,
can’t get a hold of her, it was a situation
that occurred then. And you have not
moved back with him since March,
have you? I have a kid,
I go back
every other week. All he talk about is
we’re going to get married, and that we’re leaving…
We’re going to Florida
in August. Your Honor, it happened
and I felt bad about it, and it wasn’t even
a thing to continue. ANDREA: So what am I saying? I wasn’t going to tell you,
I let her in
different ways know. I brought this up to… But, Mr. Edwards,
why did she
have to find out for the first time
in court today? I tried to tell her…
I didn’t want to lose her. (STAMMERS) I’m like… JUDGE DANA: You know what? The truth will hurt
for a little bit, but a lie will
hurt forever. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Edwards, is there anything that
you would like to say
to Ms. Brooks? I’m sorry and I apologize and I hate
that I hurt you and I understand
you feeling like
how you feel, and I apologize
for that. JUDGE DANA: All right. Ms. Brooks,
are you done? Yeah. JUDGE KEITH: You’re done? Yes. There’s nothing to say? ANDREA: Nothing to say. Mr. Edwards… Uh-huh? JUDGE KEITH:
You lost a good woman. Yeah, I understand that. JUDGE KEITH: There are
not very many women who would just
pick up their life and travel
halfway across
the country. Not only
have you lost her
as a lover, you’ve lost her
as a friend. She’s been your friend
for the last 20 years, and you have completely lost that out of spite. You’re talking
about moving across country,
driving 29 hours. And you…
(SCOFFS AND CHUCKLES) I might drive that far
Mr. Edwards, if you have
any chance with her, you need to do
right by her. If you’ve
lost the chance
with her, and another woman
does come along, I hope you have learned
a valuable lesson. Honesty is
the best policy. JUDGE KEITH:
As we say here
onCouples Court,don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a good relationship. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL)


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